1. Chris says:

    Noah: Papa, why do you want to be governor?

    Deal: ‘Cause grown-ups like me in Washington are just spending too much money. They’re hurting us here at home.

  2. John Konop says:

    When the CDC moves and all the jobs surrounding it after DEAL eliminates private business from working on stem-cell research what will he say to the kids then?

    • Tireless says:

      LMAO….your fixation with the CDC is hysterical. Maybe we should renamed Atlanta to Fetusville. We can make it the abortion capital of the world. Think about all the research we can atttract if we can supply a steady stream of inexpensive dead babies to examine.

      • Provocateur says:

        Either Fetusville or Gayville would make Konop happy.

        Or…perhaps ‘Bibleville’ since he likes to pull-out quotes at random times to bolster some argument he is having with himself…

    • Ambernappe says:

      Oh, well, we will not have to drive so far to Chapel Hill and other favorite spots oin North Carolina.

  3. The General says:

    This is another product of the Deal campaign that I’m not impressed with. IMO, he should be completely in charge of this race…. yet he has to be “cute”. Its more corny than cute.


  4. John Konop says:

    The next Deal commercial

    Child: Mr. Deal why did you vote for Medicare part D which is bankrupting my future?

    Nathan Deal: My constituents wanted the benefits without paying for it and my job is getting re-elected.

    Child: Why did you vote for No Child Left Behind which is destroying our schools while my mommy and daddy struggle to pay for the unfunded federal mandates?

    Nathan Deal: Vote for me and I will bring this type of Washington leadership to Georgia.

  5. fultonrighty says:

    This is straight off their website, John Knopp. It does not say all IVF is murder, nor does it say it is wrong. It says there are ethical ways to do it.

    While GRTL empathizes with the many couples who turn to IVF as a treatment for infertility, we caution that some commonly used procedures surrounding this practice can cause the deaths of children at the embryonic stage. Any IVF procedure which leads to the destruction of human life at any level of development is opposed by GRTL. To protect both mothers and children, GRTL calls for parents undergoing the in vitro process to limit the number of human embryos created in a single cycle to the number to be transferred in that cycle. In IVF, as in any other means of procreation, the responsibility of parents to protect and nurture their children begins at fertilization.”

    • Rick Day says:

      and that totally arbitrary number should be…….?


      Hell we ain’t ‘children’ until Minute One in The Outside World.

      We all now know where all the un-aborted retarded are housed: AT GRTL


  6. Tireless says:

    Let’s see how Handel counters this ad. Maybe it will go like this…..

    (camera pans in with Handel sitting on the porch of a log cabin with a gay guy sitting on her lap)

    Gay guy: “Ms. Handel, why are you running for governor?

    Handel: “I want to be the first governor to openly embrace and endorse the gay lifestyle. Your community has seen a lot of hard times, albeit some was voluntary, some wasn’t.”

    Gay guy: (two snaps and a finger twirl) “Oh goodie, we will finally have a friend in the Governors Mansion”

    Handel: “Yes you do, princess. While I may have tossed some of you under the bus to get elected, trust me when I tell you I have your back. I am behind you all the way. Speaking of being behind you, where is your partner, Carlos the Cabana Boy? Tell him the next time you guys bump into each other that Karen Handel is his friend. Remember what I have always told you. It’s not what I say that counts, it’s what I do that really matters.”

    (camera fads away and ends with the Rainbow Flag flying on top of the Governors mansion)

  7. fultonrighty says:

    GRTL supports research that can save lives of human beings without causing harm to other lives. Stem cell research where adult stem cells, cord blood, or other sources are used receive the support of GRTL. We oppose all forms of research where living human embryos are destroyed; this includes destructive embryonic stem cell research, as well as fetal tissue research.”

    Adult stem cells are being used successfully in treating over 50 diseases and conditions right now and more are in the works. Embryonic stem cells are so difficult to control and direct, that they are not safe to use yet. Now adult stem cells are also being manipulated to resemble and act like embryonic ones, with similar uncontrollability issues. Be a pragmatist, as well as an idealist, by focusing on what really works–adult stem cells.

    • Buzzfan says:

      Adult stem cells (both pluripotent and multipotent) are being used in the vast majority of research……cord blood contans pluripotent stem cells…..but the research on totipotent stem cells require cells created by egg/sperm fusion or the first few cellular divisions thereafter.

  8. Rick Day says:

    you can’t be Pro_life and Pro_death Penalty.

    I want to know his stance on illegal abortions: how much jail time should a woman do for submitting to an illegal abortion, especially in the case of incest?

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      You guys LOVE dictating your morality and your thoughts on others. The diffence between abortion and the death penalty is the guilty vs the innocent. You make the stupidist straw man argument about abortion.

    • Ambernappe says:

      The NRTL indicates that mother’s health, rape, and incest are no more than 7% of abortions annually – still tragic – but the genetic implications of pregnancy resulting from incest are more tragic.

    • Provocateur says:

      Sure you can. The death penalty applies to those who commit the most heinous crimes against society. Pro-Life applies to protecting the lives of fetuses who have committed no crimes against society.

      Very, very simple difference.

  9. Jason Heyward for President says:

    Getting back to the topic. . .

    I think Galloway’s take is right. This is an attempt to make Nathan look like a nice guy, sitting with grandkids, talking directly to them about why he is running for Governor. Then, when goes negative, people won’t be as upset at him for it.

    Look for another ad next week, where he will attempt to trash Handel, call her liberal, say she supports abortion and gay rights, and who knows what else.

    This is just an appetizer, your main course will be out shortly.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      He must have raised a crapload of money since Tuesday to have this ad up on the air already… However, the question is where is it running and for how long?

      Maybe he shot it out early and is only running it for a couple of days. A weeklong statewide ad costs what, $600,000 or so according to Galloway?

        • Jason Heyward for President says:

          Yep, this is probably more for show than anything else. Probably runs lightly during the weekend. Then the real buy begins next week.

    • Provocateur says:

      It’s a better ad than one making Karen out to be a victim of everything ever uttered about someone else. The emotional meltdowns she has are going to be downright embarrassing were she to become governor.

      “Georgia on my mind” would swiftly change to “Georgia always whines.”

  10. jackson says:

    Thanks, Heyward, for pointing out this is a political campaign. Wow. Such insight.

    As for “Trashing” it cuts both ways. Especially since Handel was THE FIRST candidate to use paid media — mail and tv — to attack another Republican.

  11. Jason Heyward for President says:

    Dude, why are you getting pissy with me? This thread is about Deal’s first TV ad, not a policy debate on GRTL and stem cells. I was just trying to add my 2 cents on his commercial. That’s all.

    I didn’t say that Handel was above such activities, and that she would never go negative. Just that this ad seems like a way to inoculate Nathan before the bullets start to fly.

    If it makes you feel better, I’ll make a typical PP post:

    Both Deal ad Handel are liberal, crooked politicians. I’m going to vote for the only true conservative in Georgia, I’m writing in Ray McBerry. States Rights!!

  12. Jimbo says:

    This ad comes out as being just plain hokey.
    One of the most important rules in politics is to leave the candidates’ families out of it. Although this rule is usually applied to attacks and criticism of candidates’ families, the door swings both ways. By bringing his family into the election, Deal is breaking this rule.

    FYI Deal supporters, he has been one of those people in Washington spending too much money for the past 20 years. If he can spend all of that money still be a “true conservative” as you guys claim that he is, then I would rather have “liberal” Karen Handel as governor.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      He keeps showing the kids to contrast the fact that he’s got kids and by extension grandkids, while Karen and her husband are “barren” and should just go away because they don’t have a “family” so they can’t be “real” conservatives.

      Deal. Real. Corrupt.

  13. ACCmoderate says:

    “Papa, why are you running for governor?”

    “Cause ‘dem ‘dar gay, Mexican abortion doctors are trying to recruit you into their movement.”


  14. jackson says:

    Fair enough Heyward, if that was your attempt. However, your comment to “Look for another ad next week, where he will attempt to trash Handel, call her liberal, say she supports abortion and gay rights, and who knows what else” seems like a thinly veiled swipe to me. But hey, maybe its me. I shouln’t really read the comments as they are and try to discern the intent of them.

    And, speaking of intent, Yes Cobb, Deal showing family members in an ad is definitely an attack on Karen Handel not having kids. With that logic, Nathan shouldn’t even appear in his ads because it shows he’s a man and she’s a woman.

    Gawd. The insight on this forum is amazing. I don’t know why people pay for professionals when they can get this kind of advice for free.

  15. TeflonMaster says:

    This is just a set up for Deal’s next attack it. It will be the attack ad to end all attack ads. He is going to implicate Karen Handel in the most dastardly crime ever: GAY ABORTIONS!

    • Buzzfan says:

      Point of clarification needed, here……are ‘TEH GAYZ’……
      (a) the ones getting the abortions, or
      (b) the ones performing the abortions, or
      (c) the ones being aborted?

  16. Romegaguy says:

    Can someone expound on his phrase “Real Results”?

    I assume he isnt talking about no bid contracts

    • Provocateur says:

      I read that CREW link. They say the legislature was going to budget for $1.7 million….and yet, Deal’s deal was $1.4 million.

      Looks like he saved the state $300,000. Yeah, that’s really bad.

  17. jppaa says:

    On an unrelated subject, I thought the following dialogue was hilarious this past Tuesday:

    Reporter to Deal “sir, John Oxendine and Eric Johnson have concieded, what do you have to say about those two men?”

    Deal “Eric Johnson is a class act” The end

    • fultonrighty says:

      That’s awesome, if he really said it. I am getting pretty distrustful of quotes these days….

  18. EllisArnall says:

    Papa, what’s an ethics violation?

    Well son, I’m not quite sure. But I’m pro-life!

  19. ready2rumble says:

    Amazing how career politicians operate.

    Deal’s first ad in the run-off says that DC is out of control. He was part of the problem, now he thinks he can be part of the solution? He has spent so much time in DC, that he has lost touch with reality.

    I would suggest that he has a town hall meeting with the “ghetto grandmothers” so that he can get back to the real world.

  20. Doctor Death says:

    You Karen Handel people are sycophants!

    Handel called Deal Today, a “Clinton Democrat” a charge even the AJC called “barely true” and” ignores all the facts.”

    She is grasping at straws here, because she knows her goose is cooked.

    Buts that what you Handel sock puppets do grasp for the outrageous, and IGNORE FACTS!

  21. Gerald says:

    What a horrible ad. Deal doesn’t realize that this “traditional southern conservative values” stuff was repudiated by voters in 2006 and 2008 because of the nonsense – and failures – of Bush and the GOP Congress, a failure that Deal was part of. Doesn’t he know that he only made the runoff because the field was so bad? If “none of the above” was an option, Deal finishes third, tops. People aren’t going to go for the same boilerplate pablum that the GOP has been running on since 1980, because if you look at their own record, either that stuff doesn’t work, or if it does so what; they lack the political skill or the competence to implement it.

    Right now, Karen Handel for all her warts is seen as a policy person with a proven ability to work with people that aren’t in the traditional GOP constituency and get things done. Deal meanwhile is looking like Sonny Perdue 2.0 … a guy who will keep the seat warm for 8 years talking about the good old fashioned southern family conservative values that he represents while not doing a thing about education, transportation, the economy, the water crisis etc.

    This “I’m not a liberal Democrat or a big city RINO with the wrong values” worked pretty good in the 1980s. It got Newt Gingrich elected when he tied his opponent to Atlanta and Andrew Young. But it isn’t the 1980s anymore. If Deal is going to win the primary and the general election (and again, love Barnes or hate him, he is a policy guy) he is going to have to start giving policy details. Because of the mess that this state is in, Georgians would elect a RINO like Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani in a heartbeat because those guys have a track record of getting things done. Deal doesn’t, so has to show that he either has ideas, or is willing to imitate ideas that have worked elsewhere.

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