Election Observations, Implications, Questions and Ruminations

Well, that sure was fun.

Not that any of you care, but I figured that since everyone else seems to be in the sharing mood, I might as well throw some crap out there to see what sticks. Here are some random things I noticed:

(1) No one in Coastal Georgia gives a crap about who Jack Kingston supports. Have you seen the map? Karen Handel almost swept the entire coast.

(2) Tim Echols obviously did a good job keeping in touch with the network of Huckabee supporters he helped build in 2008. He beat a sitting State Senator for an open seat. And I’m pretty sure he’s never held office.

(3) On that note, of the alleged Oxendine/Sheffield/Echols triumvirate, Echols was the only one to come out a winner. I think his work for Huckabee (who’s endorsement means more than Palin’s in Georgia) gave him a dedicated base, whereas the others…not so much.

(4) Karen Handel basically said that we haven’t seen the last of her political career. Where does she go from here?

(5) Holy crap, I’m so glad the runoff is over. November can’t come slow enough.

(6) See above.

(7) For those of you saying that Karen Handel has caused permanent damage…whatever. You will line up behind your new leader in the end. You always do.

(8) Roy Barnes will lose by more than 5% in November. Why? See #7 for more info. It’s a Republican year, in a Republican state. And Democrats simply aren’t showing up to vote this year.

(9) Carol Porter will lose by more than 5% in November. Why? See #7 and #8 for more info.

(10) Will Preston Smith actually have to get a job working as an attorney now?

That’s about all I got. See #5 for more information.


  1. Chris says:

    You equate the teaparty anger to being anti-democrat, or pro-republican. Its anti-incumbent and in GA the GOP are the incumbents.

    • debbie0040 says:

      I have heard from numerous tea party activists statewide. The ones I received emails from are pretty angry at the good ole boy network right now in the legislature . And I mean real angry…I would guess the Liberatarians had multitudes of new people join today…

  2. John Konop says:


    Very good post and I would agree 100% with you if people were not so scared about the economy. At the end of the day independents control a general. And this election will be about which candidate independents think will help the job situation. Also now that 92% of voters who have kids in public schools now see the new class sizes education will be a real issue.

    I am very glad to hear that you are posting from America safe and sound! I am not sure about sound?

      • Ambernappe says:

        In that vein, may I suggest that cloudiness of mind may have infiltrated today. This election is not technically over until all votes have been counted. As a detail oriented, sensible, though idealistic and logical person, and although precedents have been set, this voter does not believe that the campaign is complete until ALL of the votes have been counted. Tomorrow, there will be a formal evaluation of the voting process before submitting the report to the Secretary of State, and how dare we attempt to undercut the entire process.

        • polisavvy says:

          The election may not technically be over yet; however, when Karen conceded it pretty well ended her campaign. Unless she pulls an Al Gore, this one is in the books.

  3. Jane says:

    This will be a very good GOP year. This will be both good and bad. The bad is that some real num skulls will get elected who normally would not win. I am curious on who the peanut gallery things is the worst GOP candidates who is likely to win. Do not mention someone just because you do not like their positions, I mean who are the real certifiable num skulls this year.

  4. Bill30097 says:

    (4) Maybe Handel can get a job working for Eric Holder since she is already used to doing what he tells her.

    (10)This site’s attitude towards Preston Smith has convinced me that PeachPundit belongs in the Standard GOP grouping rather than being Conservative.

  5. BuckheadConservative says:

    In regards to number 9, I think Olens went ahead and launched “Sam for Governor”, “Sam for President”, and “Sam for Secretary General of the UN” PACS. Made a public statement.

    I don’t think I’d hire Preston Smith as a lawyer (or Olens for that matter but your statement was about Smith)

    John Douglas’ retirement is awesome.

  6. Ambernappe says:

    Too bad that the voters were unable to see the real abilities of Maria Sheffield. However, she is young and another day will come.

  7. Goldwater Conservative says:

    One thing is certain:

    The Georgia GOP has nominated another crook to be the governor.


  8. 5thGenerationGOP says:

    “Will Preston Smith actually have to get a job working as an attorney now?”

    – Who would hire him? He never made it as an attorney in Rome.

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