Deal: Handel selfless in devotion to Georgia, GOP

From Deal’s Campaign:

Former Secretary of State Karen Handel called Nathan Deal this morning to concede the race for the Republican nomination for governor. Selflessly putting the Republican Party first, Secretary Handel said that she would not request a recount.

“I’m extremely grateful to Secretary Handel for her graciousness,” Deal said. “Secretary Handel has served our state with honor and distinction. She’s a tenacious campaigner, so it’s a relief to have her running with me. I think the close finish shows that both campaigns did a great job at convincing voters to support them.

“I had a productive conversation with Secretary Handel. She said that she would not seek a recount, even though the margin is less than 1 percent, and she said that she was encouraging her supporters to work for my candidacy with the same energy and enthusiasm as they showed hers. These actions are in keeping with Karen Handel’s longtime devotion to her state and to the Georgia Republican Party. This selfless gesture allows Republicans to rally together to beat Roy Barnes.

“I look forward to working with Karen Handel and all the other candidates on behalf of the entire Republican ticket, which will include Johnny Isakson, Casey Cagle and other strong conservative leaders. Together as Republicans, we will offer our plan for lower taxes, new jobs and a better future for Georgia’s families. Roy Barnes is a smart politician but even the smartest liberal will have a difficult time selling new big government programs at a time when Georgians are outraged by the explosion of debt under the Obama administration.”


    • polisavvy says:

      That’s a tad harsh. You don’t truly feel that way do you? I voted for Karen, too; however, I’d never wish a heart attack on anyone regardless of how I felt about them personally.

    • Doug Deal says:

      That’s a little much. No one should wish death, sickness or anything else on another human being, no matter how deserving you think they may be.

      Now jail time for his corruption, that’s a different matter.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Definitely not an appropriate wish in light of the things that Nathan Deal has done for our great country. Shame on you, CobbGOPer.

      Now think of something more appropriate to wish on Nathan Deal, or don’t say anything at all.

    • Pine Knot says:

      I’m all for free speach, but that totally crosses the line. It reads like someone on DailyKos talking about Dick Cheney.

      • eschristian says:

        I agree – first sentence okay. Second one – wow – that is just wrong. Don’t wish anyone to have bad health. Does sound more like DailyKos than here.

        • polisavvy says:

          Agreed! A totally tacky, terrible, and immature thing to say. Having lost my dad to a heart attack, I really take offense. Some people can show how totally classless they are.

            • polisavvy says:

              Rick, at some point people have to be civil. Rather or not someone who won was your candidate or not doesn’t really matter. To wish ill upon anyone is probably the least civilized thing a reasonably intelligent person can do. Am I offended? Heck, yes I am. Is it a sign of horrible upbringing to wish ill health on anyone? Heck, yes it is. Do I care what you think of my post? Heck, no I don’t. As for you, if you condone that type of rhetoric, then you are no better, in my opinion.

    • Gerald says:

      I could say a lot of things about your comments, but I will restrict it to this: according to the Bible, you committed a sin by even harboring those thoughts in your heart, let alone expressing them in a public forum.

    • fishtail says:

      Nathan Deal promised Karen that he would cover her several hundred thousand dollar $$$ campaign debt, which includes payments to Robb Simms and Dan McLagan. Nathan Deal is a whore!!

      • Doug Grammer says:


        Do you have any proof to your claim that Congressman Deal will cover Sec. Handel’s outstanding expenses? It wouldn’t shock me if it were true. It’s not that uncommon an action. I think President Obama covered Sec. Clinton’s campaign expenses. Would you use the same word to describe the President?

    • Doug Grammer says:

      The term “sour grapes” comes to mind. While I find the comment tasteless, I disagree that it should be taken down. I think it should be known that CobbGOPer makes tasteless comments.

      • After seeing all of the comments condemning his statement, from people I normally agree with and disagree with on PP, I think you are right Doug. Leave it up as a testament to his ignorance.

        Let’s face it, most of us love to debate politics and issues. That’s why we log in, however, when a line is crossed, it’s good to see this kind of reaction.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      I don’t believe a word of what Deal says. He attacked Karen so viciously. He’s extemely grateful because he is fearful that a recount would cause him to lose. I think Karen should have waited until ALL the results were in before caving to that monster.

  1. USA1 says:

    Hey Nate,

    How about that “explosion of debt” while you and the Republicans controlled the House and your man Bush was in the White House. Will you be talking about how the federal debt doubled during Bush’s time in office? Will you also be talking about how you voted for No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, and trillions for two wars we had no business getting into, had no strategy to win and exit, and remain mired in until someone with enough sense might pull our troops out?

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Wow, nothing about her barren womb, loving teh gayz, killing babies, or being a liar, a liberal or a high school dropout? Is this THE Nathan Deal, candidate for governor, or some electable imposter?

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Don’t worry Doug, once the afterglow wears off, he’ll be back to his usual hateful self.

  3. John Konop says:

    We should all be honest about the debt situation or we cannot fix the problem. The truth is both parties are the blame. And the reality is without major cuts in Medicare/SS and military with fee and or tax increases we cannot balance the budget.

    The same it true statewide. We must make education spending more efficient by breaking down walls between the colleges/Vo-Tech schools and K-12 by cross utilizing assets or we cannot balance the budget. And the state will face fee and or tax increases. Also the real budget is not balance unless we deal with the 18 billion dollar future healthcare liability for state workers. The truth is the only way to balance this like Medicare is a combination of raising the retirement age, not covering many elective procedures, promoting directives to lower end of life cost and raising fees.

    I realize the above medicine will make both sides scream about the cure. But we have no choice unless you want to pass this mess onto your kids!

    The Federal Debt: Still More Bush and Obama

    Jonathan Chait at the New Republic explains why the current deficit and most of the growth in the federal debt over the next 10 years is still attributable primarily to Bush-era policies and the economic recession rather than by Obama’s policies. The combination of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush-era tax cuts (which still have not been rescinded) and the recession diminishing tax receipts are responsible for the overwhelming majority of the debt projected to accumulate over the next 10 years.
    More than 2/3 of this year’s deficit is due to those factors, with just under 1/3 the result of stimulus package spending. Next year it will be about 85% the result of Bush-era policies and even less each year after that (counting only current projections, not any new spending that might be passed over those years). Here’s a chart that shows the numbers:

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Hey guys, I have a question I bet one of you can answer. CobbGOPer was out of line but it did start me questioning what would happen if before the general election there was a vacancy. for example what if an indictment came down and Deal stepped down as GOP nominee. What would happen? I know won’t happen, but I am curious..

    • polisavvy says:

      Excellent questions! I have wondered the same thing. I’ll see if I can find out for you. Be back shortly with a reply (hopefully)(let me do some digging).

      • polisavvy says:

        debbie0040 — I was just told that if, God forbid, something happened to either the health of the nominee or, even worse, if some sort of indictment came down prior to the election, that the Executive Committee for the State Party would select a nominee. I’m going to call in the morning to verify this. Let’s hope that something like this doesn’t happen, though.

        • bowersville says:

          Someone’s been reading Robert Gibbs hype as reported by Galloway at P/I on

          “Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, was asked about the ‘birther letter’ Wednesday–but played it down. ‘I think if you look at what Nathan Deal is probably going to have to explain…that may soon be the least of his concerns,’ said Gibbs.”

          In other words the ‘birther letter’ will not be an issue because it won’t be brought up. The other is hype about explaining the salvage yard business on the campaign trail, not in the courts.

        • debbie0040 says:

          polisavvy, thanks. I don’t think it will but I wondered about it just like many have..Appreciate you checking into it.
          Bowersville, I did not see that article. The thought did cross my mind though about the Grand Jury investigation with this being an Obama Justice Department….

          • bowersville says:

            BBALZ brought it up several weeks ago about it coming from the top when Erick posted about the investigation not being political.

            Imagine, a political appointee not making political decisions. Unheard of…yeah right.

            • B Balz says:

              Mr. Gibbs ‘signified’ [Whitespeak: credibility] the OCE issue with Rep. Deal. In my opinion, that pretty much signals where the rhetoric will go.

              Judging by some of the moronic, polemic, and mean spirited commentary in this thread, the fact that Rep. Deal, has not and prolly won’t be charged with any criminal matter, is irrelevant. There is a significant ‘appearance of impropriety’ issue, that much is true.

        • TBarilla says:

          I guess that’s what they will be doing for the 9th District congressional seat when it current inhabitant finally gets to that deposition and court on that pesky little bank fraud issue.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          If the nominee passed away, the Executive Committee for the State Party would select a nominee. He’s not going to be indicted (charged), but even if he were, he is innocent until proven guilty. For those who think he will be indicted, please post what law under OCGA that would fall under? He has not been accused of a crime, and even if he were, what would it be?

          • debbie0040 says:

            I have never said I thought he would be indicted. I just asked a legitimate question. In fact, if you read my comments, you will read that I said I did not think it would happen. there was something in the news aobut a grand jury investigation a few weeks ago. I know the Deal campaign said he was not the target but this is an Obama justice department

            • Doug Grammer says:


              I was replying to polisavvy, even if you asked the question first. An indictment wouldn’t remove him as the nominee, but a conviction would. That’s not going to happen. It wasn’t just the Deal campaign, but also the US attorney who said that Deal was not the target.

              “We became aware of an investigation and my office inquired if the U.S. attorney considered Nathan Deal to be a target, and we were told no.”

          • polisavvy says:

            I never said he was going to be indicted. I hope to hell that never happens. I was just answering her question based on information I had received from someone else. Mostly, I was answering it based on illness — nothing criminal.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              My apologies. I am being confusing. I answered you in terms of how the nominee would be replaced. My question on indictment was open ended to anyone who thought he would be.

        • Rick Day says:

          Did you just insinuate that death or illness is secondary to a, even ‘worse’ *gasp* indictment?

          Tell me you did not just do that that!

  5. Monica says:

    He is just a fake, self-serving, lying piece of sh….t. I cannot believe he has a nerve to release this statement, just few days ago he himself said he’d not get behind Handel if she won… Now he’s acting like she’s all that and a bag of chips. Sit down, you dishonest criminal!

    • KingWulfgar says:

      You need to take a break from the internet, Monica. He never said that–he just refused to give an answer (which is not the same thing). You’re being dishonest in your accusation of Deal being dishonest.

      People forget that he hasn’t been indicted, hasn’t been convicted, hasn’t even been CHARGED of breaking any laws. Let’s talk about something that actually matters to governing the state of Georgia.

    • Doug Grammer says:


      Would you rather him praise Sec. Handel or act like there is still a race going on between them? I realize you are upset that your candidate didn’t win, but this was for the nomination of the GOP. The race is over and Congressman Deal is the nominee. He is acting like it and so is Sec. Handel.

      Once your disappointment is over or a little less obvious, I urge you to take long look at candidate Deal. If you look close enough, you will probably find a man that you can respect and be proud of as Governor.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        Granted Deal is currently running for office, but it’s “former Congessman” and “former Sec”. Those aren’t offices that carry the title after departure, especially in the case of Handel when it wasn’t even a full term.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          Can you please show me a link of political protocol that show which offices carry title after leaving? I’ve been calling both of them by titles for months now.

          • Blog Goliard says:

            Sadly, it’s common practice in our day to continue addressing and referring to a former office-holder as “Senator” or “Governor” or “Ambassador” or whatever for the rest of their lives…or until they attain a higher office.

            It may not be right, stylistically or in principle (we still don’t *formally* have anything like Senators-for-life, as much as it may look like that sometimes), but it’s common enough that there’s no point calling out random individuals for it.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    We need to support Deal now. We have enough battles to fight with the left without fighting each other. We need to focus on November. Handel will be run again for another political office one day and she will have my support.

    We have a great shot at taking Congressman Marshall’s seat. Then there is Barrow and Bishop. You can volunteer to help out in those races if you don’t want to help in the Govenor’s race..

    • TBarilla says:

      Debbie – I agree! Let’s toss our principals in the trash, take another gulp of kool-aid and get behind the corrupted relic all in the name of party unity! Great idea!!

      And you wonder why we are failing at nearly every turn????

    • John Konop says:


      Good post some very good ideas!

      The reforms should include:

      ……• The establishment of an office of special prosecutor for Congress, with its head appointed by the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court for a fixed term. The office should have subpoena power, a well-funded staff and the right to convene grand juries and issue indictments. Self-policing by ethics committees obviously does not work.

      • All earmarking should be banned. Congress cannot be trusted with this power.

      • A ban on spouses of members of Congress serving on boards or accepting employment by any company or organization that receives federal funds. In cases like Mrs. Chris Dodd and Mrs. Evan Bayh, corporate board employment was a way for special interests to influence their husbands and pad the family checkbook.

      • A ban on families of members of Congress serving as lobbyists.

      • No free travel, whether sponsored by foundations or lobbyists. Only government trips on official business — real business — should be allowed.

      • Full disclosure of the precise amounts of members’ net worth, debts, investments and holdings, including home mortgages.

      •Full publication, online, of all committee votes.

      • No student loan repayments for congressional staffers.

      • A five-year ban on lobbying for members of Congress or their staffs after leaving office. The ban should also apply to employment by a company that performs lobbying services.

      • If a senator or congressman is absent more than 10 percent of the time for reasons other than illness — including running for president — his pay should be docked proportionately.

      • Term limits for congressional staffers. No staff member of Congress should be permitted to serve in a job that pays above $100,000 a year for more than eight years. If we can’t get term limits for Congress, let’s at least clean out the professional staffers!……..

      • debbie0040 says:

        We are going to meet and endorse a tea party platform for candidates to sign on to on a state level that will include many of those proposals. John, can you email me? We would love for you to part of that? [email protected]

        We have heard the candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and legislature talk about wanting serious reform. It is time they act and not just talk about it during campaign season. Either they are serious or they aren’t. we are sick of hearing the campaign rhetoric.

        I will not vote for any candidate if they don’t agree to support tough ethics legislation like some of those proposals above. also state contracts need to be prohibited for legislators , congressmen, and statewide elected officials.

  7. Congratulations to Nathan Deal for the victory.

    Congratulations to Karen Handel for proving to be a selfless class act. Her efforts to unify the party will help Deal now. Those same efforts will be long-remembered by Georgia GOPers and serve her well in the future.

    Deal supporters need to know this could have been a very bad post-election experience. Thanks to Karen Handel, it wasn’t.

    • B Balz says:

      Excellent points, Ken. Regardless of juicy rumors on the how or why, Ms. Handel did the right thing. One can only imagine if the vote count in November is this close. HEAVEN FORBID.

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