1. Jace Walden says:

    Two comments ahead of mine? That’s it?

    Wow, the public outcry and criticism of Erick and Peach Pundit were at a fever pitch over this issue this morning in the comments and on the tipline. I must have seen at least 20-30 separate comments/tipline notifications telling us to “grow some balls” or telling us that “We’ll never see a post about the subject because it proves Erick wrong”.

    And when Erick does come on here, admit fault, and apologize to the Deal campaign…where did all of these people suddenly go?

    Nothing shuts idiots up like honesty. The lack of comments on this post.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Good for Erick! This is a step in the right direction!

        Maybe soon we will see what’s in the Com. Oxendine binder and who Romenygingrich2012 is. I remember a promise to disclose after him being named as B.L. I could be wrong though. If I am, I’ll admit it.

        I would have chimed in sooner, but I had not got to this thread yet.

  2. B Balz says:

    I was busily acknowledging Erick’s stand-up action elsewhere, mate.

    GOOD ON YOU, Erick. Being able to publicly acknowledge a wrong is right. For a bit I thought you were a Dem mole…(Kidding, of course.)

    My guess is the SEN. Johnson will endorse Rep. Deal soon. Mr. Oxendine to follow.

    We are almost at the halfway mark, soon onto November. Let’s try to conduct ourselves using the 11th Commandment not as an option any further, please and thank you.

    • Jace Walden says:

      Yep, and not one of them from the sycophants who were trying to rake Erick over the coals earlier in the day.

      • Henry Waxman says:

        This sycophant was busy with clients all day, so I didn’t have a chance to comment.

        For the record, I am glad that Erick apologized, but it is said to see that he followed up his apology for a clearly false accusation with yet another false accusation.

        And the sad thing is that this isn’t the first time:

        “Being a blogger, up until that moment, I always considered I was just a guy chatting with friends, even on Twitter, and realized that I’ve actually reached the point where people listen to what I say and care about what I say and, frankly, it was a wake-up call to me that I had to grow up in how I write.” -Erick Erickson, April, 2009

        Fool me once….

  3. GaConservative23 says:

    “Playing the “gotcha” game with GRTL got me in to trouble on this one and distracted from what should have been the point.”

    Should read, “My unabashed support for the Handel campaign and blinding determination to discredit any positive coverage of Deal got me in trouble on this one.”

    That being said, I sincerely accept your apology, Erick “The guy who keeps our party in line” Erickson.

  4. flyonthewall says:

    In order to be fair to Erick, I want to begin this post by giving him credit for admiting that he was wrong. It was the standup thing to do. I wish I could stop there, but I really have some thoughts on the direction that he has taken this blog during the past few months.

    I will start by stating that for years this has been the best Georgia political blog in the state. It was the best becaue Erick was an objectve voice of reason. He wasn’t afraid to encourage broad debate and it was never personal. Sure, there was little question where he stood on the issues, but he made argued the merits and never manipulated the information to further his own or anyone else’s agenda.

    I am sorry to say that that is no longer the case. At the very minimum it hasn’t been during this gubanatorial election. I concede that this is Erick’s forum. I do not begrudge him the right to advocate on behalf the candidate of his choosing, but that isn’t what he has been doing these past couple weeks/months.

    Erick has distorterd the truth the point that what he has reported has bordered on propaganda. I appreciate that he has admited he was wrong on this abortion issuem, but where was this apology during the past few days. The objective, researchable facts that made him wrong did not suddenly appear today. “Henry Waxman” provided him and this blog the facts that made his argument wrong just a few days ago, but he chose to ignore them.

    Why is it that it wasn’t until his name appeared on the front page of the ajc in conjucntion with a story explicitly stating that he was that Erick chose to come on here and admit it?

    Further, how bad does he really feel. He goes from apologizing for his statements regarding the abortion issue to distorting this story regarding Conressman Deal’s subpoena. His headline claims that Mr. Deal was being investigated, when he in fact he is not the subject of the investigation. That in fact, the subpoena doesn’t call for him topersonally appear, but reather it calls for him to provide any documents or records he may or may not have. Sure, is it POSSIBLE that Mr. Deal ultimately becomes the target of the investigation? Yes, but that’s not what this story said, thus, to state that he is being investigated is nothing short of false.

    I understand that Erick and others have legitimate reasons to support Mrs. Handel. But I pose, why is it that they spend so much time concentrating on spreading this type of propoganda instead of advocating those characteristics of Mrs. Handel that they think makes her the best candidate. Perhaps that is a little naive.

    I am not hear to advocate on behalf of Mr. Deal. My posts this week have been motivated by the fact that that these past week have witnessed the deteriotion of a blog that I have enjoyed reading for years.

    Lastly, I wish to share with Erick the following. The person whom you have hurt the most these past weeks has been yourself. I am very sorry to say that because I have sincerely been a fan and a support of him. During the past couple weeks I have had several exchanges with people high among the republican and conservative community both here locally and in DC. After watching your stock rise, they think your credability has been hurt by the manner with which you have used this blog these past weeks.

    I gain no joy from hearing that or sharing it here. It’s simply the truth. I will continue to patron this board through the runoff, if not for any other reason but be able to respond to stories that may not be a reflection of the truth. But I will leave this blog the day the runoff is over. Sure, I am nobody. I am just one person and not a very important one at that. But I am one person who communicate to every person I know within the world of Ga. politics that after being a forum the goings on in the Ga. political world, this blog has become a joke.

      • Henry Waxman says:

        Or not make another embarrassingly false accusation against Deal the very same day…

    • Provocateur says:

      Actually, Fly, since PP installed this bottom-thingy on my screen to view this web page, in all the random times I’ve visited this blog, I have yet to see any number of unique visitors to be higher than 220.

      Maybe, the true number of unique visits this blog gets in its monthly tally is 350-400, tops.

      Nobody besides the players on this blog give a crap about it. This blog is like Fight Club. The Real World is much bigger and brighter than PP World.

  5. flyonthewall says:

    After reviewing that post, I apologize for not taking some time to proofread. Sorry for the typos/poor grammar…it was written in a rush.

  6. MSBassSinger says:

    Every politician should learn to do what Erick did. When you get caught “exaggerating” or some other mistake, just own up to it, take the hit early, and move on. After Aug 10th, most folks won’t remember, and as we draw nearer to November, the focus will be on whether we keep electing those who will drive us into destruction and poverty, or those who will drive us towards liberty and prosperity.

    • B Balz says:

      While I agree that an open apology is a welcome relief to the more common approach of denial, this matter will resonate among the GOP leadership here and in WDC far longer than this cycle.

      Erick flew too close to the Sun, and in the process tarnished his brand, reputation, and integrity. It happens when one feels ‘bullet-proof’ or simply makes a calculated decision to go forward with a wrong choice.

      A reputation may take years to build, and can be ruined in moments. If an ‘everyman’ like myself can see through this nonsense, one must ask why a learned lawyer would risk so much? Hubris, expectation of reward, or what?

      Peach Pundit is a valuable resource to communicate with lawmakers, decision makers, and stakeholders as long as it remains credible.

      Moving on is great, but there must also be a sense of genuine remorse and a promise to DO BETTER to participants and readers that will insure future credibility.

  7. MSBassSinger says:

    I agree. The “proof in the pudding” will be after Aug 10 if/when Nathan Deal winds. Will Erick support Deal, or will he still fight it?

    IMHO, Erick falls into the Rockefeller Republican train of thought, rather than a traditional American conservative, which makes his support of Handel understandable. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong if Deal wins and Erick supports him. I sure hope so.

    • B Balz says:

      Hope springs eternal, and I also hope that ‘for the good of the Party’ PP will support Rep. Deal if voted as the GOP candidate.

      Right now, I am curious about the last ten days. Here’s why:

      As the last legislative session began, several FP contributors indicated to me that they were not exclusively pro-Handel, simply ‘anybody by OX’, since Roy would ‘clean his clock’ in November. Reasonable assertion, if not a bit cocky. I sure others recall this calculus.

      But when Mr. Oxendine lost catastrophically, PP posited polemic propaganda for Ms. Handel. In spite of many credible contributors claiming ‘ca-ca’ PP ran with a self-admitted, clear and convincing prejudice toward Rep. Deal.


      As a sidebar, kudu’s to Mr. Ron Daniels for standing up for objectivity. Sometimes the FNG knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      Don’t get too ahead of yourself. He’s still hasn’t issued his mea culpa over at RedState. If he’s willing to lie about Deal at PP and RS, he should be willing to apologize about it on both sites.

      Erick is neither ethical nor honorable. He’s a chicken.

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