1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    haha, bury the lead. nice work.

    “If they can’t read the news, it’s not true!”

  2. BlackTrain says:

    And just about the time that the political season is fini, football is in full stride.
    I might have to get me some nervous pills before it’s all over.

  3. fishtail says:

    Over in Dekalb County, the AJC has a story today about CEO Burrell Ellis and his campaign manager Kevin Ross. Seems that Ross has been getting paid to get the CEO to cancel 2 lucrative county contracts and have them awarded to his clients. What has not yet been reported is that Kevin Ross is also on the payroll of the Orlando real estate deveopment company seeking the sweet-heart deal at the GM plant in Doraville, which will entail getting the County to put millions of taxpayer dollars into the development. Some of you may remember this is the same Kevin Ross that managed Bill Campbell’s campaign for Atlanta Mayor. Kevin Ross cut an immunity deal with the prosecutors that saved him from Federal prison in return for agreeing to testify against his old boss, which he did, and ol’ Bill had to serve some prison time. Being sort of persona non-grata/banned from the City of Atlanta, Kevin “The Rat” Ross has simply moved his act over to Dekalb County. I predict Ross will eventually get some slammer time himself.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      @Fishtail. Thanks for the Dekalb info. Burrell Ellis sent an email out to citizens in June, subject “GM Redevelopment Op-ed”. In the email Ellis alleges DeKalb could use a slice of the federal stimulus money in the form of Recovery Zone Bonds to redevelop the GM plant. He goes on to say, “By acting now, we have a unique opportunity to not only restore the 4,000 jobs lost but to also create up to 5,000 additional jobs, to clean up an environmental cesspool, to reverse neighborhood blight, and stimulate a ten-fold increase in new tax revenue.’

      Curiously, and importantly, he sent the email via his personal campaign website NOT his official CEO email. I am always suspicious when Ellis pimps a cause through his campaign email. I assume this removes a certain liability for telling the truth, as opposed to sending the email through an official county email address.

      We have many empty commercial properties, plus stalled commercial and residential developments around DeKalb. Why build another Atlantic Station style development when we could use the money to get tenants back in existing buildings, homes and finish stalled projects? The economy doesn’t support either at this time. It is grossly unfair to push this development on the public so a few well connected can benefit from the construction. Particularly when they will benefit even if the majority of the development sits empty.

      • B Balz says:

        Even worse, the development will suck the life out of Perimeter Mall, Northlake will be toast. I say move GA Perimeter College over there, have Dunwoody buy the existing college, call it City Center and be done with it.

        I have less concern about using the ARRA money to re-develop the site, than I do the projected use. BTW, from an environmental standpoint, GM was a very good steward of the land, there is relatively minimal cleanup, considering this is a 40 year old heavy manufacturing site. The ‘cesspool’ line is pure bunk.

        Self-admittedly, as a last minute “Hail Mary”, Councilman Larry Johnson simply wants to use the ARRA dough to build convention center at Stonecrest Mall. That idea is truly daft, DeKalb has tried this convention center for years.

        We have a magnificent, state of the art, new convention center, scaled appropriately, in the Sanford Porter Arts facility. I wish Mr. Porter, a respected real estate man, was alive so he could say a few words to the current DeKalb CEO and Council about ‘highest and best’ use.

        • NoTeabagging says:

          Thanks B Balz. I thought the environmental cleanup was fishy too! I assume GM would be forced by regulations to do a certain amount of cleanup before turning over the property. So who gets the big enviro cleanup contract? Someone who gets paid BIG for little or no cleanup. I loved the other phrase “neighborhood blight.” Excuse me Burrell, no neighborhood = no blight.

          I agree the county should be trying to book the Porter Arts center. 500 seat theatre, meeting rooms and a small black box theatre could handle small convention business. No new convention center needed. The amphitheatre was another big loser idea. But we did need the Arts center for use by local groups.

  4. Glen Ross says:

    Holy cow! Can we talk about this John Albers antic? Hiring someone to impersonate Betty Price for a robocall when she actually endorsed your opponent? What the hell?

  5. I hate it when people are so damn lazy, they won’t put the twist tie back on a loaf of bread. They just twirl the plastic wrap up and slide it under. I mean, you look down and the twist tie is just laying there on the counter.

    • Icarus says:

      It’s the ways guys are supposed to do it. You sound like my last three girlfriends, and I don’t miss them at all. Often.

    • It’s a proven fact that all bread loaf twist ties are designed to utilize the most advanced passive stealth technology. They are impossible to see unless attached to said bread loaf. It is, indeed, a miracle.

  6. Kellie says:

    None of you know him but my brother was promoted to Major in the Dekalb County Police Department!! He has been there 20 years and it is well deserved.

    One more thing, I just had lunch with Bill Simon. He did not say hi. Sorry. 😉

  7. Red Phillips says:

    “You see, the GOP (including their lackeys at Fox News) either really don’t know what a constitutional conservative looks like, or they do know what he or she looks like and don’t want them leading the party. I believe the answer is the latter, but in either case, the GOP continually does nothing to groom constitutionalist conservatives for leadership. Just the opposite: such people are routinely ignored, shunned, besmirched, or impugned. (Can anyone say, “Ron Paul”?) Is it any wonder that by the time the general election comes around, the GOP candidate for President is usually nothing more than a Democrat-lite, or a “Democrat in Drag” to borrow from Steve Farrell.” ~ Chuck Baldwin [emphasis mine]

    From today’s excellent Chuck Baldwin column. I submit Peach Pundit as exhibit #1.

    • Listened to Hannity’s ‘Freedom’ concert today while driving through the state and all he and Newt talked about was about the Mosque and Prop 8…. and the continued need to waste our troops overseas to defend ‘Freedom’ until they and their cult can think of new ways to ban it here…. hahahahaha!

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