Server Maintenance

At some point today, Peach Pundit will be undergoing maintenance as we move to a faster and hopefully more reliable hosting provider.

This is the new server. Welcome back. Post any system related gripes below.


  1. B Balz says:

    Repairs estimated to be complete 7:30AM Wednesday, August 11, 2010 when Mr. Grammer and LT are seen sitting together at the Unity Breakfast.

    Or not at all. Pining of knots or nuts or know not nuts:

    Pine Know Not: YOU pay a lot of money to a world class research facility called the National Institutes of Health. Check out adult and embryonic stem cell research from a credible source.

    It ain’t the heat, it’s the stupidity….

    LT I am stalking you and want to date you, then cut you in half and clone you…….AND DATE YOU BOTH………LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL -KNOT

  2. chefdavid says:

    Did not even notice. I have turned either super geeky or ultra cheepy. I decided to stop direct tv. Problem is i can’t get local channels with a antenna. So we watch CBS Atlanta, MyfoxAtlanta for news in the morning streaming, then hulu and netflix. Well Trenton telephone went down to a crawl starting at about 3 yesterday. Don’t think you are going to get anybody on a weekend. But I am happy now that it just got fixed. I am getting 5.0 download speeds. 3.0 is their max package. Whatever they did if it stays this fast. I am fer it. I hope one of the local Chattanooga channels will start streaming their local broadcast.

  3. analogkid says:

    FYI, PP no longer works with Google Chrome. When I go to in Chrome, I get a blank page that downloads a mystery file (which is probably a program designed to make me vote for Handel :-)).

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