You Can’t Spell “Sorry” without ROY

Courtesy of the Georgia Republican Party:

From a press release:

Georgia Republican Party Releases New Video: “Roy is Sorry”

Atlanta—The Georgia Republican Party released a new video today
highlighting Roy Barnes’ numerous apologies to the many constituents he angered during his term. The video is part of the Georgia Republican Party’s noROYalty website (, which encourages Georgia voters to deny Barnes’ quest for re-election.

“Roy can apologize all he wants but Georgians haven’t forgotten the failures during his tenure,” said Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart. “We won’t hit rewind and return to a failing Barnes administration.”

Barnes was the first Governor to fail to achieve re-election since the 1970 law that allowed Georgia governors to succeed themselves.


  1. Lady Thinker says:

    It is time for Karen to become governor and get Georgia back on track, something Barnes had an opportunity to do but failed to take advantage of when he had the chance.

    • TalmadgeGhost says:

      I’m trying to remember, what was actually “off the rails” in 1998? Sorry, I can’t think of anything – can you?

      What was wrong in the state in 2002 that Sonny Perdue, Karen Handel and the Republican State House/Senate fixed over the next 8 years??
      State Revenues and Services – no that’s worse now.
      Education – no that’s worse now too.
      Ethics in Government – uhhhhh, no.
      Transportation – amazingly sexcapades entered this realm also, and not much progress was made – DOT is running their projects on budget and on time, which is commendable – but they aren’t the right projects at all.

      Oh okay surely some “Republican” matters like
      Illegal Immigration – no that’s worse
      Taxation – wow, nothing on that front either (and wasn’t it almost surreal that the Democrats were the ones fighting against the hospital bed tax the last session???)
      Gay marriage – Okay, in 2004 a constitutional amendment was passed on this subject.

      So in other words, we have a Gay marriage ban and some fishing ponds.

      So, which Rep is going to come out with a “flag” reconsideration position?

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        “I’m trying to remember, what was actually “off the rails” in 1998?”

        Exactly… so Karen is the person to clean up the Sonny/Karen/Richardson/Cagle quagmire of the past eight years?

        I think the phrase you were looking for was “It is time for Karen to become governor and get keepGeorgia on the Sonny track.”

        I don’t know about you, but that idea doesn’t exactly inspire me.

        And will somebody please tell Karen Handel to stop doing appearances on the ‘Regular Guys’ show? I heard she was on there again the day after the election. Nathan Deal’s ‘Ghetto Grandmothers’ comment sounds tame and polite compared to the racist/homophobic/childish crap that hits the Atlanta airways every weekday on 100.5 f.m. Hanging around the ‘Regular Guys’ studio is the Georgia like being a re-occurring character on the Howard Stern show, except Stern is actually classier! “On today’s Regular Guys Show, we’ve got porn star Candy Foxxx, drunk trivia, homeless karaoke and GOP gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel in studio!”

          • ZazaPachulia says:

            One more time:

            And will somebody please tell Karen Handel to stop doing appearances on the ‘Regular Guys’ show? I heard she was on there again the day after the election. Nathan Deal’s ‘Ghetto Grandmothers’ comment sounds tame and polite compared to the racist/homophobic/childish crap that hits the Atlanta airways every weekday on 100.5 f.m. Hanging around the ‘Regular Guys’ studio is like being a re-occurring character on the Howard Stern show, except Stern is actually classier! “On today’s Regular Guys Show, we’ve got porn star Candy Foxxx, drunk trivia, homeless karaoke and GOP gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel in studio!”

  2. fishtail says:

    when she is Governor, will Kaen “Love” Handel pick a pudding of the day, a la the White House chef?

      • B Balz says:

        Unbelievable, what one learns on PeachPundit:

        Smith Island Cake

        Smith Island has its own region-specific traditional cuisine. The most famous dish is a locally produced cake featuring 8 to 15 thin layers[9] filled with creme, frosting and/or crushed candy bars. The cake is iced with a cooked chocolate icing. The cake is often made using a commercial cake mix but with unique additions such as condensed milk. It can also be made from scratch using flour.[10] The most common flavor is yellow cake with chocolate icing but other flavors such as coconut, fig, strawberry, lemon, and orange are also common.

        Known simply as the Smith Island Cake, the dessert is baked for any occasion and not reserved only for holidays.[11] The cake is also baked as the feature prize for a local fundraising tradition called a cake walk which is a game played like musical chairs where donated cakes serve as the prize.

        Great attention is paid to the perfection of the layers and form of the cake. Before each round, the prize cake at stake is cut in half and shown to the players who pay to participate in the game.

        A poorly stacked cake may not attract many players and as a result, not raise as much money as a more perfectly executed cake.[12]

        On April 24, 2008, Smith Island cake was designated as the official dessert of the state of Maryland.[13]

  3. Scott65 says:

    After the last term we’ve had in Gov. Perdue…the term failure shouldn’t be thrown around so cavalierly. I’d take Barnes any day over the last 4 years of “Sonny-Do Nothing”

  4. analogkid says:

    Using stricter rules of anagram creation… You can’t have “Satan Handel” without “Nathan’s deal.”

  5. travis fain says:

    I understand where they’re headed with this, but I’m not sure “He admitted he was wrong” is solid criticism.

    • Glen Ross says:

      Dammit. I just printed up 1,000 “Roy Barnes: He’s Learned From His Mistakes” bumper stickers to sell at GOP rallies.

      Looks like I’ll have to stick to my feature product “Palin: Not THAT Dumb” bumper stickers

  6. WCHeadhunter says:

    It’s worth noting that the Georgia Republican Party is using, if not allied with, a teacher’s union to win a statewide race.

    Strange bedfellows these politics make.

  7. chefdavid says:

    After what is going on now on the Rep. Run Off what are we headed for in November. Will a King Roy vs. No Deal = Arguing over flags and ghetto grandma’s. Will Roy then counter will bringing out the fact Deal voted for the bridge for nowhere,
    Will Deal than counter by saying yeh but he abstained for cash for clunkers.
    Will Roy counter by saying yeh but you resigned but then you didn’t resign after the public was furious.
    I am trying to picture the Handel vs Barnes race and I am find it hard to come up with such controvesial issues the two will have against each other. Will this mean the will have to actually argue the issues and who has a better plan in Dec?

    • MSBassSinger says:

      We could have a repeat of the 2008 Presidential election.
      A lot of conservatives chose not to vote for McCain, given how liberal – Democrat-lite – he is. They figured a few years of Obama would turn this nation back to the right, and the 2010 elections may just prove that.

      If Ms. Handel wins the runoff, and then moves even farther to the left, some conservatives may simply not vote for Governor, allowing Barnes the win. After 4 years of Barnes, like after 2 years of Obama, things will be bad enough the GOP may actually run a real conservative (hopefully one without any real ethical issues and who has a history of walking the talk).

      I guess we won’t know for sure until it happens.

      • So let me get this straight… you’re saying that people would rather not vote at all than vote for Handel. Why not vote for the fiscal conservative, John Monds, instead then? See if the LP can actually pass that 20% mark that’s required to give them real ballot access to compete with the Republican and Democratic parties?

          • The guy that got around 1M votes in the PSC race in 2008 who is currently running for Governor. The first black man on the general election ballot in Georgia’s over 200+ year history. The guy that was talking about removing the state’s portion of the property tax more than a year ago. The guy that’s talking about tax reform, spending reform, transportation and Sunday sales while Karen and Nathan bicker about who hates gays and abortion more. But I’m sure you knew all that. 😉

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Givens, the other PSC LP candidate, got 177,000 (or 5%). THE ONLY REASON MONDS GOT 33% is that no Dem qualified in that race. And yes, I knew that, and still say “John who?” Ask the first 100 people you meet and they will say “John who?” as well.

              • Look at how many Republicans and Democrats win their seats with no opposition AT ALL. So what if there was no Dem in that race? If our elected “leaders” (and I use that term loosely) would relax the ballot access restrictions I’d think there’s a very good chance that you’d see at least a few elected Libertarians at the statewide level in Georgia.

                • Doug Grammer says:

                  Be honest with yourself. You have LP candidates on the statewide level this year. 5% is your usual, I’d say you might get as high as 8%, but I’ll bet everything I own and can borrow that there’s no way a LP candidate will crack 20% in a statewide race with both a Dem and a GOP candidate running this year.

                  The “so what” is he did not get 1million LP votes. He got 200K LP votes and 800K Dem votes that did not have anyone to vote for.

                  • Sorry, by statewide, I meant in the state legislature. I’m apparently trying to multitask on too many different items at the moment. You’re right, I’m not sure I see any of the LP candidates cracking the 20% mark this year in a statewide race.

                    I believe it’s bound to happen at some point. I *hope* it happens this year, but I think too many people are stuck in the two party mindset. That’s why I was trying to get across the point that we’d see more Libertarians in the state legislature if only the ballot access laws were relaxed. That’s where Libertarians have the greatest chance of winning – where there’s only one opponent. Unfortunately the number of signatures required to get on the ballot for those races is time and money consuming. Not impossible, but not easy either.

  8. NoTeabagging says:

    Let’s see, taking sound bites out of context… where have we seen that?
    Not very original, not very effective, and the remix isn’t danceable.

  9. MSBassSinger says:

    I am not a fan of Roy Barnes, but I have an underlying cynicism about them all.

    Which candidate can or will get the government out of:
    Telling what kind of toilet I can have.
    Deciding how my car has to be designed.
    Telling me whether I can cut a tree down on my property or not.
    How much I can donate to a candidate I support, even with open disclosure.
    Whether I can dig a well on my own property or not.
    What crops I can raise and sell.
    Taking my money (private property) by force to spend on the benefit of others in a way not provided for in the US or Georgia Constitutions.
    Getting involved in any of a hundred other things in the private lives of people and their associations outside any Constitutional authority to do so.

    I am not a party man. I have little regard for what benefits a party – both of which will desert honor and virtue to gain and keep power.

    As my wife wisely reminded me, the choice in politics is usually between the best of the worst.

    • benevolus says:

      Yeah! why should we have building codes? Or an FAA? Why are they wasting our money building sewers?

      • ACCmoderate says:

        And while we’re at it, screw the FDA for making sure my food isn’t poisoned.

        If I want to eat poisonous food, I should be allowed to! But don’t you dare let two men have butt sex… that’s just gross.

        • MSBassSinger says:

          No conservative I know wants to regulate what two consenting adults do in private. So, that example fails.

          Also, I was not talking about the food example you gave (see other post), so that example is superfluous, also.

        • MSBassSinger says:

          One other correction – the FDA does not ensure your food is not poisoned. Do you think they inspect every morsel on the store shelves?

          Your grocer does that, and it is your responsibility to also check what you buy (my personal tick about personal responsibility).

      • MSBassSinger says:

        I wasn’t talking about government regulation/laws that keep one party from harming another (or their property) or provides basic services that mandated by the governing authority (US Constitution for the Federal government, State Constitution for states, and county or city charters for local government). Not a single thing I listed above has any effect on another person or their property.

        Just to give you two examples, if I want to buy a SUV that gets 10 mpg, and a company wants to make one, government has no business interfering (e.g. CAFE standards).

        If I want to cut down a tree in my yard, government has no business interfering in me killing that tree (e.g. local laws that make you pay a fee and get permission from the city or county).

        I hope you can understand the difference.

        • benevolus says:

          If you don’t think the amount of water you use, the safety of your car, what you sell, and disease prevention don’t affect the rest of the community, you are already living in a mental cave, so you should probably think about going to live in a real cave where you don’t have to interact with anyone else.
          Fortunately for you, your mental spewing is non-toxic so it’s not regulated. It’s just boring and useless.

          • MSBassSinger says:

            The amount of water I use harms no one. There is no shortage of water, only a failure of government to provide it in their monopoly in supplying it.

            How is having a SUV that gets 10mpg a safety issue? I wasn’t talking about basic safety regulations. Besides, let a car company make an unsafe car – people won’t buy it (there he goes again, with that silly personal responsibility thing again).

            Nothing I said had anything to do with disease prevention. Besides, it is the lefties that banned DDT and caused millions to needlessly die from malaria (note: There never was any science to indicate DDT was a problem for the environment or people; only the science fiction of Rachel Carson). Oh yes, and lefties that banned cyclamates, only to find out later the worries over cancer from it were from purely junk science (cyclamates were made legal again).

            Are you willing to discuss what I actually wrote, or do you prefer to just keep making stuff up?

            • benevolus says:

              Well now you are just picking and choosing what you want the government to control and not control… just like all the rest of us. It sounded like you were espousing a principle of “getting government out of private lives”. My mistake.

              • MSBassSinger says:

                No, I was pretty clear about getting government out of our private lives (and property) beyond the traditional role of what is proscribed in the Constitution. I even used examples to make it clear.

                If you want to discuss politics rationally, and be taken seriously, you really need to understand these basic concepts. If you can post rational arguments, I’ll be happy to respond.

                • ACCmoderate says:

                  Benevolus is doing a good job of addressing rational and serious points to your statements.

                  If you want to discuss politics rationally, and be taken seriously, I suggest that you get a more thorough grasp of the US Constitution.

  10. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Looks like you ole republicans are following the play book of Mustang Sally Karen Handel. Well, in the words of your mentor, bring it on.

    Mustang Sally Karen Handel is probably the most unqualified person to run for governor in over 100 years. High School diploma????? Business executive???? Slick politician!!!! Bring it on baby, bring it on.

    Vote Barnes! Buys his own liquor, not shack up with it. He’s also EARNED his degrees and been successful in his own right, not just a politician.

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