Hudgens Responds

I received this via email from the Hudgens campaign.

Ralph Hudgens on the Ethics Issue

“Within one hour of the issue being brought to my attention it was resolved and the extra reports were filed as required. Some of my opponents are living in glass houses- two of my opponents Maria Sheffield and Seth Harp have ethical issues of their own. Harp has received illegal contributions from regulated entities which he failed to return for six months. And Maria Sheffield, an attorney – someone who you would think would know something about law, is using the state seal in campaign material blatantly breaking the law. She was also late in filing her personal financial disclosure. They should get their own house in order before throwing stones. I have focused my efforts on stopping Obama Care and protecting insurance consumers.”

Submitted by Blake Aued on Tue, 07/13/2010 – 4:24pm.

Taking Up for Ralph Hudgens

A good rule of thumb to remember in politics is whoever’s under attack is probably winning.

Candidates for insurance commissioner have been coming after state Sen. Ralph Hudgens, R-Hull, for a long time. Just today, state Sen. Seth Harp, R-Midland, issued a news release accusing Hudgens of failing to return $106,000 that he illegally transferred from his state Senate campaign account to fund his run for insurance commissioner.

“I’ve talked to Senator Hudgens multiple times, as have other Georgia leaders urging him to abide by the law. Each time he assured us the issue was being addressed. However, this problem has not been resolved and Senator Hudgens refuses to rectify it and acknowledge he has broken the law. With the election just over a week away, Georgia voters deserve to know the truth about his campaign funds. Georgia law requires campaign disclosures so voters can make informed decisions about who will lead this state. Now is the time for Senator Hudgens to come clean with the voters and return all of the money, as well as produce a copy of the consent order and a paper trail detailing the return of these illegally transferred funds.”

“The citizens of Georgia demand a Commissioner of Insurance who will run the Office with ethics, integrity and transparency. The State of Georgia will not tolerate another Insurance Commissioner plagued with ethical problems.”

There’s only one problem with Harp’s accusation: It’s not true. Hudgens filed amended campaign finance disclosures June 30 showing that did put the money back where it belongs.


  1. Todd M says:


    perhaps you should google Gerry Purcell and see how many tax problems he has had over the years. And what wife is the good preacher on right now? Purcell = McBerry = total nut job!

    • GG says:

      Yep birds of a feather. Instead of Google check with the SOS to see how many different “non-profit organizations” he is or has been associated. Careful though he uses several different names. Scary to say the least.

  2. Mary says:

    word on the street is that the Sheffield campaign did a poll that showed Hudgens way out in front and Purcell is a safe second. I’m sure Mr. Incall/Outcall is going crazy!

    • Chris says:

      That B Balz, is the fundemental flaw with the “repeal it” crowd.

      Both sides are arguing over which piles of sh-t we should be stuck with. The pile the benefits the GOP’s special interests or the pile that benefits the Democrat’s special interests.

      Neither pile benefits the average American, and that the GOP can’t come up with anything better than “repeal it” shows that they aren’t ready to lead on anything.

      • B Balz says:

        I agree with this, Chris. The most ardent anti-Obamacare folks I have spoken with have not done their due diligence on the Bill. They believe the sound bytes.

        While I am not a fan of the new H/C Bill, repeling it is the wrong approach. Before 2014 (The year that ‘Total Market Control” occurs) the Bill will be changed, tweaked and perhaps made better.

        It got passed and that is a huge Dem victory that shall be revisited often before 2012.

  3. MouthoftheSouth says:

    I wonder if this “loan” arrived as cash in a brown paper bag? I would like to see the records of the bank account, but that’s entirely too much transparency for an office whose entire point is to provide cover for the insurance industry.

  4. georgiahack says:

    “Within one hour of the issue being brought to my attention it was resolved and the extra reports were filed as required”

    What this says to me is that Sen. Hudgens has no respect for the law. If it was this easy to do the right thing in the first place, why not just go ahead and not wait to get caught with your pants down, AGAIN. After I had one HUGE 106k mistake, I would have made darn sure that I was doing everything right.

    This is a man who wants to regulate insurance companies, be the state comptroller, chief arson investigator, and watch over industrial loans. If he cannot even abide by the simplest of campaign finance laws after spending 12 years voting on them how can he be trusted to do anything in the interest of Georgia consumers.

    If the other campaigns have ethical lapses then they should be sanctioned, but “hey, everyone else is doing it” is not a defense. Ignorance is never an excuse.

  5. fishtail says:

    What this says to me is that Sen. Hudgens ought to fire his campaign manager for a screwup like this in the last days of a hotly contested election.

  6. oompaloompa says:

    “I have focused my efforts on stopping Obama Care and protecting insurance consumers.”

    Isn’t this the bozo that said on air that “the Ins. Commish can’t do anything about Obamacare” when he thought the mic was off?


    • Glen Ross says:

      The actual term he used was “squat”. Insurance commissioner can’t do squat about healthcare.

    • polisavvy says:

      Amen, truth. So am I. It’s sad when we have to just hold our nose and touch a screen to cast our votes.

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