1. NonPartisanGA says:

    Wow… Karen wupped the old man.. I almost felt as sorry for Deal and his pathetic performance as I did for Oxendine’s pre-primary debate implosion…

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Take off your rose colored glasses. With all her empty rhetoric Karen proved what most of us already know, she is an uneducated empty suit.

    • Cliff notes? Hmm… After everybody getting over the surprise of Handel actually showing up for a debate, the cameras started rolling and Sec. Handel was already sweating like a pig. It’s probably not her fault because the studio lights are hot, but somehow neither moderator Russ Spencer or Congressman Deal worked up a sweat throughout the entire debate.

      Handel mostly stuck to either criticisms of Deal that came off as petulant & disrespectful (nagging “Nathan!” about 20 times), or to making vague comments about the budget. She praised the state tax commission that is working on proposals right now to increase sales taxes and eliminate various sales tax exemptions and increase our overall sales tax burden. Handel stated she is a “prolife Christian” who will let fetuses be aborted under various circumstances even when the life of the mother is not at stake.

      Fastforward. Deal remained relatively cool despite badgering by Handel and moderator Russ Spencer not allowing Deal to rebut Handel’s statements. Deal actually stated his position on education unlike Handel who says she has a “plan” (like the famous “Plan” Oxendine showed in his old ads). Deal mentioned he could appeal to independents which suggested to me he has some internal poll data showing that Handel is losing support among independents.

      Fox 5 had a live chat online to go along with the debate. If you think there are a lot of sock puppets on Peach Pundit, you should have read the Fox 5 crowd! Handel had some staffers with canned talking points to spew. Any time anybody said anything negative about Handel, the chat moderator chastened us to “be civil.” Yuck.

      The last Fox 5 debate with four of the Republican candidates: B.

      This Fox 5 debate: D+.

      • OriginalGangsta says:

        Appeal to independents?? A lot of independent voters are independent because they don’t line up with the Republican Party’s stances on social issues and this old fart won’t stop yammering about em. He’s about as appealing to independent voters as a fat-free bran muffin is Rosie O’Donnell

        • Well, Handel double-crossed the independents who voted for her as secretary of state, so maybe a few of them have actually learned their lesson and are fleeing the scene.

        • ACCmoderate says:

          The Republican run-off, like the primary, it isn’t about appearing to independent voters.

          Deal is spewing social-issue talking points because he believes it will get him the nomination in an election where most of the voters will align with his ideological beliefs.

          If you’ll note, Handel is trying to run as hard to the right as she can. Being more of a moderate, its tougher for Karen to seem genuine when she tries to talk up her stances as a “pro-life Christian.”

          I think Karen would make the better governor, but her sprint to the right fringe of the electorate has given me concern (doesn’t show a lot of belief in your own principles) and it might hurt her ability to come back to the center-right area she’ll need to appeal to in order to win in November

      • Ambernappe says:

        American Delight,
        We could not have been watching the same debate, or some of your comments were written in advance. Karen Handel maintained her composure and was articulate. Although she has strong ideas about the budget, she is wise to wait for the fiscal planning committee to complete their work before being specific , especially regarding the personal income tax.

        • I didn’t write anything “in advance.” Handel did not seem composed. She was shifting from side to side a lot & let her emotions get the better of her several times throughout the evening.

        • B Balz says:

          OK, Mr. Day, comments about candidate appearance are qualitative and subjective. Let’s go with facts:

          Early in the debate, Ms. Handel states that she fully supports the good work being done at the Shepard Center and CDC. Yet, further on in the debate, Ms. Handel states, unequivocally, that she doesn’t support embryonic stem cell research.

          Some of the leading edge work in repairing damaged spinal cords is being done using BOTH adult and embryonic stems cells at these very same institutions!

          “Shepherd Center is one of the rehabilitation centers that have partnered with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as part of the NeuroRecovery Network.”


          While in Congress, Rep. Deal has busied himself in Committee with Rep. Burgess (http://burgess.house.gov/Issues/Issue/?IssueID=242) on many complex and important healthcare issues.

          Ms. Handel picked up a few buzzwords somewhere along the line, don’t be fooled.

          If you are against ESC fine, but at least know Ms. Handel’s pant suit is on fire on this point.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Karen LIED again, so what is new. When asked about attacking Johnson as someone with iffy ethics she blamed that on a newspapper, she claimed she never said it. Her very own TV add said that, how is it possible that she is not forced out of politics for good. She has a real lying issue. …

      • justpeachy says:

        Karen didn’t lie… It was an a paper that claimed the specific comment Deal mentioned last night. What I find ironic is that Deal released a commercial this morning stating that Karen Handel is lieing about him thought won’t point to what this lie is. He can’t because she’s not lieing. He can’t hide the Federal Grand Jury investigation. Voting for Deal simply means we’ll be impeaching a governor if he were to actually win.

      • Tireless says:

        Her campaign literature accused EJ of “making a million dollars” on government contracts. That’s a flat out lie. The firm that employed EJ was paid approx. $1 million in fees to design and build certain projects….over a 17 year period. The vast majority of those fees went to consultants and employees of the firm. There is absolutely no evidence EJ “made” any money on those contracts. Handel is a lying POS….facts are facts.

        • ACCmoderate says:

          Anyone remember when she lied to all those gay people in Atlanta about her support for same partner benefits?

          Correction, she could have been telling the truth then… but that would mean she’s lying to us now.

  2. OriginalGangsta says:

    I think at this point we should just throw the 2 of em into a no-holds-barred cage match. I think the result would be Karen DDT’s him then stands over his lifeless heap of wrinkles and gives him the D-Generation X Suck It at least a dozen times.

  3. Provocateur says:

    “big boy pants” huh?

    AND, where were the big panties for Karen when she ran away from EVERY debate with Ray McBerry? Yeah. DOUBLE-STANDARD.

    So glad women like Handel want a “fair fight” as long as they don’t have to follow the same rules. What an embarrassment for the true conservative women who work hard to succeed.

    • polisavvy says:

      Huh? I haven’t had an opportunity to watch the debate. What are you talking about with “big boy pants?”

      • I Am Jacks Post says:

        Karen made some remark about Nathan needing to wear big boy pants.

        Like her joke about Nathan’s age, Karen really needs to think twice about playing the “fitness” card.

        And again with the black pant suit.

        • In reference to Karen Handel never serving a complete term of any office she’s held, one of the commenters on Fox 5’s live chat said that the only thing Handel ever finished was a big mac for lunch.

          Zing! That’s what you get, Sec. Handel, for unleashing the personal jokes.

          • Icarus says:

            Well, we’re not Fox 5’s live chat, and we’re not doing that here.

            Get the debate back to actual issues – both sides – or be gone.

    • justpeachy says:

      I’m proud of her conservative stand. And trust and believe with the attacks from the other opponents Karen has had her big girl panties on this entire time. Not showing on stage with Ray McBerry was a stand she made in early May everyone except the opponent paying him to stay in the race seemed to have forgotten about.

  4. Karen has run a spirited and vigorous campaign based on the issues. She emerged from the primary in FIRST place and had the winds with her. The campaign has seemingly changed course and dived into the gutter. Nathan Deal is no Jon Oxendine. I cannot in good conscience support, promote and work for this. I spoke to one of your staffers a week ago and expressed my frustration with the “everyone’s a crook but me” mentality and the fit over the GRTL issue, trying to drag your opponent into the fray. NO ONE questioned Karen’s prolife credentials, but your advisors seemed to want to beef up the rhetoric. Then the ad that maligned Deal was again uncouth. Now a mailer using a GEORGE SOROS organization material is sent to the electorate, it’s the lowest I’ve seen anyone go. I cannot support this.

    The Karen Handel I knew was a person who worked hard and was a positive vibrant fresh face. THAT WAS THE WINNING FORMULA and it’s gone.

    While organizing here I NEVER engaged the Oxendine machine and stirred up strife. I promoted Karen on her ability. In the last 24 hours I’ve read more smut than I care to. This is not reform, but more of the same.

    • Icarus says:


      You lost me (and reality) right here:

      “NO ONE questioned Karen’s prolife credentials, …”


      Nathan Deal spent the last days of the primary doing that, as did Dan Becker and Melanie Crozier during the first days of the runoff.

      If you don’t appreciate the tone of the current campaign, I can respect and understand that. But watching Deal in tonight’s debate say his negative attacks didn’t count because they were during the primary, but demanding Karen answer for her attacks on EJ during the primary, is typical of the duplicity we’ve come to expect from the Washington creature that is Nathan Deal.

      But to say “no one attacked Karen’s pro life credentials” is indefensible on its face.

      • Icarus, this was a note I wrote to a person. The vast majority of Georgians were/are comfortable with both candidates pro-life credentials. The fight with the GRTL could have been stymied by simply saying I stand by my credentials and move on. I expressed this to the campaign via phone call. They were determined to keep pushing the issue. It sucked energy that was working well.

        Then the Soros material you all have laughed about for months. When did the GOP become a mouthpiece for George Soros? Are we that desperate to win?

        It is undeniable that Karen has run the “everyone’s corrupt but me campaign”. Come on, either all the DA’s, Sheriffs, Judges, federal prosecutors, regulators, ministers and educators in North Georgia are corrupt, or someone is spending a great deal of time in the Lee Atwater playbook.

        Don’t get me wrong. I like Karen. She’s been a friend, but this is beyond the scope of friendship. It’s principle and goes to the credibility of the person casting the allegations.

        I will have no more of it.

        This year the public is begging for leaders. Nathan Deal is not the enemy. His record is open for ALL to see. Karen has taken it upon herself to go gutter to deflect her own deficiencies. It simple, keep Deal on the defensive by an issue that is too complicated for the public. Use third party sources, in this case GEORGE SOROS material. Well, for this blue collar person, perhaps Karen should have the same political treatment as Deal. I have a couple of good questions myself. I posted their resumes on my website. Deal’s is throughly documented, Karen’s, well it leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

        I’m quite comfortable in electing an honorable statesman who has served his country in the military as an Asst. DA, Juvenile Judge, State Legislator and a Congressman.

        The bottom

    • debbie0040 says:

      “NO ONE questioned Karen’s prolife credentials, …”
      Maurice, I have to call you on that one. Every Deal supporter that I have talked to says very nasty things about Karen supporting murder of unborn babies. GRTL is acting as the attack dog against Karen.

      “AND, where were the big panties for Karen when she ran away from EVERY debate with Ray McBerry? Yeah. DOUBLE-STANDARD.”

      Get real. Karen did not want to appear on the same stage as a child molestor. may not have bothered you Provocateur but Karen made the right call on that one.. Karen exhibited courage w ith that decision in doing the right thing. She did not care if she made the Branch McBerrians mad and if it cost her votes. The other candidates were too afraid of making the McBerry supporters angry to do the right thing..

      • You’re in dreamland. McBerry was not a factor in this race.

        The polling data supports my comment as well as the outcome. Georgians were quite comfortable with ALL the candidates pro-life credentials. GRTL is ONE organization. I vigorously argued for Karen against their attack and will continue to. This has NOTHING to do will life issues but the venomous political rectal examine she is trying to give an AMERICAN PATRIOT who happens to be a Republican. He’s the wrong target for this.

        • debbie0040 says:

          McBerry was not a factor but there were principles at stake. The other candidates folded and Karen did not. She was tough and did the right thing even though it cost her votes..
          . Maurice, you did not have an issue with the attacks the Cagle campaign unleashed on Ralph Reed 4 years ago that were pretty bad…Even worse than the attacks you refer to.

          • I stand by my research. It was accurate and compelling. I had spoken and received documents from individuals in 3 states. This is not about Ralph. He is doing a tremendous work and has stayed involved and engaged. This is a far different race.

            I actually like both candidates, but I have enormous disdain for the smear using GEORGE SOROS material and Lee Atwater tactics.

            I stand by my research in this matter. Nathan Deal is a PATRIOT.

            • debbie0040 says:

              My point is that you did not have an issue with the extremely negative campaign waged by the Cagle campaign against another patriot, Ralph Reed but you are upset with Handel. I am just asking that you be consistent.

          • ReaganRepublican says:

            Man, you are going to bring Reed into this. Gosh, you are losing it right along with Karen.

            • debbie0040 says:

              I am not losing it, I am pointing out that Maurice is not being consistent. The Cagle campaign waged a much nastier campaign against Reed 4 years ago and Maurice did not have an issue.

              I have listened to supporters of both sides and can tell you that the Deal supporters are much nastier and hateful in their rhetoric toward Karen.

              • Lady Thinker says:


                Your premise has been proven over and over here. Karen is accused of going negative first when on PP, Deal’s campers threw the first volley.

          • ACCmoderate says:

            Debbie, Karen’s decision was not based on some far-fetched form of principle.

            It was a chance for her to score political points. You and I both know that.

    • Rick Day says:

      you type GEORGE SOROS as if that were a bad thing.


      *runs down hall wearing superman cape towel*

      good grief…

  5. zigmaster says:

    I’m sensing from Icarus’ two posts that Handel didn’t have a good night. Either that or some polling has been leaked and Handel is getting whipped.

  6. Pine Knot says:

    Nathan won the debate easily. He got under her skin, and she showed it. Nathan politely kept silent, but Karen kept showing her butt by butting in, and Fox 5 let her. Still Nathan won even with the Typical Liberal Atlanta media showing bias to one of their own. They hope she gets in there so if Barnes loses they have the next best.

    • It shouldn’t be about being under anyone’s skin. It should be about solutions to the problems Georgians are facing. Talking about “big boy pants” may work elsewhere, but to me it is thorough and complete arrogance.

      • Pine Knot says:

        It is sad she is getting so arrogant and negative. Mr. Deal has an ad with his grandsons, and Karen has an attack ad, mailer, and robocalls.

        • zigmaster says:

          Spoke to a lady at church tonight who already regrets voting for Karen in the primary. She said she didn’t realize Karen was pro-gay.

  7. KariDee says:

    The way that Karen acted during the debate shows that she will be unable to work with anyone who has a differing opinion than her own. No wonder Mr. Deal is getting the support from most everyone under the Gold Dome, as well as his former fellow congressmen from this state.

    • Rick Day says:

      Which, unfortunately is why Barnes should win. Handel comes off Harpy, but fellow Alpha male CliffBarnes™ will eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, Deal up on “That Ethics Thing” as well as his ties to D.C.

      The winner of this runoff can not win. Like Ford, and McCain, they face an angry populous, and a divided party.

    • Pine Knot says:

      Why would Handel go so negative if internal polling showed her in the lead? Going negative works some of the time, but it can backfire big time.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Maurice, now there is a Deal staffer for you. R2R, face the facts, people are seeing the real Karen Handel and they are not liking what they are seeing. She is imploding.

  8. fishtail says:

    Handel is mean and tough enough on her own. She feeds off Dan McLagan, who is even more vicious than her. That may ultimately prove to be too much negativism for the electorate to stomach. Perhaps she needs someone to tell her to tone it down a bit. She is trying to be the first woman ever elected Governor of Georgia, and she needs to be more dignified in her conduct and knowledgeable on the issues. Her performance tonight was irritating and did not go well, in my opinion.

  9. Pine Knot says:

    Karen Handel has burnt all of her bridges, and daily I see members of the Johnson and Oxendine team coming over to Nathan Deal. Nathan is endorsed by GRTL, NRA, IIAB (Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia), and is by far the more qualified and conservative.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    I talk to tea party organizers daily and you will be surprised to learn that the support is split between Deal and Handel…

    “Pine Knot August 1, 2010 at 10:13 pm
    Why would Handel go so negative if internal polling showed her in the lead? Going negative works some of the time, but it can backfire big time.”

    Obviously, you have forgotten the Reed-Cagle race…

    You men really have problems with strong women, don’t you?

    • Pine Knot says:

      If tea party organizers decided the race Gerry Purcell would have gotten first place without a run off.

    • Provocateur says:

      Problems with strong women? No.

      Problems with women who use a false front to lie about themselves and their opponents, and then claim “I’m a strong woman and you are just afraid of me if you dare criticize me!”? Yes. BIG problem with women who lie.

  11. GOPwits says:

    I thought Karen did very well. It’s a double edge sword for women and it’s unfortunate. Deal was very arrogant and condescending toward Karen and yet no one says a thing about it.

    Karen held her own, even dominated the debate and you folks say she’s negative. It’s not negative if it’s truthful. That’s good comparative politics plain and simple. If she were exaggerating or making stuff up like Deal is about her, I could understand people being upset. But, Karen’s just calling a spade a spade and frankly, that’s refreshing in politics.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      So women are allowed to be condescending and arrogant towards male candidates, but men aren’t allowed to be condescending and arrogant to female candidates?

      Double-standards much? What happened to equality?

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Women have had to deal with double standards as well as the condescending and arrogant attitudes toward females in general, since the beginning of time. While there has been tremendous progress, women are still having to fight tooth and nail for equality in the boardrooms as well as high level political offices such as governor and the presidental slot, which could be between Palin and Clinton.

        • ACCmoderate says:

          So that gives women the right to act condescending and arrogant in return?

          You don’t break the glass ceiling by trying to act slimy and condescending like men do. By doing so, you’re simply taking the bad qualities of the male-dominated political domain and perpetuating them.

          I’ll agree that women have fought a long hard battle for respect and equality, but Karen acting so curt and nasty doesn’t do anything positive for women.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          “the presidental slot, which could be between Palin and Clinton.”

          May God have mercy on us all

  12. ACCmoderate says:

    I’m disappointed again by this outing from both candidates. They’re just a smaller version of a lackluster Republican field.

    Karen has never demonstrated an ability to think outside of her note cards and talking points. I’ve been to a couple events, I’ve seen the debates… all opportunities for her to actually discuss concrete plans… all I’ve heard have been watered-down rah-rah material.

    Nathan has a whole lot more of substance to say on the issues. But he’s got absolutely 0 charisma and comes off as a creepy old man every now and again.

  13. Gop_Youth12 says:

    Karen Handel has ruined herself as far as getting support from other GOP primary opponents supporters. Lets face it: She has attaked Oxendine, Johnson, and Mcberry VERY badly, thus cutting their supporters a clear path to supporting Nathan Deal. Karen handel showed nothing but rudeness, and instead of giving ideas in tonights debates, she did nothing but give general statements rather than ideas.

  14. Lady Thinker says:

    From the Gainesville Times


    The Gainesville Times, Deal’s hometown paper, reports that the special election will cost as much as $240,000 for the 15 north Georgia counties in the Ninth Congressional District. (H/t: Peach Pundit.) At a time when every penny counts for local government budgets, that’s nothing to sneeze at. But it’s an amount which the Deal campaign could probably cover if it made the decision now to do so.

    Such a choice would effectively signal the end of his gubernatorial campaign. But that end seems near anyway. Deal could spend his campaign chest trying to blame his accusers, or he could choose this more graceful way to exit Georgia’s political stage.

    From the Washington Post


    Perhaps a final review would have found no wrongdoing by Mr. Deal; with his resignation, we’ll never know. But given the bipartisan makeup of the ethics committee, with members appointed in equal number by the House speaker and the minority leader, Mr. Deal ought to come up with a better response.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      The cost of a special election? Really?

      Let us not forget that your girl also quit office early. Sonny was allowed by the state constitution to appoint a successor after Karen gave up on being Secretary of State. That same constitution required that a special election be called in Nathan’s district… don’t blame Nathan… blame the rules (especially when your girl is a big quitter too).

    • DoubleDawg3 says:

      Please notice that the portion of the articles you quoted are NOT from the actual Gainesville Times, Deal’s hometown newspaper, and are instead from: 1) Kyle Wingfield’s “opinion” column (and who really cares what his opinion is anyway, didn’t he win a contest to get that job? ha) and 2) The Washington Post – which should be about as important to this race as Sarah Palin & Mitt Romney, which is not at all.

  15. ACCmoderate says:

    Anyone notice that Karen told Nathan Deal to “suck it up” when pressed on her negative ads.

    Then when the subject came to Deal’s negative ads, Karen complained about them?

    Double standards much? Maybe Karen should slip on her big boy pants.

    Can Georgia get a do-over on these two idiots?

  16. Progressive Dem says:

    A lot people are going to be offended by the “big boy pants” comment. That kind of trash talk might work on PP by a supporter, or in staff meeting, but in a formal televised debate it comes across as demeaning and insulting to a grandfather. I don’t have a lot of use for Nathan Deal, but there is no need to be disrespectful to a man who has worked in public service for most of his life.

    There is a right way and a wrong way to attack and debate. Handel showed no class. Her take no prisoners attitude is one of reasons American government is not solving problems. Leaders have to be civil to one another. One day you might be opposing somebody, and the next day you might need their vote. Politicians that regularly burn bridges aren’t effective. She apparently never heard of Reagan’s 11th commandment.

    • And you’re a democrat?

      We’ve developed a culture that anything goes. It is irresponsible and shows a lack of leadership. We can vet our candidates, but Karen has not been vetted. She has been going hard core gutter in the runoff. She was tough in the primary, THAT’S WHAT I LIKED. The vetting process worked. However, the sewage treatment of a person who nas served OUR country in the military and well as public life deserves a certain level of respect.

      She could have criticized him on whatever issue, but to destroy him shows more about Karen, the her issue with Nathan. I think it is a deflection tactic. It might work to a degree with the frustration, but IT SHOWS NOTHING ABOUT LEADERSHIP.

      Our next governor needs to be a leader not the political reincarnation Glenn Richardson, which appears to be what Karen wants to portray.

        • Provocateur says:

          The Website fully discloses who controls the site: “The BCRP does not control the content of this site.”

          If Republicans cannot read, that’s their tough luck. Maurice has done nothing dishonorable to anyone. He has adhered to his own integrity and principles throughout his political life, and if the Handel campaign is unable to recognize that, as well as recognize where they are wrong in their whole approach to Deal, then this party has just accelerated to terminal velocity in its descent to obliteration.

  17. DoubleDawg3 says:

    This debate sums up why Nathan is better suited to be Governor: He’s more intelligent and quick thinking than Handel, and he’s got a demeanor that will enable him to work well with others.

    We’ve all seen where large egos and inability to work together under the Gold Dome has gotten our state…no need to repeat that again.

  18. Cloverhurst says:

    It says a lot that none of the North Fulton Delegation save Wendell Willard is supporting Karen.

    -Jan did a robocall for Nathan.
    -Chuck Martin has been walking door to door
    -Harry Geisinger has done a robocall and says he will not work with her.
    -Joe Wilkinson is burning up the phone lines calling his district
    -Burkhalter maxed out to Nathan

    These are the people that know her best, who supported her when she ran for Commission Chair and then bailed, who saw her when she left the North Fulton Chamber after 18 months on the job etc.

      • Doug Grammer says:


        To be fair, you can’t hold Fulton’s budget increasing on Sec. Handel; she was only one vote of seven. That also means that Congressman Deal didn’t single handedly increase the congressional spending. It is fair to look their vote on the budgets. As far as the Sec. of State budget goes increase you speak of goes, I’d like to see that. She’s been claiming that she cut the budget of the S.O.S. (via attrition?)

        As far as this debate goes, I think it would be interesting if someone got a stop watch and timed how much each of these candidates got to speak. I think it would be close, but I’m not 100% certain.

        BTW, the phrase “iffy” didn’t just come from a newspaper ad:


        • B Balz says:

          This debate reminded me of lessons from the famous Nixon/Kennedy broadcast. That debate, in fledgling TV’s black and white days, contrasted a well tanned John Kennedy against a sweaty, pallid, and haggard Richard Nixon.

          Kennedy wore make-up to avoid looking sweaty, whereas a vain Nixon chose not to do. When questioned, voters indicated Nixon’s sweating made him appear nervous, like he had something to hide.

          Political science professors argue Nixon lost the election, due in part, to how poorly his image was projected on TV.

          Ms. Handel reminded me of Nixon.

          • HowardRoark says:

            You remember the Bush/Gore debates when after the first debate everyone said Gore was too boring? Then in the second debate he tried to get more fiesty but came off as a total d*ck? Karen didn’t cross that line tonight, but she definitely got chalk on her shoes.

  19. zigmaster says:

    Did anyone ask Karen in the debate why she is cheer-leading an organization that calls Bobby Jindal one of – “America’s Worst Governors”? If CREW is credible enough for her mail-pieces then I assume she believes their credible in calling Jindal, Barbour, and Perry, America’s worst Governors. And what about Sonny? Does she agree with CREW about her old boss? Or let me guess. CREW is only accurate in regards to Nathan Deal.

    Handel = Phony.


  20. BoogDoc7 says:

    New poster here.

    First off, I voted for Chapman. The major candidates were getting WAY too petty for me. I’ll probably be voting Libertarian in the runoff.

    Here’s my take.

    Right now, leaning toward Deal.

    However, BOTH sides of this issue are getting far too petty, and running from some of the issues.

    General breakdown so far:
    1. Handel’s Abortion issue is overstated by Deal’s campaign. She’s pro-life. Having a few reservations doesn’t make her pro-abortion.
    2. Deal does have a few ethics issues.
    3. Handel may be running to her right. Looking at her record, there may have been times she could have taken more principled stances.
    4. Deal has some good endorsements – better than Handel’s. None speak against him so far that I can tell.
    5. I don’t think that either is a great “Tea Party”-type candidate – but neither is a sort of “anti”- Tea Party one either.
    6. Handel hasn’t held a full term; I also wonder if she is thinking beyond the governor’s race. Deal DOES hold the experience edge here, and there were worse congresspeople out there.
    7. Handel IS a career politician, and isn’t the “outsider” she’s making herself to be.
    8. Both have about the same chances in the general election.

    That’s my take. Leaning Deal in the runoff, Libertarian in the general because not impressed with either Republican candidate.

    I’m a conservative, NOT a total libertarian.

  21. Tireless says:

    I am going to leave the “Eric Johnson for Governor” sticker on my car for the next 4 years. Both of the remaining candidate are a disgrace.

  22. GaConservative23 says:

    More and more attack ads from Handel can only mean her internal polling is telling her Deal is gaining.

  23. zigmaster says:

    Bibb County Republican Switches Sides in Governor’s Race

    “A prominent Bibb County Republican says he’s changing sides in the Georgia governor’s race and will support Nathan Deal instead of Karen Handel.

    Maurice Atkinson released a letter to the media Monday morning that said, “Her campaign has taken the low road,” while Deal “has lived a life of service and patriotism.”


  24. Red Phillips says:

    It’s funny how during the primary if anyone suggested Handel was a moderate her defenders would rush to her defense. “No she isn’t. She’s a conservative.” But the moderates on this forum, such as ACCmoderate, seem to universally accept the idea that Karen was in fact a moderate who could appeal to independents and now they are disappointed that she is running to the right. Well Handel supporters, answer me this: how does one run to the right if she is allegedly already there?

    In a Republican primary in a state like Georgia, every GOP candidate is going to take the “right” position on certain issues – guns, gay marriage, abortion, taxes, spending etc. The wise and discerning voter does not accept these position statements at face value. There is a certain Gestalt understanding of which faction each candidate represents (based on history, style, endorsements, etc.) in a high profile race like Governor. Handel and Scott were the “thoughtful” moderates. Ox, Johnson and Deal were the mainstream conservatives. McBerry was the “far right” candidate. Everyone knows this, so please spare me the protestations otherwise. “Handel is a conservative!” Yeah right. And if you are going to call out conservative critics of Handel for calling her a moderate, then you have to call out ACCmoderate as well. “No ACCmoderate, your impression was wrong. Handel was never a moderate with a particular appeal to independents.”

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Mr. McBerry went from 11.5% in 2006 to 2.5% in 2010. He didn’t appeal to the voters personally. Sec. Handel and Congressman Deal obviously had greater appeal. The right message with the wrong messenger doesn’t work. It can still be debated about his message, but there’s not much point in that now.

      Speaking of right, there are some areas of the state that will vote to the right every time. State wide, it may not be as appealing, but for others, it’s their bread and butter.

      • Red Phillips says:

        “The right message with the wrong messenger doesn’t work.”

        I don’t disagree with that. My point is that during the primary when supporters of other candidates suggested Handel was a moderate, all her supporters got indignant. She is right on all the issues down the line we were assured. But when ACCmoderate and others point out what we all know intuitively, that she is/was a moderate, where is the indignation from Handel supporters? Where are Handel supporters scolding ACCm? Silent. Funny how that works.

  25. Handel is a great politician. She talks a lot and doesn’t say anything. No details, as the better politicians do – they pander to the masses. I see no leadership qualities in her, she very much like Sarah Palin.

    As for winning the debate – like all debates it depends on who you ask. Those looking for popularity points (zingers and pop-shots) but no details will easily find that Handel won. For those looking for details, specifics – I’ll call it a draw.

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