Karen’s Ad Out

Perhaps shouldn’t have gotten the old raspy voice to talk about our “thrilling vibrant future”.

Color me less than impressed. This is the TV equivalent of a yard sign: it gets the name out there but doesn’t say much about the platform.

Still, its better than talking about abortion or teh gayz.


  1. John Konop says:

    In all seriousness Nathan Deal was part of the problem in Washington that created this fiscal mess. Why does anyone think Nathan Deal is a fiscal conservative? Why would anyone trust Nathan Deal with our state economic issues when he was part of the problem?

      • Henry Waxman says:

        What positive things could she possibly say? I have two X chromos

        Education: Advantage Deal (Doctorate vs. HS diploma*)

        Experience: Advantage Deal (Officer in the U.S. Army, assistant district attorney, judge, Georgia state senator, chairman of the Judiciary Committee (Georgia state senate), President Pro-Tempore, member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Health).

        Endorsements: Advantage Deal (GRTL, NRA, GeorgiaCarry.org, Newt Gingrich, and essentially every major Republican office holder in the state).

        Ethics: Push (Handel has four state ethics complaints in this month alone – the latest one being criminal in nature – while Deal has one state ethics complaint and an OCE report that recommends further investigation).

        *verbal confirmation only.

        • Henry Waxman says:

          What positive things could she possibly say? I have two X chromosomes and I’m under 50? That describes a plurality of the state.

        • John Konop says:

          Why not look at Policy!

          Education- Deal voted for the failed one size fit all No Child Left behind. Karen Handel supports local control and is against on size fit all.

          Experience- Nathan Deal pork addiction is bankrupting our country with votes for Medicare part D, Bridges to Nowhere, Farm bill pork……… Karen cut her budget by 20% while Deal was spending our money like a drunken sailor.

          Endorsements- Deal is supported by GRTL that wants to destroy one of our best industries stem cell, force 13 year old rape victims to have kids and deny couples the right to use IVF to help create life.

          Ethics: Deal was ran out of Congress by bipartisan committee.

        • Lady Thinker says:


          You have made a case for not voting for Deal because he will bring his “follower” mentality to the state and DC practices to force Georgia further down in the mire.

    • Glen Ross says:

      Why would anyone trust Karen Handel with our states economic issues when she consistently misleads and flat out lies about trivial things? I guess we could trust her business background…if we knew what it was…

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        You have just explained why Republicans like myself will crossover and vote for Barnes (and Porter… and against Tim Echols). I’ve never voted for a Democrat for governor or president before. I wonder how its going to feel…

        • Tireless says:

          Roger that. I am still undecided if I will vot for Barnes or simply not cast a vote for governor if the pathological liar is nominated.

          I guess the Handel ad is more of the same crap….

          “Vote for Handel, she doesn’t have a penis and the Alaskan flake likes her”

          • TPNoGa says:

            No, it’s more like:

            “Vote for Karen Handel because she is not a corrupt Washington insider who is racially insensitive and won’t embarrass us like Deal!”


            “Vote for Karen because she is endorsed by a true reformer like Governor Palin who took on the corrupt state machine like Karen will.”

              • Henry Waxman says:

                Being a Deputy Chief of Staff for one of the 10 most corrupt governors in America = “Outsider” in Handel Land.

                Maybe Palin should “refudiate” Team Handel’s “False” and “Pants on Fire” statements.

              • Tireless says:

                Inside that dome you can not find more than a handful of republicans that either like or endorse Handel. She is going to be the most irrelevant Governor in our State’s history. She will play the “vagina card” for four years while the legislature does whatever it wants to do. …assuming she doesn’t quit this job and seek a higher office like she always does.

                • TPNoGa says:

                  Really?!? Really?!? You consider the argument that Republicans under the dome don’t like her to be a negative? Shoot, I consider that a badge of honor. The Republicans under the dome are a bunch of corrupt frat boys. The less they like her, the more I respect her. Deal is just one of them, another drunken sailor.

                  • AnyoneElse2010 says:

                    Way to generalize. You honestly think that there should not be a decent relationship between a Republican Governor and a Republican legislature? Please just listen to yourselves and begin thinking rationally. Take the emotion out and think about what will happen in the next four years.

    • John Konop says:

      You guys are doing a great job of making my point! My question was very direct about core economic issues relating to Nathan Deal. And not one supporter can defend his long voting record in the House.

      You have God given right to support Nathan Deal, but please be honest about him being the most fiscally liberal candidate running for Governor from either party.

      • Archon says:

        I guess you missed the fact that Karen quit as SOS instead of tightening her belt and working to reduce the size of the most bloated area of our state government.

        • Jason says:

          I guess you missed the fact that Deal quit as a Member of Congress instead of tightening his belt and working to reduce the size of the most bloated area of our federal government.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Plus what has he done about the immigration issue? Nothing. I wonder if that is from his Democrat side rather than his Republican side.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      I know that it is hard to know this, but Congressmen only get ONE (1) vote. To say that someone isn’t a fiscal conservative because of what 435 congressmen did is a stretch I think. Especially when there are tons of non-partisan independent think tanks that would say you are wrong.

  2. View from Brookhaven says:


    Question…will this actually hit the TV airwaves? Last I remember, both Handel and Deal were very, very low on cash. Did they find more?

  3. Jace Walden says:

    I got chills at the very end when the voice dropped to a whisper and said “Bring it on.” Sounded weird.

    When is Karen going to start contributing something positive to the race? I guess I could say the same thing about Deal, but at least he’s been quiet the past few days.

      • Provocateur says:

        Funny thing..that’s kinda what you claimed in May-June-July about the Ox, and yet, no charges ever materialized.

        Guess you guys on PP are not as much the “insider” as you claim.

        • Henry Waxman says:

          The only “inside” information Team Handel possesses is the “information” that was created inside their heads.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      She’s classy…

      And I still can’t get anyone to bite on “The Regular Guys” thing. Karen has done several in-studio appearances on Atlanta’s shock-jock Howard Stern rip-off morning show. She uses their suggestive catch phrases (pe-tee-tong) on the air. Has she been staying around the studio to play “Pornstar Password” with the other guests? Or is she just there long enough to laugh at some racist jokes?

      Again, Classy…

      But what can you expect from someone who never got any proper ‘schoolin’? You’d have thought Marylin Quayle might have taught her some manners.

      • Henry Waxman says:

        Team Handel is all class. Here is the “Mouthpiece” of Team Handel publicly accusing an Obama appointee of “encourag[ing] predatory relationships between young boys and grown men.”:

        On RedState, Erick declared the “profoundly sick and immoral” Kevin Jennings (the Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education) “a proponent of statutory rape” and “a zealous advocate of NAMBLA.” He also said “Kevin Jennings is a profoundly sick and immoral human being — a proponent of statutory rape, an opponent of the Boy Scouts of America, and a zealous advocate of NAMBLA.” He added that Jennings is “not just a gay man, but a man who believes in the full gay rights agenda, where men and boys can have sexual relationships free of prudish moral people frowning” and called Jennings “a man who encourages predatory relationships between young boys and grown men.”

        John Konop, what was it you kept saying about homophobes?

        • John Konop says:


          I have told Erick Erickson to his face as well as on the blog that comments like that he has made in my opinion are unacceptable, hateful and very wrong on many levels. I also pointed out hateful comments like that hurt and rational discussion about solving problems we face in our country. I am sure many people know I have never been shy in public or his blog telling Erick what I think.

          Erick is not Karen Handel and if she made a comment like that I would say the same thing to her.

          • ZazaPachulia says:

            You mean ‘The Robespierre of Macon’ would go on a tirade like that? I’m shocked (not really)

          • Henry Waxman says:

            To borrow a made up word from Sarah Palin, has Karen Handel EVER done ANYTHING to “refudiate” comments like this from her core supporters?

            • B Balz says:

              REfudiate? omg!

              “I refudiate my opponents claims, and cataclysmically deny those allegations.”

              It’s like “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” in real life. Next thing we’ll see is the President on Oprah!!!

              Oh wait.

            • Provocateur says:

              Does Erick carry a purse? Because according to this ad, that is a significant distinction that all voters should consider when casting a vote at the polls.

          • Provocateur says:


            You haven’t gone anywhere near as ballistic on Erick as you have on anyone here…and Erick laid down a specific pattern of brutal insults and personal invectives against Jennings.

            Konop: # INTEGRITY #FAIL

            • John Konop says:


              The problem with being a paid poster and not a regular on the PP is you make stupid comments like that. Erick and I have had many tough exchanges through the years. We are both friendly when we see each other in public but nobody would ever accuse me of not telling Erick what I think about an issue.

              • Provocateur says:

                John Konop,

                I do not know which is worse to contend with: An idget like you or a liar like Handel.

                Who is paying me to blog, John? Name the person and how much money they are paying me. Otherwise, quit showing your arse, Bloke.

        • Ambernappe says:

          Have you read any of Kevin Jennings published writing ? He should have never been appointed to the “safe schools” (or any other) post, in my opinion.

  4. ReaganRepublican says:

    The real story is that Handel bullied her employee Bart Graham into misleading the investigation.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Mother: “You need to make sure you work hard and complete your education. Being a dropout will limit your chances for future success.”

      Daughter: “Apparently, I could move to Georgia and be an ‘executive’ at a major accounting firm and a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for governor if my friends will lie enough for me.”

      • Mama_grizzly says:

        Let’s see my choices are being a rich billionaire with no college degree (Bill Gates) or having a college degree and just barely eeking out a living. (Henry) I think I will choose the billionaire. You put way too much emphasis on college degrees. There are many hugely successful people without one and many dumba223s that have one.

        • ACCmoderate says:

          Problem is… Karen Handel isn’t a billionaire.

          Since she isn’t qualified for management or executive positions… she’s trying to get herself elected on up the food chain.

          I’ve had enough of egotistical and ambition driven “public servants”

    • Lady Thinker says:


      She has a diploma, not a GED. Don’t let your negative opinon of Karen cause you to distort facts.

  5. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Mr. Konop, Thank you for your tremendous support. Please keep up the good work.

    Why is it you republicans keep sending us crooks. On this you can simply swap the faces.

    Karen “Mustang Sally” Handel has a fictitious resume. Wonder why such short terms as an “Executive” ;)? Wonder what really happened at the Chamber? ;). Are you really interested what happened in Rockville, MD? 😉

    Vote Barnes! An honest governor who didn’t make up his resume and buys his own liquor not shack up with it.

    We’ll Bring It On August 11.

    Chacha Chang. All I wanna do is ride around Sally, ride Sally ride.

      • Henry Waxman says:

        Speaking of classes, when is Karen going to show us her high school diploma? And is it true that she completed ZERO of her classes at the community college she briefly attended in her home state of Maryland?

          • Provocateur says:

            If Andrew Sullivan visited this blog and posted, that would be impressive. It would also mean Sullivan is on an acid trip to sink so low in his life.

    • TPNoGa says:

      Yeah, let’s all vote for the Democratic governor who was bad enough to be the first Democrat not elected to the Governor’s office in 130+ years!

      Barnes = FAIL!

  6. NoTeabagging says:

    Again Republicans focus on labels and personalities, not current issues and ideas for the future.

  7. MSBassSinger says:

    Did I miss the front page post on Jim Galloway’s column “Karen Handel hit with ethics complaint alleging $13k in illegal payments to staffers” (http://blogs.ajc.com/political-insider-jim-galloway/2010/07/27/karen-handel-hit-with-ethics-complaint-alleging-13k-in-illegal-payments-to-staffers/)?

    I figure with all the guilt-by-association and spin given to Deal on ethics, this would have been on PP.

    I hope Deal has the character to stick to talking about the issues and leave the quasi-ethics stuff alone.

    And really? First the lipstick in her ad, and now a purse? Can’t Handel make an ad that doesn’t say “Elect me because I am a woman”? She is a bright women who should be discussing how her stand on issues is going to make Georgia better, not playing the gender card.

  8. ACCmoderate says:

    Did I miss something, or am I supposed to vote for Handel because she carries a purse?

    • KingWulfgar says:

      That’s what I heard.

      Be prepared to ring in another 4 years o Governor Barnes if she wins on August 10th. The Dems are probably laughing their heads off at this one.

  9. GaConservative23 says:

    So Handel’s campaign apparently boils down to this:

    I’m Karen Handel. I’m a woman. Sarah Palin endorsed me. Nathan Deal is old.

      • Glen Ross says:

        What resume? I would take off work to walk with Karen into KPMG so she can show which team if highly educated accountants selected from top schools answered to her? Was it in the corporate accounting department? Or maybe it was their valuation consulting division? How much P&L responsibility did she have? Any?

        • ZazaPachulia says:

          even though I wasn’t actually an executive in the private sector — I simply embellished my resume and took some creative liberties with the title “Marketing Director” for KPMG. This was a do-nothing position that reported to the local managing partner. Without a college degree I wasn’t qualified to be a staff consultant, yet I claim I was an executive.

          • Henry Waxman says:

            Well, if the high school students who work at call centers during the summer can be “customer service executives,” then I guess Karen “George O’Leary in Lipstick” Handel can be an “executive” too.

            • ZazaPachulia says:

              “George O’Leary in Lipstick” — I like that. Clever nickname. I’m throwing that in with ‘Sweetheart Deal’

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        John, you can make plenty of valid arguments when trying to convince me to vote for Handel over Deal. In fact, I probably will vote for Handel over Deal on Aug. 10. But I don’t see anything convincing that tells me Handel or Deal will be a better governor than Barnes…

        • John Konop says:


          The main reason I support Karen is because in tough times I think her no non-sense style of management is needed. Also from the conversation I have had with Karen she is very bright and does not offended over debating issues. A very good skill for managing under tough times we are facing.

          As Far as Barnes the truth is I would have a very difficult time voting for a Washington insider that got us into this mess no matter what party like Nathan deal over Barnes. This is why I have been supportive of Austin Scott over Marshall. Both sides in Washington got us into this mess why trust them to get us out?

          • KingWulfgar says:

            “…her no non-sense style of management is needed.”

            I think you meant “her no-sense style of management.” This ad is absurd and spotlights the fact that she won’t beat Barnes and even if she could, she’d be worse than the last 8 years of mismanagement by Sonny.

            I’m not a big Deal fan either, but he’s a better choice than Karen hands-down.

          • Henry Waxman says:

            Deal is a “Washington insider,” but Karen Handel who was born in Washington, DC; lived in the Washington, DC, area, until about 14 years ago, and worked in the WHITE HOUSE for the Vice President’s wife is somehow NOT a “Washington insider.”

            Deal has lived in Hall County, Georgia, ever since he left military service, and COMMUTED to DC to represent his friends and neighbors in Georgia. Congress is in session and votes less than 180 days, and thus, Deal has spent WAY more time in Georgia than Karen Handel ever will.

              • ACCmoderate says:

                Ummmm… do the people at the Second Lady’s office actually do anything?

                I know that the First Lady typically has major policy initiatives that she advocates for (Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ and Michelle Obama’s fight against childhood obesity), but the Second Lady doesn’t really do anything. Heck… Jill Biden didn’t even quit her day job.

                Being the assistant to the lady thats married to one of the most unimportant positions in Washington isn’t really experience. Heck… washing dishes in the White House kitchen has more to do with “working in the Bush administration” than being the deputy chief of staff to the Second Lady.

                • analogkid says:

                  Apparently Ms. Quayle’s office was responsible for starting the Washington D.C. version of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. However, the SGK Race for the Cure has been around since 1983, so she essentially just brought an existing charity event to a new city. Nothing wrong with that, but from the way Handel talks about it, you would think that she (Karen) was personally responsible for the entire Race for the Cure idea.

                  Quayle also wrote a couple novels, the first of which was released while she was in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (aka, “The White House”). They sound like amazing works of fiction:

                  “Marilyn Quayle became the author or co-author of several books, including two works of thriller fiction written with her sister, Nancy Tucker Northcott. The novels (Embrace The Serpent and The Campaign) follow a fictional black evangelical Republican senator, the victim of a liberal-media smear campaign and an unnamed Democratic president of questionable morality. The senator clears his name, and the novels conclude with the suicide of the Democratic president.”

          • Tireless says:

            Apparently you don’t anything about your new Messiah in a Skirt. Ask anyone that knows Handel how she handles debates with subordinates. She is one of the most abusive, nasty mouthed, ill tempered people in state government. You should spend more time learning about the people you endorse before you give them your Stamp of Approval.

  10. zigmaster says:

    Here’s some of her resume:

    “In February 1995, their tenant, Stephen Kuznetsov, sued the Handels in Montgomery County, Md., for failing to refund his security deposit when he moved out. The Handels never responded to the suit, and Kuznetsov won a judgment against them for more than $1,500 that has never been paid.” “Maybe they’re more honest now,” Kuznetsov said in an interview. “I feel like they’re not acting in a forthright and honest fashion.”

    • ACCmoderate says:

      Never responded to the suit?

      That bodes well for our water wars. Just ignore Alabama and Florida and hopefully they’ll go away.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      “Bring it On!”

      Well, they’re bringing it… The truth kind of stings, doesn’t it Ms. Handel?

      • Lady Thinker says:

        What the h$ll are you talking about? What truth? The allegation by zig with no sites or proof for us to read and decide for ourselves?

    • John Konop says:

      You guys are left with tenet disputes what next late book fines from the public library? Please help me understand why you think Nathan Deal is fiscally responsible looking at his long support of pork projects, unfunded mandates on the state and fiscally irrational votes like Medicare part D?

      In tough times is the guy you want in charge based on his voting record?

      • zigmaster says:

        Actually it’s an unpaid judgment which Karen “doesn’t remember being served with the paperwork”. Karen’s propensity to lie when confronted with the facts reveals a serious character flaw and probably a personality disorder of some sort.

        • John Konop says:


          ONCE AGAIN:

          Please help me understand why you think Nathan Deal is fiscally responsible looking at his long support of pork projects, unfunded mandates on the state and fiscally irrational votes like Medicare part D?
          In tough times is the guy you want in charge based on his voting record?

          • Provocateur says:

            I see a pattern with you, John. You would rather rely on someone with a record of pathologically lying about anything that might make her look bad (regardless of the subject) to carry out some agenda she is now promising she will do (when in fact, she has a history of promising one thing during a campaign and flipping on it after receiving $25,000 in protection money from certain chummy lobbyists http://www.voterga.org/

            • John Konop says:


              I do have one consistent pattern of being very fiscally conservative and cutting through the BS. That is what I do for a living. And all due respect “THE DEAL GANG” looks really bad not being able to defend his fiscal voting record!

              As I said in the past it is your GOD given right in America to support the LIBERAL spending NATHAN DEAL! But at least be honest that you are a very fiscally liberal person as well as NATHAN DEAL.

              In my opinion the Washington style economic plan you and NATHAN DEAL support got us into this mess!

          • Henry Waxman says:


            To borrow a line from a great man, “There you go again.”

            Team Handel has already been smacked down for saying Nathan Deal wasn’t pro-life when he has a 98% lifetime rating from THE authority on pro-life issues, National Right to Life.

            And now you are trying to make the case that Nathan Deal is not fiscally conservative despite his numerous 100% ratings from the National Taxpayers Union; his repeat rating as the most fiscally conservative Member of the House of Representatives (tie) by National Journal; and the endorsement of his economic plan by a senior economist at the Peter G. Peterson Institute.

            Nathan Deal has been repeatedly lauded as one of the leading advocates for the Balanced Budget Amendment; he authored the “Fiscal Responsibility Act,” (which has been endorsed by NTU, Citizens Against Government Waste, and the Peter G. Peterson Institute, among others); and he was one of the lead authors of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, which will reduce our deficit by over $100 billion.

            I just wish your comments were important enough to merit a “Pants on Fire” or “False” rating by PolitiFact so you could join your fellow “fact generators” on Team Handel.

            • GApeanuts says:

              Since HW has responded to your broken record questioning, the least you can do is thank him for the insight and apologize for your previous accusations since it appears you have been wrong. I assume we will not see you posting similar “Deal is a fiscal liberal” language in future posts.

            • John Konop says:

              I like and respect HW. But your ratings are meaningless! I am just and old dollars and cents businessman. And anyone who can do even basic math knows NATHAN DEAL and CONGRESS on both spent our money like a bunch of drunken sailors. The numbers do not lie!

              • Henry Waxman says:

                John, how many “no” votes on Appropriations bills do you want me to find for you?

                It’s hard to blame someone for the spending when he or she votes against most of the spending bills.

                • Henry Waxman says:


                  Erick claimed to know more than the experts at National Right to Life and Georgia Right to Life, and he ended up with egg on his face.

                  Are you SURE you want to challenge the expertise of the National Taxpayers Union, Citizens Against Government Waste, and the Peter G. Peterson Institute?

                  • John Konop says:


                    I am a bottom line businessman!

                    Medicare Part D alone will bankrupt our country please defend the vote? No Child Left Behind a complete failure destroying our education system please defend the vote? The highway bills with bridges to Nowhere please defend the vote? Farm Bills, energy bills……..

                    • GApeanuts says:

                      actually, you should do a bit more of your own homework instead of reading Democratic talking points.

                      NCLB is actually working in most communities. Teacher’s unions hate it because it causes them to do more paperwork, but it is actually providing a good measure by which teachers can be evaluated. I personally think it is a great idea to test kids at the end of every year to see what they learned.

                      Did Rep. Deal put in the bridge to nowhere? I’m sorry- but I was always under the impression that was a member from Alaska. If it was Deal, that is something that would be important to know. Also- you say it was part of a “highway bill”. Were there projects that would support Georgia in that bill?

                      Sorry for the ramblings– but now that i’m thinking about it – This bridge in Alaska was to an island that had only a few inhabitants? correct? Are you saying that the people of St. Simon’s Island don’t deserve a bridge to the mainland?

                      And I would think it hard for a Member of Congress with such a large Agricultural district to vote against a “farm bill” if his constituents demand it— this is still a representative democracy, correct?

                    • John Konop says:


                      You made my point about Nathan Deal and his supporters. You guys are for out of control spending as long as the “constituents demand it”, Large unfunded ill-thought out federal education programs and bridges to anywhere regardless to cost and or need.

                      YOU SAID:

                      ……NCLB is actually working in most communities. Teacher’s unions hate it because it causes them to do more paperwork, but it is actually providing a good measure by which teachers can be evaluated. I personally think it is a great idea to test kids at the end of every year to see what they learned……


                      No Child Left Behind: Doomed to Fail?

                      There was always something slightly insane about No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the ambitious education law often described as the Bush Administration’s signature domestic achievement. For one thing, in the view of many educators, the law’s 2014 goal — which calls for all public school students in grades 4 through 8 to be achieving on grade level in reading and math — is something no educational system anywhere on earth has ever accomplished. Even more unrealistic: every kid (except for 3% with serious handicaps or other issues) is supposed to be achieving on grade level every year, climbing in lockstep up an ever more challenging ladder. This flies in the face of all sorts of research showing that children start off in different places academically and grow at different rates.

                      Read more: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1812758,00.html#ixzz0v6Xr6Nef

                      YOU SAID:

                      …..This bridge in Alaska was to an island that had only a few inhabitants? correct? Are you saying that the people of St. Simon’s Island don’t deserve a bridge to the mainland?….


                      The Bridge to Nowhere: A National Embarrassment

                      Today, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) will offer an amendment to the Senate’s appropriation bill to transfer the $223 million that Congress had previously approved for a bridge in Ketchikan, Alaska, to fund reconstruction of a hurricane-damaged bridge in Louisiana. Dubbed the “Bridge to Nowhere,” the bridge in Alaska would connect the town of Ketchikan (population 8,900) with its airport on the Island of Gravina (population 50) at a cost to federal taxpayers of $320 million, by way of three separate earmarks in the recent highway bill. At present, a ferry service runs to the island, but some in the town complain about its wait (15 to 30 minutes) and fee ($6 per car). The Gravina Island bridge project is an embarrassment to the people of Alaska and the U.S. Congress. Fiscally responsible Members of Congress should be eager to zero out its funding.


                    • Provocateur says:


                      When the vote for Medicare-Part D passed, did you, at that exact moment in time, jump up and down and scream and hollar against it?

                      Yes or No?

              • GApeanuts says:

                Since there are a number of organizations and individuals who disagree with you and have provided facts on their websites or are experts who have provided their written endorsement of ND’s fiscal plan – can you at least agree that you need to look back into what ND actually stands for? Perhaps we could even strike a bit of a message board compromise and you can say he is a fiscal moderate?

                Also– what is Karen Handel’s fiscal plan for GA? Can you also please provide me with her track record on fiscal issues?

                While I leaning Deal, I am still willing to consider Handel. So far, her lack of substance leaves me worried about what kind of lawmaker she will be.

                • John Konop says:


                  Can you defend the votes?

                  Medicare Part D alone will bankrupt our country please defend the vote? No Child Left Behind a complete failure destroying our education system please defend the vote? The highway bills with bridges to Nowhere please defend the vote? Farm Bills, energy bills……..

                  • Henry Waxman says:

                    Medicare Part D is less than 3% of Medicare spending when you take out what we were spending on drugs through Medicaid, and just one provision in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 that Deal authored, “The Benchmark Benefit Flexibility Plans” for Medicaid would have saved the government far more than we spent on prescription drugs for seniors.

                    It’s just too bad that the Democrats eliminated the ability to fully implement the Benchmark Benefit Flexibility Plans in Section 2001 of the ObamaCare bill (P.L. 111-148 and P.L. 111-152).

                    Got anything else?

                    • John Konop says:

                      WOW as I said Nathan Deal is a fiscal liberal not a conservative.

                      By Bruce Bartlett,

                      ….To summarize, we see that taxpayers are on the hook for Social Security and Medicare by these amounts: Social Security, 1.3% of GDP; Medicare part A, 2.8% of GDP; Medicare part B, 2.8% of GDP; and Medicare part D, 1.2% of GDP. This adds up to 8.1% of GDP. Thus federal income taxes for every taxpayer would have to rise by roughly 81% to pay all of the benefits promised by these programs under current law over and above the payroll tax……


                  • GApeanuts says:

                    Please see above. Sorry, I did not scroll down far enough. Also- I am not ND, nor have i paid much attention to every bill passed at the federal level. I read the health care bill adn know there are a lot of programs that are placed in laws that Members may not be aware of. With that in mind:

                    I do not know enough about the Part D program to make an informed comment so I will refrain.

                    NCLB – is actually helping many districts. Making sure kids learn stuff seems like a good idea to me. Also- it is my understanding that it is mainly run/ regulated by the State, so I would be curious on what KH has done to reform it at the state level.

                    Highway Bills help fund highways and bridges. I remember the tragedy in Minnesota a couple years ago where the bridge was in such disrepair that it collapsed. i would hate to see that happen in Georgia. I also do not know what was included in that bill to help Georgia. Sometimes you have to take something that is not so good to get a lot of things that are great.

                    I apologize for not being fully aware–
                    can you please tell me what is wrong with teh Farm and Energy bills the congressman has voted for?

                    Also- since I have answered your questions to the best of my ability, would you please answer mine?

                    • John Konop says:

                      I have made this point many times to friends when talking about the election. Also remember I am not part of the Karen Handel election team.

                      I have not read any of the plans end to end at this point and I always skeptical of any candidate via campaign promises.

                      This is what I do know:

                      1) We must embrace anything that will create jobs efficiently and GRTL via Nathan Deal scares me since I think Stem-cell is the wave of the future and we must embrace the technology not scare investors off to other states.

                      2) Transportation is a real issue and without toll fees I do not see how we pay for it. I think Nathan Deal is very irresponsible promising ending toll fess with no offset to pay for it. This is the same trap Nathan Deal got us into in Washington voting for bills without figuring out how to pay for it. I do think Karen Handel and Roy Barnes are more fiscally conservative that Nathan Deal.

                      3) Karen Handel seems the most bottom line of the three candidates and in tough times we need that type of leadership

                      4) Nathan Deal scares the most on education. Karen truly understands the best that we must stop the crazy failed No Child Left Education program. Barnes is coming around and Deal is still supporting this mess. And education is a cornerstone in getting out of this mess. And a trained work force leaving high school is better than a 50% drop-out rate.

                      As I said what scares me the most about Nathan Deal is that Washington mind set of playing kick the can down the road financing on the backs of future generations.

                    • GApeanuts says:

                      Thank you for providing me with all the reasons NOT to vote for Rep. Deal.

                      Please provide me with reasons TO vote for Karen Handel.

                      Your summary tells me I should move to a different State.

                      I would rather have the devil I know than the devil I don’t.

                    • John Konop says:


                      We all are the problem. Washington is merely a reflection of what people want. And at the end of day to many people want things without paying for it.

                      As Example:

                      We cannot keep paying 3 dollars on Medicare benefits when we only get 1 dollar of revenue. If you dare to touch Medicare people scream on both sides. And the truth the longer you wait to fix it the worse it will be

                      Same as above for Social Security

                      And we must deal with the military budget, but once again it is political suicide.

                      18 billion dollar healthcare retire liability issue for state workers unfunded
                      Transportation investments needed to keep metro Atlanta competitive
                      Out of control drop-out rate in schools

                      I could go on and on…. But many would rather point fingers at other people rather than look in the mirror.

        • KingWulfgar says:

          Exactly, Tireless. Even though I think you were being facetious, that’s the facts as I see them.

          Karen’s repeated denial of remembering and then slowly backpedaling as more and more hard evidence comes out is a demonstration of her lack of ability to manage a situation and, as zig said above, an indication of a serious character flaw.

          • ZazaPachulia says:

            That’s what I’ve been trying to say along! See, this is why I took it so hard when Austin dropped out of the race. My own party is forcing me to vote for Roy Barnes! I feel betrayed and disgusted.

            • Capt. Jack Sparrow says:

              Well Benedict I do agree that you’re disgusting!

              You like Deal and you like Barnes. Two Dems in a pod. One just went back in the closet though.

      • Ambernappe says:

        My 10 and 12-year grandsons are much more mature. Bart is a case of arrested development at about 6 or 7. You can tell by the amout of attention that he demands.

  11. Ron Daniels says:

    I remain undecided, honestly, but this ad is just pushing me away from voting for Handel.

    I haven’t missed an election since I came of voting age and I have always been more excited to vote in State races than Federal races – but really both of these candidates have lost me at this point.

    • bowersville says:

      Don’t miss a vote if possible, there’s always the “blank” ballot option.

      I’ve done it a few times rather than cast a vote on an undecided set of candidates for a particular office.

  12. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    We don’t need no educashun. We don’t need no thought control.

    Hey John, click your heels 3 times and say out loud, All I wanna do is ride around Sally, ride Sally ride.

    Your rationalization of incompetence and lying to the voters of Georgia is amazing.

    Please please keep doing what your doing!!!

    August 11 we’ll present the unadulterated facts of Karen “Mustang Sally” Handel.

    1. Phoney Resume – its pretty sweet.
    2. Chamber of Commerce issue.
    3. Rockville, MD. Wanna know what really happened? 😉
    4. Wonder why such short terms as an “Executive”. :).

    All I wanna do is ride around Sally, ride Sally ride!

    Vote Barnes! He’s ugly as hell but buys his own liquor and has a REAL resume.

    • In The Arena says:

      Bart, any word on how far Karen can throw a chair? What about her experience with KPMG as an executive event planner? What about the time Karen screamed at Rob Simms and it shattered a computer screen? Does Barnes really have this episode on tape? What about the time she ran into a much more qualified candidate and she attacked him for being 67 years old?

    • zigmaster says:

      You’ll be hearing a lot of that after August 10th. Truth is that Erick and company took a huge risk going with Karen instead of Johnson and they’re going to wish they went with their 2nd favorite candidate by the time this thing is over.

      • Tireless says:

        I doubt they will ever admit that error. If Handel loses to Barnes they will pull an “Obama” and probably blame Bush.

      • jppaa says:

        I love how we as conservatives complain about the liberal media and its biased towards obama all the time, and yet when we have an opportunity to take the moral high ground and be objective towards all candidates, we stoop to the level of the people we resent.

  13. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    🙂 The facts and documents will speak for themselves. In one situation the video will provide all that you need.

    Then say “No Class”. You aint seen nuthin yet babababy you aint seen nuthin yet.

    Ride Sally Ride!

        • B Balz says:

          Tiresome bs true dat, an oldie but goodie tune sullied by pol skulldrudgery. Only 12 more days of bs’s compelling bs. Count all joy!

          Courtesy: Wilson Pickett

          Mustang Sally

          Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.
          Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.
          You been running all over the town now.
          Oh! I guess I’ll have to put your flat feet on the ground.

          All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.
          All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.
          All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.

          One of these early mornings, oh, you gonna be wiping your weeping eyes.
          I bought you a brand new mustang ’bout nineteen sixty five
          Now you come around signifying a woman, you don’t wanna let me ride.
          Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.
          You been running all over the town now.
          Oh! I guess I’ll have to put your flat feet on the ground.

          All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.
          All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.
          All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.

          • polisavvy says:

            Thanks B Balz. I had to have someone explain to me why Mustang Sally was being used by bart during this political season. Couldn’t put the dots together. Thanks for sharing the words. A truly great tune!!

      • Lady Thinker says:

        No, FRASIER, she wasn’t but you are too young to get the degrading and sexual meaning that Bart is putting across.

        • B Balz says:

          LT a good cop once told me that the biggest fear is committing a criminal act by ‘crossing the line’ to get results.. Connect the dots.

          So far, comments from bs are just the tip of the spear if Ms. Handel prevails on 8/11. It will get worse, bs already promised as much.

          Body weight, rude, vulgar, below the belt humor, innuendo will become SOP for a new group of nom de guerres after that. If the owners of this little political test bed do not see fit to ‘clip wings’, then buck up all of ya y’alls…this is how it works.

          Screen persona’s will chaff at everyone’s sensitivities and are as much of the process as logic and civility.

          • polisavvy says:

            Well, great! You’ve given us so much to look forward to until November 2nd. Can’t wait!! [Said with the greatest of sarcasm].

            • B Balz says:

              Others have noted that mudslinging and caterwauling is as American as ‘running ’em out on a rail, tarrin’, etc.’ the only diff is now you can have it on your while cozy in your fav chair.

              Got to love progress.

              Study the comments, trend them against current events, timelines, and partisanship. The truth is out there.

              • Lady Thinker says:

                Destroying someone isn’t progress, it’s archiac and as long as people like you behave this way, we are going to have the same corrupt people getting elected over and over. We are already losing rights incrementally and you are pushing to expedite this behavior. This is not progress.

                There was a time when burning an accused witch at the state, progress is that the accused can face the accusers, which benefits everyone.

              • polisavvy says:

                I’m sure we’ve only just begun to see and hear all kinds of different stuff on these candidates. I was agreeing with you that the “worst” is yet to come. For people with weak stomachs, this is going to be a completely nauseating political season. We’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.

          • bowersville says:

            An expert top cop once told me that the greatest skill was to know your job better than anybody else. Learn to operate in the grey areas by working up to the line without getting chalk on your feet.

            Made a lot of since.

            Bart’s throwing this out in the primary without going out of bounds. We’ll see what happens August 11th.

          • Lady Thinker says:


            And you are proud of this? To show the voters which side can be the lowest and worst in attacking a person running for office? And people wonder why voter turn-out is so dismal? I pity you and your, “Let’s destroy someone by lies and innuendos.”

            People get so confused by all this trash they don’t have a clue as to whom to vote for, get disgusted , stay home, and an inferior candidate can get elected because you want to be vulgar, rude, and crude. Or the trashing can get the victimized candidate elected.

            You are part of the problem and will never be a part of the solution.

            • B Balz says:

              I never placed any value judgment on the process, LT, you chose that path, just now. My posts neither defend nor justify rudeness or pol attacks.

              YOU chose to come here, this process is not a new phenomena brewed up to vex anyone. I have harped on the same points you are making, at least a year before you chose to join us, and all the time you have been here as Republican Lady, as well.

              Now, who got destroyed? Are you suggesting that I destroyed anyone? The idea that what we write affects any voters , to a material degree, is absurd on its’ face. PP is not retail politics.

              PP is a melting pot for pol operatives, stakeholders, hopefully a good number of lawmakers. I use this forum to present ideas, hopefully to carry a message to lawmakers. Specifically, I advocate for those diagnosed with chronic, long term, quality of life illnesses. One in particular. Who do you shill for?

              To me anonymously posting on a blog assumes that a screen persona is presenting ideas. One may argue with my ideas all day, but one ought to avoid getting personal as it only makes one look a bit silly.

              I am hopeful candidates Deal and Handel enjoy a good turn out on August 10th. What is remarkable to me, is that with a runoff, a very, very small margin of well organized voters could determine who the GOP gubernatorial candidate will be.


              • polisavvy says:

                I agree with you 100%. No one, other than us, cares what we say on Pundit daily. We probably don’t impact a single voter by blogging. We do, in my opinion, have a unique opportunity to gain information, knowledge, and ideas from the other who post on here (with the exception of a few who are just here to annoy the heck out of people) and then pass it on to others (family, friends, co-workers, etc.).

                As I said a little earlier, for those with a weak stomach, this is shaping up to be a completely nauseating political season. It might not be for the faint of heart either. The way some flip out on here so often, they may be in need of help by the morning of November 3rd.

                I agree with you that voter turnout for the runoff will be terribly low. This may end up being one the closet races in a very long time. I wouldn’t bet the farm, that’s for sure.

              • Lady Thinker says:


                You said, “Specifically, I advocate for those diagnosed with chronic, long term, quality of life illnesses. One in particular.”

                Which one?

            • Doug Grammer says:


              You need to take you own advice.

              ‘I pity you and your, “Let’s destroy someone by lies and innuendos.” ‘

              I remember how you commented that Congressman Deal looked tired and you worried about his health. You thought that was fair game because you “observed” it. I have no issue you with you supporting Sec. Handel, but you have repeatedly made unproven and rude comments about Congressman Deal. Even when others do it, you chime in like a lemming and say “great post.” I have observed you becoming a rock thrower with no real meaningful dialog. Do better.

              Take you own advice, and talk about facts not innuendos.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    Hi Kellie,

                    LT has announced that she will ignore me for a while in another thread. I won’t point out any baseless attacks, rudeness, or nonsense comments from her until she makes more…so she’s safe until she posts again..lol.

                    Seriously, if I do have disagreements with someone, I will either try to be polite and courteous while making them known or at least do so with a sense of humor. I apologize to all if I have failed in that regard.

  14. John Konop says:

    Rumor New Nathan Deal Ad:

    Forget my long irresponsible voting record that got us into this financial mess. I will use what I learned in Washington; kick the can down the road on future generation financing to get Georgia back on track like we did in Washington. And it might even work for a few years before we drown in debt.

    • SFrazier says:

      I prefer the old add idea by Karen:

      (camera pans in with Handel sitting on the porch of a log cabin with a gay guy sitting on her lap)

      Gay guy: “Ms. Handel, why are you running for governor?

      Handel: “I want to be the first governor to openly embrace and endorse the gay lifestyle. Your community has seen a lot of hard times, albeit some was voluntary, some wasn’t.”

      Gay guy: (two snaps and a finger twirl) “Oh goodie, we will finally have a friend in the Governors Mansion”

      Handel: “Yes you do, princess. While I may have tossed some of you under the bus to get elected, trust me when I tell you I have your back. I am behind you all the way. Speaking of being behind you, where is your partner, Carlos the Cabana Boy? Tell him the next time you guys bump into each other that Karen Handel is his friend. Remember what I have always told you. It’s not what I say that counts, it’s what I do that really matters.”

      (camera fads away and ends with the Rainbow Flag flying on top of the Governors mansion)

      • John Konop says:

        SFrazier we are facing a major financial crises and all you care about is who your neighbors are sleeping with? That is the definition of a perversion of priorities.

      • polisavvy says:

        Paleeze! You have gotten completely ridiculous with your posts. I really can’t see them helping your candidate a whole lot. With all the serious issues facing this State at this time, it seems so childish to be having imaginary conversations going. Just my opinion.

        • Ambernappe says:

          I share your opinion. I heard a discussion yesterday about how discourse during campaigns has become more evil than issue oriented – nothing is sacred.

          • polisavvy says:

            I mean really! Enough is enough!! I want to hear the meat and potato issues. I don’t want to hear about who attended what meeting, when, and why? I just want to hear what these two candidates can do for all of us — to help this State recover. That’s all I want to hear when it comes to Handel and Deal. PERIOD. All the sniping has become old and tiring. It’s gone on for sooo long.

            I wish that we would all make a pact to stop this type of rhetoric beginning August 11th and it not pick up again for a week. (I know I’m wishful thinking). But, imagine a whole week of discussing real issues, not discussing rumors, insinuations, and innuendo). Who knows? Someone seeking office could possibly learn something from any of us and garner some ideas to help all of us. Education. Economy. Water Wars. You pick the topics and we all make positive contributions. I’m just saying . . . it’s an idea.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Picking the topics to talk about falls onto the shoulders of the front page posters. To their credit, one of them started a thread about education. We will see if they decide to let us have a forum on jobs, water, transportation, and so on.

              • polisavvy says:

                I realize that the front page posters select the topics and that they usually have “meat and potato” issues for us to discuss. Unfortunately, people want to turn everything into a shouting or sniping match. By doing this, nothing productive is accomplished. I feel passionate about my candidate; however, I can engage in conversation that does not include a single word about him. Others can’t say the same. It seems to me that, regardless of whatever topic the front page posters put out there, it always ends up the same way.

                I am aware of the education thread and appreciate the fact that it is there. It’s a vitally important topic and one which we all probably have some pretty good ideas how to help improve education. I’m just saying, I’d like for there to be one week where we stick to the topics selected by the front page posters.

      • Lady Thinker says:


        You want to post this crap and say nothing about the issues that Georgia is facing? Typical Deal crap from you.

  15. ACCmoderate says:

    I’ve watched the debates. I’ve been to campaign events. I’ve seen the ads.

    I still haven’t heard a single policy proposal from Karen Handel. The woman is a bigger collection of catchphrases than Barack Obama.

  16. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Bring it on. Are you serious? Really? Someone needs to tell her that that was “kind of” cool to say back in 1996. She’s so out of touch it’s no longer funny.

  17. zigmaster says:

    Maybe Karen can pay her $1500 court judgment to Stephen Kuznetsov form her SOS campaign account?

        • ZazaPachulia says:

          *which explains why she’s so friendly with ‘The Regular Guys’ on Rock 100.5

          Karen is rude, nasty and humorless (like the Regular Guys) and uneducated (like the Regular Guys’ audience)

          • ACCmoderate says:

            Plus its radio… she’s trying to get the vote of the average moron that listens to the show by convincing them that she’s a hot, nubile blonde.

              • bowersville says:

                “….trying to get the vote of the average moron…”

                I’ll let Herman Talmadge translate that into the Georgian dialect for you. Talmadge, “You can’t win an election in Georgia without the nut vote.”

                Attributed to a conversation between Talmadge and Sam Nunn.

                • ACCmoderate says:

                  Lester Maddox is living proof that the nut vote can carry you a long way.

                  Well he’s not exactly living proof any more… but you get my point.

                  Luck would so have it that he never went to college either.

  18. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Hey dudes, I complied to your request that I stop calling you Handel Hoes. My apologies for calling you out and hurting your feelings.

    I can’t imagine what all the whining about a little humor. Your blind loyalty to an individual with such a dubious past, a fraudulent resume and a shear manipulation of the public discourse is amazing.

    There’s just something enjoyable about watching you “intellectual elistist” respond affirming your ignorance. When faced with the truth you tear into others and excuse the fraud that is in your face. Typical republican response, just watch your house burn.

    Vote Integrity, Vote Barnes

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      Hey Bart, I fully intend to vote for Barnes, but if I was on the fence, your comments on here would do nothing to sway me to your camp.

      • TPNoGa says:

        Why would you vote for Barnes? With redistricting this term, too much rides on this election to elect a dem. I may not be Deal’s biggest fan, but he will get my vote if he is the nominee. As a party, we need to unite to ensure we keep the governorship in GOP hands.

          • TPNoGa says:

            No. It is based on Barnes’s behavior when he was governor before. His redistricting plan was ridiculous and the gerrymandering was beyond the pale. So, it is not about “party”. I don’t like Barnes, and I don’t like congressional Democrats. Therefore, I will suppport the GOP nominee to prevent a repeat of 2000 redistricting in Georgia.

            • ZazaPachulia says:

              “we need to unite to ensure we keep the governorship in GOP hands”

              I don’t think so. We’re going to retain control of both the senate and the house. We’re going to win most (if not all) statewide offices. I think the my vote can be most appropriately used to let the state GOP establishment know that Sonny has not performed well and we deserve better candidates than Handel and Deal.

              Having one party in charge of the whole show hasn’t worked for us and it isn’t working in Washington.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    Gov. Barnes’ party contr0led the legislature back then. He is just as guilty as they were. Voting for Gov. Barnes is sending a message that that is OK to hire half of the team that stole fair election districts from the state because he doesn’t have the other half helping him any more. Don’t reward unfair behavior, vote GOP in November.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I copied my post, and pasted into MS works for spell check. When I did that, it showed “contr 01 ed.” I make typos all the time. Sometimes I will skip a letter, and sometimes I will throw an extra one in. My typing occasionally gets dyslexic. I know how to spell it, but I get in a hurry and make mistakes.

                    • Capt. Jack Sparrow says:

                      And do you have copies of the maps President Pro Tem Nathan Steal (D) approved? I’m sure they were good for the Republican Party weren’t they?

            • ‘So, it is not about “party”. I don’t like Barnes, and I don’t like congressional Democrats. Therefore, I will suppport the GOP nominee to prevent a repeat of 2000 redistricting in Georgia.’

              So why not vote for the Libertarian, John Monds then?

              • Doug Grammer says:

                Because a vote for John whoever is a vote that could lead to a run off and allow Gov. Barnes back in the Gov.’s mansion. Don’t do it! Beat him the first chance you get, vote GOP in November.

                Warning – my ranting should get louder as we get closer to November.

                • YES! Elect the unethical ones because we don’t want Barnes! Don’t let those limited government libertarians take away your nanny state… they’ll legalize gambling and Sunday sales and let you make your own decisions! (*gasp*) Vote GOP so you’ve got someone to tell you how to live your life and make sure you’re always doing what Jesus would do! That’s a great idea Doug! (/sarcasm)

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    -5%…Wake me when your party is important enough to cause another run off and cost Georgia voters lots of $.

                    Want part of the team that produced unfair redistricting? Vote for Gov. Barnes or John whoever…. it’s about the same thing.

                    BTW, I think we’ve thread jacked enough.

    • polisavvy says:

      Trust me, you didn’t hurt my feelings. I just became bored with your postings. Think about it! The same crap worded a little differently and then re-posted is still the same old crap.

        • Ambernappe says:

          Why, thank you. I am certainly up to the task. I consider it an honor to be of help! At least a spelling deficiency can be corrected – not so with most other deficiencies.

  19. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    This is one F’ed up race this year. Handel stinks, Deal smells. Funny Handel wants to paint Deal as an Washington insider while clamming connections herself to Washington when she thinks it will do her good.

    But you people plugging Barnes are the messed up of them all. Just go ahead and claim you are an idiot and get it over with. No use to explain why.

  20. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Roy Barnes – Integrity, Honor, Experience and Service

    Karen Handel – Lies, Deceit, Fraud, Manipulation, Unpaid Judgements, Corruption

    What do you get when you give opportunity to an uneducated egomaniac? Lipstick and stupid commercials. It’s going to be a long time until November with this stupidity. She’ll be the ONLY under-educated governor. Guess it will match our educational achievements you republicans have garnered.

    We don’t need no educashun….

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      We don’t need no friggen Roy Barnes either.


      Now we pretty much have a surplus of warmed over mullet.

  21. GApeanuts says:

    John –
    You seem to hate Congress and Congressmen – why don’t you run for office so you can change the way it is up there?

    • John Konop says:


      I do not hate Congress, I am just very disappointed about how not enough people do not see that we are stealing our kids’ future.

      • polisavvy says:

        I think people see that we are “stealing our kids’ future.” They are choosing to ignore it and hope it goes away. Pathetic, huh?

  22. TPNoGa says:

    I am so happy that as of tomorrow, I will be on vacation on a beach. My butt will be affixed to the sand and eyes glued toward the ocean. I will not be back in the ATL until one day before the runoff election. I will get to miss the continued drama that is PP pre-election. There shall be peace for me!

    Have a wonderful week everyone! See you on the other side.

  23. Anybody else notice around 21 sec into the spot, it looks like Karen Handel is walking out of a car parked on the sidewalk/landing at the steps of the Capitol? That’s curbside service!

  24. NonPartisanGA says:

    Nathan Deal…..Charles Rangel the difference? Deal’s ego was not as big as Rangel’s so he quit before he got nailed…He still committed the deeds even is he escaped the consequences by bailing…

  25. John Konop says:

    How the business community sees the race!

    The Republican gubernatorial runoff between Nathan Deal and Karen Handel will not be just a tug of war between two distinct geographic bases but a philosophical battle for supremacy within the Georgia GOP.

    Besides the regional concentrations of Deal voters in North Georgia and Handel supporters in metro Atlanta that emerged from the July 20 primary results, round one also pointed to Handel as the favorite among GOP voters who care more about the economy and Deal as the preference of those who put an emphasis on social issues.

    Which group takes the trouble to show up in greater numbers on Aug. 10 for the runoff — which typically are low-turnout elections — will determine who wins the Republican nomination, said Kerwin Swint, a political science professor at Kennesaw State University.

    “If Handel is stronger in metro Atlanta, those voters are more likely to be economic conservatives,” he said. [But] social conservatives are more committed. … A lot depends on who turns out.”

    Read more: GOP governor runoff a test of philosophies – Atlanta Business Chronicle


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