I’m pulling for Ray McKinney

Ray McKinney is running for Congress in a district usually overlooked by most of us.

And though it McKinney will have a fight on his hands, there are signs that John Barrow may be in trouble. He voted for TARP (twice), stimulus, the recent $90 billion waste of taxpayer dollars disguised as a “jobs bill” and cash for clunkers. In this midterm election, he can’t count on President Obama endorsing him, but instead he’ll play to the middle. On top of that, Democrat turnout was over 40% lower this year compared to last cycle; Barrow beat former State Senator Regina Thomas again, but with a lower margin and while appearing at no debates.

Ray has come a long way and has an organization that’s bested other Republicans vying for this seat in the past (see John Stone’s miserable showing in 2008). He is a fiscal conservative who will build contrast with Barrow. He’s from the district, Barrow isn’t. Ray has worked in the private-sector all his life, Barrow is a Harvard lawyer and career politician from Athens, moving whenever the district lines change.

What’s unique about Ray is that he’s not angry or playing to the far-right to garner support. He’s running as a problem-solver and he’s winning. Ray was in the race for less than 16 weeks and garnered 43% of the vote, besting Carl Smith who was in the race for 16 months and managed to attain only 28%.

Ray won’t stand for the same scandals that have plagued his party in the past. He isn’t a complete partisan either, for example, in January of 2010, he fought the adoption of flawed by-laws by state GOP party bosses.

Ray’s reputation has flourished in the three years since his political birth and I suspect that he’ll continue to surprise many of us as he goes even further.


  1. silvercat says:

    Another plus Ray McKinney brings to this race is his private sector experience as a business owner, energy company vice president, and nuclear power project manager. Barrow is a Harvard educated lawyer and career politician. His runoff opponent has been a government employee his entire career and has never had to hire, fire, or balance a company’s budget. We don’t need another bureaucrat in Washington.

  2. Sarah Scott says:

    To quote Jason “has an organization that’s bested other Republicans vying for this seat in the past (see John Stone’s miserable showing in 2008). ”

    How did that organization best Stone in ’08? I do remember Stone winning the primary without a runoff against McKinney and Crystal.

    McKinney is the same guy who ran for President, Vice President and for Congress, all in ’08. McKinney may be well-funded, but do we really need a guy as the GOP nominee who evidently just wants to be elected to something?

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      “do we really need a guy as the GOP nominee who evidently just wants to be elected to something?” We’ve done it before. We do it often.

  3. GG says:

    Could someone clarify some things for me. What business did he own, what company was he vice president of, and which nuclear power plant was he the project manager of.

  4. lyndseyfifield says:

    Glad to have your support, Jason! Ray is clearly the frontrunner with a solid reputation. He’s run a positive, upright campaign from the get-go and knows how to bring Republicans & Libertarians together – which is the ONLY way we can beat Barrow and have a conservative victory in November!

  5. southgapassion says:

    Has to ask, are you even in GA 12? I am, and I know first hand what this district is going through.

    As a mom, my most pressing concern is the future of this nation for my children. You’d think it would be the daily ins and outs of motherhood. Do I have bandages? Daily Medicines? Who are my kids friends? What will we eat for dinner?

    It’s true, those used to be my most pressing concerns. More recently, however, the most heart pounding panic attacks I’ve had have been because of a growing concern for my children’s America. The America I grew up in and the path that it is on now are not similar in any way. Government swelling of debt, intrusion into my home, intrusion into my bank, intrusion into the private sector where my husband and I hold jobs and provide for our children. It’s overwhelming.

    Being someone who 3 years ago had never given a second thought to anything political, it’s somewhat refreshing now, as an active participant in local TEA Parties, to be able to get asked a question about my opinion on what’s going on, and actually be able to give an effective and factual response.

    With that being said, the first time I heard the name “Carl Smith” was when we were coordinating a July 4th TEA Party and looking for strong conservative TEA Party principled people to speak to and energize our crowd. A Conservative, Christian and quiet mannered man, Carl Smith took the podium and didn’t throw any books at us, didn’t tell us how good of a Christian he was, he basically said “I’m a dad, and as a dad my first priority is to protect my son. I don’t like the way this country is headed, it’s jeopardizing my son’s future, so I intend to do something about it”.

    Carl & I kept touch occasionally through Facebook until March, when the “Code Red” rally was held in Washington. A group of friends and I were discussing going up there and Carl messaged me “Got room for one more?”
    (These pictures are not an official endorsement by ANY T.E.A. Party and are my personal pictures)

    Fast forward to Tuesday, Primary day when I see this gentle giant, strength of steel and heart of a Champion stand up after receiving word of his “in a runoff status” and be humbled to have the ability to continue his effort to make a difference in his district, and his nation, it was awe inspiring. Because of his faith, because of his unwavering principles, because of his love of family & country, and because of his belief that feet on the street DO make a difference, my vote is for Carl Smith.

    I don’t have a blog, I don’t have a website and I’ll tell you just like I tell the left wing media, this is my country too, I fight the good fight and join with others who are willing to stand with me. We have two options here in GA 12 to fight Pelosi’s Puppet John Barrow, and for my district, I choose Carl Smith.


  6. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Ray’s FEC report shows he has raised $16,800 from individuals, of which $9,600 came from his family members.

    • Hey, Jack. Clay Cox called and left a message for you. Something about 20% of the vote and 200 grand? Message was garbled. Maybe you should call him back…

  7. GG says:

    Found an impressive list of supporters on Carl Smith’s website: http://www.carlsmithforcongress.com. Can’t say the same about McKinney’s site. Carl shows the following supporters and endorsements: U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, Ret.; U.S. Representative; David McIntosh, Ret.; GA State Senator Jeff Mullis GA; State Representative Ron Stephens; GA State Representative Burke Day; GA State Representative Ann Purcell; GA State Representative Jon Burns; GA State Representative Bob Lane; GA State Representative Jay Roberts; State Representative Mark Williams; Former State Representative Anne Mueller; Chatham County Commissioner Dean Kicklighter; Chatham County Commissioner Dave Gellately; Chatham County Board of Education Lori Brady; Effingham County Commission Chairman Dusty Ziegler; Effingham County Commissioner Verna Phillips; Effingham County Commissioner Myra Lewis; Mayor Jason Buelterman Tybee Island, GA; Mayor Mike Lamb Pooler, GA; Mayor Glenn “Pig” Jones Port Wentworth, GA; Mayor Wayne E. Tipton Bloomingdale, GA; Former Mayor Bob Young Augusta, GA; Mayor Pro Tem Wanda Doyle Tybee Island, GA; Councilman David Crenshaw Thunderbolt, GA; Councilwoman Beth Goette Thunderbolt, GA; Former Councilman Bobby Hardman Thunderbolt, GA; Former Councilman Gebel Seese Thunderbolt, GA; Former Councilman Dick Smith Tybee Island, GA; Ralph Reed and Colonel Mike Horner former candidate for 12th District.

    Colonel Horner in his endorsement of Carl Smith:
    “In fact Mike Horner, a former candidate for the Republican nomination for the 12th Congressional seat stated “Over the course of this primary campaign, I have had the opportunity to campaign along with both Ray McKinney and Carl Smith. This personal interaction has allowed me to judge them and who would make the best candidate to challenge Congressman Barrow. My wife and I have decided that Carl is that person and he has our unqualified support. I urge my supporters to vote for Carl in the August 10th primary.”

    ” Smith Receives Endorsement from Republican Liberty Caucus-Chief Smith joins Congressional Candidates Kelly Nguyen, GA 5 and Mike Crane, GA 13 as GA congressional candidates endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC). http://www.rlc.org

  8. eagleyes says:

    Over the course of several months I have had both the opportunity to meet Ray and Carl and visit with them at several meet and greet venues. My vote is for Carl Smith. Carl has NEVER once stumbled for an answer to my questions, be it healthcare, education or immigration. I also love Carl’s humble spirit. To me, Ray, on the other hand is cocky and self absorbed. When nailed down on a few questions about health care, Ray, quipped back to me about a family member that was a nurse and one that was in the insurance business. Yep, that was his answer. So, is he going to send those family members to Washington or is he going armed with knowledge to go up there and fight for the people of District 12? Carl can and Carl will. I guess what really bothers me, too, is the fact that Mckinney was so stupid he ran for VP…and that was just 3 years ago. Scary to think someone now running for congress thought he could run for VP.

  9. Buzzfan says:

    Any of the front pagers know why ‘southgapassion’ had difficulty replying in this thread? Note on her FB page says her comments were ‘awaiting moderation’, then ‘deleted’, then ‘no longer able to post’? Is that right?

    Any insight on this? Thanks.

  10. oompaloompa says:

    Could be something to do with the fact that way back at the first of the year when McKinney actually endorsed Carl Smith, BEFORE he decided that he wanted the job for himself, Ali told me that the front page posters let him see everything before it was posted on Peach Pundit. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not until I saw Erick’s “twitter” of an endorsement of Ray……If that’s what you want to call it. Maybe Ali moderated southgapassion????

    • Buzzfan says:

      I’ll say it right now….I’m for anyone that can beat Barrow! Obviously, there are GA-12 posters here who are very involved in the grassroots campaigning for their respective candidates, and I applaud them for their fervor.

      note: I technically never lived in GA-12. My years in Statesboro were still as part of GA-1. 😉

    • Ali says:

      Wow. That’s far-fetched.

      You should ask Erick why he’s backing Ray. It’s not a coincidence that national bloggers, conservative organizations, and tea party PACs have chosen to back Ray.

      Also, there was one time when Carl’s Deputy Campaign Manager made an outrageous comment. Carl’s Campaign Manager and I talked and BOTH thought it should be retracted. We contacted PP and the Deputy Campaign Manager agreed to retract her comments.

      southgapassion, Heather, Carl’s Bulloch Coordinator has sent information around to several blogs, media outlets, and organizations. I’ve seen it. Maybe spam picked it up. Who knows.

      There’s good people on the other side, but this is getting outrageous, including today’s news where Carl’s campaign distorts Ray’s position on Obamacare.

      Some sock puppets smell bad.

  11. Raymond McKinney says:

    It is sad that this race is turning into a mudslinging contest by the second place team. The point of this race is supposed to pick the best candidate to defeat John Barrow. Facts are dismissed but innuendo or distortions are touted. The candidate with every endorsement imaginable calls the other an “establishment” candidate? I once thought I knew and respected my opponent but over time realized that he is not the man I once thought he was. His more recent actions simply confirmed my earlier concerns about his character.

  12. southgapassion says:

    Hey guys! 🙂 Nothing about my post was mudslinging – not sure what that is about – but *waves hi to Ali & Ray* two more weeks guys –

    I’m not anyone’s coordinator or Statesboro “anything”…you know who I am – I’m a mom, a “grassroots” kinda girl. I’m not new to PeachPundit – I’m not new to several of the blogs & PACs listed, Ali. Eric Odom, you & Ray’s personal friend, and I have had a few conversations about TEA Partiers and the parties themselves.

    What I was presenting here is the fact that there are still two people in this race, regardless of the bloggers Ray bought kegs for, both sides still deserve to have a say.

    Anything I have posted or submitted I have done as Heather Merritt. When our city was in a battle over Mayor, I posted & sent out press releases and blogs about that as well. No campaign claims me and you know, as I’ve said many times, I will back Ray 100% with the same tools I am backing Carl with, IF Ray wins this Primary. I suspect it will be close, but I firmly believe Carl Smith has what it takes to get the job done.

    PS: Distorts? The link posted clearly shows Ray’s initial stand on Healthcare 3 days after the vote, when we were just settling back in from protesting the Obamacare monstrosity on Saturday & Sunday. We were there, fighting, screaming “KILL THE BILL” with 40,000 others and we get home and see a comment like “it has a lot of good things in it from Ray”. That’s no distortion, it is a shame.

  13. Sarah Scott says:

    GA12 is the forgotten district in Georgia. Ask the GAGOP where the 12th is, and you are lucky if they can name half of the 22 counties. GA12 is made up of 22 counties that are only connected by way of a gerrymandered map that was created to ensure GOP representation in the 1st and the 10th. In fact, to travel around the district, you have to leave the district. It is the original “You can’t get there from here”. The 12th was a give away district, great if the GOP carried it, ok if it went to the Democrats.

    While I understand that McKinney has the backing of numerous bloggers, online PACs, and other internet folks, my main concern is not what those people think. When people want to know who to vote for, they may read a blog, or listen to a webcast but in the end, the opinions of their friends and neighbors means the most. That is why local endorsements mean so much in this race.

    The people of the 12th don’t just live in Savannah and Augusta; they live in little towns like Metter, Sparta, Waynesboro and Millen. They need a Congressman who wants to represent them, not someone who just wants to be a Congressman. These are smart people; farmers, lawyers, teachers, small business owners. They have been ignored by Barrow for far too long. They have also been ignored by the GaGOP for far too long!

    I will leave you with an anecdote from the ’08 campaign. When Stone won the primary without a runoff, we expected for the two primary candidates to support Stone in the general. While Ben Crystal was a gracious gentleman, McKinney and his staff were actively engineering a campaign against Stone. Does the 12th District deserve a sore loser who will run for any office or a candidate who has the support from many in the district and who has been a public servant his entire life?

    • Ali says:

      Sarah, I like how you characterized the 12th. It’s so true. It’s sad.

      I obviously don’t agree with your characterization of bloggers, PACs, or Ray, but eh, we’ll live, right?

      May I remind you that Ray and John Stone met twice. Ray, like many others, offered his support for Stone. We hand-delivered his materials at the National Convention. Ray did 110% of what was asked of him. Ben Crystal is a good dude too. 2008 was 2008. I don’t much care about it anymore.

      The only thing I want to say is that more Republicans voted for Ray on July 20th than Carl. That’s the poll that matters and voters do matter. So we can pontificate about what’s important in elections or not, but that’s up to the voters to determine and we all saw they way they lean.

      Have a good one.

    • GOPwits says:

      Sarah the problem with your logic is that Ray McKinney finished the primary with almost 50% of the vote from the district.

      You act as if they are phantom votes. It shows that the voters in the district must have made a pretty informed decision.

      What you’re continuing to do is to trash the decision of the voters because they didn’t vote your way.

      That’s really an unreasonable thought process.

      • Sarah Scott says:

        I am fine with the majority of the district citizens voting for who ever they believe will best represent them in Washington.

        If Ga12 voters want McKinney to represent them against Barrow in the fall…I will support that decision. Which is more than McKinney did in ’08.

  14. oompaloompa says:

    The negative mailer sent out from McKinney’s campaign attacking Carl Smith – oh yeah – with the same bulk mail code of the earlier positive mailer on Ray (better be more on top of things next time guys) was disgusting and very well may land McKinney right into federal court along with some other campaigns. Now they want to cry foul when what goes around comes around as far as mud slinging.

    So they got Erick Erickson and Jason Pye. YAY team! Carl got Fred Thompson and Ralph Reed. They run their campaign by self-financing. Carl runs his by grassroots supporters. They try to buy an election, Carl tries to give voters a choice. They send out a negative mailer on Carl, Carl’s campaign shows videos of McKinney buying kegs for bloggers.

    All in a days work. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the fire. Do you not think John Barrow is going to bring his A-game? If you can’t take the flames from the DCCC, you better stay home. As for me and my house….we’re asking 911 to send the fire chief. However, like Heather, whatever goes down on August 10th will be in the history book and let it not be said that oompaloompa wasn’t true to her district. Whoever the GOP puts up for their candidate, this family will pull together for better or for worse and kick Barrow’s a$$, because of my friendship with Ali, if nothing more.

    Ray, as for your disappointment in someone, you’re not the only one that’s been disappointed here. You stump all over GA12 about the “Bible and the Constitution” yet your actions the past 2 weeks have been anything but Christ-like.

  15. ccguy says:

    Accusations and name calling aside, each of us must decide who will represent our views in Congress.

    IMHO the unfortunate part of this runoff, is that too much emphasis is being put on beating Barrow and not enough on defining the quality, character, positions, and reliability of the candidate we will choose to run against him. Don’t tell me why one guy or the other is “bad” (accusations are a dime a dozen in this campaign). Don’t tell me why I should vote AGAINST one or the other, but tell me why I should vote FOR one or the other.

    Beat Barrow after August 10.

    For now…I want to know why Carl or Ray will be MY best representative in Washington. I know how Barrow will represent me…he’s shown that very clearly. I want to know how Carl or Ray will represent me.

    From what I’ve seen and heard at the debates, seen on videos and talk shows, and read on blogs, etc, Carl represents my views better than Ray.


    1) Honesty and integrity – the video exaggeration someone posted on Facebook where Ray adamantly claimed the second place finisher in the primary only received 15% (almost double that in reality) of the vote is but one example of his shortcomings in this area.
    2) Term limits – Carl is for them, Ray is not. Sounds like Ray wants to become a lifetime politician – I firmly believe that if you’re number one goal is to get re-elected and build a base of power in Washington, you will do what is expedient, not what is right.
    3) Repeal the healthcare bill – Carl on it from the beginning, Ray has come to the idea late and with less than enthusiasm.
    4) Fair Tax – Both for it.
    5) Handle the immigration issue – sorry illegals, but you’ve broken the law. You deserve nothing from me…period.
    6) Small business is the backbone of our economy. Get rid of the paperwork and mindless rules and regulations that thwart growth in the sector that can put America back to work.
    7) Less government handouts, bailouts and bureaucracy. Government shouldn’t be the source of jobs.

    My vote goes for Carl…because of what he stands for and how I think he will represent me and my views. IMHO that should be the standard each of us uses to decide which candidate to select when casting our vote.

  16. slyram says:

    I met Ray before the last election when an old friend from the Hill was thinking about running in the 12th. He had good energy back then but has really developed on policy and substance. He called me on election night 2008 and I ask if the Right was coming toward the middle to compete in 2010. He didn’t hesitate to say no…not at all…they believe what they believe.

    He did that walk around the district in the previous election and sought moderates and even liberals with whom to listen, discuss and debate issues. I have never met Carl Smith but he seemed cool on the GPB debate. The question is who can attract the Middle in November against a strong incumbent like Barrow. The nature of Ray’s works connects him with skilled labor that normally flocks to us Dems. I give Carl credit for defending his support for Democrats in the past during the debate…he stood up on that.

    John Stone and I are both former congressional staffers so generally keep an eye staff turn candidates but I think Ray could have done better in November. This isn’t rocket science—primaries aren’t about picking someone most like you. They are about picking a person near you politically who can win in the general.

    Ray called me from the GOP National Convention to say the governor of Alaska was going to their VP candidate. When all the folksy context started, I told Ray he could really be congressman if she could be VP and I was serious because he was connecting with people on that “real” style before she stepped on the national stage.

  17. southgapassion says:

    Slyram, that was a very well thought out post – may I ask how you felt about the negative mailer the PAC for Ray sent out. If you haven’t seen it, here’s what it looked like. Did that offend you as a Dem?

    It offended me as a TEA partier – it offended my Uber LIBERAL friend, Jake Hallman, (he wrote an article about it seen here


    ) and it tried to paint Carl as a “rino” because he doesn’t think Dems are “bad people” and because in his position as Fire Chief in 2000 he stated he wasn’t either (as a Fire Chief, he probably did not to ask what party someone with when he ran into their burning home to save their lives.)

    Here’s the “Dems are bad” flyer…
    and so you know the same people that sent out Ray’s “good” flyer sent out the “rino” flyer – please verify the “postage stamp #2237 –

    and just so we are clear about mudslinging – I am asking an honest question of someone who’s opinion I’d like to hear.

    • Austin says:

      The PAC pointed out an important point, the fact that he voted Democrat in 2004 and 2008! Why did he vote Democrat 2 years ago but now is running as a Republican, and he has said that he will not support the Republican Nominee if it isnt him!?! Im glad that we have a TRUE Conservative Republican in the Race, Ray McKinney! http://www.raymckinney.org

      • southgapassion says:

        Voted for a Democrat? You mean in the Primaries right? Carl’s personal friend? In the 04 & o8 Election, Carl voted Republican, tho in the primary, he did support a personal friend & obviously a “bad person” (ref. McKinney camp mailer). You and I don’t know who he actually voted for. Have you asked him? Did you know the winner of the Republican primary, John Stone, has endorsed Carl?

        I would like to ask this of someone who truly understands the TEA party movement – does the statement Principle before Party mean anything to you?

        Anyone remember the PUMA movement when Hillary lost the primary in 08? That was a “come to Jesus” moment for a lot of people (go ‘head, google it).

        God BLESS the TEA Party movement for upholding PRINCIPLES and not allowing themselves to be tied down to Party. Cuz folks, the party isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Even Ray McKinney stated that sentiment at the SRLC.

      • oompaloompa says:

        Austin. Spoken like a true paid staffer. Oh wait, I forgot, Ray doesn’t pay his staff. Or report them on his FEC reports. Or his phone bills. Or light bills. Or office space. Or postage……etc., etc., etc……

        Yay for ethics.

        • Austin says:

          So we should put friendships before our principles? Is that what Carl would do if he was elected to Congress?

          and oompaloompa, no not spoken like true staffer, spoken like someone who is a concerned about a person running for our partys nomination, the party that I have worked so hard for, the party that I love and I dont want someone running just to benefit him self and not the party and say im not going to support the partys nominee but yet he wants the partys help to elect him. And excuse me is my freedom of speech taken away simply because im an activist who came down form Virginia because this race is vital to taking back the house, and I fell that Ray is the candidate to do that, sorry for wanting to make a difference and elect a true conservative.

          • southgapassion says:

            See, I agree with you stating why you are for someone, instead of slinging the slop – slinging slop just makes your candidate look week. I don’t think it’s necessary, and I also don’t personally feel McKinney owns the rights to “True Conservative.” Carl states very clearly what his principles and values are, for instance, Obamacare – he fought it with us since day one…others, have not. He has spent his live serving his community (most of the time in a volunteer fashion) but y’all have said it was “taking federal money” implying a “government check for sitting on ones tookus”.

            Not only that, but your camp (by the negative mailer) may have alienated a key voting area of independents and moderate dems that will be needed in November to Beat Barrow.

            I’m just saying – if we want to debate candidates, we shouldn’t do jabs, we should do lobs – your stance, his stance and see how it all comes out in the Wash. Carl Smith, Volunteer Fire Chief of Thunderbolt, a man who isn’t afraid to serve others, has my vote.

            If you’d like to lob, I’d suggest James start a new thread called “lobby” no negativity, only stances. actual quotes used…clear rules…I think the voters would LOVE that – who cares about all the mud in the long run (unless it’s like, crazy unethical FEC violations or something crazy)

            PS; you’ll know if/when I get enough gripe in me to “bite back”.

  18. GG says:

    OK I know that Carl Smith is a firefighter and according to his website a 3rd generation firefighter. Does anyone know what McKinney has really done most of his life? His website is nebulous on his work history. I would simply like to know where he worked, for how long and in what capacity.

  19. Right wing lunitic says:

    Endorsements are important in campaigns and during election cycles. Big names can help candidates and further their runs for office. When candidates pander to bloggers this only cheapens the endorsement. The average voter has no clue what Peach Pundit is much less Erick Erickson, Lew Uhler or Tabitha Hale. On the other hand Ralph Reed and Fred Thompson are names that the voters recognize. Carl has not bought his endorsements with parties, bashes or keggers; on the contrary Carl’s grassroots approach to the 12th District clearly shows he is the only candidate who can work with others for a common goal. Carl is the only one who has the experience to take on the establishment and not give the voter business as usual.

    • lyndseyfifield says:

      I’d take the endorsements of grassroots activists, conservative media figures, and Reagan-appointed taxpayer-champions like Uhler over a bunch of establishment bureaucrats any day.

      Why don’t you folks look at the plain facts staring you in the face? If Carl had gotten any single one of those endorsements you wouldn’t be running around trying to discredit them. Carl DIDN’T get those endorsements because (brace yourself, this might shock you) these figures in the conservative movement research candidates before they endorse… which means they look at facts and records and silly things like that.

      If you go down the list of people endorsing Carl, you’ll see they’re a bunch of elected, career politicians… the types of people Carl says he’s not going to be… and the types of people who don’t mind endorsing guys who have been fired from their government positions three times.

      • GG says:

        Here I go again. Some of you seem to know a lot about McKinney and what he stands for so why can’t any of you provide a detailed work history on this guy. From slyram “The nature of Ray’s works connects him with skilled labor that normally flocks to us Dems.” slyram can you shed some light other than the fluff on the website.

        • lyndseyfifield says:

          … what are you talking about? This information and the names of his companies are clearly documented… the stickers are even still stuck to the sides of his well-worn hardhat. Stop acting like he’s hiding his record… the way his opponent *actually* is.

          • GG says:

            Clearly documented where? Since you seem to be pivey to this information, please do share. Just the facts.

  20. Tony Powers says:

    I have noticed that the same “few” people who are posting here in opposition to Ray McKinney are the same “few” people that I have seen on facebook and every other online venue they can find. The ONLY thing they seem to be able to do is try to discourage voters from voting for the true “Constitutional Conservative” in this race. They don’t tell us WHY Carl is the most qualified. They can’t show us a real “Conservative” record. All they do is attack Ray and anyone who supports him. I know a few as party insiders (and also staff for Carl Smith) who didn’t like the fact that I was supporting Ray. Well I’ve interviewed both of these candidates several times on the radio and although I “thought” that Carl Smith was a nice enough guy (he may be but some of his supporters are simply vicious), I have to support who I think is the most qualified and most Conservative candidate. In the GA 12th Congressional race it is clear that Ray McKinney is by far the superior candidate.

    • lyndseyfifield says:

      Great points, all, Tony – I honestly can’t believe some of the vicious slander coming out of the Smith camp. And if they think it’s endearing anyone to their candidate… they are dead wrong.

  21. oompaloompa says:

    Flimsy Lindsey,

    why don’t y’all just turn over Ray’s work history – what we “private sector” people like to refer to as a resume and all of Carl’s rabid “sock puppets” will go away. Just turn over his resume with the names of actual companies that Ray has worked for. Seriously. C’mon. What’s he hiding? We’ve only asked like 10 times or so. Secrets? Could it be that Ray’s campaign is lieing to us about his work history just like he lied to us about how he was actually financing his campaign?

    C’mon. Seriously. Let us take a little peak.

      • Austin says:

        Lyndsey, Im glad we support a Candidate who has worked his whole life in the private sector and who has created hundreds of Jobs! While the other candidate talks jobs, ray actually knows jobs! Im glad we are on the team of a TRUE conservative leader, Ray McKinney!

        • GG says:

          I assume you are stating that the private sector has created hundreds of jobs, not Ray McKinney because you would be absolutely wrong!

          • lyndseyfifield says:

            So weird that GG claims to want information (that is readily available with a quick Google search) yet acts like he also knows something the rest of us don’t… hmmm…

          • Austin says:

            GG: how would you know that Ray hasn’t created Jobs? I thought you knew nothing about Rays Job background, that is publicly available ??? Which if you research he has created jobs and has years of experience as a leader in the private sector in the energy and construction fields, two fields of work that are vital to this district! Interesting Change in knowledge GG!!!

  22. GG says:

    I have seen so many politicians inflate their resumes to the point that after awhile you beging to think you are reading the resume of superman. Stickers on his hard hat. I don’t believe I have ever had anyone tell me to check out a hard hat to confirm their work history.

  23. southgapassion says:

    Some of you guys are redunkulous….seriously….breathe guys – vicious? Scandalous? Sheesh – enough w/ the rhetoric, I posted a positive for Carl, not a negative for McKinney. Please, re-read my posts –

    You guys going tit for tat just makes you all look….forget it, I’m not going to skeeter off into that dirty ditch w/ you folks.

    *rolls eyes*

    • lyndseyfifield says:

      I want to give you a big red balloon for creating a comment and making a simple point in less than 5 paragraphs. Even if it was your usual ugly, negative tripe, great job!

      Speaking of breathing…

  24. southgapassion says:

    Thanks Lyndsey, as someone who actually lives in the 12th district of Georgia, this race is very important to me.

  25. oompaloompa says:

    so I took a long weekend, thinking that by the time I got back here, Ray’s resume would be up. wrong again. I was sure when I saw Ray’s FB post that he’s out and about in the District today talking about his work history that his staffers would have finally posted it here and answered our questions.

    No Way Ray strikes again.

    • drjay says:

      good grief dude, he worked for continental field systems here in sav’h, he started out as a machinist and worked his way up from there, he was still working for them when i met him in 08…i will admit to not knowing if he is still with them or not, but i do know that he spent several months at a power plant up in wisconsin in the past year ( i think as a consultant, whether that was with cfs or not, like i said, not sure)

  26. whodem says:

    McKinney endorsed Smith at the start of all this. Obviously he changed his mind. Sarah and Ali both mentioned the lat place guy from ’08 Ben Crystal. Didnt he endorese Smith too? Does he still?

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