Independents turn in ballot access petitions

I started this on the thread about Brad Bryant (I may have more information on that story later), but I thought these guys deserved their own thread.

Here is a list of candidates that turned in petitions today:

  • Patrick Bates (HD-166)
  • Hope Demps (HD-34)
  • Kirk Howell (HD-108)
  • Rep. Rusty Kidd* (HD-141)
  • Brooke Nebel (HD-51)
  • Chuck Pardue (SD-23)
  • Brad Ploeger (HD-59)
  • Keith Tompkins (HD-70)
  • Allan Williamson (HD-82)

Petitions still have to be verified, so some on this list may not make it once signatures have been combed through. Also, all candidates will be listed as Independents, though Ploeger is a Libertarian Party member. He had a problem with his petitions, seems to be a reoccurring them this year, and will not allow him to show his affiliation.

*Since Rep. Kidd won a special election last year, he was required to obtain the necessary signatures to appear on the ballot in November.


  1. Icarus says:

    I have an email saying Chuck Pardue turned in 6700 signatures with a minimum requirement for 3961. That email says SD-23.

    Above, he’s listed as SD-39.

    I have no idea, you guys figure it out.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      He should be SD-23. I remember him running against Charles Walker’s son (Champ?) for that Congressional seat out there. I also believe he has run for other offices out there since then. I doubt he’s moved into Vincent Fort’s neighborhood since then.

  2. Doug Grammer says:

    Good for all of these people. They didn’t wine and complain. They did the hard work. Let’s hope all of their signatures pass muster.

    What’s the deal with Mr. Ploeger? I thought he could run as a LP party member if he did the work?

    • Doug,
      Did you know that there were different forms for collecting signatures for “Independant” candidates and “Political Body” candidates? Well, at the time the forms were requested, the good people at the SOS office either didn’t know and/or didn’t inform the candidates. So everyone got the same “Independent” form… but, on qualifying day, all were informed of this info. Great Timing! (sarc.)

      So we added the info to the “More Proof there is Too many bureaucrats, Too many rules and Too many forms” research folder, aka “BIG GUV will Screw You” file.

      We’ve also updated and added it to our Candidate guide and SOP for the future potential candidates.

      Thanks for caring. 😉

      • Doug Grammer says:

        I know that if I were going to run as a third party candidate, I would have been serious enough about it to do my homework and correct whatever bureaucrats that tried to hand me the wrong form. Blaming the SOS’s bureaucrats for any LP member not doing their own homework doesn’t wash. O.C.G.A. 21-2-170. I didn’t even have to look it up.

        The petition says the word “independent” at the top of it. Did no one notice this? Maybe you’d rather be lucky than smart.
        How many of these folks are LP members? Just the one?

        • After the candidates informed us what they were being told (isn’t the first time a different SOS “interpreted” the law differently), I even had our operation director call and verify… who was also given the same “bad info, ” was told the candidates could declare party(body) affiliation at qualifying… also wrong.

          But when “they” make the rules and do the interpretations, all we can do is comply the best we can.

          During my stint helping the Reform Party back in the day, “forms bound” was interpreted as “single” binder…. ever tried to bind 36000 signatures? Not easy to do. I think we used yarn.

          Not whining or “wining”, just fyi-ing. Ballot Access and sig requirements in this state is a joke… but not funny.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            I know it’s not easy. I went door to door for one of these candidates this weekend. I just wanted to help show it could be done. I think I got about 25 signatures in 5 hours or so, but I had someone else working with me. The campaign got volunteers and they worked.

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