Westmoreland endorses Douglas

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland has endorsed John Douglas in the runoff for Public Service Commissioner:

With the Republican Runoff for Public Service Commission less than 2 weeks away, Senator Douglas (R-Social Circle) picked up the endorsement of Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

“I am truly honored to have the support of Congressman Westmoreland,” said Senator Douglas. “I greatly appreciate his endorsement as well as the support of the other conservative leaders of our state that have signed onto my campaign.”

Congressman Westmoreland joins an ever-growing list of supporters for Douglas’ bid for Public Service Commission including scores of members of the General Assembly, and several elected officials throughout Georgia. Senate Republican Majority Leader Chip Rogers is serving as the campaign’s Honorary Chairman.

“During his time in the Senate, John Douglas has served the people of our state with integrity and diligence. He is a strong conservative leader that Georgia can depend on and I am proud to endorse his campaign to be our next Public Service Commissioner. On August 10th, vote for Conservative John Douglas and he will continue to make us proud,” stated Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.


  1. Bill Knowles says:

    Orlando Magic owner, Rich DeVos endorses Tim Echols for PSC: “Tim Echols is the kind of man we need to preserve and protect our values.”

    • Yeah, out of staters endorsing Georgians really doesn’t mean that much to most of us any way. However, Florida is just next door. But look at Palin, I mean does she really even know where Georgia is on a map?

  2. Truthteller says:

    I thought there was a reasonable policy on Peach Pundit about not copy-pasting a bunch of text from other places.

    This is just a one line statement with a copy-pasted press release reprint.

    Seriously. Yall need to stop this stuff.

    Jason are you going to reprint every endorsement of everyone for everyone? It’s just meaningless insider baseball stuff.

    If we wanted to read re-printed press releases, we’d just go to candidate’s website or the Atlanta Constitution.

    • Truthteller–do you have a blog or have you administered a blog before? It’s a little tougher than it looks to always have something analytical or witty to say to introduce every post with.

      I have my own axes to grind with Peach Pundit contributors, but your criticism is a bit unfair here in my opinion.

  3. Cloverhurst says:

    John Douglas is a loser who liked being a Senator a little to much- but compared to Echols he is an all star

  4. Soulja Boy says:

    Wow, Congressman “I don’t remember all of them” Westmoreland endorses former Senator “What this state needs is some more license plates” Douglas.

    Trash supports trash.

  5. EBurkeDisciple says:

    Tim is a man of integrity who knows who he works for. I am sad to see Westmoreland endorse Douglas. We just don’t need more ‘also ran’ insiders. We need someone with spirit and leadership and conviction. We will get more from Tim Echols.

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