FWIW, Olens Gets My AG Runoff Vote

With the risk of Ken Hodges becoming Georgia’s attorney general (and thus the risk of his behavior at Pheobe-Puntey going statewide), I’ve had to take my vote in the runoff a bit more seriously then I did in the general election.

I’ve looked at some of my friends in the legal community’s endorsements. I’ve looked harder at each remaining candidate’s actual record, and this evening, I watched the debate between the two candidates.

It was clear to me less than half way through the debate. I’ll vote for Sam Olens on Tuesday without reservation.


  1. polisavvy says:

    I wish I could take back the vote I cast two weeks ago for Smith. For that reason alone, I will never early vote in the primaries or runoffs. Too many things can change or happen that makes you second guess what vote(s) you cast. [I only voted early due to my husband’s illness, would have been too difficult for him to stand in line, plus he needed assistance in actually voting].

  2. Lady Thinker says:

    Icarus, TPN, Polisavvy,

    What happened during the debate for you to make this decision? I missed it and would like to know, as I have to cast my vote Tuesday. My candidate was Max Wood, maybe he will run again in four years.

    • polisavvy says:

      I certainly don’t want to influence your decision, by any means; however, I just thought his whole attitude sucked. He failed to answer a key question (at least it was to me) about his failure to make key votes on sine die. He gave some around his arse to get to his elbow response. Plus, I don’t believe he would ever come around to supporting Olson if Olson ends up the winner — that could help us keep Hodges out. That’s just how I saw it and how I see things. As I said, I wish I could get my “early” vote back.

        • Doug Deal says:

          If you were a Max Wood supporter, I can’t see how you can back Olens. Olens’s dirty campaign was all about calling Wood’s people anti-semetic, and having surrogates lie about him, his wife and supporters.

    • TPNoGa says:

      For me, it wasn’t one event during the debate as much as the overall feel. It was like watching a Supreme Court Judge take on a Judge on American Idol. Preston Smith seemed a tad out of his league. Olens seemed much better prepared and gave specifics on why he is the better choice. If I had not already took my Lunesta, I could probably remember more.

    • Icarus says:

      Sam seemed serious. Preston seemed like he was in Kabuki Theater.

      I liked Sam’s answers. Preston kept simulatneously saying he wanted to stick to the issues, then throwing in things like Sam was from Jersey (and others, didn’t really take notes. The Jersey comment was the least of the mis-directions, I just remember it because it was so petty.)

      Sam remained cool. Projected judicial temperment. Preston seemed unnerved from the beginning, and almost became unhinged when it was pointed out that he missed a lot of votes on Sine Die. Preston’s answer was actually legit, but he delivered it in such a way that made him sound beyond defensive.

      I wasn’t looking to the debate to make my overall decision, but rather confirm it. It did.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Thanks Icarus. I was torn between the two but was leaning toward Olens. I saw the governor’s debate, then got up to take the dogs out so I didn’t realize there was a second debate..

  3. bluedogdem says:

    Who cares who you are voting for!!!! I knew it would come true…GOP voters fall in line and DEMS fall in love…IF you want change and not the kind thats left after YOUR paycheck from the GOP/DEM please vote Libertarian this fall. It’s time for the GOP/DEM to wake up. I’m sure you wont, but I wanted to make sure I was on record so I dont have to tell you later I told you so.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I care who they are voting for. Since you are bringing it up, please explain how the Attorney General race is impacting people’s paychecks. I’m not saying that’s it’s not, I’d just love to hear you explain it.

      If you are LP, why isn’t your screen name bluedogLP?

      • bluedogdem says:

        Doug, I was not trying to compare the AG race to our paychecks. I was talking about paychecks in general. I lean mostly LP, but I will vote for the best candidate at the end of the day. I wish most folks would vote for who they believe can make a difference whether they have a warchest or not, whether they are endorsed by someone like Palin/Huckabee, whether someone is popular with the guys on here that post. Please do your OWN research on all the candidates and stop being stupid by voting for someone bc a certain person edorsed them. Doug, Im not talking about you on that last remark, but just in general.

  4. analogkid says:

    I’m an independent, and I’ll be pulling the Dem lever in the general more often than I care to admit on this site. However, the AG race is different. Either of the Republican candidates would be vastly superior to Hodges.

    Olens has my vote in the runoff, but, if Smith wins, he will get my vote in the general.

  5. Ron Daniels says:

    Ken Hodges has his playbook ready for either of them.

    Prosecutor or Career Politician. He’s going to bang the same drum he played all primary long, and surprise it worked. And Hodges will not play nice with either Smith nor Olens.

    I hope whomever wins is ready to fight.

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