1. B Balz says:

    Tyler! OMG! You’re back, thank goodness I thought a Great White Shark might have gotten into the H20 supply up there.

    What do YOU think of this ad?

    • Tyler says:

      I hate the music and I think him just standing there is a bit awkward. He needs to paint Handel as negative to make any kind of headway.

      Also the words “Endorsed by Newt Gingrich” appear below him in the ad, but I’d make that a lot more visible and try to push it more. Not sure if Newt would do an event for Deal, but every bit will help in this campaign, as every vote counts in the runoff.

  2. peach4handel says:

    Wasn’t it just yesterday that Nathan accused Karen of throwing dirty and running nasty ads attacking everyone but herself,hmm those words are not even 24 hours old,and he all ready goes back on his words.WAY TO TALK OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF UR MOUTH NATHAN

    • analogkid says:

      Did we watch the same ad? How is it negative to point out that your opponent is running negative ads?

    • Lady Thinker says:


      He can’t help it, he was a Washington politican with a spotty record to stand on along with shady dealings for his Gainesville business. Can you imagine how badly he would wreck Georgia? That is why we need Karen as governor.

  3. GOPwits says:

    I’m fairly certain that Deal will lose. Only idiots vote for someone with this much corruption. Afterall, there wouldn’t be a federal grand jury investigation into his salvage business arrangement with state if he didn’t clearly abuse his office.

  4. DoubleDawg3 says:

    It’s negative b/c somewhere in “Endorsed by Newt Gingrich” the Deal camp is highlighting “G.E.D.” – as in Karen’s lack of education.

    Seriously, there’s not a negative second in that commercial – which is exactly what Nathan Deal needed to do. Stick to a positive, issues oriented message. This year, more than ever, voters are turned off by negative politics. Don’t believe me, ask Lee Hawkins how well he’s done by hammering Tom Graves.

    • polisavvy says:

      I agree with you. I am most certainly turned off with all the negative, nasty ads. Just think, we still have about 100 days to go. Can’t wait! (Said with the greatest of sarcasm).

  5. KingWulfgar says:

    Glad to see he stayed positive. It wasn’t a great ad, but it was all right and he didn’t stoop to Karen’s level.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Nathan has conveniently forgotten He was the one that started and maintained the nastiest attacks on his fellow GOPers especially Handel. Ad we are supposed to forget that and listen to him now?
      “Nathan Deal…Real.. Pain in the ***!”

  6. Tiberius says:

    Didn’t Clinton use the line “building a bridge to the future?”

    I don’t remember but Dole used a line in 1996 about building “a bridge to the past” as a direct reference to Clinton.

  7. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “I think this ad, the tv thing, is just so not unconstitution, lipstick. Just another man in pants. There’s no bears, the flag, and this country of Georgia deserves better than this good ole boy. I’m looking forward to coming to your state, peaches, that real, honest Americans love. Because Georgians are Americans too. See you next Monday, that day we love.”

    -Sarah Palin

      • I Am Jacks Post says:

        Have you heard Palin speak? Her sentences are nearly unintelligible. They make no sense.

        It’s easy to do “Palin speak”–just write everything as if Yoda was a hillbilly.

        She makes a statement and then she finishes the “sentence” with another descriptor.

        For example:

        “I just love America, these United States we love.”

        It practically writes itself. Throw in some Lee Greenwood’ish patriotic cliches and you’re all set.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Don’t misinterpret this, b/c I still think you’re an SOB….but this is spot on.

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