1. Landon Harper says:

    It is sort of ironic how John Oxendine rides Reagans success to prove his point. John Oxendine is a great distance from even resembling Reagan at all. John is corrupt, he has lied about Karen Handel, and…

    “John Oxendine is more likely to be in prison than be our next governor”
    -Karen Handel

    WE THE PEOPLE need a better governor than that… no corruption… more qualification… and better priorities.

    Handel for Governor!

    • Biased says:

      Perhaps Handel supporters saw something different than I did, but this wasn’t her best performance. There were a couple questions where she looked like she’d been slapped in the face. Still better than Oxendine’s non-answers and obvious lack of knowledge on most of the issues

  2. polisavvy says:

    I prefer debates where the candidates actually ask one another questions. To me you get more insight into the candidates when this is done instead of the ones where only the moderators ask the questions. I guess I like the whole “rebuttal” factor of candidates questioning candidates. It’s usually more interesting, too. Fur usually seems to fly which seems to humanize them.

  3. There was no stand-out debate “winner,” but Congressman Deal came across very well on television. Good posture, clear speaking voice, confident. Oxendine looked indolent, too slouched; Handel worked up a heavy sweat half way through the interview and sounded/looked like Roseanne; Johnson has that weird lip, slushy articulation thing going on.

    It’s superficial, I know, but this is the modern world. We need a leader who can articulate conservative viewpoints well, and who is able to come across effectively and confidently on camera.

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