Reality Check

For those of you who have not heard, my book is coming out in two months. Some of you have emailed to ask why my front page postings have been lighter than normal, both here and at RedState. Well, now you know — I’ve been writing, just not here.

You can pre-order Red State Uprising: How to Take Back America right here via the RedState Store at Amazon.

Below are the opening paragraphs (subject to editing) to give you a flavor of what the book is about. And yes, the first chapter is a denunciation of the GOP’s failures over the past decade. I have a hard time intellectually attacking the Democrats for stuff the GOP did without also beating up the GOP. So my co-author, Lew Uhler, and I take them both on and provide some ideas to fix the problems.

Here’s the opening:

They’re all terrible. All of them. Democrats. Republicans. The so called “leaders” of both parties do nothing but compromise away our freedoms. The good guys are few and far between and need reinforcements.

Ask yourself a simple question: when is the last time the Democrats ever compromised in favor of the free market? Can’t think of one? That’s because it rarely happens. It’s always the Republicans who compromise in favor of big government.

George W. Bush gave us steel tariffs in Pennsylvania, No Child Left Behind, the prescription drug benefit, TARP, and the auto bailout. His father before him gave us his lips on which we read a lie. They, like so many other Republicans, paraded around in conservative’s clothing while having little in common with actual conservatism.

The Republicans gave us progressivism (read up on Robert LaFollette and Teddy Roosevelt). The Republicans gave us the Environmental Protection Agency. Heck, Republicans gave us Earl Warren, Nelson Rockefeller, Dede Scozzafava, Charlie Crist, and the list goes on and on and on.

The Democrats, by contrast, have given us over to European socialism, degenerated our moral society, destroyed the nuclear family, never met a race they didn’t bait, and mushroomed the GOP’s spending programs.

For too long the Republican Party has decided to be the Democrat-lite party, and the American voters in 2008 decided to just go with the real thing. Turns out, there is a difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. While both may be terrible, the Democrats are worse.

Therein lies the terrible conundrum for voters. We’re not choosing the lesser of two evils. We are choosing between the assorted evils of two lessers. The problem is compounded by a very simple fact: there are no betters than these two lessers. No third party is or will ever be viable. The deck is stacked against them.

Contrary to what we may say and the polemical frustration conservatives too often are forced to express about the Republican Party, there remain very real differences between the two parties—life and death differences that cannot be underestimated or ignored.

It is easy to say both parties are appalling. They are. It becomes very difficult to figure out what to do about it. There is, however, a starting point. As bad as you or I may think the Republican Party is, at least it will not sell us down the river to our nation’s enemies. At least it will more often than not support businesses and individuals against the government. At least it will support you working for yourself over you working to give money to someone else.

There are real differences, but too often Republican leaders try to find ever shrinking common ground with the left, than make a stand on opposing ground fighting for free people and free markets against the leviathan of government. With the rise of the tea party movement, conservatives must unite to clean up the Republican Party. If they don’t, voters will keep rejecting Republican pseudo-socialists in favor of authentic socialists.


  1. Chris says:

    You should find the original quote for “Those who refuse to get involved in politics are destined to be ruled by their inferiors”.

    And I still dispute one assertion in there. Bush/Frist/Hastert did sell our children down the river to China to pay for all their crazy spending.

  2. AubieTurtle says:

    Anyone know when Pete Randall’s book comes out? He’s been mysteriously absent from the front page the past few months too.

  3. Jack Smith says:

    Good luck, Erickson.

    I could quibble with some of the points you have, but it looks like it will be a great read. My favorite political book in recent years was Mark Steyn’s “America Alone,” but maybe there’s a new contender for #1.

  4. griftdrift says:

    Readers Digest Version:

    Republicans who don’t follow my orthodoxy are traitors to the cause.

    Democrats are just traitors.

    How enlightening. God bless the future of the Republican Party.

  5. Jace Walden says:

    To Erick’s point that there isn’t and will never be a viable Third Party–Well, you’re probably right.

    But if you want limited government, strong national defense, low taxation and more freedom…I would submit to you that there is no viable First or Second party, either.

    And sadly, there might never be. For every forward movement toward more freedom that the Republicans/Democrats have ever taken, I can name of 4-5 movements they’ve made that have taken us the other way. To quote Bruce Willis from “Tears of the Sun” (terrible movie BTW), “If we were moving any slower, we’d be moving backwards in time.” Since the day the Bill of Rights was ratified, with few exceptions (like freeing the slaves, abolishing Jim Crow laws, etc.), we have lost incremental amounts of liberty every single day. Everyone wants to blame the “fringe” for what’s wrong with this country. Well, screw ya’ll. The “fringe” has never controlled this country. Just you mainstream Republicans and Democrats.

  6. NoTeabagging says:

    It would be nice to have less government. It would be nice if people obeyed laws and treated their employees and neighbors fairly. But they don’t

    We do need regulations and laws to keep businesses honest, treat employees fairly, not pillage the workers pension funds, take manufacturing overseas, start wars to profit a few well connected business interests, steal investors funds, ruin property values with mortgage scams, not trash the environment for quick profits ( The Republicans may have made the EPA, but they also took it away when it was better to let big business profit at the expense of the environment and consumer safety), etc. etc.

    I don’t care which party is responsible for these things. But it has happened because politicians stick together ‘for the party’ regardless of whether or not it is good government or good for the people. The political parties are blinded by their own BS and luckily people are waking up and saying we’re not listening to your lies anymore.

  7. ZazaPachulia says:

    Oh, the Robespierre of Macon is writing a book. Forgive me for not running out and buying 15 copies. I don’t know why anyone would turn down the opportunity to waste hours of their lives reading the angry words of a fiery blogger / talking head with truth ‘issues.’

  8. Doug Grammer says:

    Will there be a chapter on making up imaginary binders?

    Will there be a chapter on Romneygingrich 2012?

    Will there be a chapter on apologizing for making a false claim, (only when it hits the press,) and making another false claim on the same day?

    Will there be a chapter on how to throw away any credibility you may have?

    Maybe the grand jury is investigating E. E.. That statement is just as accurate as about a 1/2 dozen I’ve seen him make THIS week.

  9. Red Phillips says:

    “They’re all terrible. All of them. Democrats. Republicans. The so called “leaders” of both parties do nothing but compromise away our freedoms… It’s always the Republicans who compromise in favor of big government.”

    I hate to pile on all the Erick bashing, but will the book address how banning Ron Paul supporters from Red State helped advance this freedom agenda you allegedly support?

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