Congrats Buzz!

We finally have a Peach Pundit candidate who won! A sincere congrats Buzz! You deserve it. I know that you will do a great job once you take your seat as the State Representative from House District 101.


  1. Jace Walden says:


    Congratulations, you deseve it. Now that you’re officially going to become TheMan&#8482 I hope that you’ll work on the following:

    (1) Protecting private property rights from emminent domain abuse

    (2) Allowing for more school choice

    (3) Abolishing Georgia’s antequated “Blue Laws”

    (4) Easing Georgia’s overburdensome ballot access restrictions

    Congratulations. Who says that nice guys always finish last?

    • Congrats Buzz and Ditto what Jace said.

      ps… Also, could you go ahead and start the conversation on creating an express lane for us productive folks that have things to do and places to be, no speed limit, willing to take full responsibility for our own safety and consequences, willing to pay for it with tolls, but with one law change; if you’re rear-ended it’s your fault for not getting the hell out of the way…. I’ll even support the naming of it, “The Buzzway.”

  2. maryalice says:

    Congratulations to you Buzz. I lost in the 125th last night. Your stand on the issues are very similar to mine. Good to have someone in the General Assembly who is a constitutional conservative.

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