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Cyber schools? Really?

The Georgia Charter Schools Commission is facing another legal fight over how it divvies up funding.

Georgia Families for Public Virtual Education will be bringing its attorney to the Aug. 19 commission meeting to urge the board to reconsider a move the group says “illegally” sets insufficient funding  for cyber schools, which teach via the Internet.

The commission has decided to fund cyber charters at a lower level than traditional charter campuses. Charters in buildings receive a combination of federal and state funds plus a controversial local matching share of tax dollars. Cyber charters receive everything but the local matching share. Georgia Cyber Academy, the state’s only virtual school, has about 6,000 students.

The athletics program is no doubt run off a Wii.


  1. terryk88a says:

    That’s a pretty snide remark. Surprising really. Aren’t you in favor of school choice? Home schooling all right with you? Ah yes, I forgot that you’re completely in the pocket of the teacher’s unions, Erick.

    What? Oh. You’re not? Then you should apologize for that slap in the face of a core of your readership. Click a few times. Do a little journalism next time – before you spout off.

  2. A New Reagan says:

    It amuses me that the very medium that you use to blog and make very respectful revenue is also one that you are calling into question. We are in the 21st century and live in a state where the school system has failed many of our students. It is time that new alternatives are recognized and implemented. We obviously believe that public education is a right that all students have. If that is the case, then it is incumbent upon government to provide the options that fit ALL students. Brick and mortar works for many, private is the ticket for the few who can afford it – what is left for the others. Charter schools are great and are producing great results. A variation of the charter school is the virtual public school. This is a great equalizer. It allows students from across the state and regardless of geography or socioeconomic status to access a quality education. These students have a right to an equitable funding formula that provides them with the same opportunities as their bring and mortar counterparts. School Choice is one of the planks of the conservative ideological stage and all options should be embraced.

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