Peach Pundit Straw Poll Results.

After countless votes by sock puppets of all shapes and sizes, concerted efforts by various groups and campaigns, and numerous people figuring out how to vote multiple times, we have results of the Peach Pundit Straw Polls. Some might end up being accurate – and we’ll take full credit for those results – but the blame for the crazy results shown in some of these polls rests squarely on the shoulders of the sock puppets and other abusers. Read at your own risk.

If no candidate received a majority of the votes (including “undecided”) then a runoff is assumed, unless there are only two candidates in the race.

Dem. Primary: US Senate

Michael Thurmond wins.

GOP Primary: Governor

Jeff Chapman and Eric Johnson will face each other in a runoff.

Dem. Primary: Governor

Dubose Porter and Roy Barnes will face each other in a runoff.

Dem. Primary: Lt. Governor

Carol Porter wins.

GOP Primary: Secretary of State

Doug MacGinnitie wins.

Dem. Primary: Secretary of State

Angela “Miss Angela” Moore and Gail Buckner will face each other in a runoff.

GOP Primary: Attorney General

Sam Olens and Max Wood will face each other in a runoff.

Dem. Primary: Attorney General

Rob Teilhet wins.

GOP Primary: Commissioner of Agriculture

Gary Black wins.

GOP Primary: Commissioner of Insurance

Gerry Purcell and Seth Harp will face each other in a runoff.

GOP Primary: State School Superintendent

Richard Woods wins.

Dem. Primary: State School Superintendent

Joe Martin and Beth Farokhi will face each other in a runoff.

GOP Primary: Commissioner of Labor

Melvin Everson wins.

Dem. Primary: Commissioner of Labor

Terry Coleman wins.

GOP Primary: Public Service Commission

Jeff May wins.

GOP Primary: 2nd Congressional District

Mike Keown wins.

GOP Primary: 4th Congressional District

Victor Armendariz and Lisbeth “Liz” Carter will face each other in a runoff.

Dem. Primary: 4th Congressional District

Connie Stokes and Vernon Jones will face each other in a runoff.

GOP Primary: 5th Congressional District

Kelly Nguyen wins.

GOP Primary: 7th Congressional District

Jody Hice and Rob Woodall will face each other in a runoff.

GOP Primary: 8th Congressional District

Austin Scott wins.

GOP Primary: 9th Congressional District

Tom Graves and Steve Tarvin will face each other in a runoff.

GOP Primary: 12th Congressional District

Raymond McKinney and Carl Smith will face each other in a runoff.

Dem. Primary: 12th Congressional District

Regina Thomas wins.

GOP Primary: 13th Congressional District

Deborah Honeycutt and Hank R Dudek will face each other in a runoff.

Dem. Primary: 13th Congressional District

Michael Frisbee and Mike Murphy will face each other in a runoff.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    Melvin Everson, Jeff May, and Gerry Purcell look good. Some of the others are a stretch. This might be Jeff Chapman’s first first. Tuesday will prove to be an interesting day.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      I have not heard a word from Purcell or Sheffield. No robocalls, no mailpieces. I have received robocalls for Hudgens, Harp, Knox and Northington. The only TV ads I have seen were for Hudgens. The only mailpiece I received was for Harp.

      • Bill Knowles says:

        There are many mail pieces out there for Sheffield and the robocalls were out there for her too. Rhubarb Jones was her endorser.

        • EllaPatriot says:

          I think a lot of these are questionable. As Buzz said, it is questionable and to read at your own risk.

          I dont see Chapman in the runoff at all. I like him but he was too late to the game. I think it will be empty podium – HANDEL and either Johnson or Deal. I’m hoping that the Georgia citizens finally do away with corruption and dont vote for Oxendine.

          I’m okay with Seth Harp and Gerry Purcell runoff. Maria is an Oxendine clone and has received $70,000 from Oxendine contributors (See proof here: ) — so much for backbone and guts to bring honesty and integrity back into the Office of Insurance Commissioner.

          I worry about the nastyness of the runoff if it is Olens and Wood. However, on that note, I see it this way as well unless Smith is able to pull a miracle.

          I see School Superintendent going to Barge, not Woods. I’m okay with either but leaning towards Barge.

          I’m surprised by the 7th district. Cox is famous for “bringing people and signs” to an event. Not sure why he didnt do better in this poll. I’m not unhappy with him not being in the runoff — I’m in the “anyone but Cox” camp.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        FYI Kyle,

        I talked to someone today in Savannah. She said a Republican group contacted Eric a few years ago to arrange a meeting with the governor to address some transportation problems. She said Eric told the group they WERE NOT entitled to speak with the governor about these problems. She asked Johnson what gave him the right to decide who can contact the governor and who cannot. She said the GOP is working hard to get citizens to vote against Johnson in the counties around Savannah and that the groups backs Karen. Based on her comments and the group’s grass roots activism, she is predicting that Johnson won’t carry Savannah and the counties around Savannah.

        • Well, I have a hard time believing that. I’m sure it was a one-time, isolated incident. Knowing Mr. Johnson, he is nothing like that. I’m sure he had a legitimate reason to say what he said and I still stand with him.

          I’m sure someone else could say they had a similarly negative story with Mrs. Handel, but that doesn’t change the fact that she did a relatively good job in the Secretary of State’s office. Isolated incidents happen with the government because I’m sure you know as well as I do that it’s not perfect. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

            • sofnbc says:


              Your response of “whatever” seems to come out when someone speaks logic against something you have to say.

              Will you say “whatever” about this:


              Seems like Karen Handel has a few ethics complaints of her own to deal with.

              While I was calling voters yesterday I spoke with quite a few people from Savannah and the surrounding communities and the overwhelming majority said they were, or have already, voted for EJ.

              • Lady Thinker says:

                I use “whatever” when a person is no longer interested in what I have to say. Kyle is young and very naiveté but with time he will mature and consider other points of view. That is not an excuse several posters on here can use, therefore, to them I say “whatever.” Got it?

                Also, I looked up your link and found where someone has filed a complaint against Karen but that is all it is at this point, an allegation, not a fact. Nothing has been proven in this short time period. Time will tell.

                Most candidates use accounting firms to handle their campaign money so I don’t know who, if anyone, made a mistake. It could have been Karen, the accounting firm, a staffer, or it could be that it is an allegation from one of the candidates that Karen is beating at the moment and he wants to deflect the spotlight away from him and onto her.

                What I do know is that an allegation is not a fact.

                • MouthoftheSouth says:

                  That would be naïve, not naïveté. You want the adjectival form. In a sentence: : “That Karen Handel is so naïve! She thinks the Eisenhower Office Building is inside the White House, that’s a level of naïveté you rarely see from people with real world experience.”

                  Also, French loanwords have no place in the Republican primary.

                  Additionally, the above is an allegation and a fact.

              • justpeachy says:

                I’ll reply to that sofnbc. 1- I think it’s doubtful Karen would take Savannah… just like I’m certain she’ll take Fulton. 2- for the “ethics investigation” if you’ve looked into it more than just that article you would know she had a couple of donations $100 over. The staffer deposted the checks and refunded the $100 to the donors the day they were deposited (didn’t wait for the complaint to come about). By law you only disclose over $100 refunds. Had it been me I would have refunded $101 to save tax dollars from a huge ethics investigation over something as silly as $100.

            • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

              LT, you’ve had your blinders on for a very long time. What will you do when GED Jane doesn’t make it to the runoff? Oh wait, she’ll probably run for another political office next election.

              • Lady Thinker says:


                What are you going to do when your candidate loses Tuesday, vote for Karen or for Barnes?

                • MouthoftheSouth says:

                  Barnes. I mean, seriously, you are talking about someone that couldn’t finish high school, and lists her work credits as 1) one of the deputy chiefs of staff for the second lady, where she supervised two people, one of which maintained the auto pen, and her greatest and only achievement in this job is HELPING to START the PROCESS of bringing a 5k race that already existed in other cities to Washington (a claim that despite its weakness is still dubious) 2) spending a couple of years as secretary of state, where she is notable for, maybe bringing extreme partisanship into candidate registration and then quitting.

                  Those are my choices? Fine, I’ll pick Roy.

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    Karen has said over and over ad nauseum that she has a high school diploma but I see you have chosen to buy into the rumor. Since you don’t appear to have an open mind and do your own research, go for whomever you choose, which is your First Amendment right to do MOTS.

                • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

                  Honestly, that will take a lot of thought. I won’t rule anyone out in the general.

            • GG says:

              Johnson may carry Savannah but some of the surrounding counties questionable. Johnson is not well liked by the environmental group and yes a lot of them are Republicans.

              “Georgia River Network News Stream
              May, 2007

              Sally Bethea, Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, kicked off the Department of Natural Resources Board by the Georgia Senate: The Department of Natural Resources Board makes critical decisions regarding the preservation and protection of our waterways and land. Ms. Bethea is the third advocate for our natural resources to be removed from the Department of Natural Resources Board in the past five months. The two others, Sara Clark and Ralph Callaway, were also recently removed. Ms. Bethea’s dismissal, along with the others, sends a clear message: too many of our politicians are working with big business and developers to silence voices calling for cleaner air and water in Georgia. Three Senators from southeast Georgia, Senator Tommie Williams (Lyons), Senator Eric Johnson (Savannah), and Senator Jack Hill (Reidsville) were on the Senate committee that ignored Governor Perdue’s appointment and struck Sally Bethea’s name from his list of appointees. “

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        “Replace Jeff Chapman with Karen Handel and then it’s closer to the truth.”

        Whoa, pretty ballsy of you to use “truth” and Karen Handel in the same sentence.

    • gawatchdog404 says:

      Lady Thinker,
      Apparently Peach Pundit is being run by a bunch of idiots. This poll is dreadfully inaccurate. Campaigns have manipulated the results of this thing by unlimited votes. This poll has no value what so ever.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      It’s all in fun. Even I, a Chapman supporter, don’t believe he’ll make it to the runoff.

  2. Doctor Death says:

    How to get a accurate result from this straw poll,
    Flip all results 180 degrees and then you will have your winners.
    I have not seen this much crack smoking since I was last in Harlem!

  3. Icarus says:

    1) We emphasize that these results are “less than scientific”.

    2) This is in no way a prediction of Tuesday’s results. At least not from me.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      Are you going to all the election parties or just a few on Tuesday? OR will it depend on which one has your brand of beer?

    • Gwinnett is Great says:

      Since every article I’ve read and most everyone I’ve spoken to in the 7th district says that Representative Clay Cox is the front runner by a long shot, I find it hard to believe that these results are even close to accurate. Jody Hice and his staff handed out pieces of paper saying “go to and vote for Jody Hice” in every church that would allow them in the doors when this poll came out. This sort of campaigning is just downright frightening. If there had been a straw poll for the Governor’s race, I’m sure McBerry would have come out on top with the amount of cult followers that voted in that poll.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      I stuck my solar powered flashlight in a drawer. When I went back to get it, there was a magnet stuck to it and it no longer worked. I emptied all four clips and had enough flash power to see what I needed the flashlight to see. (Just kidding about the four clips).

  4. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Has anyone else gotten a TON of robocalls from the Mark Butler campaign? Last Friday I received not 1, not 2, but 5 – yes FIVE – robocalls from the Mark Butler for Labor Commissioner campaign. All from “endorsers” I’d never heard of in my life, so why do I care who they’re voting for? Seriously, why would you do 5 robocalls in the same day – at least do it on the Monday before the election.

    Too bad for him he wasted $0.15 that day – I voted the first week of early voting and had no hesitations going for Everson. Butler’s incident regarding the blow up with West Georgia means he’ll not get my vote – not now, nor in November if he’s up against Terry Coleman. Calling my house 5 times in one day was just another strike against him.

  5. gawatchdog404 says:

    I think this straw poll greatly discredits Peach Pundit and should not have been posted. Buzz you shoulder all the blame. As much as I like and support Jeff Chapman, there’s no way he would should have realistically won this straw poll. The other races are just as flawed, especially PSC where there were 5,000 votes. I doubt that many people visit this site in a month. In this particular poll voters/campaigns voted unlimited times by deleting cookies and refreshing their computers. Buzz in knowing all the polls were flawed, you should not have announced results like this.

  6. gawatchdog404 says:

    404 isn’t my area code, it’s my benchpress. I’m just speaking the truth. I really don’t care who listens. This poll is as inaccurate as half the stuff that’s written on this site.

  7. GaConservative23 says:

    All you have to do is read the gubernatorial results.

    This poll is about as useful as closing your eyes and throwing darts at a list of candidates.

  8. georgiaguy1 says:

    MSNBC Article: Four things to watch in Georgia primaries

    #4. Do facts or emotion matter more in TV ads?
    . . . .
    The ad has caused a shake-up in the race for the first open seat for attorney general in the state in 60 years — and has ignited racial tensions. Both Teilhet and Hodges are white; the mother is black. Race was a major issue when this trial was going on, and some observers see Teilhet as trying to make a play for the black vote with this ad.

    But Hodges, who has rounded up the support of prominent African Americans, has pushed back hard. An independent fact-checker called Teilhet’s claim that Hodges botched the case as “false,” said that the prosecutor was not required to swear in the officer, and noted that a jury saw the video, featured in the ad, multiple times.

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