1. ga775 says:

    Fair enough. That is actually a much more legitimate reason to not vote for Woodall than most people have on this site.

  2. Tea Party Man says:

    Did I understand Mr. Woodall correctly ? He is opposed to the state of Georgia passing legislation similar to Arizona simply enforcing immigration laws ?

  3. BuckheadConservative says:

    Galloway says Mike Huckabee will be annointing Rob Woodall with some of Huckabee’s own patented snake oil. I hate that. I like Rob Woodall. I suppose this will play well with “the folks” but damn I despise Mike Hucksterbee.

  4. franb says:

    Tea party man- Watch the debate again. His comment makes perfect sense.Woodall is like Newt. He intellectualizes his answers. Hice gives the stock rah rah that fires up non-thinkers. Kind of like Ross Perot.He was good at firing people up but at the end ,he had no real solutions.

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