Bishop’s seat downgraded

Via Georgia Politics Unfiltered comes news from the Cook Political Report showing that Rep. Sanford Bishop’s seat has been downgraded from “solidly Democratic” to “likely Democratic.”

Mike Keown is the Republican challenger in this district, who recently posted impressive fundraising numbers.

Who knows whether or not that will translate into anything in November, as Democratic turnout in the district outpaced Republicans in the primary.


  1. Tiberius says:

    If we win it in 2010, holding it in 2012 will be very, very tough. Voting Rights Act will not allow a “whitening” of the district.

    • Doug Deal says:

      The voting rights act is on it’s last leg. Every year it gets more and more antiquated and the continued disparity between the treatment of Northern and Southern states more aggregious.

  2. JRM2016 says:

    Shirley Sherrod was with Sanford today in Columbus. She was quoted by WTVM as saying Sanford would look after “our people”. If he keeps this up, Mike is going to beat him.

  3. Herb says:

    Methinks bishop pounds keown by over a 2-1 margin in november. Expect dems to make a net gain of 15 house seats as well.

  4. MSBassSinger says:

    That is the district in which I grew up (Cairo). Mike has a long history of doing good with the poor, of all races, and he is well respected in the black communities and among conservatives in the district.

    The old school Democrats I know down there (i.e. “granddaddy voted Democrat because of what the Radical Republicans did during Reconstruction, and I’ll always vote Democrat”) have broken from their past way of thinking about Democrats when Obama was elected. Oddly enough, one of those old folks that I know well, pretty representative of a lot of those old native Georgians, is excited about Herman Cain, but really despise and distrust Obama.

    I wouldn’t make any bets on the 2nd Congressional District. Mike is running a campaign in the context of Georgians, whereas Bishop may be getting drawn into a campaign in the context of black Georgians, with the Obama albatross hung around his neck. Some black folks don’t care for Obama, either, especially small business owners whose taxes are about to be raised.

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