Tom Knox Endorses Hudgens

Received via email:

Last Tuesday in the Republican primary for Insurance Commissioner, I was honored to receive the votes of almost ninety-two thousand of my fellow Georgians. I am proud of the campaign we ran. We stayed positive throughout and advanced the conservative cause, which I have fought for throughout my entire career.

While I am disappointed that our campaign was not victorious, I am still optimistic about the future of our state and the prospects of the Republican Party to retain this important constitutional office for another four years. The choice for Insurance Commissioner is now down to two. I can personally attest to the credentials of one of those candidates without hesitation. Ralph Hudgens is a man of faith and character. I worked closely with Ralph as we chaired the respective Insurance Committees in the Georgia House and Senate. He shares with me the belief in a strong conservative approach to government and support for the free-market.

Michelle and I consider Ralph and Suzanne to be our personal friends. Ralph and I were also members of the same men’s Bible study at the capitol. He is an honest, ethical straight-shooter who will make a great Insurance Commissioner. I hope you will join with me in casting your ballot for Ralph Hudgens for Insurance Commissioner on Tuesday August 10th.

Tom Knox


  1. mountainvoter says:

    I agree with Mr. Knox. I know Ralph Hudgens. Privately and publicly he is the same great person . You couldn’t get a better person for Insurance Commissioner. He will be a breath of fresh air from the Ox.

  2. Mary says:

    Knox and Hudgens are class acts! Maria Sheffield was John Oxendine’s personal lobbyist and her campaign consultant Jeff Breedlove is the same guy that ran Oxendine’s campaign until the OX found out why Rusty Paul fired Breedlove from the state Republican Party. Breedlove and Maria are bulling people in the insurance industry, telling them if they don’t support Maria they will be put out of business, the same way the OX did people for years.

    The OX has been gored and now we must stop Maria and Breedlove!

  3. Mary says:

    Breedlove is running Maria Sheffield’s campaign for Insurance Commissioner. If she wins, he will be the Chief Deputy Insurance Commissioner. I’ve been told Breedlove has been fired from his last six jobs. I know Eric Johnson fired him from Senate Research and Oxendine fired him.

    • polisavvy says:

      If what you’re saying is true, she may have a hard time with the people who are/were so sick and tired of Oxendine and his clones. You just changed my mind. By the way, does anyone know when early voting begins?

      • Provocateur says:


        It’s not true. Jeff Breedlove is not shown as a consultant to Maria’s campaign.

        “Mary” lies.

        • polisavvy says:

          Thanks for the information. See, contrary to your belief, I do actually acknowledge what you say. (And learn from you as well).

    • Provocateur says:

      Of course…we do not know if what “Mary” says is accurate or truthful because “Mary” is not willing to document anything.

      • Mary says:

        Call Rusty Paul, former GOP chair. Call Eric Johnson and ask him. Call anyone who worked at the state GOP with Breedlove. Call Sen. Judson Hill. Call Sen. Don Balfour. Call anyone that worked on the Oxendine campaign with Breedlove. Hell, call the OX. I’ll swear on a stack of Bibles ten feet in the air that everything I’ve written is true.

  4. Tiberius says:

    Just can’t get excited by this race.

    I underatand Hudgens went after Ocendine in the debat ein Dalton last night.

    Did Sheffield agree or partake?

  5. Todd M says:

    I worked on the Oxendine campaign for over a year with Breedlove. It was a strange deal. Jeff would yell and scream at the OX and threaten him. He would also call people who gave money to any of our opponents and threaten them that if the OX got elected governor they would be held accountable and punished. Finally, even the OX had enough.

    Breedlove is pure evil.

        • Todd M says:

          yes. The OX is totally behind Maria. They would meet and talk on a regular basis. She actually called to talk to him the morning of the election. The OX has raised Maria most of her money. Look at her disclosures and compare them with Oxendine’s. Almost all her money comes from old crooked Oxendine employees and his backers. He knew that if he lost he would have to go out and try and make a living as an insurance lobbyist. He wanted to get Maria elected so if he wasn’t governor he could at least get rich off business at the Insurance Department.

          I remember one guy in particular from Florida, named Norm Taplin ( always gave me the creeps anytime he was around. Looked like some guy off the Sopranos. Raised the OX and Maria a lot of money. I asked the fundraiser guy why the OX hung out with people like Taplin and he said you have to in politics.

          • Provocateur says:

            Todd…how the heck would YOU know Maria called and talked to the Ox on the morning of the election?

    • Mary says:

      he should. Maria and Breedlove had one of their sleazy supporters send out an email after Gerry’s father died questioning what kind of son he was and saying that he didn’t love his mother because if he did he wouldn’t still be campaigning for Insurance commissioner.

      These two (Maria and Breedlove) are much worse than the OX ever dreamed of being!

      • Bill Knowles says:

        I don’t know who the heck you are, and really don’t care. But I do however know Jeff Breedlove.

        This character assassination is sad. The fact is Jeff Breedlove does not and has not worked for Maria Sheffield. His name is not on any disclosure report and he has not attended any GOP events in 2010 at all. To say that he works for Maria Sheffield is an outright lie and falsehood.

        More than that, to spread rumors about a person not involved, in any manner, for a campaign is tacky. I know Jeff. I strongly suspect those posting here do not.

        The Black Caucus claimed the Tea Party movement shouted racist remarks at African-American Members of congress, MSNBC said it,, said it – but yet there is no proof of it being true. Where is the actual e-mail sent by Jeff? If there is an e-mail sent by Jeff Breedlove post it or apologize.

        Jeff is no better or worse than any of us. He has never denied he has made mistakes in his life but he has moved on and actually lives a humble and Christian life. Jeff is the first to say he is a sinner saved by the grace of God – I guess he is being held to a standard many posters on here would not like to be held to.I have seen him make mistakes and I have seen do incredibly kind acts that he insisted he receive no recognition for. Jeff is a strong Christian who volunteers the truth about his life in speeches – to distort, take out of context, exaggerate, and flat out lie about him only hurts you not Jeff.

        My point is Jeff has been in the arena, has never claimed to be anything other than a regular person with normal flaws and normal values. Jeff is a solid conservative who has worked very hard for the cause. To attack him – like this – only reflects on the character of the attacker, not Jeff.

        It is sad he is being attacked when he is not even involved with this – or any – campaign.

        There is one fact sure to destroy all these false attacks on Maria Sheffield – in the race for Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine has made one donation of $500 to one candidate. That candidate is Ralph Hudgens and yes, Ralph Hudgens accepted and deposited that check it is on his disclosure report.

        If you are wondering who Oxendine supports – the money demonstrates Ralph Hudgens.

        Another Hudgens Oxendine Connection that is a fact and not a false rumor – Michael Shelnutt who (according to his personal Facebook page) served as John Oxendine’s Assistant Commissioner at the Department of Insurance is a senior advisor to Ralph Hudgens campaign.

        Facts are stubborn things and the fact is Jeff Breedlove does not work for Maria Sheffield, John Oxendine is supporting Ralph Hudgens, Ralph Hudgens took the $500 check from John Oxendine, and Ralph Hudgens has senior Oxendine people advising him on his campaign.

        • Mary says:

          no apology coming Bill. Every single person involved in Georgia politics knows Jeff Breedlove is running Maria Sheffield’s campaign. He’s not on the payroll because he’s toxic. I stand by every word I’ve written. Facts are indeed stubborn things. The story has only begun!

          • Provocateur says:

            But…except for a sign-on name to PeachPundit just a few days ago, NO ONE knows who you are, “Mary.”

            Your credibility gap is as wide as Stone Mountain.

  6. Brent says:

    I voted for Gerry in the primary. I knew about the email attack about him not being a good son and thought it was one of the lowest things I had ever seen in politics.

    Hudgens has my vote. Tea Party people must unite and Oxendine, Sheffield and Breedlove must go!

    • Lady Thinker says:

      I think some people delight in being cruel. I wish Gerry Purcell and his family condolences and prayers in his time of need.

      • polisavvy says:

        This type of behavior disheartens me both for Gerry and for the sick individual who would do such a thing. Such bad taste.

    • Provocateur says:

      Sure hope the boys on PeachPundit can publish a copy of this supposed e-mail since it seems it is “all out there.” ‘Cause I haven’t seen it. I want proof, not undocumented blog posters.

  7. Rick Day says:

    Ralph and I were also members of the same men’s Bible study at the capitol.

    This scares the be-Jesus out of me (wait, there is no Jesus within, bad choice of words) on several levels

    1. Why is this ‘fact’ in this endorsement. It intimates “White Christian Male Club”, which, we all know, practices The Word of The Lord™ as closely as O.B.L. does. None. Didn’t Ox go to church? I’m wondering about ‘you people’…..

    2. Why is this hocus-pocus lack of focus going on in my hard paid tax dollars funded State Capitol? There are 40 churches and 400 small meetings areas within 6 blocks of that secular meeting hall. Find one and use it, for Christ’s sake!Woodruff park is a good place to start practicing what you read together.

    Bible Study, pffft. An excuse for men to gather and attempt to put their particular spin on how The Lord™ condones their particular heinous sins. Men of Power tend to look to their God for justifications of wrongdoings.

    *wags finger* Oh, you people! Self-serving is not a trait of true practitioners of Christianity! Either follow The Path and live The Life, or acknowledge is a path ONLY A GOD can follow, and ground yourself in the here and now instead of a potential hereafter.

    Have a nice Sabbath™

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