Shafer’s GOP gubernatorial straw poll

State Sen. David Shafer is surveying his almost 23,000 Facebook fans on the upcoming Republican primary for Governor. Someone who identifies as a David Shafer supporter on Facebook is a likely Republican primary voter, so you can get an idea of how the base feels about next Tuesday.

Karen Handel appears to have taken an early lead, followed in order by Oxendine, Deal, Chapman, McBerry, Johnson and Putnam.


  1. ~M~ says:

    Well apparently most of Shafer’s facebook friends are liberals. That is the only reason Handel could be winning.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      And here we go: Karen Handel’s leading Shafer’s straw poll?!? He must be a secret Muslin socialist with a bunch of liberal facebook friends! He’s not a real conservative!

      You people are just sad. Please go start your own political party so you can be ignorant and prejudiced without tainting the rest of us with your BS. You people are the reason Democrats run Washington.

  2. Johnson has moved up to second place, though he’s quite a distance behind Handel. I think that Palin and Brewer’s endorsements, her newly acquired airtime, and general build up of momentum will guarantee her a spot in the runoff. I also believe that the Log Cabin Republicans issue (though I wish it WASN’T an issue) as well as the ethics probe that is ongoing (should it produce results) may hurt her in the runoff. It really depends on who gets in the runoff with her.

    If it’s Ox, she wins hands down.

    If it’s Deal, it’ll be close because Johnson and Oxendine will coalesce behind Deal. I think in the end, Handel will pull it off because Deal’s gaffes during these debates will come back to haunt him (e.g. him saying he doesn’t have a problem with larger class sizes in schools across the state).

    If it’s Johnson, Deal and Oxendine will *probably* get behind Johnson and I think that his South GA connections and newly acquired North GA support from the Deal camp will put him over the top, just barely though.

  3. ConservativeVoter says:

    In fairness, the bulk of Shafer’s 23,ooo Facebook supporters are likely concentrated in Metro Atlanta where Karen Handel is the strongest. Still, Handel is dominating with 37%. Most interesting is the collapse of Oxendine. He has fallen to fourth place with 13%. In fact, there is a five-way “dead heat” for the runoff spot – Deal 14%, Johnson 13%, Oxendine 13%, McBerry 12%, Chapman 11% and Putnam o%.

  4. SnellvilleVoter says:

    Shafer collected most of these 23,000 fans when he was building statewide support for his Lieutenant Governor bid. It is a wide cross section of Republicans.

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