Daniel Stout gets leadership support in GA-19

I got to meet Daniel Stout on the last day of the session this year. He’s a good guy and a true fiscal conservative. I’m glad to see that House leadership is backing him:

Dick Pettys of InsiderAdvantage has noted that Stout failed to back House GOP leadership on a budget deal struck with Gov. Sonny Perdue and the Senate:

He was no team player when the leadership, struggling session-long to find a way to finance the state budget without a huge general tax hike, settled on a plan to raise the necessary revenue by increasing an assortment of fees, most of which hadn’t been adjusted in decades, and to impose a hospital bed tax.

That was paired in the very same bill with measures to eliminate the state’s quarter-mill share of property taxes and to eliminate the tax on unearned income for seniors.

House Majority Leader Jerry Keen (R-St. Simons Island) wrote a $500 check to one of Stout’s two primary opponents, builder Steve Golden.

But Stout reports today that he received $2,000 from Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge), $500 from Majority Caucus Secretary Allen Peake, and $250 from Majority Whip Ed Lindsey.

Said Stout in an e-mail this afternoon:

I think this is a reflection of a bigger change in leadership at the State House. The Jerry Keen era of “the way we campaign has no bearing on how we govern” is over now. Speaker Ralston encouraged the ideal of “voting your district” which means putting the people in the district first. I think that the changes we are seeing will benefit the citizens of Georgia and I appreciate the real leadership of those that put Georgia’s people ahead of partisan politics.

And I’m so glad that Jerry Keen will not be in the House next year.


  1. KingWulfgar says:

    Daniel Stout represents my district and I’ve met him many times and gotten to share my heart for limited government and returning power to the local level. He shares those ideals 100% and has made a concerted effort to represent those in the district that elected him (not special interests).

    I couldn’t ask for a more conservative and honest representative for the 19th District.

    • voter says:

      i agree with KingWolfgar – i have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Daniel and my admiration for him and his values is with no boundaries – he is just what we in Paulding County need – they don’t make guys like him these days – he’s great

  2. Chris says:

    Stout is one of the good guys. I hope over time he doesn’t succumb to the fever swamp over time

  3. Brave New World says:

    It is about 60% of the way through the video, while Harbin is giving the budget stuff

  4. Way to go Stout! My good buddy, Micah Gravley, is his campaign chairman and has stood by Daniel through thick and thin. I don’t know why we get these primary challenges to good princilple candidates. I think some folks couldn’t handle the outcome of the last election and feel compelled to drag the party through these types of needless exercises.

    • newby says:

      Not a very welcoming statement to any candidate who offers to serve. Some may have a different opinion of your friend Stout and they would be entitled to it wouldn’t they?

  5. foray says:

    Maybe he is being primaried because he slept with his mother-in-law.

    I mean come on, Glenn only slept with a lobbyist- not his own family

    Ralston, Lindsay and Allan Peake are all obligated to support their incumbents, its in the caucus rules- what is missing is a contribution from Jan Jones the smartest part of the leadership team and the person who has the keys to caucus coffers.

    • Wow. Primaries really do bring out the lowest in some people. This race was already run last year and the same old smears surfaced.

      I honestly don’t know every negative aspect of every candidate running for public office, however, I know character of Daniel Stout and more importantly, the people who support him.

      You are low class my friend.

      • macho says:

        I don’t know the guy from Adam, so I don’t wish him any ill will per se. But, I don’t know if that issue was vetted all that much during the Special Election, didn’t it break during the end.

        Regardless, I don’t really know if I’d call it a “smear campaign.” If you slept with you mother in-law, and you choose to run for public office, you got to kind of expect that one is going to be brought up. I believe in forgiveness, but if I had done the naked tango with my mother in-law, I might just scratch running for public office off of the “Things to do” list; especially if I had young children in the community.

        • So. If you run for public office, and you have made a mistake in your personal life, your opponent is obligated to bring that up?

          We’re not talking about a mistake that would affect his ability to represent his constituents to lower taxes, balance the Georgia budget, defend us against illegal immigration, etc.

          You must live in a nice glass house in which to look down upon the rest of us mortal human beings. People like you are the reason more qualified candidates never decide to seek public office.

          • macho says:

            You’re obviously friends with the guy. Who knows, if I lived in the district, I might even vote for the guy. But, I think it’s a fair thing to bring up.

            Sure it doesn’t directly effect his ability to represent his constituents to lower taxes, balance the Georgia budget, defend us against illegal immigration, etc., but you do have to step back and say, “normal people don’t have sex with their mother in-laws;” so does he have sound judgment? If it happened a long time ago, I might give the guy a break and chalk it up to immaturity.

            You definitely touched on some important issues, but the GA Legislature, for better or for worse, passes quite a few morality based laws. Whether you agree with the laws or not, it’s fair to say, “I want someone of similar moral fiber as me or I could care less what their morals are like” when making a vote. Perhaps he’s matured since then and it’s no longer an issue.

            But, when you decide to run for public office, and you had sex with your mother in-law, you have to believe that one is going to be brought up. It’s a judgment call, do you subject yourself, and your kids, to the ridicule or do you take a pass on running for office.

            I’m really not trying to be judgmental, I might have even voted for the guy, but give me a break, he “did it” with his mother in-law; it’s perfectly acceptable for folks to weigh that issue, and his maturity at the time, when deciding on their vote. It’s not like he tried marijuana when he was 17.

              • KingWulfgar says:

                How was your judgment when you were 19? Mine wasn’t great.

                This has no bearing on his proven ability to represent his district. Not to mention that you all seem intent to ignore the facts that it was someone making an inappropriate pass at him–not “doing it”–and got blown out of proportion.

                This was all news back at the last election and it went as far as the AJC, so to say people may not have heard by now is just silly. Bringing it up again now is just mud-slinging.

          • macho says:

            I’ve been thinking about his issue a lot, because folks always seem to talk about morality and how it relates to politicians. I do understand your side, the whole throwing stones at glass houses thing, so I think it’s question of degree. Let me ask you this: if a current male elected official was caught having sex with his mother in-law (or even better his father in-law), made a bunch of unethical business dealings and owned some seedy strip clubs, but had a really solidly conservative voting record, do you think it would be fair game in the next election?

          • newby says:

            Are you a Democrat or a Republican or maybe a Libertarian? Usually I can tell which party by their support of a candidate with a little story like this one. Must confess this one has me wondering.

            • KingWulfgar says:

              Why do you seek to label people? Most people don’t conveniently fit into your little compartments. I know I don’t.

              • newby says:

                I think that was the point I was trying to make. You can’t make those judgements based on the party affiliation any more.

  6. Icarus says:

    Here’s my recollection of the story about Mr. Stout when he was 19:

    Mr. Stout was married. He and his wife were living with her mom/parents. The mother in law came on to him. As I understand it, whatever happened stopped short of sex.

    Immediately overcome with guilt, he confessed what happened to his wife. She took him down to their church, where the minister freaked out, marched him in front of the church, then marched him out of it.

    I think the case can be made that no one handled the situation correctly, but more importantly, everyone over reacted.

    Today, he is on good terms with the former wife. She says he’s a good father to their child. She also admits the reaction to the incident was well out of proportion.

    From everything I know about Mr. Stout, I have no issues with him serving in the Georgia General Assembly. That’s from both his fiscal conservative background, and his social conservative beliefs and any judgments of his views of morality.

  7. Annie Ethel says:

    From prior comments I know nobody was nearly as entertained as I was watching Stout in committee, on the Floor, or in the well, or doing his weird little antics in the hallways of the Capitol, or watching people freak out because he wasn’t on the floor for some really important votes… because he was at his job… because he didn’t know what the calendar was for that day. Hooray for super-professionalism!
    Here’s some insider information: If you want to get a room full of the politicos quiet in a hurry, you announce that Stout is about to start talking. It means NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT, but it will be a guaranteed train-wreck you can’t turn away from. You know how Nikki Randall tried to keep Randall Mangham from embarrassing the party? Same play, different cast: Sharon Cooper trying to keep Stout from embarrassing the party. Which is funny on its own because Sharon Cooper isn’t afraid of tearing it up on the floor… that is a different thread.
    For pure entertainment value, sure, vote for Stout. I’m a little perplexed at Micah’s move – I love me some Gravely – didn’t know he had taken in a full-serving of the “one issue only” camp to the detriment of all else… like the economy… or jobs…. or transportation… or how the state budget is about to topple… because what we really need in the legislature is another recruit to the self-proclaimed “morality police” rather than someone who is going to actually solve a problem.
    The only question is whether his performance will be available on Youtube… and therefore Comedy Central, or maybe some local morning radio shows.
    Any GOP candidate will step in line when it comes down to the votes. End result is zero-sum game. The DIFFERENCE is that someone like GOLDEN means that you have a competent person doing more of the work, bearing more of the burden, and actually trying to help Georgia’s economy by and through private enterprise rather than hiding in a “pro-life only” compound.

    • KingWulfgar says:

      You’ve obviously been listening to a different Daniel Stout than I have. This post is so full of absurd personal attacks, I’m not even going to address them all. Here’s the real story on the ONE day he missed (a pre-excused absence, mind you).


      Steve Golden’s mailer couches a tiny grain of truth in deceit. Daniel has run a positive campaign and has not attacked his opponents (despite the abundance of opportunities to do so). His legislative record speaks for itself as he was the only Paulding representative to vote against the hospital bed tax (despite your assertion that any GOP candidate will step in line when it comes down to the votes) and he’s one of maybe 10 members of the GA House to receive a 100% rating from Americans For Prosperity.

      He is a man of integrity and conservative values and he is quite competent. He is a true statesman–not a slimy politician.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        Thanks for the tidbit about the 100% rating from Americans for Properity. It says…. cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo as in AFP getting income taxes for rich seniors eliminated to counteract an all-new broad-based tax on health care.

        • KingWulfgar says:

          Sorry, but I really don’t understand your response at all. Their score (for GA House Reps) was based on 7 key votes from this last legislative session that all centered around fiscally conservative issues. You can see it here, but for me, the PDF didn’t line up quite right with the header at the top.


    • acoalson says:

      Anyone who uses Sharon Cooper as a “positive” in a post discredits themselves right away, imho. Sharon can’t keep from embarrasing herself, it would be a miracle if she behaved as well as Daniel.

  8. Chris says:

    Representative Stout is doing something that the people of District 19 haven’t had in a long time: Representation.

    He may have made a mistake or two in the past, but he’s owned up to it and moved on.

  9. janna says:

    Many of us Keen’s district are also glad he won’t be returning to Atlanta. We also won’t have to hear him call the local radio show several times a week to tell us what a good job he is doing for us.

    The downside is we are more likely to bump into him at a restaurant on the island since he will be in town more.

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