A Note About Character

One of our own is on a contested primary ballot today, and hopefully will be serving in the Georgia House of Representatives in January. Buzz Brockway has long been our adult in the room, and is frequently the one behind the scenes making sure we back away from the ledge when necessary.

A former chairman of the Gwinnett GOP, Buzz has long had the desire to serve in an elected capacity. Instead of climbing over those he supported as a grass roots and party activist, he did the unthinkable in modern political times. He bided his time and waited.

I think Buzz was as surprised as any when the time came during qualifying week, as his State Rep was tapped to become a judge. At the time, Buzz was working for another good friend, Josh Clark, as his campaign manager. Buzz had literally hours to decide if he would honor his commitment to Josh, or take the opportunity to run for the House. He did the unthinkable. He’s doing both.

I was struck by this facebook status from Buzz over the weekend, as ones like it have been common every weekend since Buzz qualified:

Buzz Brockway Going door to door today for Joshua Clark I came across this house which had one of my signs as well. Curious I knocked on the door and found that the man of the house was also named Buzz. Too bad he’s miles out of my district. I sure don’t want others to steal my signs, but I had to laugh.

Buzz just posted it as an amusing anecdote, as most of his status updates are. But it demonstrates a commitment that few people would have in today’s world, much less in today’s political environment. With his own contested primary today, Buzz spent his weekend going door to door for his friend in a different district.

I’m proud to call Buzz a friend, and look forward to him serving Gwinnett County and Georgia with honor in the General Assembly.

And I say all that as a proud Bulldog. Go Buzz, Sic ‘Em. Woof Woof Woof!


  1. chefdavid says:

    I voted for Buzz in spirit today. They got this dang law about having to live in the district so I couldn’t really vote for him. Good Luck

  2. Justin Tomczak says:

    I don’t live in his district, but I am also a big fan of Buzz and am proud to call him a friend.

    Good luck today!

    • Chris says:

      He really is. I have “The Binder” on Buzz, and will be getting that driveway replacement earmark next term come heck or high water!

  3. GaConservative23 says:

    “Instead of climbing over those he supported as a grass roots and party activist…”

    Hmm, this sounds like some former Gwinnett County GOP chairman who’s currently running for a Congressional seat he’s unqualified for…

  4. Rick A. says:

    Buzz is one of the good guys and I am extremely hopeful that I get to serve with him…We need him. Yes, I am a Rep and yes, I do peruse this site often…I just don’t post. You all make a difference in the political landscape and I am sure that Buzz will will continue to have a tremendous impact upon it as well. Best wishes, Buzz! Call if you need anything at all!

  5. Buzz, thanks for using your time and talent to help make your community and this state a better place. There are a lot of people who run for public office for a multitude of reasons. Buzz’s heart is in the right place, service not self service.

    He is one of the GOOD GUYS! Good Luck Buzz!!!

  6. PegM says:

    I’ve been a friend for many years and served with him as Chairman. The above post is the most accurate article about a man who rises above us all. The world needs more Buzz, Josh, Brett, and Melvin. May they all win today.

  7. Muselaw says:

    Great post, and not a surprise based on the way Buzz conducts himself on this medium.

    Best of luck to you, Buzz

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