If (House Member-Elect) Buzz Is Quoted, It’s Front Page Material

The fourth time this was submitted today, I finally clicked the link. Apparently, a candidate in a house runoff has taken a $5,000 campaign donation from La Vision de Georgia and another $2,000 from it’s founder.

The La Vision newspaper and its founder, Victoria Chacon, are vocal supporters of amnesty for illegal immigrants.
Chacon, who by herself donated $2,000 to Carsten’s campaign, said in an interview to the Atlanta Journal Constitution that, “Mexicans who make illegal border crossings for job-rich cities like Atlanta, ‘have no choice’ but to break the law.” The remaining portions of La Vision’s contribution were made by Chacon’s husband and La Vision’s office Carsten’s run-off opponent, B.J. Pak — a former federal prosecutor who has actual experience prosecuting and deporting dangerous illegal immigrants — is calling on Linda Carsten to immediately return the $5,000.

Lest any of you think that multiple spamming me is the way to get your item posted on the front page, this is the hook that got this one elevated:

“The following Gwinnett Republican leaders and elected officials have joined Pak in demanding that Linda Carsten return these funds immediately: State Representative David Casas (R-Dist. 103), State Rep-Elect Josh Clark (R-Dist. 98), State Rep-Elect Buzz Brockway (R-Dist 101), Republican Nominee Brett Harrell (R-Dist 106), and also Butch (er, the quote actually ends there. I’m assuming “Butch” is sheriff Butch Conway, but my guess is he heard someone once had a beer and needed to undergo a field sobriety test, so he left before finishing his name.)

So, Long story short, Buzz says vote B.J. Pak.


  1. Baker says:

    “Mexicans who make illegal border crossings for job-rich cities like Atlanta, ‘have no choice’ but to break the law.”

    I actually kind of agree with that. Mexico is a third world hell-hole for those of the less monetized persuasion. If I were Mexican, you bet your sweet bippy I’d try to run, jump, swim, or hop to get the greatest country on earth that happens to be my neighbor.

    However, none of that eliminates the Federal/ state responsibility to try to protect their own self-interests against drug-running, coyote exploitation and violence, or overused and unpaid-for services. Get the whole freakin national guard down there, and for every national guard member, get someone processing green card/ work visa applications. Give them special status as a neighbor and expedite the damn thing.

    If illegals were completely paying into the system like the rest of us, I think a lot of complaints would go away. Additionally, as our entire govt is scraping around for every piece of revenue that they haven’t found yet, how bout taxing remittances? You govt idiots, that’s Mexico’s 3rd or 4th biggest GDP item. Where are your grubby little hands on that money?

    • Lady Thinker says:

      When Jim Carsten, husband to Linda, was the Gwinnett County Sheriff before Butch Conway, he wasn’t too interested in the illegal immigration issue and I can’t help but wonder if that is how some of the current gang bangers became so entrenched, in my opinion.

      • Goldwater Conservative says:

        Mexico is not the only 3rd world hell-hole south of the border. Not to mention it can cost over $20,000 to get your paper work lined up in many South American countries if you wish to leave and become a resident of another country (my dear friend and orthodontist paid $23,000 to get his papers from the Colombian government so he could emigrate to the US).

        Lastly, there is nothing wrong with amnesty.

        “Give me your tired, your poor,
        Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
        The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
        Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
        I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

        After all, what would Reagan do? He would declare amnesty.

      • Lady Thinker says:


        I didn’t know that about Linda but Jim is from Texas and back in the eighties, he seemed prejudiced against Hispanics. He had a horrible term as sheriff, mostly because he pulled women with rank off the road and put them in the jail by saying that a woman should not have authority over men. He was soundly beaten by Butch Conway, who has been sheriff now for quite a while.

  2. Geeze, Buzz… you’re supposed to be “The Grownup In the Room ™”. La Vision is the only real independent (i.e. not owned by the AJC) Spanish-language newspaper in the metro area if not the state of Georgia. Is it really shocking that its editorial slant, or personal views of the founder, favor a path to citizenship for immigrants? This is not like black-white relations, where you may find the occasional J.C. Watts saying want you want to hear. Virtually everyone in the Spanish-speaking community agrees that the U.S. immigration system is ****ed up and needs some kind of reform.

    Still, La Vision is not at all a political publication focused on that subject exclusively… it’s a general interest newspaper for immigrants who are trying to improve their English and assimilate (the articles are all written in Spanish and English side-by-side). Regardless of one’s views on immigration reform (or “amnesty” or whatever)… calling a candidate out to return funds from any source linked to such views is straight-up racial demagoguery.

    It’s also practically stupid, since its alienates that entire community. One of the few positive things that George W. Bush did for the Republican Party was make inroads with Latin Americans (the nation’s largest and fast-growing ethnic minority), and give the GOP a shot at alignment rather than pushing them toward the Dems along with every other minority. Then during Bush’s second term, the powers-that-be chose to double down on angry white guys instead… in hopes that they could still pick up some conservative latinos with the gays-and-abortion shtick. Ugh. No one’s had the brains (or the moral courage) to take the importance of this group for the future, and reconcile that with the political temptation of pandering to angry bigots today.

    Stay out of this mess, Buzz. You don’t need it.

  3. Evan says:


    Since your post implies the Linda Carsten (via Buzz)by accepting donations supports illegal amnesty for illegals, it would be nice to see what the candidate’s actual position is.

    From her website issues page:
    Immigration: There will be no stronger advocate for you when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration. We have an obligation to protect our state and ensure the safety of our citizens. I will oppose using any of our tax dollars to subsidize those here illegally. The system is broken and amnesty is not the answer.

    From a recent Facebook posting:
    Illegal immigration hurts our economy, property values, schools and govt. services. Turning a blind eye to those living here illegally is simply unnacceptable. My opponent, BJ Pak, is an attorney who represents on illegal immigration cases. Real conflict of interest to get paid by illegal aliens and then vote on illegal immigration reform.

    With a link to: http://www.paksclients.com/

    So Pak claims to be the tough one on illegal amnesty. Carsten claims that she is the tougher one. He said; she said. Put both sides out there and let the voters decide what is relevant. The post was definitely one sided.

    As far as should see return the funds, should she have accepted the funds… Steve addresses that very well.

  4. gwinnguy says:

    also, Its very well known Jim wants to take on Butch again. He’s using this race as a foot in the door to try.

  5. LilburnDad says:

    Does Linda keep running for this position because she wants to help her neighbors in Lilburn? She ran in 1994 and in 2004 on pretty much the same nasty campaign she’s running now.

    I’ve had my door knocked on by her husband, former Sheriff Jim Carsten, who told me about how many kids and grandkids they have, and Linda’s experience running a pizza parlor and being a secretary for State Representatives 20 years ago.

    I guess what I’m wondering is, how much of this is Linda’s idea and how much of it is Jim trying to use this race as a stepping stone to get the influence to run against Butch Conway and claw his way back into power? There’s a lot of talk about busting illegal aliens, but BJ has actually done it.

    I didn’t vote for BJ Pak in the primary, but you can believe he has my vote now. I’m sick of getting the sleazy mailers that are trying to smear him.

  6. Eiyr says:

    I do believe that the residents of district 102 have received a letter refuting these allegations. Enclosed in the letter is a direct quote from Ms. Chacon that makes it very clear that the information included in the BJ Pak mailer is a blatant falsehood.

    Perhaps the readers of Peach Pundit should look at Mr.Pak’s disclosure. With all due respect, as a fellow Georgia Tech graduate, I have crunched the numbers. 75% of his contributions come from a combination of the Asian community, lawyers that represent illegal immigrants in court, and liberal democrats.

    Shame on you Buzz for so brazenly involving yourself in a race in which you can’t even vote. This is not the campaign season for such dirty politics. The attacks on Mrs. Carsten and her family have gone beyond the pale of anything that could be considered acceptable. Buzz, you have lost my vote in November.

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