It took Deal 8 hours to change to Karen Handel’s position

Charlie beat me to it, but good grief this is embarrassing.

I have something on which I disagree with Karen Handel and agree with Nathan Deal on. And what does Nathan Deal go and do?

Eight hours after reports that he wouldn’t accept federal education grant money, he folds like a cheap suit and says he’ll do just what Handel would do.


I knew it was too good to be true.


    • macho says:

      Does anyone take Bill Simon seriously? The guy continues to take cheap shots. I can’t see how any candidate would do business with the guy, knowing that if he didn’t pay Bill enough, that his personal emails could end up in an ethics report.

  1. fishtail says:

    Karen Handel & Rod Blagojevich: It’s Like We’re Looking At Twins!

    Rumors have it that Karen Handel has dispatched Fred Cooper to call Eric Johnson and promise Eric the position of Chief Operating Officer of the State of Georgia under her administration if EJ refrains from endorsing Nathan Deal.

    PV Sighs: Geez, Karen, presumptuous much? And, have you heard about this guy named Rod Blagojevich up in Illinois? Anything similar come to your mind? Offering a position for campaign contributions isn’t really that much different than offering a position in your administration to receive something of value by a quid pro quo offer from Fred Cooper to EJ that if he does not endorse Deal, you will reward him by giving him a political job?

    The PV Legal Department of Research has been busy researching both Georgia laws and federal laws on bribery to bring you this story. So far, we’ve discovered that all it takes for bribery to occur is that someone must make an offer of quo (“the offer”), whether or not it is actually agreed to, AND regardless of whether EJ would take the position. All that matters is whether the offer was made.

    AND…this would be prosecuted under the Attorney General’s office, NOT the politically-infused State Ethics Commission.

    SO…conceivably…Handel could be prosecuted as Blago was. Oh-boy. More corruption in this state than you can shake a Varsity hotdog at.

    • macho says:

      What’s hilarious is Simon’s guy, Oxendine, was the person getting compared to Blago. The only reason Bill didn’t come after Ox, is that the Ox was paying Simon.

  2. Harry says:

    E-mail from the Handel campaign:

    Republicans have long campaigned on platforms of fighting corruption, cleaning up government and doing things differently than Democrats. When we lose sight of our ideals, voters take it out on us at the polls – we lost control of Congress in large part because of the ethical lapses of members of Congress and out of control spending.

    Karen Handel has a long history of championing reform and fighting corruption. As Fulton Chairman, she discovered corruption in the Sheriff’s Department and was the lone voice calling for Sheriff Barrett’s removal. Just last year, she stood alone again in calling for the Speaker to resign after it was revealed he had a relationship with a lobbyist. Leadership means standing up and doing the right thing, even in the face of criticism and attacks.

    Today, Nathan Deal is attempting to pull a fast one on the voters of Georgia. Rather than deal with the very real – and well documented – ethics issues surrounding him, he is attempting to convince voters that George Soros, the media and liberals are the source of his problems. That is simply not true. Responsibility for the ethics issues – and the grand jury – lies with Nathan Deal and Nathan Deal alone.

    Nearly one year ago, Georgia newspaper and television outlets first exposed Deal’s secret deal with the state that earned him and his business partner millions. The reports also revealed that Nathan Deal himself, as well as members of his official Congressional staff, personally intervened in an attempt to stop the state from privatizing the program.

    After this, the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) – which was established by Congress to investigate their members for ethical wrongdoing – began an investigation. That office is made up of three Republicans and three Democrats, including his former House colleague Porter Goss, a Republican who later served as the CIA Director under President George W. Bush.

    The OCE produced a report totaling nearly 130 pages and concluded that Nathan Deal had likely violated six House ethics rules regarding his secret, no-bid ‘deal’. Nathan Deal resigned from Congress just hours before the report was to be presented to Congress. The OCE voted unanimously to release the report anyway. You can read the report for yourself here.

    George Soros and other outside groups do not fund the OCE or have anything to do with it. Within the past couple of weeks, two of Congressman Deal’s former colleagues, Democrats Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters, saw ethics charges referred to the House, from OCE, for prosecution.

    Just last week, it was reported that a Federal Grand Jury is apparently investigating Nathan Deal and his activities surrounding his arrangement with the state. Witnesses have already been subpoenaed. Grand juries are not impaneled without reason and George Soros is not the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta.

    CREW’s only role in any of this was to name Nathan Deal one of the most corrupt members of congress, along with Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel.

    If Nathan Deal thinks these issues will not be brought up in a general election by Roy Barnes and national Democratic organizations he is sadly mistaken. The facts are the facts. The Deal campaign’s complaint that raising these issues are attacks, does not make them go away. Trying to blame liberals and the media is a smoke screen to divert attention from his actions.

    While Nathan Deal is traveling the state attacking Karen and Sarah Palin, Karen’s been on the campaign trail talking about the issues. And yes Nathan, Karen will continue to speak out against individuals who abuse their power, Republican or Democrat.

  3. jackson says:

    I’d hardly call it folding like a cheap suit Erick.

    By the way, Erick, where was your post on Handel changing her position on Transportation funding in Sunday’s debate? OR was that lost on you? Course, could be she didn’t really know the campaign position on her website was different that what McLagan told her to say in the debate.

    But ahhhh, the facts. They can be stubborn things.

    PS Still waiting on the post about why Sarah Palin and Tom Price are corrupt cuz CREW says they are. But I think I might be waiting on that for a while too.

    • Icarus says:

      Another re-direction.

      It’s not what CREW says, it’s what the Ethics Committee Said.

      They said Charlie Rangle, Maxine Waters, and Nathan Deal were.

      All three said they were innocent, and would defend their names. Two of them are still defending. The other one quit.

      • Provocateur says:

        Icarus, you may know more than me on this, but I thought it was OCE that said it, not the House Ethics Committee. Two entirely different animals. One (OCE) is not staffed by any current elected House members, and the other one (Ethics Committee) is.

        • Icarus says:

          Well, why don’t we agree that it isn’t CREW and George Soros, neither of which is part of the ethics committee process like the OCE is?

        • John Konop says:


          It sounds like you and Nathan Deal are using the Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters defense. I have simple solution all three should apologize, pay a fine, go home and retire!

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Deal quit, changed his mind so he could vote against Obamacare, then quit again, all within two weeks as I recall.

  4. Provocateur says:

    Because OCE gets its input from the public in order to operate.

    So, I don’t know that it wasn’t CREW (who is financed by Soros) that originated the entire investigation. That’s #1.

    #2 is that OCE isn’t the House Ethics Committee…and therein is my question of whether they investigated this at all?

    • Icarus says:

      Yes, they did. If you “read the report” as Deal’s folks keep asking everyone else to do (but hoping they won’t), you’ll find the email(s) that were sent to set up the meeting from Deal’s COS. You’ll find notes from OCE interviewers indicating that Cagle wouldn’t cooperate without a supoena. You’ll find tax records indicating Deal had earned income in excess of limits, and a note from his accountant saying that was his error.

      But if you actually read it, you will clearly see that they investigated it, and recommended the charges proceed to the full ethics committee.

      Deal got an advance copy of the report, as is required by Congressional rule. Then he quit, so Congress would no longer have jurisdiction over the matter, hoping they would honor custom not to release the preliminary report.

      He refused to even acknowledge the existance of the report (which he had for quite some time) until it was public.

  5. jackson says:

    1. Handel’s campaign ads and mailers cite CREW, not just OCE, so its a legitimate point to make. She promotes heavily that he is one of the 15 Most Corrupt Members of congress from the same group that says Sarah Palin and Tom Price are corrupt. AJC jsut yesterday said this was a “Democrat Oriented” group. How, may I ask, is this “re-direction”? HANDEL is the one mentioning it.

    2. OCE is also investigating Tom Price. No mention of that in any of her talking points.

    3. He resigned “hours” before it was presented? Really? He resigned right after the health care vote. Thats like saying Handel Resigned “hours” before the ethics complaint was filed against her campaign. Or better yet, as a McGinnitte man Icarus, “hours” before news outlets found out she left the SOS website unsecured, leaving information available for criminals.

    THe OCE Report is a legitimate talking point. I think it was poltically motivated, biased, and factually incorrect, but fine, talk about it. But at least be intellectually honest her problems too:

    Her CLEAR violation of Ethics laws.

    Her votes on the county commission.

    Her lies about membership in Log Cabin Republicans.

    Hits on honesty from POLITIFACT where they actually called her a liar.

  6. TPNoGa says:

    Hmmmm. Let’s see….should I be surprised that a guy that was a Democrat and became a Republican, was pro abortion then became pro-life, quit congress then changed his mind….changed his mind on something so trivial as education? Um, no….I am not surprised.

  7. TPNoGa says:

    Does Deal have ANY convictions that he held his whole career? I mean besides getting elected and re-elected. I sure don’t see any.

    • Provocateur says:

      Gee…maybe being an officer in the US Army?

      What is your claim for sacrifice for your country? Being a 2-bit blogger? WOW! Stop the presses! We’re going to give you a hero’s welcome, TPN!

      May an M1 Abrams tank roll over you as you blog at Starbucks.

      • TPNoGa says:

        Um, I am not a blogger, I am a CPA who is interested in politics. Just because someone serves in the military does not mean they should be immune from scrutiny.

        Max Cleland tried that crap and it didn’t fly. I am grateful for his service and have a lot of respect for that. But that does not mean he would make a good Governor. Grant was a great General who gave a LOT for the union, but he sucked as a President.

        FTR, I don’t drink coffee. But ,may Sarah Palin’s bus flatten you out while you burn your trash outside your trailer.

          • TPNoGa says:

            Why yes I did. Thanks. Again, I will fully support Deal if he wins on Tuesday. I hate all this Republican on Republican violence. Hopefully, we can join hands and sing kumbayah on Wednesday.

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