Instead They’ll Furlough Teachers

The Bibb County Board of Education won’t raise taxes to meet a serious shortfall.

It’s not the right time to ask property owners to ante up more tax money, Bibb County school board members said as they tentatively adopted the system’s millage rate.

The board voted unanimously in a called meeting Thursday to keep the school system’s millage rate for fiscal 2011 at 17.9 mills, although doing so won’t generate all the money in property tax collections that board members initially were counting on.

They are going to add more furlough days. There are already 8. They’ll also consider giving pay raises to bureaucrats.


  1. chefdavid says:

    I wish our board would do that instaed they embarked down the path of vader. The Dade board voted on a budget that included a half a mil increase. The vote was 3-2. Then the one of the members who voted in favor resigned for personal reasons(he has only served 2 years). This was right at the end of June. So we had a stalemate. Then they appointed someone after taking apps. Guess what rigth after the appointment they voted to approve the budget increase for a half of mil. So here we go on the public hearings next week. Oh yea, said former board member was hired by the school board a couple weeks ago as a teacher and it was just annouced he will be an assistant coach for our high school football team. And the Super says the tax increase is only having to give up one Subway a month. So Dade is going up.
    Who else is going up or down?

  2. Tireless says:

    Shi%-can all of the bureaucrats, tell the teachers to be happy with a small pay cut and a reduction in their defined contribution plans ……… these people need to join the world we live in.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Betcha they could keep all teachers, no furloughs and give teachers a raise IF they rolled back pensions if bailing out under age 62, eliminated the 3% annual pension increase, eliminated double-dipping (max from public pot equal to pay grade),reexamined salaries over $120K and put future hires on 401K’s.

    Services will be reduced and taxes raised before efficiency in public servants is even addressed. Of course we can also sacrifice a few low seniority (paid) ones for show.

  4. Lady Thinker says:

    I don’t think the bureaucrats care about Georgia’s educational level because if they did, we wouldn’t be failing our kids by keeping them in the bottom forty in educational rankings.

    Georgia will never make the progress needed for our state with sub-level education.

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