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Comes from Quaker:

Over-the-top negaitive campaign ads have become the standard locally and nationally in inter- and intra-party contests. Imagine for a moment if Delta, Air Tran, and American advertised that way, highlighting, over-emphasizing, and, yes, lying about each other’s poor safety record, discourteous staff, crowded cabins, lost luggage, delays, cancellations, and overbooking. Imagine if their ads were produced like political ads, with horrific scenes of crashes with bodies and luggage scattered about, snarling flight attendants, passengers resembling laying hens in stacked cages – well, you get the picture. Certainly the public perception of the entire industry would be entirely and dramatically negative. Most people would be afraid to fly at all. That is what politicians’ use of negative ads has done to public service. They have smeared each other with mud to the point that no one has any respect at all for any of them, winners or losers. An that’s sad, because some of them really do want to serve and improve things.

It’s why political consultants need to be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes. After their bosses. And the lawyers.


  1. MouthoftheSouth says:

    Ah, of course there are other methods to travel, and if ads like that worked, then airlines would use them. I find it interesting that what masquerades as a conservative blog does not understand markets at all.

    People decide on airlines almost exclusively on price, but from within the group of airlines they view as “acceptable” so attacking one airline would not serve the purpose of getting customers. If there were only two airlines, then you would see one airline talk about the other’s on-time records.

    They probably would not talk about crashes, because it encourages people to drive or not travel at all.

    And nice piece of anti-intellectualism thrown in at the end. I am beginning to understand the Handel-love around here.

    • MouthoftheSouth says:

      Agreed because they made the market into two choices, Macs and PC’s. Assuming there are no alternatives to individual computers, decreasing the support for one increases the support for the other.

      Additionally, if people had to choose which brand they supported only once every four years, the run up to that decision would feature much nastier advertising.

  2. MouthoftheSouth says:

    And furthermore, having 49% of the market in airlines would be considered to be great, whereas in politics it’s just losing.

    If second place in the primary for Governor became the Lt. Governor nominee, it would be very different, for instance.

    You have to look at the motivations and possible outcomes.

  3. CobbGOPer says:

    If negative ads didn’t work, we wouldn’t see them used. Though in this instance I think Ox and Deal’s ads will backfire. The recent polls seem to be bearing this out…

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    You shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    Were it not for political consultants this country would not exist. We simply give the people what they want most. It isn’t my fault that the human race is savage and unattentive.

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