Eric Johnson Endorsement

Just got a robo-call from Eric Johnson. He is endorsing no one, but admonishes all to unite behind the nominee on Wednesday.

There will be a Unity Breakfast hosted by the Fulton GOP on Wednesday. Here are the deets.


  1. macho says:

    Wait, I thought Deal announced that Johnson was supporting him? What about Kingston’s comments?

  2. Tiberius says:

    Got mine about 45 minutes ago. Urgin unity. I urge everyone to unify against Barnes.

    I know Handel has pledged to back the GOP winner. I hope Deal reverses his reported reservation.

    Everyone should agree that Handel and Deal on their worst days are better than Barnes on his best day.

  3. GOPwits says:

    Well, Eric’s endorsement isn’t the only thing Jack Kingston lies about. He also lies about being a conservative in Washington yet votes and spends like a liberal.

    I think Johnson just paved his way to a bright future in the GA GOP…

    • Doug Grammer says:

      For the sock puppets who can’t read, Congressman Kingston said Johnson would be backing Congressman Deal. He did not say he was openly endorsing him and the Deal campaign never made such an announcement. Does this clarification make GOPwits a liar? I’d say “no.” It’s just means he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Again.

      This statement is on his Facebook page for all to see.
      “Eric likes Nathan Deal and Congressman Tom Graves.”

      • SouthGAConservative says:

        +10 for accuracy.

        As a leader in the Republican takeover, the most important thing to Johnson is that they stay in control and no one messes up the hard work of the people who have paved the way.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          Will you ever admit you were wrong on anything? My post was not about Congressman Deal, but you calling Congressman Kingston a liar. I realize it must be awful for you. I will announce who I will be supporting on Wednesday. Learn to wait for it.

    • AntebellumAyn says:

      GOPwits – Jack Kingston isn’t lying. They are talking personal support vs endorsing. Basic electioneering. If asked, I might tell someone who I’m going to vote for but an ENDORSEMENT means asking other people to vote for my selection. There are few candidates I’m comfy enough with to put my credibility on the line for them. If it’s Deal vs Barnes, I can see myself voting GOP. If it’s Deal vs Handel, I see myself voting MONDS

  4. I didnt’t get my robo call yet, but Eric Johnson was, by far, the R’s best choice in this primary. He will obviously be back based on the “unifier” strategy he is rolling out. When he makes his reappearance on the stage, y’all should give him a big grizzly bear hug and apologize for not voting for him this time . As for the rest of this, on Monday Ms. Palin will tell all us dumb south’nrs who to vote for and what to think, so I am sure everything will be fine in January.

    • No, it means that you are voting for Candidate A, but Candidate B managed to get you to promise that you would not endorse either Candidate A or B in public, in return for an undisclosed future reward from Candidate B if she manages to win.

  5. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    In one nonpartisan word that even LT would agree with:

    Welcome aboard Mr. Barnes.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      I must confess I do agree with you about the mess but I think the GOP, Karen specifically, can still pull us out of this mess and keep the Mansion.

  6. gwinnguy says:

    Did anyone go to the invitation link? Its linked to a website to a County Party. I then went to the state party’s website. You would’nt believe which one was a hundred times better than the others.

  7. saltycracker says:

    How many Demos are campaigning without mentioning the “O” word or even running from photo ops to vote the party line if elected ?

  8. polisavvy says:

    While I appreciate Senator Johnson’s call for unity, after reading some of the posts that posters have written here in the last few days, it does not appear as though unity will be easily accomplished. The Deal supporters and the Handel supporters have all gone for each others carotid arteries with such vengeance that a truce or kumbaya moment is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. Personally, I’ll be glad when Tuesday is over with and some degree of civility is restored. This has been one of the most contentious elections I can remember. In my opinion, neither side has a whole lot to be proud of in the way in which some of their supporters have behaved. A little disappointing and a tad disgusting. This is, of course, just my opinion.

  9. gatormathis says:

    As Sonny gave his last official “Sonny’s Fish Fry” speech yesterday, it was very eloquent in saying support your candidate, try to be civil as possible, and be ready to put differences aside to support whoever the party nominee, whether is’s your horse or another, please!!!

    It was a very nice speech addressing appreciation to the years of service his staff, campaign workers, volunteers and many others have put in. It was also thanking everyone for the support in making an idea he had, the “Sonny’s Fish Fry”, which has turned out to be a great rally for the southern part of the state, attended by folks from all over, a great success. It is always a good day to see candidates, and officials from several areas, and visit with them.

    Hopefully things will regain composure after the run-off, tempers will cool, and folks will continue some of the same hard work and dedication towards the winners that has been efforted in the primary and run off. We won’t win without it.

    When you have the number of current office holders who have put their seats on the line as they try to advance up the line, you have the mounting pressure cooker mentality we are observing now. We already have several of our “bench mark” Republican office holders who have been spun off into the “outofofficesphere”, and after Tuesday, we will have a few more, and so will the Democrats.
    This comes as a result of the fact when you move to change seats, there is no guarantee the move will be successful, so you pull out all stops to insure that it will. Whatever that may include.

    Those who have been officeholders for a while, and miss, chin up, it’s a tough world out here now. Those who recieve the nominations, please do us a good job, and show a good example if you have to continue campaigning forward. As far as all the “rawness’ that has been exhibited, we’re gonna wish a gigantic cat could come along and cover some of this “mess” back up.

    All in all, yesterday was a fun day, saw many friends and aquaintances from all over and all levels. Fish seemed to be extemely good, speeches were also, and how that huge size of a building got as cool as it did yesterday is a blessing indeed.

    As I’ve gotten older, the more I realize crash and burn is just not the way, and really hope we can pull off some type of a win in November. We went for years and years hoping for a win that never materialized……….let’s not go back to zero, and try to start over again……the example we have at the Federal level should encourage us try and prevent this……the road back will surely be a long one again…..

    • polisavvy says:

      Good post. I agree with you about the “rawness.” I just hope that too much damage has not been done with will make GOP unity a total impossibility in November. I wonder if either camp will be able to get behind whoever wins the nomination. I heard that Sonny’s event was a pretty good time. I also heard that Austin Scott gave a very good speech. I certainly hope he prevails in his race with Marshall.

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