Atlanta Press Club Gubernatorial Debates Live-Blog

The Atlanta Press Club‘s debate series ends tonight, at least for the primaries, as the Democratic candidates for Governor get us started at 7pm. Republicans will start at 8pm.


  1. Ambernappe says:

    I think that Eric Johnson was incorrect re: Right to Life and IVF. Right to Life is trying to limit the procedure and criticized Karen Handel for undergoing it.

  2. Jawgadude says:

    • Panelist Corey Dade – FAIL (Rambling incoherent questions)
    • Panelist Susanna Capoleuto – FAIL (Not quit in tune with GOP issues)
    • Panelist Jim Galloway – PASS (Did OK)
    • Moderator Scott Slade – PASS (Great job)

    • Jeff Chapman – FAIL (Very weak answers and just flat overall)
    • Nathan Deal – PASS (Fairly good delivery with good responses at times)
    • Karen Handel – FAIL (Once again a no-show for a debate)
    • Eric Johnson – PASS (Not overpowering but very intelligent consistent responses and delivery)
    • Ray McBerry – FAIL (Set new record for the use of the terms “state’s rights candidate” & “Christian conservative”)
    • John Oxendine – FAIL (I honestly cannot stand to listen to his voice, and he just didn’t have the presence or demeanor Deal or Johnson had)

    • Ambernappe says:

      Nevertheless, Because the people watching are familiar with Karen Handel, she won the poll by a large number, and Eric Johnson was second.

    • Ditto on Corey Dade–not just for rambling questions, but for loaded, liberal-biased questions.

      As for Susanna Capoluto, her reporting in general is very liberal, but I would say that her questions during this debate were outstanding. She was hard-nosed, persistent, informed–I felt for a moment that I was listening to a real journalist!

      • AthensRepublican says:

        And he is from the Wall Street Journal! I agree he was an awful questioner. Capoluto was so-so.

  3. In The Arena says:

    Since Handel didn’t want to grace Georgia voters with her deep insights this evening, she should have just had Icarus appear in her place. Nothing says “bring it on” like skipping debates.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      I heard she watched the debates from home and told her husband to “Bring It On!” when he offered to get another carton of Häagen-Dazs out of the freezer…

          • Hill Rat says:

            Speaking of having no classes, when is Karen Handel going to complete her first semester of college, or better yet, an associate’s degree?

            It truly would be embarrassing for the least qualified Kindergarten teacher to be better educated than our governor.

            • John Konop says:

              Hill Rat,

              You must not sleep at night knowing Steve Jobs as so much more successful than you and he never went graduated college.

              When I do deals the college degree question does not come up, it is all about the bottom line.

              • analogkid says:

                “When I do deals the college degree question does not come up, it is all about the bottom line.”

                Hannah would be authority, but I assume most people don’t discuss college with their dealers. 🙂

                Anyway, Handel is no Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Michael Dell. If she were, I’d be typing this on a Handel computer, not a Dell.

            • SFCWallace says:

              Thanks rat, my wife was on the fence trying to decide between Handle and Johnson. Your “no class” quip pissed her off and she’s voting for Karen. Keep up the good work.

  4. AthensRepublican says:

    As the perceived frontrunner in the race, I think it really hurt Handel not to appear. I understand her reasoning, but I think people get the point. Johnson and Deal came across strongest. Chapman was not bad in his message but his delivery is weak. Oxendine was awful. I don’t see him making the runoff.

  5. Henry Waxman says:

    By the way, Oxendine totally lied when he said that he stood up to ObamaCare by refusing to implement a request from HHS Secretary Sebelius.

    Oxendine was referring to the new high-risk health insurance pool program in Section 1103 of the bill (Public Law 111-148), and in contrast to the Ox’s claims, the decision of whether the State of Georgia would enter into an implementation contract with HHS was made by Governor Perdue – not Oxendine because Oxendine simply did not have the power to make this decision.

    Sure, Team Ox sent out a press release claiming that Ox rejected Georgia’s participation in the high-risk pool program, but just like Oxendine didn’t have the power to make UGA play Michigan State in the 2010 Capitol One Bowl, he also didn’t have the power to say no to Secretary Sebelius.

  6. Georgia Judge says:

    Chapman and McBerry should not have even been there,their campaigns are merely side shows.

    Johnson and Deal need to make the runoff,and that becomes clearer by the day.

  7. Kellie says:

    Do any of you really believe people watched this? It was not on TV and no one outside of this group would take the time to watch it on their computer.
    The majority of people will get the debate results from their local paper which will be scewed.

  8. apacheangel says:

    Oxendine looks like a Ken doll. He’s even got Ken doll hair. I always found Ken creepy. In fact, one year my sisters got a Barbie and a Skipper doll and I got Ken, I felt I’d been gypped.

    • Buzzfan says:

      So, I’m guessing it’s been quite a few years since you had your ‘creepy’ radar recalibrated?

      Please consult your user’s manual. Might be time to schedule maintenance. :-Þ

    • polisavvy says:

      I agree with you about how creepy Oxendine is. I had glanced away from the television and when he spoke, he actually startled me with that voice of his. There is no way I could stand listening to that for four or eight years. Let’s hope I don’t have to do so.

  9. Empty Podium says:

    So now i’m torn. I was going to vote in the dem primary, just to try to get Porter into a run off with Barnes…

    But now I’m looking @ what happened last night and I keep thinking, “I don’t want to hear Ox’s voice any more than I need to.” … a far cry from his views on hearing his own voice I think.

    Is anyone else mulling which primary to vote in?

    • Yep… I’m still having a tough time deciding, but as of this morning I’m leaning heavily towards the R primary to vote for Johnson in the Gov race and Darwin Carter in the Agriculture race. They both seem to be the more limited government candidates out of the entire field from what I can tell.

      Johnson said he’d support the legalization of parimutuel betting on horse racing as well as letting communities decide for themselves about the Sunday alcohol sales issue. The rest of his platform seems to be pretty good as well and based more on logic than religious values. I probably should have spent more time researching him earlier.

        • ‘What is illogical about “do not murder, lie, steal , or commit adultery?”’

          There’s nothing illogical about those particular items you listed nor have I ever said that there was. Not everyone gets their moral values from the Christian faith. Do you think people would think murder, lying, stealing or committing adultery would be okay if Christianity didn’t exist?

          However, what is not religious based about “do not gamble, sell alcohol on Sunday, smoke marijuana, grow hemp for it’s fiber value, etc.”?

          Those are items which I feel should be up to the individual person as to whether they want to take part in it or not. It shouldn’t be the government deciding that they should be illegal with them quoting the old childrens’ song “for the Bible tells me so”.

  10. Buzzfan says:

    The rest of his platform seems to be pretty good as well and based more on logic than religious values.

    Except that he chose to include in his closing comments in the last 2 debates his intent to, among other things, “….lead by scripture…”(?)

    Maybe he simply chose his words poorly (meant that he will rely on his faith for the strength to lead?), but he better be planning on leading by adhering to the oath of the office, which says he will preserve, protect and defend both the Constitutions of the State and the U.S. No mention of ‘scripture’.

    • ‘Except that he chose to include in his closing comments in the last 2 debates his intent to, among other things, “….lead by scripture…”(?)’

      Hrmm… I’m not too fond of that. I’m still voting for Monds in the general, but I think I’d rather take my chances with Johnson than Oxendine. Let’s hope it was just a poor choice of words and that he meant to say as you suggested… that he’ll be guided by his faith and will protect the rights of all citizens of Georgia, not just Christian white people.

      • Tireless says:

        “that he’ll be guided by his faith and will protect the rights of all citizens of Georgia, not just Christian white people.”

        That’s exactly what he believes.

    • Provocateur says:


      Just how is that “oath of office” administered usually? Something about a hand on the Bible, right?

      • Buzzfan says:

        Usually, but it’s not necessary (one may also “affirm” in lieu of “swear”).

        Again, it’s not a matter of relying on one’s personal faith for strength in the execution of one’s duties of office (in fact, I would expect and hope that a person of faith would do just that), but as “Governor” one needs to ultimately adhere to those documents by which this State is actually “governed” in favor of any and all others.

  11. Bucky Plyler says:

    The podiums had poor, weak deliveries & no substance to their platforms or positions. It was like they were reading a telepropter, but no one was listening. The other candiates spoke to the podiums, but they didn’t answer.

    The podiums clearly lost the debate. Podium politics as usual….

  12. RealityChic says:

    I would like to have seen McBerry asked the following questions:
    You stated that one role of government is to protect innocent life, if that’s the case, shouldn’t you be prosecuted for your sexual relationship with a child? Also, do you consider giving kittens and puppies to children “foreplay”?

    • Lady Thinker says:

      I would love to see his face if he were asked those types of questions! And don’t forget the free cell phones for late night “counseling.”

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