Does Georgia Right to Life Now Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

I am guessing Dan Becker and Georgia Right to Life are just fine and dandy with embryonic stem cell research.

They don’t like Karen Handel funding cervical cancer screenings, but they love them some Nathan Deal despite his support for a Henry Waxman backed piece of legislation funneling $500 million to the abortion industry explicitly for abortions.

Well, Nathan Deal also signed on to NANCY PELOSI authored legislation that, in its own description, “allows for the use of fetal tissue in medical research and appropriates funds to the National Institutes of Health.”

More language from the legislation describing the legislation:

The bill codifies the Clinton executive order lifting the ban on fetal tissue research from induced abortions.

Yes, yes, it happened in the past. Just like Karen Handel’s transgression. But Georgia Right to life is attacking Karen Handel and supporting Nathan Deal. Deal explicitly voted to fund abortions and explicitly voted to fund embryonic stem cell research.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Do Dan Becker and Georgia Right to Life agree?

Call and ask at (770) 339-6880.


    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      It was probably already covered . . . in effing 1993, when the vote was cast.

      The Grand Wizard of HandelPundit is really reaching . . . .

    • Doctor Death says:

      Wow! That’s the number to the Handel Campaign office!

      You people are running scared now, I guess you are privy to Handels internal polls that show her losing by 15 points to Deal!

      Great use of the word PELOSI Icarus! And you even put it in caps!

    • B Balz says:

      The recent ballot question on this issue was framed to elicit the wanted answer and that tactic barely succeeded. The Fulton County results to the “Republican Question”:

      “Would you favor an amendment to the GA constitution that protects life from its earliest beginnings to the end of life ?”

      54.07% voted Yes
      45.93% voted No

      I think it indicates that more folks understood the question than the Right to Life groups anticipated. Interestingly it was not on the Cobb County ballot.

      Only 13,068 voted on the question out of 289,772 registered. That pales compared to the 55, 165 voting for Isakson in the Republican Senate race in Fulton County.

      It would be interesting to see the results if they posed the question honestly:

      1. “Would you favor an amendment to the GA Constitution that prohibited (ESC) embryonic stem cell research ?”
      2. “Do you believe that life begins with the combination of egg and sperm in a petri dish ?”
      3. “Do you believe that life begins when the cell created by combining egg & sperm begins when the cell attaches to the wall of the uterus and not in a petri dish ?”

            • Knowing the intention of the question on the ballot my answer was no. It would also be no on 1 to 3 above as well. I might, however, support an amendment protecting life from it’s earliest beginnings (birth) to the end of life.

              • B Balz says:

                Mr. Staples,

                You know more than the average voter, so you recognize the intent of the question. Ballot questions are not usually intuitive for a good reason.

    • B Balz says:

      AJC reports EJ signals his endorsement away from Ms. Handel, because of her intemperate mischaracterization of Ga House:

      But Johnson also indicated that he might not be ready to endorse Karen Handel:

      “The race turned ugly in the final month when one candidate called the rest of us (and the entire legislature) “corrupt” and she was subsequently attacked by other candidates for lying and being ‘liberal.’ We did not respond and that may have cost us this race. But it is not in my nature.”

      • B Balz says:

        As the endorsements continue over this week, we will see the effect of casting ALL House members in a very negative light.

        Amateurish move….gonna leave a mark. I’m just sayin’

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Deal got a 89% rating from National Right to Life in 1993. He has been essentially perfect since then, and thus, he has a 98% career rating.

      The only scored vote that NRTL did not support of Mr. Deal’s was a procedural vote (motion to recommit a bill to committee) in 1993, Mr. Deal’s freshman year in Congress.

  1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    ” . . . a Henry Waxman backed piece of legislation funneling $500 million to the abortion industry explicitly for abortions.”

    Still waiting for you to substantiate your allegation. It’s BS, but hey, it’s your website.

  2. GAPoliticsisfun says:

    Does anybody know what the Real Deal stands for? He changes from being a democrat to being a republican, and changes his abortion stance.

    Deal specifically voted for $500,000,000 to Planned Parenthood. Deal also voted to allow fetal tissue research.

    According to today’s Politifact:
    “In statewide runs, Handel has consistently opposed abortion”.

    The following quotes are from an AP article that ran this weekend.

    Here is what a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood had to say about the federal pass through dollars that Handel voted for:
    “Leola Reis, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Georgia, said the money went to a downtown Atlanta clinic that does not perform abortions. The money, Reis said, was used for services like cervical cancer screening,”

    Here’s what Deal had to say about his pro-life stance:
    “Deal then acknowledged his opposition to abortion has strengthened over the years. “And it was a personal change of opinion.”

  3. Bugs Dooley says:

    GRTL needs to go away, for the good of both the pro-life movement in Georgia as well as the Republican party. You can find support for this argument in votes made by their ‘chosen’ candidates in years past, yes, but also in asinine statements that they continue to make through the present day. National media attention is a good thing, if NRTL won’t follow them over the cliff in a public debacle I think non-politicos will finally wake up and demand changes.

  4. ACCmoderate says:

    At this point, Erick might be more annoying than GRTL. At least I don’t have to see Dan Becker’s smirk on my TV every night.

  5. Glen Ross says:

    Wait wait wait…I thought Team Handel was the one NOT talking about GRTL, teh gheys, etc…

  6. Charlie LaFountaine says:

    I know one thing for sure, everyone will be glad once August 11th is here. What aggravates me is that the leadership of GRTL is either hypocritical or too lazy to do their own research. How can a pro-life organization not fully investigate the background of a candidate they are about to endorse? Do votes on giving funds to the boogie man (Planned Parenthood) expire after a number of years? Sounds to me like Deal supporters are trying to create a double-standard here. Either GRTL should rescind their endorsement of Deal or endorse Handel. Right now, I don’t think an endorsement from GRTL is worth squat.

    If you’re a donor to GRTL, I’d recommend donating that money to your local church or local crisis pregnancy center. These are the people on the front lines. They’d probably appreciate the support and would use the funds better than GRTL.

      • Charlie LaFountaine says:

        That doesn’t matter, my friend. The point is that GRTL and die-hard pro-lifers shouldn’t hammer one candidate over a vote in 2005 to fund Planned Parenthood for health-related exams and give a pass to the other candidate for voting to fund Planned Parenthood with money explicitly stating that it could be used for abortions just because the vote took place in 1993. It’s unfair and very hypocritical.

        If the human life amendment passes both houses next year, Handel will sign it. I have no doubt that she will. However, we do have bigger fish to fry in Georgia than just abortion. I believe that Deal is just trying to pander to the social conservatives by throwing red meat to them so that they’ll turn out in droves for the run-off.

      • Capt. Jack Sparrow says:

        Let me make sure I understand.

        Since Hitler killed Jews in the 40’s, he could be endorsed by GRTL now since it was so long ago????

  7. Red Phillips says:

    It is obvious to anyone with any knowledge of Republican politics in Georgia that Karen Handel has been the designated moderate from the start. For better or for worse, Deal was selected form the three “big name” mainstream conservative candidates to represent that faction. So the choice is, do we want an establishment candidate who at least pretends to be a conservative (Deal) or an establishment candidate who is a moderate and is running as the designated moderate (Handel). A victory for Handel will be interpreted as a victory for the moderate wing of the party, and a defeat for conservatives. Erick must understand this. So why is he supporting the moderate?

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      “So why is he supporting the moderate?”

      To prove he controls Georgia politics. Consider Erick’s revelation in Sunday’s AJC that it was HE who orchestrated the Palin endorsement. Not a big reveal to anyone with half a brain. But Erick wanted everyone to know HE’S the one who delivered.

      Erick used to care about “full spectrum” conservatism. No more, because compromising is all the rage these days. Palin, Romney–heck, last year Palin named a Planned Parenthood board member to the Alaska State Supreme Court.

    • John Konop says:

      Red and I am Jacks Post, in your minds which candidate was conservative if any in the race for Governor this year? And what exact policies made them conservative?

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      So that makes Handel and Melanie Crozier as this year’s Liar, Liar “Pants on Fire” recipients. What beautiful symmetry.

  8. B Balz says:

    GRTL posts incomplete and misleading data regarding ESC research on their web site. They have no more credibility than a person padding their career using the most controversial issues of the day.

    But I repeat myself.

  9. ACCmoderate says:

    I’m still waiting for Erick’s Will Folks moment.

    Really dude, this is just getting deplorably biased.

  10. In The Arena says:


    Are there any polls out showing how Karen is stacking up against Dan Becker? If Magellan has weighed in that might just be the ticket for determining who gets to face Roy in the general.

    At this point it looks pretty close. I predict in the end Becker will prevail, but not before Handel makes it close with her superior mudslinging. What are your thoughts on the race?

  11. zigmaster says:

    I called GRTL and got the following response:

    Protecting Life; Not Attacking Politicians

    At Georgia Right to Life our mission is to restore respect and effective legal protection for all human beings from earliest biological beginning to natural death. Everything we do supports that mission. It is that simple and that complex because the right to life is our most basic and fundamental right.

    The GRTL position statement on In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) follows our mission. “While GRTL empathizes with the many couples who turn to IVF as a treatment for infertility, we caution that some commonly used procedures surrounding this practice can cause the deaths of children at the embryonic stage. Any IVF procedure which leads to the destruction of human life at any level of development is opposed by GRTL. To protect both mothers and children, GRTL calls for parents undergoing the in vitro process to limit the number of human embryos created in a single cycle to the number to be transferred in that cycle. In IVF, as in any other means of procreation, the responsibility of parents to protect and nurture their children begins at fertilization.”

    It is time that public figures and politicians realize their public policies have consequences. If a candidate or politician makes a claim of being pro-life, GRTL PAC seeks to find out if their positions square with their rhetoric. They can’t make the claim to being pro-life if any of their positions end with a dead innocent human being.

    Such is the case we have at hand. IVF as currently experienced in the USA ends with dead babies through selective reduction (too many embryos so some are killed) and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) where the babies are tested to determine which are worthy of life and which are not.

    These are the irrefutable facts. “A public figure which supports unregulated IVF can not be pro-life because it ends with dead babies, and babies with anomalies are the first chosen for killing. Currently, around 90% of babies with Down’s Syndrome are killed before they are born,” said Melanie Crozier, GRTL PAC Director.

    A candidate for public office may say they don’t support selective reduction, or the termination of babies with anomalies, but again the facts are by supporting unregulated IVF, that is exactly what they are supporting.

    Georgia Right to Life PAC can not endorse Ms. Handel for Governor because Georgia needs a Governor who will protect all life. GRTL is not alone. The only national pro-life woman’s organization, Susan B Anthony List, interviewed Ms. Handel. Their sole goal and mission is to identify pro-life woman candidates, endorse them, fund them and work hard to see them elected. On the basis of their own interview with Ms. Handel they rejected her pro-life claims.

    “Ms. Handel needs to understand that her public policies and rhetoric have consequences. When she says she supports unregulated IVF, the result is dead babies,” said Crozier.

    • ‘These are the irrefutable facts. “A public figure which supports unregulated IVF can not be pro-life because it ends with dead babies, and babies with anomalies are the first chosen for killing. Currently, around 90% of babies with Down’s Syndrome are killed before they are born,” said Melanie Crozier, GRTL PAC Director.’

      You know, I was saying just the other day… that’s just what we need in this world is more Down’s Syndrome babies. (/sarcasm)

  12. Progressive Dem says:

    I hope the GOP continues to push an agenda opposed to stem cell research. It fits nicely with the party’s anti-global warming position, the position that homosexuality is a choice and the intelligent design bs. In a world that is becoming increasingly more scientific and technology oriented, the GOP is driving away younger, more educated voters and painting themselves into a corner of older white people.

    • B Balz says:


      Get your associates to look objectively at the science and then update their website. Or not. PD has a point on this.

      It’s a ZYGOTE not a baby: But it is LIFE (So respect must be given)

      The zygote soon begins to divide rapidly in a process called cleavage, first into two identical cells called blastomeres, which further divide to four cells, then into eight, and so on. The group of diving cells begins to move along the fallopian tube toward the uterus. About sixty hours after fertilization, approximately sixteen cells have formed to what is called a morula, still enclosed by the zona pellucida; three days after fertilization, the morula enters the uterus.

      As cell division continues, a fluid-filled cavity called a blastocoele forms in the center of the group of cells, with the outer shell of cells called trophoblasts and an inner mass of cells called embryoblasts. The zona pellucida disappears and the morula becomes a blastocyst. At this stage the blastocyst consists of 200 to 300 cells and is ready for implantation.

      Implantation, the process in which the blastocyst implants into the uterine wall, occurs approximately six days after conception. Hormones secreted from the mother’s ovaries and a chemical secreted by the trophoblasts begin to prepare the uterine wall. The blastocyst first adheres to the wall then moves into the uterine tissue. Implantation marks the end of the germinal stage and the beginning of the embryonic stage.

      Read more: Prenatal Development – baby, stages, average, Definition, Description, Common problems

      • Bucky Plyler says:

        BBalz, I really enjoy talking with you about issues, & I think you try to be honest about what you understand on various issues, including life. I’m not an expert, nor am I employed by GRTL I do support their work & wish that there were more organizations like them in GA.

        Some of the info corrections you brought up about ESC research on their website are included in other sections such as cloning. You would be amazed about how may experts GRTL consults on a regular basis to stay abreast of the most recent developments in research affecting human life. Much of that information is hard to communicate the general public & you can’t enroll them in a class on this subject.

        Some of your post with your included info has a condescending air that says real science is not being employed in GRTL’s program. Youger, more educated voters reject this stuff, etc. GRTL’s board makes decisions frequently about it’s public education program on these issues.

        Here’s what I believe is a fundamental flaw in your thinking & perhaps Handel’s, Barnes’, Deal’s, e tal. This flaw is the reason we contuinue to have Roe Vs. Wade as well as debate on when life begins.

        Before fertilization, each mature sperm & oocyte possess 23 chromosomes respectively. They are human “parts” possessing life, but at this point they are not human beings.

        A human zygote results from the union of an oocyte & a sperm. As soon as this fertilization occurs you have a human life with 46 chromosomes. No other living thing has 46 chromosomes that define it as a human being. No other living thing……..human life is unique.

        The development process in the info you’ve included also leaves out a very important fact. A single cell human embryo does not become another thing in this process. It is uniquely human in all the stages of development. That’s why I think it is important for you & anyone who thinks like you do to come down on the side of life !

        BBalz, I am convinced that human life is a creation of God, & I believe that His name is Jesus. I don’t understand much about many things, but I’m convinced on what I can understand about human life.

        • B Balz says:

          Fair enough, Mr. Plyler. You are one of the few honest contributors here. I also enjoy our civil, written debate on a subject matter that is extraordinarily complex, emotional, and serious. Perhaps one day we can meet.

          Nothing could be more serious than the taking of life. Be it in the lab or the death house, “Thou shalt not kill” is pretty clear and simple.

          It is so hard to communicate via the web without appearing to have an attitude, for example condescension. For that, I can only try harder, it is not ever my intent to talk down to anyone.

          I am not a learned lawyer, scientist, or employed by the ESC community in any way. Just one guy trying to make a difference on behalf of those who cannot easily do for themselves.

          I advocate, on a volunteer basis, for those who have been diagnosed with chronically debilitating diseases, one in particular. Would not be too hard for a regular reader to figure out which one, yet it is unhelpful for my work to divulge same.

          I like to think my positions tend to be pragmatic and purely political. As a lifelong, since Nixon GOP voter, I am disappointed in many things the GOP has done, let happen or did not change. I remain steadfast that the GOP core values most closely match my own.

          My views on divinity are separate. That is not a value judgment, simply how I choose to do business. Suffice it to say I am a believer. I shall be judged, like us all, and I hope kindly.

          I look forward to finding areas that we agree upon and know that while I may never change your beliefs, I can present mine to you respectfully, with a wee bit of irreverent humor. I have Hail Mary’s for that.

          Though we all have a chance to make a difference, only a few choose to do so. I admire citizen advocacy and though we advocate different causes, we are at least 80% in agreement. Life is precious and the taking of life is a matter worthy of the utmost intellectual, spiritual, and emotional debate.

          If adult stem cells could cure all diseases and the death penalty was abolished, I would be delighted. Until then, I must educate and advocate for ALL potential cures, including keeping embryonic stem cell research legal in Georgia.

  13. Henry Waxman says:

    Erick, I see you are repeating the inaccurate line about “Deal explicitly voted to fund abortions.” Why are you repeating something that is so obviously not true?

    1.) H.R. 670 (103rd Congress) does not appropriate one single dime for anything, including abortion. As an attorney, elected official, and someone who chooses to publicly comment on policy, you might want to learn the difference:

    2.) Federal funding for essentially all abortions has been banned since 1976, and thus, H.R. 670 (103rd Congress) could not have provided funding for abortion. (Erick, you might want to Google the “Hyde Amendment.”)

    3.) Under the law, Title X funds (the funds authorized in H.R. 670) are prohibited in programs where abortion is a method of family planning. Family planning projects that receive Title X funds are closely monitored to ensure that federal funds are used appropriately and that funds are not used for prohibited activities such as abortion. H.R. 670 (103rd Congress) sought to further RESTRICT how Title X funds were used.

    4.) National Right to Life and other Pro-Life groups WERE NOT OPPOSED TO H.R. 670, and thus, they did not key vote it.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Nathan Deal has a 98% lifetime rating from National Right to Life, but if you want to keep wasting your time trying to fish in a toilet bowl, then go for it. Just keep in mind that you are losing a lot of credibility among those of us who understand the basics of public policy and law.

  14. B Balz says:

    “…Just keep in mind that you are losing a lot of credibility among those of us who understand the basics of public policy and law…..”

    Just keep in mind that you lost what scant credibility you ever had among those of us who understand the basics of public policy and law.

    There, that’s resolved.

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