Sam Kellet and John Oxendine

The same Sam Kellet mentioned here:

After the board selected Linger Longer, Shealy told board members the Jekyll Island Revitalization Group’s plan had not been fairly represented. But, Shealy said, board members seemed more worried by how his complaint would look to the public than whether the process had been fair.

“[Board member] Sam Kellet told me, ‘If you stay cool and don’t go to the press, there will be something for you down the road at Jekyll,'” said Shealy.

Contacted by telephone Monday, Kellet denied having made such a statement.

Is now John Oxendine’s finance chair. And let me tell you this has gone over like a lead balloon with a lot of people. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve heard from who have been affiliated with the 159 Group, among others, who say those two deserve each other.

This choice changed a few minds not in the direction Ox would have liked.


  1. Chris says:

    Ox’s flip flops have got to be reeking pretty bad right now from all the sweating he’s doing.

    He’s beginning to realize he’s not gonna be the next governor, and won’t have any political power to stave off the US Attorney, Georgia’s Attorney General, or the insurance companies who he’s shaken down all these years.

  2. Annie Ethel says:

    Know what I keep hearing from the political professionals? “Sure, I’m ready to work for Oxendine, but only for three years… because after that he’ll get indicted for something.”
    It is a little eerie that they seem to agree on a three-year indictment-free reign should Ox win… but no one is disagreeing about key words like “indicted.”

  3. Lady Thinker says:

    The latest mail piece from Oxendine shows he is quaking in his boots over having to support either Karen or Barnes for governor. Since he has been both a Democrat AND a Republican, I wonder which one he will vote for?

    • macho says:

      Just a bit of trivia. Did you know when Al Gore was a Senator running for President, he was ranked the most liberal member of the Senate. Most would think that title would have gone to Kennedy, but Gore beat him. So Ox wasn’t some “traditional Southern Democrat,” busing retarded people in to vote for him as an Al Gore delegate, he was trying to support one of the most liberal Presidential candidates in the Democrat Primary.

      • analogkid says:

        The strange thing about the National Journal’s rankings is that they seem to always peg the senators running for president as the most liberal. See John Kerry (#1 in 2003), Barack Obama (#1 in 2007), and Hillary Clinton (who, while not in the top ten, still somehow beat out Ted Kennedy by more than ten slots). It’s possible that senators who are considering running for president vote more liberal(ly) in the year before the election. It’s also possible that the National Journal changes their methodology depending on who is running.

        The point is that I’m not surprised that Al Gore would be rated number 1 in 1992.

  4. GG says:

    I think in October of 2007 at the time the article you refer to was written, Eric Johnson and Linger Longer were the primary players in the deal and if memory serves me correct Jamie Reynolds (Linger Longer) is now Eric Johnson’s campaign finance chair.

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