Some polling charts

In case you’re interested, here is the polling chart (sans Strategic Vision) since way back in April of last year. For data, please visit here (click images to enlarge):

Polling in July only:

Rasmussen polling only:

Insider Advantage polling only:


    • Doug Grammer says:

      No, becuase the GOP nominee will be on board that train too, it will be better coming from whomever that may be.

  1. Landon Harper says:

    It is going to be hilarious if Ox doesnt even make a runoff. On the good side Handel is leading or tied for the lead in all polls!

  2. Thanks for putting these together, Jason!

    The trends are clearly showing growth for Eric Johnson. In particular, the IA graph hints that EJ may be able to surge past Ox and Deal. I just hope that it’s true…

  3. macho says:

    I’m a Handel supporter, so I’m pleased with the polls, but I also know this Primary election is extremely fluid and can change at any moment.

    My only question is do Johnson and Deal have to declare and in-kind campaign contribution from Ox for Ox’s latest mailpiece exclusively bashing Handel?

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