1. Josh4507 says:

    I have not chosen for whom I will vote in the primary yet. I cannot see how the entire state seems to be blind to John Oxendine’s blatant opportunism. This guy is worse than Blago and will do nothing more than embarrass us. It seems so obvious, I hope he’s not our nominee. I like Eric Johnson but I’m not sure he can beat Handel. Whats the latest poll numbers? Is Oxendine still leading?

  2. Rick Day says:


    Will PP mentally sink as low in funk as they did the first Wed of Nov, 2008? Will this blog turn into a non-stop 4 years of lib’rel bashin’ and a Barnes Burner?

    I hope not. Ya’ll little “c’s” got great ideas in governance, albeit a bad habit to believe any bullcrap shoveled in your face. This leads to piss-poor leaders that won’t follow script.

  3. Provocateur says:

    FYI: Common Cause is about as much of a “non-partisan watchdog organization” as DailyKos is.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      That wasn’t her check;
      It was for a fund raiser;
      That wasn’t her on her PC sending our emails;
      She sent it from her iPhone;
      “fondly, Karen”

      Did I miss any?

  4. kolt473 says:

    The Ox-bow incident and King Roy have something in common, the cavalier attitude of both these clowns Ox’s crashing state property more than one occasion, King Roy’s dealings with the teachers, the flags and possible alleged involvement with Ray Lewis GA. Do us a favor keep both of these clowns out of the gold dome and Governors mansion.

      • polisavvy says:

        Maybe we should be like Nevada and have “none of the above” as an option. If that were the case, and the election comes down to these two, I’d vote “none of the above.” I don’t see the State winning with either.

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