Where do they go next?

In another thread LukeTheDrifter asked:

That is an interesting thought. What the hell will Ox do when he has his a** handed to him next week?

I wish Erick would do an open thread on that topic. It would be good comic relief to get everyone’s input.

Who would hire an unsuccessful lawyer with no position of power from which to threaten others or get his way any longer? Certainly not the insurance companies he shook down over the years.

He couldn’t be a lobbyist. Who in the world would take his calls and agree to meet with him? In fact, he’ll probably take the lead from former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell and leave the state, if we’re lucky.

Speculate where they all go from here.


  1. View from Brookhaven says:

    Based on my own conversations with him in the past, he barely even knows enough about the industry he regulates to be of use to anybody in the private sector.

  2. Icarus says:

    If the Buckhead Life restaurant group doesn’t need a sommelier, I’m sure Tin Lizzy’s will need somebody who can mix margaritas.

  3. Tireless says:

    OX will go to Hollyweird and try to star in porn movies.

    Deal will go back to the mountains and make moonshine.

    Handel will get another executive assistant position and claim she is an executive.

    Johnson will stay where he has been his whole career…working in the private sector helping clients build stuff.

  4. ACCmoderate says:

    Ox will get voice modification surgery and enjoy a brief, but spirited, career as the front man for an Issac Hayes cover band.

    Nathan Deal’s hatred for Mexican immigrants will be further hardened as he’s forced to stand outside Home Depot looking for work.

    Karen Handel will star on a new reality show alongside Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, and Nikki Haley entitled “Mama Grizzlies.” The show will follow the women as they try to earn the affection and love of the reanimated corpse of Ronald Reagan.

    Eric Johnson will make millions as the new spokesman for Mr. Clean.

    Ray McBerry will become a judge for Ms. Teen USA. Awkwardness will ensue when Karen Handel is named as one of his fellow judges and refuses to share the stage with him.

    Jeff Chapman will continue to be an unknown figure outside of Savannah, or Brunswick, or wherever it is he’s from.

    Thurbert Baker’s toupee will leave him to elope with Ralph Mangum’s moustache.

    • Gonzo ATL Guy says:

      C’mon. Let’s be real. She hasn’t had a college degree and it really hasn’t kept her down, has it? A college degree is no guaranty of intelligence or compentence. A lack of college degree means you need to work harder to show you have the intelligence, determination, people skills and organizational skills to get ahead. Handel has proven that she is capable to a degree most college grads could only wish to achieve. (For the record, college grad and professional degree holder here.)

      I’m not voting for her, but it’s ridiculous to deride a woman who has gotten so far just because she had to travel a different route. Those that look down at her because she didn’t complete her education should be ashamed. If you only listen to people who have college degrees, you may miss out on some of the most intelligent ideas. There is a difference between schooled and intelligence.

      Given her background, it’s no wonder she didn’t complete her education. She apparently faced circumstances in her late teens than most of us, but for the grace of G*d, were able to avoid. Rather than make fun of her, maybe you should learn from her achievements.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Excellent post Gonzo! Also, look at some of our college grads in the governor’s race and the corruption they have manage to accrue, with Oxendine being the worst and McBerry being the most dangerous to teens.

      • Ambernappe says:

        As a “fellow traveler”, I know whereof you speak. Many people in similar circumstances give up. Many people with every advantage give up. Karen is an exemplary example of survival of the fittest.

    • Yeah… it sure does suck. I have a high school diploma but no degree. I dropped out of Georgia Tech during the dot com days. My wife and I own a horse farm, I manage the web development group for North America for an international corporation and am a member of MENSA. I bet if I had a degree I could actually accomplish something. (/sarcasm)

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        That’s awesome David. I’m going to make you a Hero sandwich when I get home.

      • I have a degree, by the skin of my teeth, but I concur that this does not make the man or woman. While I will encourage my children to seek a college education, and still believe it gives you an advantage on the general population, it is by no means a magic elixir for a life of success.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Yea David, you could be a winemaker and have a vineyard, a chateau, and a horse farm! Just kidding.

        I don’t think people need college to be successful and many have gone that route. College is just the route I chose because I have so many interests that it would take me a lifetime to get all the degrees I would really love to have. It is what makes me happy. If the economy EVER stablizes, I am going for my Ph.D. and we can still be PP friends because as you know, I value what you have to say on a number of areas that I really have no interest in studying. You are my “go to” person on many subjects, like solar energy.

          • Ambernappe says:

            And PP posters could have a regular meeting place! Lots more fun and discussion that I remember from my Mensa gatherings!

            • Well, I have tried making wine once. I’ve still got all the equipment, it’s just all in my storage unit at the moment. I’ll try again when we move to the new farm. And sure, be happy to host a PP get together at some point.

              Unfortunately, it’s going to take at least another month or two now because 4 months into the loan process with this lender they inform us that they don’t do working farms – any farm that generates income. Never mind that I’ve been telling them from day one what we’re planning on doing with the property. Ugh. We’re now going through the loan process with 3 different types of loans with 2 different lenders. Thanks to all the people who bought homes they couldn’t afford the lending industry has gone from practically giving away money to it nearly taking an act of congress to get a loan for anything besides a normal house. Sorry… off topic rant done.

              • Lady Thinker says:

                Geesh David, that is a bad streak of luck! Good luck and we PP’s will help you celebrate you move in date.

      • Provocateur says:

        So, David, do you recommend that everyone drop out of college and we dispense with higher, public education universities and the like?

        Sure would save a LOT of money and taxpayer dollars, wouldn’t it?

        • Of course not! My wife has an engineering degree from Clemson. She worked for a consulting firm downtown for 4 and a half years before she left her job to run the horse farm full time last year.

          My point was that a college education isn’t necessary for everyone. I’d prefer my doctor to have a college degree. It’s probably a good idea for lawyers to have one too. Do lawyers need to take chemistry? Probably not. Do most doctors need calculus? Probably not. But at least in the IT field I’ve trained so many people with college degrees and certifications that it’s disgusting at the level of knowledge that people come out of college with these days. In fact, I was 18 and training computer science college graduates on some of the basics of Windows servers. For some fields, the piece of paper means one thing and one thing only — that you were able to complete something that you started.

          • Provocateur says:

            All kinds of courses help train the mind in how to understand things. That is the purpose of requiring people who MAY be on tracks to become lawyers to also take some math and science courses.

            Heck, if you hadn’t taken English literature or history courses, you might not be able to blog today because all you would know is how to code, not write your thoughts down.

  5. fishtail says:

    Johnny OX will go into business with Wayne Reece and have fun boa-filled afternoon assignations with Reece’s wealthy clients at Wayne’s posh home on Northside Drive.

  6. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    There will be more traffic at the red light in Nahunta Ga in January than here. Ego’s who have fought on the wrong hill will have no worship.

    I fear for Georgia that it will be business as usual because the business as usual crowd just cant get enough of business as usual.

    It has not gotten bad enough yet.

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        You want me to use crayons?

        Election over> Ghost Town here.

        We will be just as screwed as we were except Sonny and his mafia that ran the senate and house wont be doing the screwing. A new gang will.

        It hasn’t gotten bad enough yet. That part isn’t that hard to understand.

  7. I wish Erick would do an open thread on that topic … Who would hire an unsuccessful lawyer with no position of power from which to threaten others or get his way any longer

    Haha, that would be the pot posting an open thread on the kettle! 🙂

        • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

          LT, if someone on here were to identify Handel as a 9-11 hijacker, you would probably cheer her on. Am I right?

          I know, you’ll respond with another “Whatever” because you’re truly happy with a high school dropout running this sad state.

          • macho says:

            Well the Ox is all “degreed up” and I don’t think he would make a very good Governor.

          • This is really a sad argument you keep rehashing. I am not supporting Handel and I have a college degree. However, if you think anyone living in Alabama, California, New York, or any other state in this union really gives a damn about Georgia, much less the formal education level of our elected officials, you are kidding yourself.

            Besides, as others have stated before, a college education has absolutely nothing to do with the success of an individual. If a person is motivated and works hard in this country, they can still do anything they want. There are Harvard educated men and women in this state that I wouldn’t trust to balance my checkbook.

            Becoming Chairwoman of our largest county and the Secretary of State are very honorable achievements and win or lose this race, Handel is and will always be a very successful person.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            If Karen had broken the law, I would not support her, but she hasn’t, so I do support her. Karen has the best plan for Georgia and if you would get off your “gays are bad” soapbox, you could see how beneficial her plan will be for Georgia.

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        He has done real good in his business which has made money off the State of Georgia. Conflict?

  8. Janet Reno says:

    I just got an email from the Georgia First campaign. It states that, if in fact doomsday is here and St. McBerry is not elected to govern the Country of Georgia, then we should all join NAMGLA, take it over and change the name to Southerners Interested in Children, Kittens Or Secession….or S.I.C.K.O.S.

    I predict though that McBerry will join forces with Roman Polanski to form the League of Southern Switzerland; Then after a series of questionable emails between him and Elliot Spitzer surfaces, he will perish in a failed attempt to hijack a Little Debbie truck, mistaking it for a shipment of potential brides.

      • Janet Reno says:

        Ahh yes. I forgot..McBerry sues AT&T after they reject his pitch for a new kind of “family plan”. Good catch LT!!

  9. B Balz says:

    I just noticed the sheer difference in numbers between GOP Insurance Commissioner votes compared to Dem votes:

    Republican Candidates Votes % of Votes
    Ralph T. Hudgens 117,440 20.7%
    Maria Sheffield 111,288 19.6%

    Democratic Candidates Votes % of Votes
    Mary Squires 284,554 100.0%
    Totals 284,554

    Ms. Squires received more votes than both top GOP candidates combined, and they have to run-off!

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