Zero Hour

Today Georgians are all headed to the polls. I’m 22 years old so this is my first time actually voting for Governor. That means that I wasn’t a part of any voting block in the past who placed Roy Barnes in office or elected Sonny Perdue. As such I have one request: Can we try and fix the state please?

I’ve stated that I’ll be voting for Karen Handel for Governor. Shocking, I know. But most of the front pagers on Peach Pundit started off in the Governor’s race with only one thing in mind: we just don’t want John Oxendine. If you read Peach Pundit, the Political Insider Jim Galloway, or any other place connected to inside baseball politics and are still looking to pull the lever for John Oxendine, I’m wondering why? You should, after all, be listening to your candidate and running far away from this evil blog and its hate-filled pages.

Hey, someone had to post one last anti-Ox post before the primary ended. Why not the “Intern”? So here’s to a, hopefully, good election cycle. Whether you’re a Handel, Johnson, Deal, Chapman, or other supporter, let us all unite behind our admiration over the lumbering Ox. He has given us so much to talk about over the past year.

Here’s to the Ox!


  1. B Balz says:

    I was intrigued by the idea of Dem crossover voters pulling the lever for Mr. Oxendine this primary. That’s why I SWAG’ed 32% for the guy. If the Dems have it together enough to connect the strategy dots, that is.

    Wonder what the perception of the GOP will look like after a run off between Ms. Handel and anyone else? I hope the candidates re-visit the 11th Commandment.

    • Chris says:

      I’ve spoken to a few Dems who are crossing over to vote for the lesser of evils because Barnes has it in the bag.

      One says that we could nominate a pedophile and Barnes still wouldn’t be governor.

      • B Balz says:

        Interesting, I will be conducting exit interviews at Manual’s tonite, but the gender demographics may be skewed.

    • WCHeadhunter says:

      That’s why I hope that neither Ox or Deal are in the run-off with Handel. You could rest assured that if that happenss the GA GOP will proceed to show it’s backside to everyone that is willing to look at it.

  2. View from Brookhaven says:

    Anybody know where Ox will be tonight? I want to see his face when/if he finds out that he’s done.

  3. MSBassSinger says:

    I voted today. I did not vote for Handel or Oxendine. For two of the offices, I simply left them unselected. However, I respect those who did vote for Handel, Oxendine, or any other candidate. Even Democrat candidates.

    All too often, the discussion on PP degenerates into an exchange of ad hominems and insults, though not as much here as elsewhere. I have been just as guilty of that as anyone.

    I hope the posters and front pagers on PP will rethink the urges we all get to take the cheap shots and to call others names. Are the issues themselves not fertile enough ground for passionate discussion? Those who oppose Obama are not racists. Those who oppose Handel are not misogynists. Those who oppose official acceptance of homosexuality are not homophobes. Those who oppose abortion are not trying to control women. We all have our own opinions on those issues, and more, and we need to be the adults who set higher standards. One of the things I dislike about Hannity’s radio show the most is how he calls liberals stupid names. Men of honor should be above such things.

    It may be a little more work to be entertaining and insightful without the easy digs at others, but should we not aim for a higher level of honor and character?

    The 22 year old managed to write a good post without resorting to any of the lower abasements of political dialog. Perhaps we can try to do the same.

    I want to recommend a very good online article that I found to explain a lot of why I have such disharmony with Rockefeller Republicans, particularly in the Georgia races. I hope you all will give it a read.

  4. joe says:

    Tyler, you have probably found out by now that we no longer “pull the lever”. We have these new fangled touch screens that don’t even waste time printing out a piece of paper. Aint technology wonderful?

  5. Sandy Brothers says:

    Best quote of the election:

    “If you like Blogojevich, you’re going to love Oxendine!”

  6. Rick Day says:

    Today, I smiled as I voted. I smiled because I didn’t see the word Sonny anywhere on the screen.

    No Sonny, and a nice sticker.

    It is a good day to Vote. Best of luck Graham Balch!

  7. I didn’t end up voting for him. But why would somebody still vote for Oxendine? Because Karen Handel’s character, ethics, and disposition are about equal to his, but he’s actually taken a more conservative approach to public policy than she has in recent years. And conservative voters prefer candidates with conservative positions.

    Sorry, Handel lovers, but you’ve imagined her to be greater than she is.

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