1. MD JD says:

    Crackpot: “One given to eccentric or lunatic notions” [Merriam-Webster Online]

    Example 1: A crackpot might believe that because “Price” rhymes with “Hice” there is a danger readers will confuse the two.

    Example 2: A crackpot might also believe that ugly epithets advance a real understanding of competing political philosophies.

    There are more than enough epithets and unseemly language which regularly spew from the political left. Must we likewise stoop?

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Obviously Woodall supporters are resorting to personal attacks. so be it. You guys have no right to complain if your guy is personally attacked ..

    • c_murrayiii says:

      Obviously, you are being overly defensive because you have a personal problem with Rob. Chris is hardly a supporter of Rob. If I remember correctly he said Rob “is part of whats wrong with Washington.” So Debbie, please don’t assume because someone dislikes your favored candidate, that they are automatically in the opponents camp. They could just not like your candidate. Now, I think if you look at most of the posts on Peach Pundit in favor of Rob, the ones written by actual supporters of Rob who work for him and who believe in him as a candidate (like myself), you will find we don’t attack Jody, rather, we try to show why we like Rob. So, quit being so hysterical and start giving us a reason to support Jody besides the fact he signed your silly little pledge.

  3. ga775 says:

    @debbie0040 – Rep. Price, who you’ve been praising and touting as a great conservative and Tea Party champion for the last week on this very forum and as the ideal model for our next 7th district Rep, has solidly endorsed Rob Woodall and you call it a personal attack? Interesting.

    • Fred Smulavich says:

      I think she was referring to Chris, who certainly appeared to be making a solid backhand at Jody.

      Moderates – Stop calling Jody crazy. It’s not true, he’s just more conservative and aggressive than you are.

      other Jody supporters – Stop making crude attacks on Woodall too. You’re certainly NOT helping anything. Is Woodall a DC guy? Yes. Is he single? Yes. Does he support Earmarks? Apparently. These make him seem out of touch with the 7th district, but it CERTAINLY doesn’t justify insults like what Tea Party Man had to say.

      Keep it classy folks, please.

  4. Bucky Plyler says:

    To label Jody as a crack-pot says much about yourself. I know him personally, and he is the kind of conservative candidate that needs to be elected for Congress all across this country.

    Jody is not in this race for himself. He has led Christians as a former pastor to get involved in the political process so that they might be “salt & light”. Getting involved includes running for office….so he’s just practicing his own preaching.

    The real problem, again magnified on PP, is that there are actually people who still believe that Christians like Jody don’t deserve a place in the public square..much less a seat in Congress.

    Our founding fathers who have all thrown up over this thought.

  5. ga775 says:

    @ In the arena: Karen turned over about 20 percent in the last month and won the primary by 12 percent. What election were you watching?

  6. Tea Party Man says:

    Mr. Woodall does not even own property in the 7th district. He is living in someone elses house. We need someone who really lives in the district.

    • He lives in the district. I could drive you over to his house but of course you don’t use your real name.

      Are you the one who sent me that nasty anonymous email this afternoon? You’re not doing Hice any favors with your comments here either.

    • c_murrayiii says:

      TPM, my name is my moniker. Though I no longer reside in the district, I did for the better part of my life and all my family currently lives in the 7th. I gave a paragraph of why I support Rob (who I know), and I didn’t have to say bad things about Mr. Hice (who I don’t know) in the process. So, if you want to have any credibility, why not tell us who you really are and why we should take your opinion (that Hice is better than Woodall) seriously. Rob is a Georgia native who has actually spent time in Georgia. In fact, I interned with Linder in ’04 and at that time Rob was based in the district. Just saying.

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