Georgia Gang Live Blog 7/25/10

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  1. B Balz says:

    Is is safe to say that since Snuggles is no longer a threat to Mom, Ice Cream, Apple Pie and all that is good and right with DeKalb, he will no longer be a punching bag around here? I’ll miss those days….

    The ‘Best of Snuggles’ thread is sorely overdue. We have temperatures that would fry an egg. Rising unemployment, declining revenues, a GOP primary runoff that is uglier than Fido’s butt, and the potential for a by durn Democrat to be in the Governor’s manse.

    I say say we rally around the time honored tradition of kicking a man while he’s down to bring ourselves outta this funk.

  2. polisavvy says:

    Perhaps Jim Galloway should familiarize himself with the counties that comprise the 8th District. He indicated that it begins at Macon and goes south. I hate to tell him; but, he disenfranchised five counties that above Macon (one of which is the third highest voting county in the district). I’m just saying . . .

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