Check Out This Tweet

It’s from Ray McBerry, it’s about two months old:

The crowd in Vidalia tonight roared with laughter when they heard that Karen Handel’s fav president was Lincoln! States’ Rights now!

Yikes, so many things wrong with that tweet right up to the fact that a “crowd” gathered to hear this whackjob speak.  I noticed on the debate today that Ray McBerry said 4 more Tea Parties have endorsed his campaign recently.  According to his website they are from Hall, Gordon, Walker and Dade counties.  You sure you guys want to embrace the tea parties as a way back into power?


      • Bens says:

        Here is the corporate registration (public domain):

        Limited Liability Company – Domestic
        Control No.: 10035652
        Status: Active/Compliance
        Entity Creation Date: 5/14/2010
        Jurisdiction: GA
        Principal Office Address: 905 Misty Wood Lane
        Suwanee GA 30024

        Registered Agent
        Agent Name: Evelyn, William L.
        Office Address: 905 Misty Wood Lane
        Suwanee GA 30024
        Agent County: Forsyth

      • Jason says:

        I just don’t believe it is right for any one person to decide what is or isn’t a legitimate tea party. Especially a person that seems to be using it for her own purposes and is less than transparent about candidates her organization is endorsing. Just sayin’.

          • B Balz says:


            You are no angel because later in this thread you call a Veteran a traitor. No mater how passionate your cause, how wound out you may be from supporting it, you have stepped into the dark side.

            Your guy won’t salute the flag and you call a man who served his Country, did his duty, a traitor. You are a sadly mislead, little person who should very humbly ask forgiveness from whatever Deity will hear your plea.

            Go forth and redeem yourself, you have been deceived.

  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Well, that makes Steve Tarvin’s latest mailer, in which he touts the endorsements of the NW GA county tea parties, look less and less impressive.

    I think the majority of these small town tea parties are fads for frustrated citizens – a lot of the people involved, I know from attending the one that’s started in my hometown, are somewhat irrational, misguided, and are missing a realistic view on how to effect change in how government is run.

    I do think there’s a difference between the national organization and these small county subsets – which are, in some cases it appears, led by people that couldn’t get elected as an officer in their local GOP.

    Now…I better hunker down in preparation for the beat down I’m about to take in the comments for saying that.

  2. Lady Thinker says:

    I doubt there was a “crowd of people” over maybe 16 – 18 at the most, and that “laughter” was probably squeals of delight over the available kittens and puppies for the young “crowd.”

  3. James Fannin says:

    It was the Touching Every Adolescent Party not the Taxed Enough Already TEA Party that endorsed Ray McBerry.

    • Jeff says:

      to be fair, he only does that with the female half.

      Of course, that said, it took the (mostly male) victims of Catholic priests on average what, 30 years or so after being victimized to come forward?

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Because McBerry could be targeting new victims and that is what makes him a dangerous man.

      • Gwinnett is Great says:

        Reason to be scared: his old victims are the same supporters that are promoting Jody Hice for the 7th Congressional District. Scary enough for me. Uninformed and ready to vote.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          These are the type of people I consider cultist Christians and to me they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. In my opinion, they are dangerous and live in a fantasy world with “control” issues. Women fair poorly with these types of people. If McBerry is siding with Hice, we need to work hard getting people not to vote for them.

  4. Ramblinwreck says:

    Before you go on and on trying to marginalize the TEA parties I’ll make you a bet there are a lot more people in the County TEA parties in total than there are in the Atlanta group. Any takers? Regarding how few people there are, I’ve been to the meeting in Dalton on 3 occasions and each time theyve had over 250 people there. Think they ever get that many at a Whitfield GOP meeting? Catoosa and Walker also have big groups.

    • Jeff says:


      McBerry STILL hasn’t released his latest disclosure, so I’ll ask you here:

      Do you still support Ray McBerry for Governor of Georgia?

    • Bens says:

      Does a group have to have “Tea Party” in its name to qualify as a Tea Party group?

      Is Americans for Prosperity a Tea Party group?
      Is the 912 Coalition a Tea Party group?
      Act! for America?
      America Speaking Out?
      American Majority?
      Americans for Limited Government?
      Campaign for Liberty?
      Contract from America?
      Liberty Central?
      Liberty First PAC?
      Heritage Action for America?
      Smart Girl Politics?
      The Patriot Caucus?
      Veteran Defenders of America?

      Or are these not Tea Party groups because the words “Tea Party” are not in their names?

      • Janet Reno says:

        Funny thing Ben. None of those reputable organizations you listed support Ray McBerry. His people had to start their own group just to get a tea party endorsement. The tea party groups from what I can tell do a wonderful job of self governing. I respect the fact that Handel made a principled stand against this monster.

        We make jokes but this McBerry thing is not a joke in reality. We’re talking about a sexual predator who has demonstrated a clear pattern of seeking out teenage girls. Let’s pray that after he crawls back under his rock that no innocent girls suffer at his hands.

        • Lawful Money says:

          Do you know whether any of those reputable organizations listed by “Bens” are actually under the watchful eye and selective enforcement of anti-free speech “laws” as a consequence of filing for tax-exempt status?

          The ones that are, have probably not endorsed Ray or anyone else campaigning for any office – as they are prohibited from doing so by virtue of that status, no?

          It may be about time for some to realize that the term, the meaning, and the myriad groups claiming the title: “Tea Party” have been infiltrated & debased by some of that infiltration – even as they have been reinforced and strengthened by others… (see Konop’s 4 points below)

          As far as the coward is concerned – Running and hiding from the strongest constitutional, conservative, R/republican position in this race when shouting “Bring It On” and rambling incoherent 21st-century-public-private-partnership-statist gobbledygook at every opportunity fails, is not a principled stand.

          A principled stand would have been for this individual to publicly challenge the man you delight in referring to as a “sexual predator” – for either that alleged offense or for the parts of his platform which she finds objectionable, or even to point out where her positions were superior.

          However, she had neither the stomach nor the spine for that – and deprived not only her own campaign constituency but potential future voters who may have been inspired by such a display of courage, reason, law, justice, fair play, and uncompromising perseverance…..

          She took the comfortable route, because the truth makes her “uncomfortable”.

          Even though the remaining candidates never could or would admit it, I suspect they are grateful to the coward for running away from the truth in the way that she did. For they too, cannot stand the competition with a true states’ rights constitutionalist. And the manufactured spectacle which she employed and helped create – was really meant to completely silence the discussion of true state sovereignty and true underlying Tea Party values, while smearing anyone who would dare support the liberty platform of Ray McBerry.

          You are correct that “this McBerry thing is not a joke in reality”. Not to worry though – long after you crawl back under your rock & in the unfortunate event that the coward is installed as the next Governor of Georgia – the destruction of innocent girls, and boys, in and out of the womb – who will never reach their teenage years – will likely continue unabated.

          And, you can pat yourself on the back for the cowardice of the “Bring It On Queen”, her merry band of Planned Parenthood Log Cabin Electronic Vote Stealing Equipment hacks & the self-loathing non-Libertarian termites who helped continue the genocide, while further enslaving the living in the process.

          Since you’re so concerned for “the children”, that is…

          • John Konop says:

            Lawful Money,

            I had a few beers at happy hour with a friend of mine and the Ron Paul topic came up. I find myself agreeing with Ron Paul on many fiscal issues, but it starts going bad when he goes too far.

            For Example:

            I am for getting the U.S. fiscal house in order but going to the gold standard would create a financial collapse.

            I agreed with Ron Paul the nation building foreign policy is a huge mistake, but we must pull out in orderly fashion because once you break it you cannot just leave.

            My point is Ray McBerry has the same issue.

            I am for local control but succeeding from the union goes too far.

            I am for personal liberties of all and that includes gay people.

            I do believe we should show respect to people who served on both sides of civil war but the flag issue does nothing but alienate people. And we all need to work together to grow this economy.

            I do think Ray would be more effective if he focused on core pragmatic solutions. I also think the aggressive approach only turns people off.

            • Lawful Money says:

              I see a bigger problem there John:

              Misunderstanding and/or misrepresenting the platform, convictions, beliefs, standards, morals, and integrity of a person & the reality of how those traits comport with law and history. Whether those misunderstandings and/or misinterepretations are willful or unintentional is beside the point – the results are the same.

              To wit:
              Ron Paul does not now and never has advocated a 24 hour full-court press return to the gold standard the Constitution provides. In fact, he has proposed a very different long range, phased in solution & return to sanity. However, when operatives beholden to the establishment/status quo who have created the mess we are in by supplanting the Constitutional standard with worthless fiat currency – those operatives find it useful to frighten the uninitiated with tales of impending doom so they will stand down and accept the final stages of their monetary enslavement by maintaining their groggy stupor and instead trust the suits who have just raped them.

              Likewise with Nation Destruction – where we are supposed to believe “Hope & Change” and “Mission Accomplished” just long enough to swallow the precept that orderly reduction is accomplished by starting more wars, sending more of our precious blood to foreign lands who pose no threat to us, and by going from merely the brink of bankruptcy into a full-fledged black hole free fall and call it “peace”. This too will end…and badly…the moment Communist China decides to stop loaning the federal reserve units necessary to purchase that policy of Nation Destruction.

              Ever experience the destruction of a currency? The mythical calamity of returning to a gold standard should not be a worry of yours, John. Every currency collapse & calamity in all of recorded history has been the result of an abandonment of commodity money. We are in that period of destruction now. Best to admit it and work on the solution rather than being afraid of the shadow painted on the walls of our minds by hucksters seeking to be our masters.

              As far as Mr. McBerry goes – the same principles hold true. If one does not understand what secession is (or if they have another agenda, ulterior motives, or a position dependent upon slumbering sheople or the establishment status quo), all kinds of frightening misconceptions are possible – and all kinds of gullible followers will be hurt bad by the boogey man those ulterior motives would have us focus on.

              Secession is a DEFENSIVE position, John. Note again please, the use of the word DEFENSIVE. It is neither an OFFENSIVE, nor AGRESSIVE. Its prerequisite is an unwelcome, unwarranted, illegal, unjustified, unconstitutional, immoral attack on a free & sovereign people by an outside force. In fact & in practice – it is really thousands of those types of attacks, over a long period of time. And not only is it not aggressive – secession is not even violent in its defensive response!

              Saying that one is for local control – but only to the extent that someone far away allows you to have that local control – is an example of double think with no future other than slavery. There is no virtue in surrendering the rights we were born with.

              I know of no instance where Mr. McBerry or any of the other candidates in this race have expressed any platform which would somehow “outlaw” homosexuality, nor do I know of any instance where Mr. McBerry or any of the other candidates in this race have expressed any platform plank regarding any flag.

              I have seen Mr. McBerry’s legislative agenda and 10 bills which were written to restore state sovereignty and reignite a blaze of production & wealth in our great state.

              Regrettably perhaps & at this late hour, I don’t find that pragmatism has any place in the defense of liberty, law, or the Constitution. And, while there is no intent to “turn people off” here – the restoration of a republic is not a tidy affair….especially when we have sunk to the level of societal depravity which we have in general.

              If people get turned off by the truth – so be it.

              They’ll get turned off by something a lot less pleasant later on – like the Empty Podium.

      • apacheangel says:

        Woohoo! You mentioned SGP!

        *shem* Sorry. I’d classify them as grassroots organizations (of which the TEA Party is one) but not TEA Parties.

  5. Red Phillips says:

    Should a conservative have Lincoln as their favorite Pres? Was Lincoln a conservative? Ha!

    BTW, I sent Debbie Dooley a couple of e-mails scolding her for suggesting that the League of the South was a disreputable organization. She answered the second one, and we had a short back and forth. I don’t think she conceded that her hysterical e-mail was inappropriate, but she was civil, and I think grudgingly recognized that the League is a both a conservative and Christian organization.

    • Jeff says:


      The League of the South is anything BUT “conservative” and “Christian”.

      They want nothing short of a return of the Confederate States of America, where slavery was LORD, Cotton was King, and sleeping with young teenagers was perfectly acceptable.

      • Red Phillips says:

        Jeff, I answered your ridiculous assertion (you used nearly identical wording I believe) on the other thread. Your use of the word LORD in all caps is I assume an allusion to the use of the word LORD in all caps in some version of the Bible to translate a certain Hebrew word for God to distinguish it from another word for God that is translated Lord in lower case. So are you really suggesting that anyone ever considered slavery as God? That is profoundly offensive, utterly ridiculous and borderline blasphemous. Name me one single person who has ever considered the institution of slavery as literally God. Just one.

        The League of the South is most certainly a Christian organization. It is in their core belief statement and elsewhere.

        And they are most certainly a conservative organization and you know it. Your problem with them is that you think they are TOO conservative.

      • Red Phillips says:

        From the Core Beliefs Statement:

        The South still reveres the tenets of our historic Christian faith and acknowledges its supremacy over man-made laws and opinions; that our Christian faith provides the surest means of securing the welfare of all mankind; and that our primary allegiance is to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

        From the FAQ Section:

        Q: Is the LS a Christian organisation?
        A: While we have no religious requirement for membership, as an organisation we do recognise the legacy of Christianity and the universal sovereignty of the triune God. Most League members are Christians, and we base our movement on Christian principles. Trinitarian Christianity can not be separated or removed from Southern society or culture without both ceasing to be Southern.

        So are they just making that up?

        • Dave Bearse says:

          The triune God reference is rich. LS thus casts many people that think themselves Christians as infidels. A majority of our so-called “Christian Founding Fathers” are turning in their graves at the thought that McBerry is claiming to be their heir.

        • Jeff says:


          How much has your family given to Ray now? It was already nearly $10K in March, and since he hasn’t filed his June 30 disclosure yet, no one can know the more recent numbers absent a confession.

          I was born in Rome GA, raised in Cartersville, GA. I’ve walked the very rails where the Great Locomotive Chase was fought multiple times, and I’ve been to most of the GA-based Civil War sites. I know all too well the horrors that War brought to this State, because the county I grew up in was one of the harder hit.

          That the League of the South wants to re-ignite that war, and that it has members in this State who are utterly clueless about the devastation this State suffered the first time, is absolutely abominable to me.

          Georgia should be to any future Civil War as Japan is to the use of nuclear weapons: absolutely, totally, completely AGAINST any possibility of it ever happening, and for the same reasons. They know well the horrors of nuclear weapons, we know well the horrors of Civil War.

          I find it interesting that you think me a traitor, when YOU and your LOS cohorts are the ones who want the destruction of this ONE NATION.

          • B Balz says:

            Jeff if anyone else had written this, I would have simply enjoyed it. But, I have read a bit about you from your blog… You have been in harms way, come back, continued your education, and now do good works, while offering your views with strength and dignity.

            Not only did I enjoy this post, I respect it based on who you are.

            If the GOP isn’t able to muster enough votes in November, this person and his acolytes will help a Dem win by making our State look ridiculous in the 21st century.

            He is a suppurating wound on a gangrenous extremity of anachronistic viewpoints steeped in hatred and deceit.

            That the GOP allowed him on the ballot, while perfectly legal, is a clear case of why the GOP must be free to openly and transparently be able to better vet its’ candidates.

            • Jeff says:

              B Baqlz:

              Just to clear something up – I’m not a veteran. My partner on the site, Tom Knighton, served several years as a medic in the Navy. The closest I got was one fateful 12 hrs in Jan 2006. I had made plans to go over to a Marine recruiter’s office one afternoon, and while I was at an early lunch with my grandmother, I got a call about a teaching interview for the next day where I was offered the job.

                • Jeff says:

                  Because you betray the uniform you once wore with virtually every word you speak.

                  Grow a pair and think of something other than “I’ll take my toys and go home if I don’t like you”, will ya?

                  • Red Phillips says:

                    Every word I write on here is evidence I have “a pair” because I am willing to take unpopular positions I know I will be attacked for. You may take some unpopular positions, but as I said at your site, you are a PC suck-up desperately seeking mainstream acceptance. That is why you PC grandstand at any defense of the past, feign hysteria about birthers, etc. It is you who desperately needs to grow a pair and quit questing after the elusive Holy Grail of mainstream acceptability. You’re in a third party. You ain’t going to get it. So quit making yourself look foolish and craven. “Oh look at me. I’m one of the cool kids because I make fun of birthers and Southern Constitutionalists. Icky likes me. I’m not one of those ‘icky’ type of conservatives or libertarian. I’m hip.” You’re not in High School anymore Jeff. Grow up and fight for what’s right. Not what’s going to keep you in the good graces of the thought police.

                    And I don’t betray the uniform. I support what the uniform is supposed to represent. The Republic as left to us by the people who wrote it and ratified it. Your thinking oozes modern nationalism. Again, go study libertarianism 101, and get back to me.

                    • Lady Thinker says:

                      Gosh, do we really need this bashing between you two when there are more important things going on, like the Primary?

                      In the not too distant past, two posters were banished for what you two are doing and I would hate to see either of you placed in a time out this close to the race!

          • Red Phillips says:

            Jeff, secession is an inherently peaceful act. It only results in war when the entity being seceded from resists it violently. There was no bloodshed when Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The horror of war visited on Georgia is why no patriotic Georgian should consider the Lincoln, the President who invaded us, their favorite. Or sent the federal troops in to keep the Maryland legislature from voting since Handel is from Maryland.

            You cloak your objection in peace, but what you betray with your one nation (all caps for emphasis) rhetoric is that you are really just a modern nationalist and presuppose the modern post-French Revolution nation state.

            Like I told you, go read some history and libertarianism 101 and then get back to me. It would be particularly helpful to read the Prof. Donald Livingston article I referred you to.

            • Jeff says:


              Again, the North did NOT fire the first shot last time, and if McBerry and his LOS buddies get their way, the new Union forces will NOT be the ones to fire the first shot then either.

              It will be the side of McBerry and his LOS traitors, AGAIN.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                Jeff and I are agreeing on LoS. The first shots were at Fort Sumpter S.C. when the Union did not abandon the fort after the LoS, I mean confederacy, demanded that they do so.

              • Red Phillips says:

                The North was attempting to re-provision a fort that was not longer in their territory. This is clearly an act of war. Federal troops had generally abandoned other Southern forts. Lincoln left troops at Ft. Sumter and attempted to re-provision them specifically because he wanted to provoke the South into firing the first shot. He needed a pr victory to sell his invasion to a skeptical North that did not universally support it. Like I said, read some history.

                  • Red Phillips says:

                    We have no business being in Gitmo. We stay there because we are the 800 lb gorilla and can. The current Cuban government considers it an illegal occupation, but there is nothing they can do about it. The legal status of our presence there depends on your belief of the legality/status of the Cuban-American Treaty, but as a non-interventionist I don’t think we should be there or almost any of the other places we are in the world regardless of the status of the treaty.

    • debbie0040 says:

      I do have major issues with league of the South. I have read their manifesto, “The Grey Book”. I just did not see any purpose in arguing back and forth because you would not change your mind and I would not change my mind. League of the south does advocate some good issues but they also call Abraham Lincoln a war criminal and there are some other issues thye advocate that were way extreme. They may not advocate slavery for African Americans but they do a push agendas that would essentially be slavery for wives and women..

      • Red Phillips says:

        So Debbie, now conservatives are supposed to be gender egalitarians? Do you disagree that gender roles are clearly endorsed in the Word of God?

        What I objected to was your “Ewwwww… the League of the South” PC grandstanding tone. I was under the impression you conceded that was unhelpful. And Lincoln most assuredly was a war criminal. Do you think burning cities or jailing your critics is OK?

  6. Pine Knot says:

    The North Georgia Tea Party or Patriots or whatever you call them are endorsing all kinds of nuts here. Truth be told, a lot of the tea local tea parties are helping the Dems.

  7. kolt473 says:

    lol, the OX BOW incident, just as incompetent when he trashed state property him, deal, and king Roy no thanks guys…..

  8. Because of the decentralized grassroots nature of the Tea Party movement, it is a mistake for any Tea Party organization to begin issuing endorsements. It will only ever lead to this kind of confusion, and will end up diminishing the trust the public currently has in many Tea Party organizations.

    Personally, I believe that the Tea Party movement is uniquely positioned right now to become a source of information and education that voters can trust. If we can focus solely on educating Americans about Constitutional principles and providing them with information on candidates’ ethics and behavior, I believe voters will prove themselves capable of making the best choices on their own. Endorsements are simply a way for people or organizations to put candidates in their debt and give voters a shortcut around their civic duty, which is to be well-informed when they vote.

    At least that’s what the Georgia Tea Party is working towards this primary season. You won’t see any endorsements coming from us, just education, information, and opportunities to meet and question candidates for yourself. Check us out, if you like:

    • John Konop says:

      Joel Aaron is a friend of mine who I respect and agree with on many issues. But to your point many have used the TEA PARTY to promote private agendas and that has hurt the movement. Also the over the top nasty signs and comments from some in the movement has hurt the cause as well.

      If the TEA PARTY focused on non-partisan fiscal issues than it could be become a strong voice and help the country.

      The hypocrisy among TEA PARTY members hurts the movement.

      1) Majority of members support Medicare yet scream death panel for even promoting end of live directives. And the current Medicare system pays-out 3 dollars for every 1 dollar it takes in yet and cuts to the program we hear about killing grandmother.

      2) Some TEA PARTY members support the nation building foreign policy from Bush that not only failed but we cannot afford it.

      3) Some TEA PARTY members support tax cuts without proper spending cuts. This is not fiscally conservative it is irresponsible.

      4) The movement has aliened it self with many of the same members in congress that got us into this mess.

      If the group came out with cohesive fiscally responsible message similar to the Concorde/coalition the movement would be a very positive force.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      How can you trust an organization where 90% of its membership doesn’t understand that Obama cut taxes for 90% of Americans? On the whole tea partiers are in fantasyland.

  9. kolt473 says:

    everyone afraid of tea parties, just because its filled with ”angry white people” puh-leeze, brain dead’s have been filled with bilge of the lying left wing media. when the democrats gave America the finger on health care that was enough we will through these thieves out including some of our own RINO’S, mccain and graham for starters

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Jason, I never said my group or I were the judges of what is a legitimate tea party. Please be factual with your statements. Please clarify what my purposes are. I have spent 30 hours per week for over a year VOLUNTEERING my time on behalf of the tea party movement without receiving one dime of compensation. You have an obvious grudge against us because we did not openly embrace the Liberatarian Party. You and others Libertarians wanted the tea party movement to be used to build your party and we chose to reform the two main exisiting parties because it would take less time thatn it would to build the Libertarian party.. Atlanta Tea Party Patriots and Georgia Tea Party Patriots have been active since 2-20-2009 and we have been fought both the Dems and the GOP establishment. There are tea parties formed just to support a political candidate. The State of Georgia Tea party is one. I have pointed out tea parties that were formed to support candidates. There was also one formed in Lumpkin county formed by the county chair of the Oxendine Campaign.

    Ray McBerry is not supported by the overwhelming majority of tea parties in Georgia. Mr. McBerry has been passing out campaign literature for several months saying that he is the tea party candidate for Governor and that is a false statement. A few of his supporters formed tea parties in the past month to try to add legitmacy to that claim. Tea parties should not be used as fronts for political candidates .

    • Jason says:


      I’ve addressed this with you before, but you keep bringing it up. I’ve never cared about using the tea party movement for anything other than promoting free markets. You know that because we’ve discussed it.

      You have turned the tea party movement into a something completely opposite from what it was meant to be. That’s why people like me aren’t involved anymore.

      You’ve gotten a little bit of influence, but you are using it in a very questionable way, and I think you need to be much more transparent about monies you take from candidates, especially when you endorse them.

      You have an obvious grudge against us because we did not openly embrace the Liberatarian Party.

      So you are admitting that you are Republicans?

      My problems with the tea party movement started when Newt Gingrich got involved and when you let bailout supporters like Herman Cain speak at a tea party rally, again, something we have discussed.

      This was supposed to be a non-partisan movement, not co-opted by Republicans, like yourself, that have to ride the backs of what was once a really good idea.

      • debbie0040 says:

        We have been transparent about donations and endorsements numerous times. Doug MacGinnitie donated in access of $2,000 to Atlanta Tea Party in 2010 and he did not receive our endorsement and neither did other donors. In fact over 75% of the people we endorsed have never donated one dime and those that did, donated $ 250 and below except for Clay Cox. With Clay, we decided to support him because he had been active with Atlanta Tea Party since 3-2009 and he was a conservative. We informed him that we were going to endorse him a month before he even donated money. We never at one time tied an endorsement to a donation and anyone that says otherwise is an outright liar. We have made those statements repeatedly.

        It has not been co-opted by Republicans. We have led protests against the all GOP Gwinnett County commission and have been very critical of Gov. Perdue. We have helped defeat RINOs nationwide.

        I do not have a favorable opinion of Newt Gingrich and he has not been involved since april 15, 2009.

        As far as Herman Cain supporting the TARP, so did AFP and you attend their meetings regularly. Who is the hypocrite now?

        • “We have helped defeat RINOs nationwide.”

          In other words, you like Republicans, just not Republicans In Name Only. Okay, thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

        • Jason says:

          As I recall, AFP did not take a position on TARP. If they did, I certainly wasn’t aware of it.

          We have been transparent about donations and endorsements numerous times.

          Please disclose your financial statements, if you haven’t already.

          It has not been co-opted by Republicans. We have led protests against the all GOP Gwinnett County commission and have been very critical of Gov. Perdue. We have helped defeat RINOs nationwide.

          You’re not proving a point here, you’re just saying that you are replacing the “bad” Republicans with “good” Republicans. They’re still Republicans.

          It’s not about ideas anymore, it’s about helping the GOP.

          • debbie0040 says:

            Jason, AFP national office sent out an email saying they relunctantly supported TARP. I will forward you the email if you send me your email address.

            We support fiscal conservatives that have the best chance at winning. Please show me a conservative Democrat. Libertarians have not demonstrated an ability to win . Atlanta Tea Party is an L.L.C.

            • Jason says:

              IT’S NOT ABOUT PARTIES!!!

              Gah, what does it take to get that through your head? The tea party movement was about promoting free markets, now it’s a place to pimp your favorite candidate, thanks people like yourself.

              Atlanta Tea Party is an L.L.C.

              You’re endorsing candidates, you should show where your money is coming from in the spirit of transparency.

              And I criticized AFP for letting Gingrich, a TARP supporter, speak at their DAD Summit last year. I found that to be very objectionable.

            • Jason says:

              I’ll also add that AFP is not my favorite organization in the world. I have some friends that have done some work for them. Some are still there, some aren’t.

              And I would be involved with a group like FreedomWorks if you weren’t there.

              If they supported TARP, I was completely unaware of it.

    • Jason says:

      Tea parties should not be used as fronts for political candidates .

      But that’s exactly what you are doing. Hypocrite.

  11. Doug Grammer says:

    The counties of Hall, Gordon, Walker and Dade are all in the Ninth. I’ve been to meeting of 3 of 4 four tea party groups named. I’ve been to others, and the Whitfield county tea party meeting do consistently bring in over 250 and sometimes closer to 300. A good portion (25 to 40%?) of these that attend are from other county tea party groups, but it’s still an impressive group.

    There is no official relationship with the TEA parties and the GOP of these counties. There are a few member who belong to both groups, but there are not that many. I think candidates are smart to court their votes and support, because these people are going to vote. Some will write checks, put out yard signs and campaign, and all of that is fine.

    What hasn’t been mentioned is that these endorsements have been awarded based upon answers to a survey. (I can’t swear to it, just what I’ve been told. I‘m not so concerned as to track to the chairmen of these groups and ask them. They don’t report to me, nor to apparently anyone else.) These groups asked about following the constitution. Not every candidate responded. They were looking for yes no answers. They allowed for a yes or a no, followed by an explanation. The survey is flawed, IMO.

    This is a question from the survey, (paraphrased): Does Georgia have the right to interfere with the right to bear arms? Yes or no? One could say “Yes, but not if the person wanting to buy a firearm is 10 years old.” One could also say “No, unless the person wanting buy a firearm is 10 years old.” Both answers mean the same thing, but how would they be scored? As a yes? As a no?

    From what I’ve been told, it was similar to campaign for liberty’s questions. For all I know, it was the same survey.

    It’s no surprise that Mr. McBerry would give good answers on a survey like this. However, he wouldn’t lead them in the pledge of allegiance at the start of the meeting.

  12. Lawful Money says:

    Those are some pretty perceptive and well-stated points….

    I would like to supplement what you have said with this:

    What was once a really good idea, remains a really good idea.

    Recognizing the globalist rabble, Federal Reserve shills, economic illiterates, & obedient establishment operatives dispatched to co-opt America’s rebirth and return it to the plantation – will be necessary to keep that good idea moving forward.

    I still think the rank and file understand that – no matter what the self-styled & self-appointed hijackers of the real grassroots would prefer to have us believe.

    • Jason says:

      Eh, I am a globalist, for lack of a better term. Free trade being something that we need more of, in my opinion.

      But I get your point.

      • John Konop says:


        Ideologues with sound bite type logic are why we are in this mess.

        Free trade is not free trade if the partner violates all the rules ie stealing intellectual property, currency manipulation, slave labor……

        Tax cuts without proper spending cuts is not fiscally conservative it fiscally irresponsible.

        If the government provides the service a user fee should be at a price point to pay for most services. A price increase based on cost is called being responsible.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Our list of candidates that were endorsed. Feel free to call them and ask if they donated money to Atlanta Tea Party or better yet, check thier financial disclosure.

    Sen. Judson Hill, Jason Shepherd, Steve Ramey, Rep. Steve Davis, Rep. Charlice Byrd, Rep. David Casas, Brett Harrell, Tom Graves, Clay Cox, Calvin Rhodes

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