Max Wood

I put this up last week at RedState while I was on vacation and figured I’d put it up here too.

You and I both know the saying — nice guys finish last. It is unfortunate, but many of the best people, the people we would want in office, are the people least likely to run for office. And when they do step up to run, because they aren’t in the established fray of politicians, they are typically treated as quixotic candidates.

Some of them are. Some of them aren’t. One guy who is a nice guy and probably the most qualified person to ever run for Attorney General in Georgia in the past few decades is my friend and very literal neighbor, Max Wood.

Max got introduced to retail politics the hard way. I volunteered on his campaign for the Bibb County Board of Education when I was a College Republican at Mercer University. As fast as Max could get his yard signs out, his opponent would tear them up. Max lost.

He practiced law for a few years, then George W. Bush appointed him United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia. That made life interesting in our neighborhood.

Max prosecuted Malachi York, a child molester who led the Nuwaubian cult in Georgia.

Max successful secured a guilty verdict against York on over 100 counts of child molestation — some of the children were as young as four years old. During that time, Max Wood received lots of death threats from the cult members who believed York was some sort of god. Our neighborhood got real safe with all the police cars passing through.

But Max wasn’t just committed to prosecuting bad guys. He packed his bags and headed off to Iraq to help build, from scratch, Iraq’s legal system. Max became the U.S. Justice Department’s attaché to Baghdad for a year.

This guy is a good guy. I know him and his family. He should be Attorney General. Compared to the guys he is running against there is just no better guy than Max.

But he needs a lot of help in the next few weeks as Georgia heads to the polls on July 20th. For those of you in Georgia, I’ve voted for Max and I hope you will too.


  1. Chris says:

    I would never trust a prosecutor for political office. Denying a citizen life, liberty or property is the greatest power the government holds, and it should not be in the hands of a politician or someone with political ambitions.

    Therefore I need to decide between Smith and Olens. Who is better positioned to defeat Wood?

    • mountainpass says:

      I am voting for Preston Smith.

      Wood doesn’t trust 21 year old college students with a GWL. From his email to me:
      “I have a college aged student myself and the last thing I want is some irresponsible college student with a gun down the hall from him (even though the majority of students would be responsible).”

      Olens said this to the Marietta Daily Journal about HB89.
      “This is a bad bill that endangers the lives of our police officers and the public in general”

      HB89 was signed into law in 2008, neither the police nor the public have been injured.

  2. Muselaw says:

    Mine as well. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Wood at an event in Peachtree City and to say he’s a nice person is an enormous understatement.

    Max Wood is the real deal. He’s a person of exceptional character who has a resume that speaks for itself.

  3. JDW says:


    Your comment doesn’t make any sense in light of the fact that the Attorney General is known as the state’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Maybe you should sit this vote out until you understand what you are voting for.


    I could not agree more. Max is not the typical candidate because he’s not a career politician. I have also had the pleasure of metting Max and I have met all three candidates and Max is the only one who will talk to voters personally about the issues. At political events, Max is more than willing to talk with anybody and discuss whatever issues are on voters’ minds. Max is down-to-Earth and he has my vote.

    • Muselaw says:

      I don’t know that I’ve ever agreed with another’s comment more than this one. Well said.

  4. polisavvy says:

    I think Mr. Wood is by far the best qualified of all the other candidates. I voted him and wish him the best.

  5. Glen Ross says:

    Max has my vote. Sam Olens can’t hold a candle to the legal credentials of Max Wood. The only things that will get Olens elected will be his Cobb County base and a slug of cash. If voters educated themselves, he’d be an also-ran

    • polisavvy says:

      So did my family. Max Wood’s curriculum vitae is quite impressive. The other candidates just didn’t stack up, in my opinion. That’s why the choice was so simple.

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