And the polls are open

Consider this a “what’s happening on the ground” open thread.

(Updated to add: there will be a live blog this evening around 6pm till whenever).


  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Ha – up in the 9th CD not seeing nearly as many Hawkins signs this go around (maybe he’s saving some of his $ to repay his personal loans), and Tarvin doesn’t really have any presence in the eastern side of the district. Seeing some Kemp signs that popped up overnight in North GA. Also looks like the Deal & Oxendine camps had some volunteers out overnight – didn’t see any other GOV candidate signs in my morning commute (well, I did see one solitary McBerry sign – fortunately it wasn’t near any churches, schools or other places that children frequent, so I think it’s in compliance with the sex offender statute).

    On the DEM side – in my very Republican area of North GA, actually saw a few Terry Coleman signs, a few Gail Buckner signs, and Beth Faroki (sp?) signs. That’s it though.

  2. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I wonder what % signs at the voting precinct garners a candidate (1-2%, if that?) — the polling places I passed were covered up.

    • drjay says:

      in 09, i was told signs near a precinct can be worth as much as 5% to 10% over not having signs, based on the percent of folks who actually head to the polls undecided, esp. in down ballot races (someone may be going to vote for guv, and not even know who’s running for election board, but if they see your sign on the way to the poll…)

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Political signs are out of control. We have a year round assault by Political litter on our public greenspaces, parks, medians, and abandoned properties. Signs go up in February for a November election and stay up for at least 3 months after that, by then the next campaign is littering our streets. Look at the politicians that do the most litter, you rarely see their signs in front of occupied residences. Politicians know the sign ordinances are not enforced. It is a clear indicator, a candidate that litters our public right of ways, especially for a solid year, has no respect for the citizens rights to uncluttered public property.

      • And exactly where are these rights to “uncluttered public property” enumerated?

        I agree that folks should pick up their signs after a race is over, but come on, those lazy county DOT guys should do their job also.

        • B Balz says:

          GWINCO has been pretty busy.

          My rep. Fran Millar has explicit instructions on how and where to place his signs.

          If I have to see campaign signs every so often, I do not think litter, I think:


        • NoTeabagging says:

          State, County and municipal code of ordinances have laws restricting signs in the public right of way and on public property. There are specific ordinances concerning political signs in most juridictions. Some municipalities even put time limits on signs, such as only 6 weeks before election and must be down one week after. Our Cities and Counties could make a bundle if they actually imposed the fines allowed by law on the offenders.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Candidates want their volunteers to go by the law and instruct them to do so. Some people may do the right thing, some might now know what the right thing is and do what they see others do, put signs in the wrong place.

        Instead of getting so upset, why don’t you consider calling the candidates and let them know so they can take care of the problem and make sure that future sign posters know the rules.

        Don’t just assume the candidate knows and is doing this to annoy you. You do know what happens when you assume, don’t you? People who assume make an ass/u/me.

    • LSUTigerInGA says:

      If campaign signs say anything about who wins the County, Paulding is a tossup between Deal and Johnson. Handel will most likely grab 3rd… State House race (GA-19, formerly Richardson) expected to be a runoff between Stout (incumbent) and Golden…. Stout will most likely take the runoff.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    I just saw a Melvin Everson supporter holding a sign and waving at the corner of Peachtree and Piedmont. That might be the busiest intersection in the state. Great spot.

    Go Melvin.

    • I found him to be one of the most pleasant people I met this year on the campaign trail. My daughters just loved his free gum with his name on it. They called it “Melvin” gum.

      He was a very nice guy and from what I’ve learned from others that followed him more closely would make an effective Secretary of Labor.

  4. kyleinatl says:

    Someone should have told Preston Smith that horror movie fonts aren’t exactly appealing…uncommon courage indeed…

  5. Buzzfan says:

    Some McBerry supporters are outside a local polling place…and they’re carrying batons.

    Anyone here ever been intimidated by HS majorettes?

  6. Tireless says:

    Apparently someone called for a Political Sign Jihad last night ……. Buckhead is covered in new signs.

    • kyleinatl says:

      No kidding man, Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd is littered.

      Btw…Deal. Real. is the worst political slogan I’ve ever seen, I only realized it after catching about 20 of those signs in a row.

      • James Fannin says:

        What you don’t think it is a good idea to remind folks that he had a sweetheart deal with the State that made him a fortune and it was a Deal that was Real?

  7. TPNoGa says:

    I voted before work this morning in Northern Dekalb. There were more poll workers than voters. In fact, I was one of two people voting. I would imagine turnout will be low.

  8. Bubbarexone says:

    It looks like a very light turnout this morning in the burbs and in town. Who does that favor?

  9. Tiberius says:

    Not unexpected but north Fulton was covered in Handel and MacGinnite signs. The Handle people went beserk and hit every straightaway and intersection in Alpharetta and Johns Creek. The new signs with the red “Vote today” on the bottom.

    Ok signage from Johnson and Preston Smith. Except for Barnwell Elementary, no Oxendine. No Sam Olens.

  10. View from Brookhaven says:

    My neighborhood got sign bombed overnight, too. McGinnitie seems to be the winner in that area, at least.

  11. janna says:

    In Glynn County McBerry signs started appearing en masse yesterday. Several large ones are right next to brand new Sons of the Confederacy signs. (sigh). We’ve been covered up with Handel and Ox signs for ages.

    Very few signs are up for the Statewide Commissioner races.

    I did see a chick campaigning for a local CC candidate get moved away from the driveway to a polling place this morning. She was dressed to distract with a short skirt and 5 inch heels. Now she is standing the 18 inch tall bahia grass in those heels. Yeah, I had to laugh at that.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      Short skirt and five inch heels? I wasn’t aware that David Vitter had mobilized his legion of hookers into a pack of roving campaign volunteers.

    • M C says:

      Was that at Ballard?… BC I saw a cute girl who was holding a CC sign, however she had on a dress (Not a short skirt) and heels (Not 5 inches) and it was very apparent she was volunteering before heading to her office 🙂 Your comment stretches the truth just a bit… As for the Heels in the grass..thats funny !!

  12. Milton was covered in Handel and Oxendine signs this morning. I voted for neither.

    How I voted:
    Eric Johnson, Seth Harp, Darwin Carter, David Schafer, no to the pro-life amendment and all the rest blank.

      • At the moment I don’t see much choice but to vote for Handel in the runoff. I still don’t necessarily like what I’ve seen about her, but I’d rather have her than Deal I think. That may change as we see how nasty they are to each other these next few weeks. It might come down to me staying home (at work) on the day of the runoff.

        I suppose the bright side is that Ox didn’t make the runoff.

  13. View from Brookhaven says:

    I got a chuckle when I passed an area a minute ago with a single McBerry sign hiding amongst a sea of Handel signs.

  14. Quaker says:

    I’ve gotten a ton of annonymous negative flyers about Handle. For 40 years state law required anyone sending political flyers to idenrtify themselves. Then in 2008 John Wiles slipped a repeal of that law in a substitute to a “housekeeping” bill at the last minute and it passed without most legislators knowing it was there.
    At any rate, I’d like to know if the Ox campaign was behind it, or an insurance company, or another candidate operating under cover. We’ll never know.

    • Pine Knot says:

      It was OX. If you look very carefully you can see where it says paid for by Oxendine ect…The font blends in with the background.

      • True Grit says:

        Oxendine decided to fight back. Don’t forget it was the Handel campaign that started the negative campaigning at the State Convention.

          • Biased says:

            Handel issued the first negative advertising, her magazine piece had a page dedicated to attacking the other candidates, and she’s been using the ‘good ole boys’ line for awhile. She had a week of attacking the other candidates, but once the Palin endorsement dropped, Ox and Deal quickly started hammering her. Nothing against her, but she started the negative attacks.

    • GG says:

      Surprised that anyone in Cobb would support Johnson after the campaign donations to Alisha Thomas Morgan’s campaign in 2008 to the tune of $4600.

      • “Surprised that anyone in Cobb would support Johnson after the campaign donations to Alisha Thomas Morgan’s campaign in 2008 to the tune of $4600.”

        You’re right, how dare anyone make such a non-partisan move! Sometimes when you know a district is going to turn out Democratic, perhaps it’s better to donate to one Democratic candidate over the other Democratic candidate. I don’t like everything ATM has done, but I think she at least believes what she is doing is right. That’s more than I can say for more GOP candidates than I care to think about.

    • B Balz says:

      10-12% of voters vote in a primary, that’s why smart pols take controversial subjects and put them on the ballot in July…

  15. WCHeadhunter says:

    Anybody else a little disappointed with how few people were in line this morning? I got there at 6:53am expecting to be in a long line but I was only the fifth person there. I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed a vote in 15 years and this was unprecedented in my experience over at the Walnut Grove precinct.

  16. What exactly is the point of the “party questions” on a primary ballot? I don’t know if statewide GOP or just a Gwinnett thing, but there was actually a Terry Schiavo-type question on my ballot. I was so taken aback, I just stood and stared at it for a moment… wondering if was finally time to stop voting the GOP primary.

    These questions can’t be a “fire up the base” kind of thing, because the base is already AT the polls when they see them. They can’t be a really serious policy driver, because the questions are always written in such a way that the party knows which answer will win. So what is the point, other to look bad in the eyes of independents who don’t see eye to eye with your wedge issues?

    • Tiberius says:

      The pro life community is trying to show their strength. But the turnout will be so low that the results will be disregarded.

      A more accurate time would be to put it on the Prez preference ballot in 2012. If legal to do so, that is,

    • drjay says:

      i think they use those questions for a couple of things, to develop planks in the party platform, as the basis for resolutions at party conventions and as incentive/information to encourage legislators to draft bills and to try to get referendums or ammendments on the nov ballot

    • griftdrift says:

      same in Dekalb.

      They are leading and looking for affirmation. They are so when a controversial issue comes up “brave” politicians can say they are following the will of the people.

      This is one independent they definitely turned off.

      • chefdavid says:

        Our local party put a straw poll question on the ballot that we will be voting on binding in November. They didn’t know that when they made up the questions with the Dem party. They were scared to put a LBD question on the ballot.

      • ACCmoderate says:

        I fully expect to see the following questions.

        Should the GOP take steps to prevent gay Mexican abortion doctors illegally immigrating to our country.?
        () yes
        () yes
        () not sure (but, yes)

  17. drjay says:

    mostly EJ signs around here this a.m. and a few carl smith’s…

    speaking of on the ground, since this is an open thread, what’s with the green tool bar that showed up over the weekend?

  18. All:

    Very light turnout in Buckhead today. The signs so far out number the voters. I realize that everyone on here is politically active but most of your friends and family probably are not. So, open up your e mail address book and urge them out into the bright July sun to vote. In my e mail, I gave them my two best reasons to vote:

    1. In a free society, decisions are made by those that show up; and
    2. You do not want to let that idiot/clown/whatever down the street pick your political leaders :).

    Go vote!

    Rep. Edward Lindsey

  19. GaConservative23 says:

    I’m a Georgia voter. And while I don’t expect anyone to care, here’s who I voted for:

    Governor: Deal
    SoS: Kemp
    AG: Olens
    School Super: Barge
    Insurance Commissioner: Harp
    Labor Commissioner: Everson
    Ag Commissioner: Black
    PSC: May
    CD-7: Cox

    • voter4 says:

      You are voted for the lobbyist Black???? and you call yourself a “GaConservative23” I don’t think so? You did nhot do your homework. Did you not read that Ga is not for sale? Did you not watch the video about Monsato???? Too bad.

        • voter4 says:

          He does not need “sentimental” vote. We need the right man for the job. Unfortunately Black not the one. I tell you this, if Black wins this primary, I will vote first time in my life for a Democrat: J B Powell.

          • Voter4, he was just stating who he voted for. There is no need to beat him up for it. This is election day. Campaigning for this leg of the race is pretty much over. His vote has already been cast.

            You could use a little more help on your typing and grammar skills. “You are voted for the lobbyist Black????”

  20. macho says:

    It’s Primary day in GA! The schools and libraries are filled with voters and the halls of the Insurance Commission are filled with shredded paper.

  21. Bucky Plyler says:

    According to someone’s voter multiplier effect thang (VMET) …my vote counted 8 times for Jeff Chapman today and 8 affirmatives for the Human Life Amendment.

    Vote early & often !

    • B Balz says:

      “Nothing From Nothing”

      (As recorded by Billy Preston)

      Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
      You gotta have something if you wanna be with me
      Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
      You gotta have something if you wanna be with me

      I’m not tryin’ to be your hero
      ‘Cause that zero, is too cold for me
      I’m not tryin’ to be your highness
      ‘Cause than minus is too low for me.

      Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
      And I’m not stuffin’, believe you me
      Don’t you remember I told ya, I’m a soldier
      In the war on poverty, yeah

      Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
      You gotta have something to be with me
      Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
      You gotta have something to be with me.

  22. Three Jack says:

    i was just denied voting privileges because the ga dmv has flagged me as a non-citizen. born in atlanta, raised in this state, honorably discharged from the us navy, voted in every single freakin election since i was 18 and i am a non-citizen??!!

    i have now been on hold for over 25 minutes trying to speak with someone at the dmv. i thought perdueless was going to make the dmv a more efficient, pleasant agency to deal with…just one more debacle of this failed administration.

    • TPNoGa says:

      If you have a passport, bring it with you to vote. That was my plan if I was given any grief.

      • Three Jack says:

        thanks tp, tried that, no deal…real!

        update — finally got a dds rep on the phone who informed me that there has been a computer glitch so i will have to prove my citizenship to them in order to correct…fat chance! she put me on extended hold…or hung up.

        went ahead and cast ‘challenge ballot’ at the suggestion of a state senator friend. poll workers were great, they couldn’t believe what was happening.

        called dds again and sent a formal complaint via email. this time i got a much more pleasant rep after being on hold, then got a call from a very helpful lady in response to my written complaint. she is working on correcting the status now because she actually pulled up my birth record to find that indeed i was born in atlanta.

        just imagine how much fun we are going to have upon implementation of a national id card!

        • Three Jack says:

          one more note of interest; according to poll workers, there are 400 flagged voters in cobb county due to this dds screw up…must be thousands throughout georgia. thanks dds!

              • Lady Thinker says:

                Reminds me of the guy in New Mexico who called Atlanta to get Olympic tickets in 1996 and was told that New Mexico was not part of the USA. Does anyone remember that?

      • oompaloompa says:

        A Carl Smith supporter in Pt. Wentworth just called and told me Carl’s name wasn’t on the ballot. I told him to go back to the precinct and call me when he gets there.

        Wonder if he was trying to vote Democrat. Heh.

        • drjay says:

          i vote at 7-7 and his name was on my ballot, of course i did pull a gop ballot.

          reminds me of 92, the first time time there really were contested primaries on both sides in sav’h and people were upset and complaining to the media about being disenfranchised b/c they wanted to vote for a gop house candidate and dem county commision candidate during the jly primary…

  23. chefdavid says:

    I just canceled out Grammer’s vote for Senate. Not that it will matter. I had to leave a uncontested BOE members ballot blank. The bastard voted last night to hire a former board member who resigned a month ago as a teacher. He had two years left on his term. There out to be a law against that. I was the only one at my poll at 7:30ish. There had been about 4 or 5 voting before me. I can’t believe we have to fill out paperwork to vote.

    • Icarus says:

      I’m sorry, but in the interest in civility (and to tick off Red Phillips by being more “PC”), could you please refrain from using the word “bastard” and instead say something like “parental ID challenged?”

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Who did I vote for? Or did you mean other members of my family? I am assuming you mean Sen. Mullis and not Sen. Isakson? Just becuase I predict he will win without a run off doesn’t mean he got my vote. He may have. To any event, I am still convinced both of those men will win without a run off.

              • racinwithrex says:

                You might be right there Doug about No Run-off but I still say that when you only have 20% to vote that in itself sends a message that you and the Political Circle don’t understand. Myself, I’m voting FOR two people today and NOT Voting for one position because neither of the two are the better, the rest I’m getting a PIG in a POKE but for one VOTE that is AGAINST the Senator who has VOTED WRONG on many issues this past year… NUFF SAID!

                • racinwithrex says:

                  Oh and by the way there chefdavid, we are all a little miffed at the “HIRING” of a Former School Board Member….lol..lo… But such a potty mouth, we don’t even want to ask about LBTD here in Dade and you use that KIND of language… Just goes to show that “you ain’t from around here”….lol…lol…lol..

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    I have no idea what former school board member you are referring too. I still don’t know for a fact you mean Sen. Mullis over Sen. Isakson. Let’s let the votes get counted before we decide on a 20% turn out. We can also leave off what I do and don’t understand. I don’t think you understand is it’s not what I think , but who get’s the most votes in the primary. The general will be important later.

                    • racinwithrex says:

                      The comment about the Board Member is a “LOCAL” one to David… As far as NOT knowing which Senator I mean shows you don’t pay that much atttention to details such as a VOTING RECORD! As far as the % of votes cast, I find it funny that you can comment on what you think about a Run-off before the election is held by my opinion is premature? HHHMMM and you are the Chairman of the District? Just another case of why THE LOCAL PARTY struggles to get people to show up at events…..

                    • racinwithrex says:

                      Also because your seem to struggle with trying to figure out Which Senator, let me spell it out… M-U-L-L-I-S!

                    • racinwithrex says:

                      And I did BASE my figure off the number of “Early Voters” and Noon numbers for the LOCAL District with the ONLY contested race. It will take a HUGE Evening turnout to make that number soar. But after all you can go ahead and say what most feel anyway… It don’t matter about DADE because they can’t carry ANY ELECTION even in their District…

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      Just in case you don’t realize, the Ninth covers 15 counties and I don’t keep up with what each school board does. The way you wrote your first post, I wasn’t sure who you were calling names. It could have been a Senator or a School Board Member. I thought you were saying a Senator hired a School Board Member. That’s why I had no clue what you meant.

                      I based my prediction of no run off based upon the amount of money raised. I did that about a week ago, but I guess your memory is slipping or you are trying spin. Either way, I’ll remind you my prediction was based off of real numbers.

                      BTW, my job is not to be a nanny and look at every county commissioner, school board member, State Rep., State Senator, or statewide officer and tell them what to do. My job is to help get them get elected once they have the nomination. Your job as voters is to help pick the best person for the job.

                      One campaign tip: don’t wait until 3 PM on the day of voting to direct voters to try to sway their vote.

                      I think the votes in Dade County matter very much, but that’s my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

                      If you could be clearer with what you are trying to say, I (we) could understand you better.

                  • racinwithrex says:

                    Hey Doug, let me suggest that you might need a little help in your Campaign Advice because I am NOT trying today to sway anyone. I let the folks that will look at the record make that decision but the bright lites that impress you don’t do much for me. Mullis doesn’t have to be my BUDDY, he just needs to do HIS JOB! For the record there, it was David who brought up the School Board member and it never had anything to do with you, but as usual you want to THINK you know more than you actually do. That’s why I (we) get such a KICK out of you over here in Dade County. Is that CLEAR ENOUGH for YOU?

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      It seems LIKE you LIKE to CAPITALIZE every OTHER word. WHILE you MAY like IT, I find IT a TAD annoying. I am NOT a FAN of BRIGHT lights. I LIKE to WEAR sunglasses. IF you THINK everything I wrote WAS just FOR you, PERHAPS you ARE a TAD egotistical. I don’t SEE the NEED to WRITE two POSTS if I am RESPONDING to TWO people WHO posted BACK to BACK. MAYBE if I REPLY to YOU this WAY you MIGHT understand HOW annoying READING posts WITH every OTHER word CAPITALIZED can GET. BY the WAY, if YOU are GOING to COMPLAIN about YOUR elected OFFICALS, why WEREN’T you TRYING to SWAY voters? IF I were UNHAPPY with MY representation AT the COUNTY or STATE level, I would TRY to SWAY some VOTERS. BTW, I didn’t CLAIM to KNOW what WAS going ON with YOUR school BOARD, so I ADMITTED I didn’t KNOW what YOU were TALKING about. IF you ENJOY a KICK, you SHOULD realize THAT I didn’t PRETEND to KNOW more THAN what I REALLY do. HAVE I made MY points CLEAR enough FOR you?

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      Whatever, the announcement that one can’t or won’t debate any longer. Name calling, attacking the messenger instead of looking at the message.

                      Neither are signs of an intelligent debater. And no, that message is not just for you.

  24. janna says:

    I find all the comments about empty polling places in the Metro area kinda interesting. Down in the part of the State that doesn’t count, the polling places I passed (and the one I voted in) had lines.

    • polisavvy says:

      Agree about the “part of the State that doesn’t count.” There were lines already forming in Newton County at 8:00.

  25. Lifetime367 says:

    from the AJC

    Early voting (as of Friday night)

    Georgia: 185,065

    The top five counties were:

    Cobb: 11,479

    Fulton: 9,632

    Gwinnett: 8,741

    DeKalb: 8,454

    Chatham: 4,949

    • ACCmoderate says:

      If you think that MacGinnittie is going to do well in his home turf, the Cobb numbers might be concerning for Kemp.

      Most Athens-Clarke voters are pulling the Democratic ballot and turnout hasn’t been that large down here anyways

      • AthensRepublican says:

        Kemp is strong in other areas besides here. I expect him to do well in metro Atlanta area and be very strong in the rural vote.

  26. Lifetime367 says:

    it’s being reported that Georgia Right To Life is making anti- Handel robo calls TODAY- the question is, if that drives 10,000 votes to another candidate… which candidate will it be? It could be enough to make the difference between who gets 2nd place

    • AthensRepublican says:

      GRTL wishes they had that kind of influence. A lot of us pro-life people don’t listen to them.

      • Lawful Money says:

        Methinks you’re right Athens – they seem to be obsolete pretenders for the most part.

      • macho says:

        A good pit of political advocacy groups, conservative and liberal, are really about stirring up some controversy, and the subsequent fundraising dollars, to keep the staff employed.

    • Lawful Money says:

      It surely wouldn’t be the only candidate who is 100% committed to ending the genocide right now rather than maintaining multi-generation lobbying & advocacy propaganda careers preaching the sanctity of life while the murder rages on, would it?

      • macho says:

        Not a big Palin fan, but the two endorsement aren’t even in the same universe. Look at the amount of earned media Karen has received from Palin.

  27. Quaker says:

    “Genocide”, “murder”?!? You people really are unhinged. We’re talking about terminating a pregnancy before a birth occurs, not killing a living person, as happens in war and executions.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      I thought a living person had a heart beat? Funny, all three of the ultrasounds for my children showed the beating heart.

  28. drjay says:

    did anyone else get the robocall from jimmy thompson, tea party member last nite, it was the most amusing call i’ve ever gotten, his drawl makes boss hogg sound like a yankee, and he wasn’t calling on behalf of any particular candidate, just wanted me to go vote and to “throw the bums out” because all the incumbents are part of the problem in his book…

    • NoTeabagging says:

      I got a Jim Thompson call on 7/18. He blocked Caller ID info, so my call screener zapped him. I only heard part of the message.

  29. Henry Waxman says:

    I am looking forward to Karen Handel moving back home to Maryland and taking night classes at the University of Maryland Baltimore County to get her career back on track…

  30. Oz says:

    I voted at about 9:30 in east Cobb County (Murdock Road).

    I was voter 421 in the GOP primary.

    There were a lot of signs on corners for Ox and Handel and a smattering of Deal and Johnson signs as well.

    As far as in people’s yards, Handel mostly with one Deal sign.

    No Ox signs in yards.

    • tonycatch22 says:

      The Handel team must have been working overtime. All I see is their signs…all new ones with “vote today”. To me, that shows alot of commitment.

  31. Progressive Dem says:

    Too bad we didn’t have an instant run-off. Primary turnout in July is bad. Runoff turnout in August will be worse. A very small minority are determing our choices, and of course ballot access to 3rd party and independent candidates is nearly impossible. We seem to be doing nearly everything we can do to discourage participation in elections.

    • B Balz says:

      Gee whiz, d’ya think that the machinery set up by the Dems for over 150 years is still working?

      Read “Praying for Sheetrock” and tell me that the use of subtle, yet complete control is not a firmly entrenched Dem institution that will withstands all takers.

      • Progressive Dem says:

        Ok, Democrats controlled Georgia state government and the election process for 150 years. Isn’t the GOP going to correct the process? Or is the GOP satisfied with maintaining the status quo now that it holds the reins of power?

        In my opinion, the lack of change in election laws and most policies is because there wasn’t really a change in political philosophy of the majority, or of the elected officials. The big change has been in the national parties as they moved to towards a conservative and liberal split. (The GOP has moved much further to the right. Democrats still have centrists in the Democratic Leadership Council and the Blue Dog Coalition. I know of no similar centrist organizations n the GOP). Georgia has always been a conservative state. A lot of conservative Georgia Democrats jumped party lines. The GOP controls state government now, but it’s really just the same conservative people with GOP hats. Look at who ran the Democratic party in Georgia. They weren’t black folks and they weren’t white liberals from Atlanta, or its suburbs. In fact the conservative rural Democrats instituted the county unit vote to make sure Atlanta never ran the state.

        Another measure of Georgia’s political climate is the presidential elections. Georgia has been voting Republican in presidential elections since the Civil Rights era. Favorite son Jimmy Carter won twice. In 1992 Clinton carried Georgia, but without a majority. (His margin of victory was about 7,000 votes and less than 1%.) Every other election since LBJ said his signing of the Civil Rights Act would cause the south to be lost by Democrats for 50 years has gone to Republicans or George Wallace running for a 3rd party. Sonny was a Democrat. Same with Deal. When they started in politics, you had to be a Democrat to get elected. Today, you have to be a Republican. As a liberal, I wasn’t pleased with the way the Democrats ran the state, but after the unmitigated disasters in education, transportation, water and ethics of the past eight years; I gladly welcome back a Democratic governor and Lt. Governor.

        • B Balz says:

          Not being a wise guy, I honesty think you answered your own questions:

          “Isn’t the GOP going to correct the process? Or is the GOP satisfied with maintaining the status quo now that it holds the reins of power?”

          The few that even understand the dynamics of this are not going to rock the boat. Do you think people want to hear about “correcting the process” or about red herring issues?

          Some believe the middle class never should have occurred and would be quite content to see it wiped out in thirty years.

  32. oompaloompa says:

    Voter turn out in South Georgia has been pretty lame from what I’ve seen when riding around today. =(

  33. Buddha the Magnificent says:

    Decent crowd for a primary this morning (but no long waits) out on Isle of Hope, lots of enthusiastic Eric Johnson folks waving signs joined by lots of enthusiastic Ben Watson folks waving signs on the eway to the polls. Watson is running against two other Republicans to take Clint Day’s old seat in GA House for the 163rd District.

    Our leaders are the finest men
    And we elect ’em again and again

  34. oompaloompa says:

    Burke Day.

    Lots of sign waving going on this morning at Abercorn and DeRenne. Even the Democrat-republican-leaning-John Borrow.

  35. John Konop says:

    I talk to some neighbors and friends about the election. What I found interesting is the negative ads against Karen on my small sample seemed to have a boomerang result. I heard consistent theme about them being on the fence, but the “negative personal ads” pushed them toward Karen. The TV one from OX was mentioned the most. They all said it made them feel very uncomfortable and sympathetic to Karen. Also the tag team effort at the debate elevated Karen to the front-runner position in their minds. Many were shocked to hear she was not in first place at the time in the polls.

    I will stay with my prediction that Karen breaks into the 30 percent range reinforced by my non-scientific poll and instincts that the negative ads were a mistake. And if OX does not make it in the run-off he will be kicking himself for going negative at Karen.

    • TPNoGa says:

      Everyone I know that decided within the last couple weeks decided to vote for Karen. I know it’s not scientific, plus I am in metro Atlanta, but interesting anyway.

  36. Goldwater Conservative says:

    From a strictly strategic P.O.V, I can see real value in a Thurmond Senate nomination and a Baker gubernatorial nomination.

    I know I risk being labeled racist for making such a suggestion (and those of you that have read me before know I am anything but), but I can imagine a sizeable population of 2008 first-time voters returning to the polls this year if the top two ticket offices had African-American Democratic Nominees.

    Neither are particularly well known or well spoken (they are not Barack Obama), but the interaction of the effects of candidacies beyond the primaries for both Thurmond and Baker would likely drive a high level of turnout in certain locales.

    • Goldwater Conservative says:

      By the way, I predict that every GOP nominee for a state-wide constitutional office wins the General Election.

      I also predict that no Congressional Incumbent will lose their primary in Ga and that no district will switch their party affiliations after the November elections.

      Lastly, there will be a veto-proof Republican majority in the state legislature next session.

      What does all this mean? Technically, the Tea Party has no significant marginal effect in the state of Georgia. I suspect his is because the “throw them all out” mentality only applies to democrats and minorities. It also means that Georgia is full of idiots.

      • drjay says:

        no incumbents will lose primaries, but i am curious to see if the numbers in the 12th are enough to make barrow a little uncomfortable, he did a lot more campaigning this time around, i don’t remember him being on t.v for the 08 primary…your lack of faith in fellow georgians aside, there are plenty of scenarios where the dems could do o.k. in the statewide races…

      • ACCmoderate says:

        Gene Talmadge rode to repeated electoral success on the “throw them all out” strategy.

        Case in point… this state has always been chock full of lesser intellects.

      • c_murrayiii says:

        Well if you moved out of the state there’d be one less idiot to count as living here…just a suggestion

  37. georgiaguy1 says:

    MSNBC Article: Four things to watch in Georgia primaries

    #4. Do facts or emotion matter more in TV ads?
    . . . .
    The ad has caused a shake-up in the race for the first open seat for attorney general in the state in 60 years — and has ignited racial tensions. Both Teilhet and Hodges are white; the mother is black. Race was a major issue when this trial was going on, and some observers see Teilhet as trying to make a play for the black vote with this ad.

    But Hodges, who has rounded up the support of prominent African Americans, has pushed back hard. An independent fact-checker called Teilhet’s claim that Hodges botched the case as “false,” said that the prosecutor was not required to swear in the officer, and noted that a jury saw the video, featured in the ad, multiple times.

    • Jack Smith says:

      Somehow, I’d take the mother’s perspective over an “independent” fact checker.

      Inherited wealth plus a lack of personal character equals one Ken Hodges.

      • georgiaguy1 says:

        Jack, no one is denying that this mother should be upset about the loss of her son, and in her own words she wanted to take advantage of every opportunity to get her son’s story out there. What’s shameful here is that Rob Teilhet sought her ought for his political gain and had her read statements that simply were not true about the case. There was no requirement to swear in the officer. That is a fact. Ken Hodges never refused to reopen the case. That is a fact. The grand jury was shown the video many times. That is a fact.
        You, Jack Smith, like Rob Teilhet, do not care about the facts because they do not serve your purposes.

        • Jack Smith says:

          “What’s shameful here is that Rob Teilhet sought her ought for his political gain ……”

          Gee, I’m so glad Hodges didn’t seek out people for his ads.

          Ken Hodges: Georgia’s Mike Nifong. What a disgrace!

  38. Matthew A says:

    Very light turn out at my polling place. One guy was finishing when I showed at 1:30 pm. One guy came in when I was leaving. The polling workers looked bored.

    This is St. Bart’s in DeKalb County.

    I voted for Nguyen. The Republican won’t win the Fifth District, but she’s the best forlorn hope against Lewis.

    Is anyone else bothered by the workers stacking the cast ballots out on a table? It doesn’t seem very secure.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Buzz, for a primary, isn’t 20-25% actually fairly average? With 4.5 active registered voters state-wide, 20% would be 900,000 voters. Assuming half are GOP voters, thats 450K primary voters which is dead on average from what I’ve seen.

  39. Lee County report:

    GOP Gubernatorial sign ratio –
    Johnson : Deal : Oxendine : Handel : Chapman : McBerry : Putnam
    5 : 2 : 1 : 0 : 0 : 0 : 0

    GOP Congressional Sign Ratio –
    Keown : Allen : Ferrell
    6 : 2 : 1

    Voter turnout as of 1 p.m. – 10%
    Strongest turnout in south Lee County, where there is a contested County Commission race that has generated a lot of attention.

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