Hawkins driving with a suspended license plate?

Since Lee Hawkins is no longer a member of the Georgia Senate, so why is he still using the special license plate given to members? This photo is from Saturday’s 9-12 event, where Hawkins came in 3rd in the straw poll:

Georgia Code §40-2-135(a) says (emphasis mine):

The commissioner shall revoke any regular, prestige, special, or distinctive license plate which the commissioner determines was issued in error and shall revoke the special and distinctive license plate issued to a member of the General Assembly at such time as the holder ceases to hold such public office. The commissioner or his or her designated agent may revoke any license plate purchased with a check which was returned for any reason. The commissioner shall notify the holder of such regular, prestige, special, or distinctive license plate or of such other license plate of such revocation. The holder of such revoked license plate shall return the license plate to the commissioner or the commissioner’s designated agent and register his or her vehicle as otherwise required by this chapter.

If you aren’t in office the plate is revoked and if you are still driving on it, it’s a suspended plate. Former legislators may keep them because many want to frame them, but they do have to go to their county tag office and get a new regular plate like everyone else as the plate expires as soon as they leave office.


  1. Provocateur says:

    Ummm…he’s still a state senator through the end of 2010, Jason. Terms go a full 2 years, all the way through December 31.

    • Jason says:

      Ummm, Hawkins resigned from the Senate in April and special election to fill out the remainder of his term was held on the same day as the election GA-9.

        • Chris says:

          Preston didn’t have to resign, because the term of the office he seeks ends when his current office does. Had Deal not had to resign to avoid the ethics investgations Hawkins & Graves could still be in the General Assembly while running for congress.

      • Word says:

        Seriously Jason? It’s less than a week away before the GA Primary and you can’t find something of substance to blog about? Great journalism!

  2. polisavvy says:

    Are these guys technically still in office until the new legislators are sworn into their positions? Is it not true that Sonny could call a special session and these guys be expected to be there? Just curious. I’m in no way defending Hawkins, just wondering if he is still technically a legislator until January.

  3. To me, the language doesn’t sound like it’s automatically revoked and suspended. The law simply instructs the commissioner to notify the holder that he / she is revoking the plate and that it needs to be returned. Do we know if Sen. Hawkins has received a notification of such yet?

    • KingWulfgar says:


      Sounds to me like it’s the commissioner’s job to revoke it and notify him. If that hasn’t happened, it’s not Hawkins’ problem.

  4. Doug Deal says:

    So do you guys have pictures of him on the toilet or picking his nose?

    The obsession with bashing Hawkins on this site over petty nonsense blown up into a front page story is ridiculous.

  5. Jeremy Jones says:

    Everyone here knows my prior issues with Hawkins, regardless…

    The law is pretty simple, “the commissioner shall revoke…”

    If the commissioner has not issued the revocation, the plate is not invalid. Now, I certainly agree, Hawkins should get his layman plates regardless if the writ has been issued or not, but as far as committing a crime? Unless we have evidence the commissioner issued the revocation, no crime has been committed.

    Again, I agree, he should remove the plate, but really, is the best reason we can come up with to not vote for him?

    If we really want to nit-pick, if the license plate has not been revoked, where is the investigation into this lack luster commissioner??? (I say completely joking, I hope they are busy attending to real issues)

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I agree with Jeremy. I’m sureprised that no one has said that Sen. Hawkins parked too close to the line for Steve Tarvin to get in and out of his truck. (look at the pic again.)

    • steelfist says:

      No. The reason we shouldn’t vote for him is because he isn’t a conservative. He admits he supported Democrat candidates running for office and showed his support by attending a pep rally with Joe Biden in support of Obama’s stimulus bill.

      • GeorgiaConservative says:

        Remember to let everyone know that your candidate, Tom Graves, accepted stimulus funds for his business aka meth 6.

  6. polisavvy says:

    Maybe someone should let the State know. They still have him appearing as a Senator on their web page.

  7. redrock says:

    Unforgivable. I was going to vote for Hawkins – but not now – because of his license plate on the 04′ Buick.

    How someone can be so careless….

    • Provocateur says:

      Glad to know Republicans put so much thought and reason into making a decision on who to vote for.

      • “Glad to know Republicans put so much thought and reason into making a decision on who to vote for.”

        Are you saying you’d vote for someone who drives a Buick? 😛

        • Provocateur says:

          Red…it’s gotten to the point this season where so many people actually are making decisions based on the most inane reasons that your sarcasm could just as well be interpreted by someone to be a valid reason.

          Well, at least there’s no “binder” on Lee Hawkins…though, it is likely that Jason Pye is building one now. (not sarcasm).

  8. Bobby Butterworth says:

    The comments are bashing the vague language, people forget they say commissioner shall revoke, which is true, but folks forget commissioner doesn’t send a letter because its never an issue, folks just automatically do it.

    The “shall revoke” is if that thing is invalid and you get pulled over, then they can write you up for invalid tag and revoke it, the tag according to DOR becomes invalid the second you are no longer in office. Yes they are right that if he just wasn’t running again then it would be good until the election but since he resigned and someone took his seat in a special (Miller), he is not a senator.

    Hall’s Homeboy is breakin the law.


  9. Joshua Morris says:

    Speaking of “spiral[ing] into irrelevance”… so goes Peach Pundit, or GravesHandel Pundit, whichever you want to call it.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      True, it’s been really bad around here for awhile. At this point, I’m hoping for Handel to lose out in the primary for the sole reason that all the Handelistas will go away from PP.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Don’t count on it Loyalty. Besides, don’t you have something to be doing on your state job and my tax dollar?

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      You sure are obsessed with Josh. You sound kinda like that Soulja Boy character who used to post on here.

        • Provocateur says:

          Ahhh…I loved that parade car of the Deltas. EAT ME

          I think I’m going to go watch the video of that for my Wednesday night entertainment. Thanks for the inspiration, Icarus!

      • bobspolitics says:

        It’s over! A lot of people think Graves has the support and momentum to win this thing huge this time. Not that 12% and 13% margins aren’t huge. But this time without a run-off.

  10. TBarilla says:

    I am so ashamed of Lee Hawkins! To think he’d drive around with an expired tag is just, well, a horrendous turn of events.

    I’ll now have to consider voting for the guy that perpetrated fraud on the bank. Yes, Tom Graves, the asset hiding jobless bank swindler has been redeemed!

    Sorry Lee…your 35 years without a suit of any type combined with your 35 year old successful business does not stack up with the travesty of having an expired plate.

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