I Get Email.

I received this via email.

People have gotten a lot of auto-calls from Mark Butler this Friday. Lost in the mix is an impressive array of endorsements from around the state. Butler’s endorsements include, Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren, Former Gwinnett Representative Robert Mumford, State Representative Jerry Keen, State Representative Ben Harbin, DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer, Rockdale County Commissioner Janice Van Ness, Paulding County Commissioner Chairman David Austin, Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley, Former Atlanta Falcon and Former Fulton County Commission Chairman Mike Kenn and Fayette County Clerk of Court, Sheila Studdard.

No matter what people say about Mark Butler on Peach Pundit, he must be doing something right to have all these endorsements from these elected Republican leaders.

Unlike other Front Page Posters, I won’t be telling you how I’m voting tomorrow. I’ve got to work with the winners (assuming I win tomorrow of course). I’ll make two exceptions: I’m voting for myself (I want to get at least one vote) and I’ll be voting for Melvin Everson for Commissioner of Labor.


  1. GaConservative23 says:

    You mean you don’t want to tell all of us how you’re voting? I base all my votes on who the PP guys tell me to vote for.

    I also base my votes on what Sarah Palin tells me to do.

  2. drjay says:

    robocalls happen, i get that, they don’t annoy me as much as they do some people–but as a resident below the gnat line, i was amused by the calls from butler–i get home friday to 4 messages on my machine that arrived about 2 minutes apart:

    robocall for butler by cobb county sheriff
    robocall for butler by a female county commissioner (boyer, maybe?)
    robocall for butler by mumford
    and robocall for butler by mike kenn

    i get he has developed relationships with these folks and they are willing to endorse him, but 1. i’m not sure how much insight a sheriff and court clerk has on the labor commissioners job and 2. i’m not sure how interested the average south ga resident is in the opinion of a bunch of atlantans…

    • Provocateur says:

      Mark Butler gets the award for sending the most number of robo calls. Beyond that, he falls flat. Except of course for dating women way below his age grade.

  3. DoubleDawg3 says:

    That’s great that he’s got those endorsements – and now that I read the list, I can recognize some of the names that call (the audio quality on my answering machine was poor on a couple of the phone calls, so it didn’t really register who the person calling was).

    But still – 5 (FIVE) robocalls in one day – actually in the span of about 6 hours (from 11 AM to 5 PM), that’s excessive and doesn’t do anything but piss the majority of people off. Just my honest opinion.

    • polisavvy says:

      I’ll be glad when I can go to my mailbox and not be inundated with propaganda from the campaigns. It’s ridiculous!! There are three of us living here who are registered republicans so everyday (here lately anyhow) we get three pieces of mail from almost every gubernatorial candidate. Very annoying. As far as robocalls, thank goodness we haven’t received any. And, while we’re talking about annoyances — the television ads are as annoying as the mail!

      • Lady Thinker says:

        I’m lucky, I only got one and it was for someone not in my district and for whom I could not vote for anyway. That was a wasted call.

  4. GOPwits says:

    I believe I have received a call from every single one of those people. It’s gotten so bad that I recognize the prefix for a Mark Butler call – it’s area code 402…

    When you get 5-6 in one day, it’s just straight out annoying.

    I’m voting for Melvin Everson because he’s not tainted by scandal the way Butler is.

  5. NoTeabagging says:

    Robocalls should not be considered a ‘free speech’ right. My home and my phone are private. I have the right to limit communication through my private phone line.
    Do I have the right to go to a candidates home, ring the doorbell repeatedly, multiple times a day, over several weeks until they answer, then step inside to make a political campaign statement? No. I would be arrested for trespassing and harassment.
    Politicians have abused autodialing technology and robocall laws. Random and sequential dialing is outlawed in most state and federal laws restricting autodialer equipment. This law exists to avoid dialing lines dedicated for emergency use by hospitals, businesses and individuals. Robocallers make multiple calls until the recipient answers, and worse, many robocalls will call you back until you have allowed the entire message to play. Robocallers may call every voter listed at your residence, so you will receive multiple calls on one phone line. Robocallers also hide or change caller ID info so you cannot trace the call. All robocallers must be registered with the Georgia Public Service Commission. Many robocallers do not identify the entity sponsoring the call or give a call back number for the campaign as required by commercial robocall laws. I have received robocalls for candidates outside my local and federal jurisdiction. This is particularly annoying because the political PR firm that places the calls obviously has my phone number registered to another district. They refused to correct this mistake. I even called the candidates to let them know I am not in their district and asked them to place me on a do not call list. The calls kept coming. Finally, some political robocalls are abusing the telephone privilege by sending nasty, misleading attacks about their opponents. These politicians are not the people I want in political office. I do not want their negative information in my home.

    Please push for stronger legislation, like California robocall laws, to insist political robocalls comply with commercial robocall standards and keep ‘do not call lists’.

    • Provocateur says:

      Your phone line is like your house: paid for by you, but the use of which is restricted and governed by the feds (FCC), as well as taxed by them.

      Politicians make laws…politicians want to get elected…politicians will not be issuing legislation on restricting the use of robo calls for election purposes any more than they will restrict the length of female lobbyists skirts or the height of their high heels clicking around their legislative buildings.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      “Politicians have abused autodialing technology and robocall laws.”

      I think you mean “Mark Butler has abused autodialing technology and robocall laws.”

    • AthensRepublican says:

      Speaking of Mark Butler, I don’t know much about him other than what I have read here. I do have a question. His bio says he is 39 years old and has a son 26 years old. I assume this is a stepson?

  6. Quaker says:

    The best money I spend is the fee for an unlisted number. No political calls, no sales calls. Nothing but silence. If someone does not know my number, I do not want to talk to him, her, or it.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      I recently went completely unpublished, and pay a monthly fee for that. I am testing the primary season before I change to a new number, but have household resistance to that.

  7. CobbGOPer says:

    Oxendine makes his own robocalls:

    “John Oxendine thinks John Oxendine is the best Oxendine for this state. No other Oxendine but John Oxendine will do. John Oxendine will stand up for what John Oxendine believes in, based on careful research by John Oxendine. John Oxendine.”

    //Bob Dole approves.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Could have had a great drinking game last night if you took a shot everytime John Oxendine said John Oxendine

      //… John Oxendine

      • NoTeabagging says:

        Same for Ray McBerry. He kept referring to himself by name rather than in the first person.

        • B Balz says:

          “Well, what will they do when they don’t have Dick Nixon to kick around, anymore?” – Richard M. Nixon

  8. Glen Ross says:

    Why are people so insular? If you are too busy to talk, don’t answer the phone. If you’re not interested in what the person is saying, politely say so and hang up the phone. It’s roughly 2 weeks at year these are an issue. Get over it. If your Hamburger Helper goes cold during the 30 seconds the call takes, put it in the microwave. Geez. If voters informed themselves more, polticians wouldn’t have to annoy the sh*t out of you asking for a vote.

    That said, clearly Mark Butler is an idiot. I’m sure he will pay a dear price at the ballot box tomorrow. But to act like you’re life has been knocked completely off center because your phone rings a little more than usual makes you look like a miserable old coger.

    • Glen Ross says:

      Just to clarify…not calling you a miserable old coger, Buzz. Just these unwaveringly bitter folk who just patrol the Earthy looking for someone or thing to get angry at.

  9. Doug Deal says:

    Mark Butler is a first class idiot. My wife received 5 robocalls on her cell phone in 2 hours, from a Nebraska number and he is supposedly running for Georgia labor commissioner.

    Plus, how do these Sherrifs, whose departments are almost guarenteed to receive Federal funds make endorsements when it is a clear violation of the Hatch act.

    • drjay says:

      i don’t know specifically, but i am pretty sure that as elected partisan constitutional officers sheriffs are allowed some leeway in their political activity, as compared to a run of the mill federally funded employee, otherwise they couldn’t run themselves…

  10. Mike Hauncho says:

    I would expect more from someone running to be Georgia’s Labor Commissioner. If your focus is to bring jobs to Georgia and put Georgians to work, why wouldn’t you hire a local company to send out your calls? I know money can be a factor but I think it is quite telling when a candidate promotes jobs for Georgians and then sends his robo call and yard sign business out of state.

  11. GARepublican2010 says:

    All the volunteers and other GOP people tuned into the races I’ve spoken to are voting for Melvin Everson (as I already have), so I’m not really sure where Mark Butler thinks he’s going to get support (besides the 5% he gets for being listed first).

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