The Daniels Ballot

I guess you could also call this a voter guide, I’m not giving a full description of who I cast or may cast my ballot for – but rather to the names I’ve whittled it down too. Rip the list apart at your leisure.

Governor:Jeff Chapman, Karen Handel, or Eric Johnson
Secretary of State: Undecided.
Attorney General: Max Wood
Insurance Commissioner: Gerry Purcell or Dennis Cain
Labor Commissioner: Melvin Everson
Agriculture Commissioner: Gary Black
School Superintendent: Richard Woods
PSC: Jeff May
GA-8: Austin Scott

In a Republican primary I would have ghost voted Lt. Governor, and voted for my local incumbents Jimmy Pruett and Ross Tolleson. However, in the alternative:

Governor: Dubose Porter
Lt. Gov: Carol Porter
Attorney General: Rob Teilhet
Insurance Commissioner: Undecided
Labor Commissioner: Terry Coleman
Agriculture Commissioner: Undecided
School Superintendent: Brian Westlake

I think a lot of my choices are predictable for people, and most of these candidates I’ve had the chance to personally engage. There are exceptions, but not many. I’m going to take a few moments to talk about a few of these races as I chose.

Governor: You’ll notice I’m wavering on a couple of candidates on one side – I’m waiting for the home-run that says “I can win this.”Fancy endorsements don’t impress me much. On the other hand, I like Dubose better than the other Democratic candidates.

AG: I think Max Wood is the most qualified candidate we have had for this position. A US Attorney basically fulfills the same job duties that the AG does, just on different levels. I think Preston Smith is a great guy and that Sam Olens would be a great Lt. Governor, Mayor or some other type of executive. But when I look at the AG position I want an outsider with no political ambition with experience in the court room and managing a law practice. Wood has that. I picked Rob over Hodges because – well. I don’t really like either.

Insurance: I think Dennis Cain is a great guy and knows what needs to be done. I’m just afraid he can’t win. Purcell is a lot like Cain, and I think he’s better positioned to win.

Labor: I think Everson and Coleman are going to win their primaries. I also think it’s funny a man from Dodge County is running against someone born in Wilcox County in a Statewide race.

School: I was really impressed with Richard Woods when he came through this area. This is an important position, and I hope whomever gets this job fixes our school system.

GA-08: Austin Scott is the man. I use to say Mac Collins could work a room like no other politician I have ever seen, but Austin has changed my mind. He’s got a great team that is working hard – and I think a lot of people are going to be surprised.


  1. AthensRepublican says:

    Good choices, but another post below talks about the “Most Corrupt in Georgia History”. Doesn’t Terry Coleman rank up there? Then again, he is viewed as rather clean by Dodge County standards.

  2. Question. Why are so many supporting Gary Black for ag commissioner?

    It seems like having an actual farmer like Darwin Carter in office would be a good thing. Am I missing something?

    • AthensRepublican says:

      I think both are good men. I am one of the few on PP that will be voting for Darwin Carter.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        I’ve been asking this same question in other threads. Darwin Carter will lose because of his name alone. The names “Darwin” and “Carter” are both subliminally torturous to many GOP voters.

        Ag Commissioner is so far down ballot that it is one of those races where how a name looks on the ballot will decide the winner… which is unfortunate.

        Having had the chance to talk to both, I prefer Darwin.

      • GG says:

        I will be voting for Darwin Carter. Obviously knows what he is talking about and “not the lobbyist.”

    • Debra says:

      I know nothing about farming, but I live in Dooly Co with 11,000 residents and thousands and thousands of acres of cotton and peanuts. Every farmer I’ve talk to is voting for Gary Black. Don’t know why, but they seem to think he will do a great job.

    • Ron Daniels says:

      I addressed this below, but I’ll reiterate it here – and of course I can only speak for myself.

      I met both Black and Carter, and I honestly thought Gary was more qualified and a better choice for the position than Carter. Gary really is a nice guy to top it off.

  3. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:


    This is the kind of approach I respect. No obvious lemming characteristics. No obvious kool aid drinking. I still don’t care who you are going to vote for Ron but you have class while I am not caring.

  4. bluedogdem says:

    I will be voting for Darwin also. A lot of Gary Black’s contributions come from the company’s he is suppose to regulate. Gary is part of the problem, not part of the solution. The PP guys like the candidates who are the GOP establishment..Handel, Black, Everson, and etc.

    Dubose Porter horrible to. He wants to go after the so called “uncollected sales taxes” from business that do not pay them supposedly do not pay. I had a talk with him about this and he wants to shut them down until they pay the tax. Sound good, but what are we going to do when all the supposedly companys that do not pay their sales tax shut down and lay off their employees. Then you have more ppl on food stamps and unemployment.

    Last…if there are company’s out there that do not pay their sales tax collection maybe it bc they cannot afford to and they would have to close the doors if they did pay it.
    DuBOZO and the PPers need to learn “That government is best which governs least”

    • Ron Daniels says:

      I like DuBose better than I do Poythress, Baker, and Barnes. Part of that is regional bias, part because Poythress has eight signs at one minor intersection here, and partly because I can tolerate him better than the others.

      I’ve met Gary Black. I liked meeting Gary Black. I can’t say the same for when I met Mr. Carter, he didn’t strike me as someone I wanted in charge of Georgia Agriculture. Sorry, but that’s the way it is with me.

      Everson is an easy pick over Butler for me, simply because of the way Butler acted in the West Georgia deal.

      None of my choices are influenced by how someone is an establishment Republican or Democrat.

  5. jackson says:

    It amazes me that the front page posters on this site are so narcissistic they actually think people care who the are voting for.

    • Ron Daniels says:

      I was actually asked several times. Additionally, we all so often accused of being in “the tank” for a candidate that I prefer to let people know who I am voting for in order to maintain a certain level of transparency. This is, after all,

      I think I’ve been pretty even handed in my blogging here, not favoring one candidate over the other. I’d like to stay that way. And this is one way to maintain such a status. I’m no narcissist – but Buzz is, and if he denies it then this conversation never happened.

      And as a point of order, I said would vote for – there’s no guarantees I will vote for any of those people and certainly I can’t actively vote in both primaries.

  6. Bill Knowles says:

    Ron….Do yourself a favor…Vote for Maria Sheffield for insurance commissioner, Tim Echols for PSC.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      I am making an uneducated guess at who you are voting for Governor, but I bet I am right…The Ox.

    • EllaPatriot says:

      Bill, I take it by your suggestion that you are then voting for Oxendine? Sheffield is Oxendine’s hand-picked candidate. She was an attorney under Oxendine, worked on previous campaigns for him, gave him $3,000 towards his campagin and claims she will run the office differently, yet with a closer look at campagin contibutions, they share a large amount of contributors — $70,000 worth.

      Do we really want Oxendine as governor, Sheffield as IC and Echols, who ran Oxendine’s campaign all in office together? Hmm sounds vaguely like the ‘Axis of Ox’

  7. slyram says:

    Ron: The Peach Pundit nod from you is the reason I got more blog hits than ever yesterday–I was cutting stress and trees on family property and missed the post until today. Thanks. Like a painter who dies penniless, my posts are rarely read but that Ghost Vote idea was best.

    Sometimes you can’t bring yourself to vote for any of the above and it is my understand that in some states you can do just that. Ron, you are right about the Marshall v. Scott race because at some point diehard Democrats might resolve than no real Democrat buck a Dem White House that much.

    I have seen Nunn, Kingston, Bishop and Isakson masterfully work rooms in person—friendly rooms and foe rooms- and you are right, Austin has the same ability. If Melvin Everson gets out of your primary, it’s over because the Albany State family across the state has him in November.

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