How I voted

US Senator: Blank. Unless I really like you I don’t vote in uncontested primaries

Governor: Karen Handel. Ox and Deal are ex-democrats who pander to the social conservatives and try and one-up each other on being homophobic, xenophobic and anti-abortion.

Lt. Governor: While I campaigned and donated to Cagle last time, I’m going to leave this blank. Adulterers who abuse the powers of their office don’t get my support.  I may every well vote Democrat in the General.

Secretary of State: Doug MacGinittie

Attorney General: Preston Smith. I had a hard time deciding between Smith and Olens. I could not support Wood as he was a former prosecutor and I don’t trust prosecutors with political ambitions.

Insurance: Gerry Purcell. Here is someone who knows what is going on in the business, and has plans to fix it. The other candidates are either in the pockets of big insurers like Aflac, or are hoping to be the next Oxendine and enrich themselves by extorting anyone who has business before the office. Every time I’ve heard Gerry speak – his solutions have always been oriented towards free market solutions that benefit the individual.

Commissioner of Labor: Melvin Everson. I’ve know Melvin for several years now as he is a regular at the Gwinnett GOP meetings. In fact, he is one of the few state level officials who regularly attend the party meetings. He is a passionate and eloquent speaker who has a bright future in politics.

School Super: Barge

Commissioner of Agriculture: Gary Black

Public Service Commission: Jeff May

13rd Congressional: Mike Crane who was endorsed by the RLC-Georgia.

State House: Steve Davis. One of the few real conservatives in the General Assembly.


  1. The Lt. Governor race raises a very legitimate question. Which is worse: a conservative who will put his personal agenda and personal satisfaction first or a liberal who is out of touch with what the people of the state want, but will probably be honest with us on her positions?

    I’m not sure which is worse. Someone please enlighten me.

      • Alright. I guess we do have more important things to do for the time being, such as getting Oxendine and Deal out of the runoff so Eric and Karen can get in. That way we have a win/win situation going into the general election.

        • Pine Knot says:

          Getting Ox and Deal out of the runoff? You used to be the biggest Deal man. Maybe you have the inside scoop…

          • I haven’t been truly enthused about Deal since the end of last year. I really wish that after I left Oxendine’s campaign I chose Austin Scott instead of Deal. But stuff happens. Now I know that I’m in the right place because I don’t have to worry about hopelessly attempting to defend against a true ethics violation. EJ is clean, crisp, and he has solid ideas to help put some common sense back into the Executive Branch of GA Government.

            • GOPwits says:

              If you just skip over the fact that he was Ethics Chairman during the entire Richardson debacle and failed to investigate the charges brought forward.

              And if you just skip over the fact that he enriched himself quite nicely as a State Senator with State contracts and failed to disclose them (just a mere million dollars in business – easy to overlook…)

              Other than that, he’s “crisp”…

              • Provocateur says:

                The Ethics Committee followed the LAW on a review of the complaint. No names were offered, no proof was cited. It was a crap “complaint” and the lawyers on the committee stated that to move forward based on no evidence would put the entire “Rules of Evidence” process in jeopardy.

              • ZazaPachulia says:

                yup… and don’t forget the fact that Johnson put his political neck on the line and staked his future for his grand school saving scheme of “Vouchers Now! Vouchers Tomorrow! Vouchers Forever!!”

                Funny, I haven’t heard Mr. Voucher himself even mention his former crusade during this campaign.

                And just because you follow the rules on the books to cover your rear-end (as, say, joint house and senate chair of the ethics committee) does not mean you’re doing a good job.

    • redrock says:

      What’s worse are the people like Chris and yourself who continue to promulgate the unsubstantiated rumors about Cagle – because you’ve heard it so many times in this echo chamber, “It must be true.”

      Let me guess – you have proof and are about to drop it. As the saying goes, “put up or shut up.”

    • Chris says:

      Well the worst case would be Ox and Porter winning the General. in 6 mo Ox will be in jail and Porter will be running things.

      I do wonder if that was their plan all along.

      • GOPwits says:

        If things stay the same, I may vote Porter for LT… If the leadership of the Senate changes, then I think I’ll either just not vote or vote for Cagle… The status quo though of the lack of leadership, inside deals and cronyism, and the ethical blind eye is just too much to take anymore…

      • B Balz says:

        My opinion is that Mr. Oxendine has little chance to goto jail for anything he has done is the past. In my opinion, stating such, as a FP poster, seems reckless to me. And I will not be voting for the guy, it just irks me to read this stuff.

          • B Balz says:

            I gotcha!

            IMHO, if true, being a vitriol thief is even worse. I am amazed that some folks act like the folks running for office are not real people, rather some ‘action figures’ in some electronic game. Zapping candidates with imaginary verbal proton-grenades will not jettison them to Outer Darkness…

            I know the great game is brutish, but I call BS on this kind of nonsense, even this late in the game. If Mr. Oxendine IS elected, I wonder what November 5, 2010 will be like around here?

            If it were up to me, I would nominate Mr. Constable, a young man with style and character, as a front page poster. At least he is committed to nonsense avoidance.

      • willcosta says:


        I say the worst case would be Handel, the Ox or raw Deal for the GOP vs Barns. Barns is an Obama Sellout who pretends that he is some kind of old school southern conservative democrat. Porter, is what he says he is and like many old GA democrats of the past can still tell you to take a hike without totally disrespecting you. Porter still holds enough respect for the concept of individual states rights that he would at least think twice before knocking under to chairman Obama and thugs.

        I have to say there are some really good people running in the GOP for state wide office…… The sad part is that the GOP establishment is doing a good job to keep them off the radar. Then again I can say the same thing about the democrats and DNC leadership. I hope I am wrong and a few of the good ones make it…. even though I will still support the LP come November. I would name names but since I am a candidate myself I will say little (except for the Gov. candidates because they are that bad)

        The GOP is still overrun with political climbers, just look at the front runners for Gov., who can give great speeches and run text book campaigns. The problem is that as good as they are on the campaign trail they are so far from anything you could call a leader that when the get in office they just take marching orders from the GOP establishment.

        PS how is the Liberty wing of the GOP?

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    You made some very good choices, especially Melvin Everson. I don’t know how many people watched the Labor Commission debate Sunday evening but Melvin brought up his opponents unethical behavior of dating a lobbyist, threatening to pull the University of West Ga’s funding, and secretly recording the conversation of faculty. Since then, his opponent has started dating a new lobbyist even though he states it is a bad idea to do so.

    In November, you can be sure that the Democrats will bring up the issue of ethics and all the problems the GOP has faced in Georgia over the past year. I think we need to elect qualified candidates but I also think we need to elect ethical and electable candidates.

    Go Melvin!

    • AthensRepublican says:

      Everyone that I have talked with that keeps up with Georgia politics is supporting Melvin Everson. I will be voting for him as well. There seems to be quite a bit of diversity in so many other races but Melvin Everson seems to be an almost unanimous choice.

  3. Big Tuna says:

    I would say the safer choice is to vote for Porter b/c the Republican majority in the Senate will just give her the Mark Taylor treatment anyway.

      • chefdavid says:

        In my district you do not have to worry. Either your favorite Senator, you know the one who James and Trend love, the defender of guns in churches, the backer of Sunday sales who then later backed away because he didnt read the bill, the passer of transportation organization reform that took all of this year to figure out what it said, and yes he did vote aginst microchips, but now we can vote for letting dot finance bills past one year, just like GA power but things will be good because one day we will have a train from Chattanooga to ATL to carry bottles of water…or we can have some new faces but they are all republicans but i dought they can read 292 bills to sponsor in one session they are probably not that much of a machine. We got you covered up here in the 53rd even though today we learned every county except for Dade is talking about a tax hike. Heck if you include that our school board wants one we will be there to. ( ) So Chris if you want to know things are getting tough up here. As our State guys talk about endorsements we are worried about bluebird shutting down. We are worried about one of the largest employers in Dade shutting down. We used to be worried about all the sock mills shutting down in Dekalb, Al. We don’t really care about whose AAA rating they got. We don’t want government to bail us out either. We want some one to return our calls. We want someone to actually try and capitolize on the VW plant and not just show up for pictures. We want results.
        I will shut up now unless I get moderated. I am with you on Smith and others.

  4. Velasco says:

    Wow – you disillusioned people are actually voting for Karen Handel because she’s a conservative?

    I thought this was all a big joke…but y’all are serious.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      YES WE ARE. Have you met and talked to Karen? I highly recommend you do so at her next event that you can attend.

      • Provocateur says:

        Besides her being a “look you in the eye and lie to your face”, I cannot imagine why I would waste my time “talking to” Handel.

        She voted for $1.2 million over 3 votes to allow our federal tax dollars to go fund Planned Parenthood. She’s no “conservative,” that’s for sure.

  5. Pine Knot says:

    How I voted:

    US Senator: no opposition

    Governor: Deal.

    Lt. Governor: opposition…

    Secretary of State: Doug MacGinittie

    Attorney General: Olens.

    Insurance: Hudgens.

    Commissioner of Labor: Melvin Everson.

    School Super: Barge

    Commissioner of Agriculture: Black.

    Public Service Commission: May.

  6. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    “Governor: Karen Handel. Ox and Deal are ex-democrats who pander to the social conservatives and try and one-up each other on being homophobic, xenophobic and anti-abortion”

    So you voted for a chronic liar instead of Jeff Chapman. Why? Probably because the polls told you that GED Jane/can’t finish-a-term-Jane has a possibility of making it to the runoff? Welcome to at least 4+ years of Barnes again….

      • B Balz says:

        I think he is right about Roy, BTW. The first GOP leadership since Reconstruction, and our legacy is more soiled than a ‘blue dress’.

        Are you better off than you were eight years ago?

    • Chris says:

      If I were still a Libertarian and in believed in throwing away my vote, I’d have voted for Chapman. I like Chapman. He has regularly gotten perfect RLC-GA scores when I’ve done the scoring.

      His followers tend to be jackasses however.

      • willcosta says:


        You really are throwing away your vote when you go with some you think will win over someone you know will do a better job if elected. Why even join the RLC if you will not vote for who is true to your platform? So what if his followers are jackasses… you are not voting for them.
        Liberal Democrats will not vote for fake liberals (even if it yields a GOP win) because they know if they hold out long enough the party will cave into the hard core if that is what it takes to win. …. i.e. Obama

  7. AthensRepublican says:

    Unless I change my mind between now and Tuesday, my choices are:
    Governor-Johnson; Sec. State-Kemp; Attorney Gen.-Wood; Ins. Commissioner-Hudgens; Labor Commissioner-Everson; Ag. Commissioner-Carter; School Sup.-Barge; P.S.C.-Douglas.

    My predictions are: Governor: Handel (running first) in a run-off w/Johnson or Deal; Sec. State-Kemp wins; Att. Gen.-Olens in a run-off w/Smith or Wood; Ins. Commissioner- Dennis Cain (1st name on ballot) and Ralph Hudgens in a run-off; Labor Commissioner-hard to call this one; Ag Commissioner-Gary Black wins; School Sup.-Barge wins; P.S.C.-runoff between Brush (first name on ballot) and Douglas.

    I am generally wrong so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out on Tuesday.

  8. GOPwits says:

    US Senate: Blank – Protest vote coming soon?
    Governor: Karen Handel
    Lt. Governor: Blank – Protest vote coming soon? The ethically challenged Chip Rogers stepping aside could affect that decision.
    Attorney General: Max Wood (if Max doesn’t make it, Preston Smith in the runoff)
    Secretary of State: Doug MacGinnitie
    Insurance Commissioner: Gerry Purcell (if Gerry doesn’t make it, whomever promises to audit the agency after the Oxendine debacle will get my runoff vote)
    Labor Commissioner: Melvin Everson
    Agriculture Commissioner: Gary Black
    Public Service Commission: John Douglas
    School Superintendent: Blank – didn’t know enough about the candidates to vote (planned on voting for Bryant in the General)

    • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

      Here are links to the two Republican state school superintendent candidates’ websites:


      It seems to me that their views are very similar, but Barge has a wider range of experience. I’ve met them both, and they both seem like nice guys. Both are against further federal intrusion into our state’s education system. I don’t know if that is what you are looking for, since you were for Bryant, but at least you can look and see which one fits best…or you could just skip it:)

  9. sandysprings says:

    chris – if you are voting against candidates for infidelity, then why did you vote FOR Preston Smith

    • GOPwits says:

      That’s a good point and it is why I decided not to support Preston Smith on the first ballot. It will be tough to vote for him if he is in the run-off, but I feel confident that he’d be better than Sam Olens, who seems to have the wrong job description for the office of Attorney General…

  10. Garden Variety says:

    Gotta talk about the 13th District. Okay I understand wanting to get David Scott out of office and voting for Honeycutt (lost the last two elections to Scott) is not going to get it done. But Crane? First of all he doesn’t even live in the district. He doesn’t own a business in the district nor do his kids go to school in the district. He has no vested interest in the district. He has stated in a debate that his goal is to win the election and move his family to Washington DC for the next 20 years. Heck, at least David Scott lives in the 13th. Crane has no genuine interest in serving the 13th. He sees it as a stepping stone only. Parchement and Honeycutt are no different than Crane. That leaves Dudek, Orr, and Flanagan. Flanagan also does not live in the district but he does own a business there and has for 30 years so I’ll cut him some slack. Between these remaining 3 I say look them up and take your pick. But as for Crane, Honeycutt, and Parchement…may as well vote Larry, Moe and Curly.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      wow… I didn’t know we even had fellow PPers in the 13th.

      Not that anyone has a chance against Scott, but I’m pretty disappointed with the Republicans in the 13th this go around. All are practically identical on the issues — a bunch of cookie cutter candidates. And I don’t know if Garden Variety is right about Crane living outside of the district, but on his website, Crane says that he and his family attend church in Peachtree City, which is definitely outside of the district. People in the Peachtree City look at you sideways when you say “I’m from Clayton / or South Fulton.” Clearly Crane is not in tune with the district if he is part of the Peachtree City community.

      I’m seriously considering a run in the 13th in the future and I have some friends who are talking about it as well. I’d ultimately like one of my former colleagues to take the plunge, but he needs to get out of the Navy first. That’s one thing we’re missing in the 6 GOPers in the 13th race: a veteran. Come to think of it, we don’t have but one veteran in the GOP governor’s race (DEAL), but he’s not getting my vote…

      By the way, where in the 13th are y’all? I grew up in Clayton, live in South Fulton.

      • Doug Grammer says:


        If you don’t run, can we complain about how the establishment pushed you out and keep asking what if Zaza ran?

        • ZazaPachulia says:

          touche, Doug.

          You can, but only if I file a letter of intent, build a campaign from the grassroots, literally walk around the state asking (and receiving) support and then back out at the last second after capitulating to the party bosses.

      • Chris says:

        The 13th will probably look very different in 2 years, so any speculation is pretty much moot.

  11. Jeff says:

    So I see quite a few people on here who apparently believe the Attorney General should use his office to force his social beliefs on the entire State – because Max Wood clearly believes that, based on his “Experience Matters” videos and comments to Galloway that “One’s faith is more important than one’s legal analysis … he should be thinking about these issues as a person of faith, and not like a lawyer”

    Don’t know about y’all, but I prefer the Top Lawyer in this State to think like a lawyer, not a preacher.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      I hear you, Jeff.

      Also, can anyone clue me in to why everyone’s voting for Black over Carter in the Agricultural Commissioner’s race? And why do people like Hudgens and Purcell? I like what I’ve seen from Seth Harp.

      And MacGinnititie and Kemp are lousy candidates. I’m pretty upset that I’ll end up voting for one or the other a couple of times if Hodges ends up on the General Election ballot.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        ‘scuse me. Disregard that last comment. I’m mixing races again… Too many darn candidates and too many of them are lousy!

  12. Three Jack says:

    good slate chris. my vote:
    us senate: blank now and libertarian in november
    governor: karen handel with enthusiasm, she will be a great governor
    lt. governor: blank now, libertarian in november. same as chris, worked hard for cagle, disappointed not only in his philandering, but moreso, his anti-conservative positions when it comes to fiscal matters.
    attorney general: preston smith
    secretary of state: brian kemp. macginnitie lost me when he hired that looney tune sadie fields. if macginnitie wins primary, libertarian in november.
    insurance commissioner: gerry purcell
    labor commissioner: melvin everson
    agriculture commissioner: blank, libertarian in november
    public service commission: jeff may
    school superintendent: blank, write-in for november. the position needs somebody other than a teacher.

  13. EllisArnall says:

    Not to be a punk… but Doug’s last name is spelled MacGinnitie. This is one of the many (many) reasons I really think Kemp wins on Tuesday. MacGinnitie may have a million signs out, but you can hardly read them or properly pronounce (or spell) his name. Voter’s don’t like that. They like short names. They like names that are first on the ballot. Here is a scholarly article on this matter:

    • Southern Politico says:

      If lengh of name and placement on the ballot decide our state and nation’s future we have difficult times ahead indeed.

      • EllisArnall says:

        I agree. But most people don’t care about down ballot races. In fact, since 1990 more people voted in the gubernatorial race than any other race in Georgia. It is called roll-off. Voters literally roll-off the ballot because they do not care. Or, vote for the first, short name.

  14. GAgadfly says:

    In response to Garden Variety regarding GA13: First, David Scott doesn’t live in the 13th district. Second, the lines are going to be redrawn by next election, so place of residence is pretty much irrelevant. Third, assuming that the candidates are similar on the issues, the important factor is “Who can beat David Scott?” Which of these candidates has the principles, personality, judgment, maturity, and political IQ to be a legitimate candidate and withstand the campaign that David Scott will throw at them?
    Anyone who has seen these candidates in person should recognize that Crane and Parchment are the only ones that measure up. In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for Crane. The general will be an uphill fight with either of the two, but any of the other four wouldn’t stand a chance.

    • Garden Variety says:

      I beg to differ on Parchment. I’ve met them all and Parchment cannot answer tough questions. Parchment also preached about reaching out and compromising with the Democrats. Sorry, I don’t want to compromise on things like healtcare, immigration, and taxes.
      I guess my biggest problem with Crane is that he just feels like a politician to me. Same old, same old. I don’t want a career politician and he has made it clear that is his goal. Also, Crane is a founding member of the GA Southern Party. Wiki them. The Southern Party is a separatist group who believes in seceding from the union. No one in Washington takes those clowns seriously.
      For me it boils down to either Dave Orr or Hank Dudek.

      • GAgadfly says:

        You should do a little research on a number of topics, my friend. There is more than one person named Mike Crane in the state of Georgia. The Mike Crane in the GA13 race has nothing to do with the other one. He has also never run for office before, so calling him a career politician is absurd. Waste your vote however you like.

  15. TPNoGa says:

    My vote so far:

    Governor – Handel
    A/G – Smith
    Labor Comm – Everson
    Ag Comm – ?
    School – ?
    PSC – ?

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        MacGinititie lost my support with his ridiculous hypocritical attack ads about Kemp’s voting record.

        SoS is another one of those races (alongside governor, lt. governor) where I will be taking a long look at the Democratic candidate come November.

  16. I could not support Wood as he was a former prosecutor and I don’t trust prosecutors with political ambitions.

    Raising an eyebrow, and glancing back and forth curiously between Farris and Efstration.

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