What the world needs is two more trial lawyers…

…and if all goes well, it’ll get them.

I saw in a comment that Jason Shepherd and Steve Perkins have just completed the Georgia Bar Exam. Let’s hope they passed.


  1. Buzzfan says:

    I never even considered law school, as ‘passing bars’ has never been my strong suit. Ba-dump-bump. I’m here all week.

    Best wishes for the two aspiring barristers.

  2. Tiberius says:

    How is Jason going to make a living? If he wins election and if he passes the bar, it is hard to be a young (sort of) lawyer who has to take 3 months off and take off hours each week. Hard to build a practice or bill hours at a firm.

    Is he going to be the GOP’s version of Vincent Fort or Doug Teper?

  3. Ah, that was pretty cool… thanks! I know of several other Peach Pundit lurkers and commenters who also took the exam this week… even though professional ethics prevent me breaching classmate-sockpuppet confidentiality. I’m glad for everybody.

    Hopefully we’ll be in better moods and less cranky than we have been over past few months. I’m going to try to take a snark vacation until this brain cramp unwinds. Until then… may your favorite candidates all win, and may everyone come to agree with your social wedge issue views! Have a great weekend.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself…mainly because my brain shut down and quit working around 5:30PM yesterday. I did wake myself up last night talking in my sleep about burdens against alienation when it comes to conveyances in property. No one warns you about the side effects.

  4. bowersville says:

    I don’t think the problem is two more trial lawyers, it’s trial lawyers that go blogger on us.

    Congratulations guys.

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