Lee Hawkins Spirals Into Irrelevance

There’s a note being passed around Facebook at the moment, which appears to be a letter from Lee Hawkins to Hall County voters. Hawkins tried a mailer that was slightly more subtle in the special election runoff, urging Hall County voters regardless of party to vote for their homeboy.

This note, however, drops the subtlety. It encourages Hall county voters to understand they they run the risk of being represented by one of the hayseeds that ain’t from Hall. Or even worse, being redistricted into a district where they would be represented by someone from GWIGH-NETT county. Oh the humanity.

It’s an interesting strategy, but I continue to be amazed that a campaign would put out material such as this in the age of the internet. Yep, even Dade county has the internets now.

My observation is that Hawkins is already losing establishment Republicans in Hall who are desparate to curry favor with their new Congressman Tom Graves. This email won’t help him make up new ground in those non-beloved counties. It may even be enough to move Steve Tarvin into a second place finish.

Full email follows:


Hall County Has the Power – FOR NOW
This US Congressional Election could be the LAST in which Hall County voters may select our own US Congressman.

Early voting ends Friday. Election day is Tuesday, July 20.

It’s up to YOU. Read on…To my Hall County Friends and Neighbors:

It is well known that the latest US census will likely result in two additional Congressional seats for Georgia. This means that, with virtual certainty, Hall County will be “moved” to create another Congressional District.

While the “if” of a new district plan for Georgia is certain, the “how” is far from settled. A north-south split of Hall county could place south Hall in a Congressional District with Gwinnett County. Our days of being the “big fish” in the Congressional District pond could be numbered.

This election could be the last election in which Hall County’s powerful influence on the Congressional District remains intact.

Let’s focus on what we DO know:

1) The recent Special Election showed that Lee Hawkins is Hall County’s choice for US Congress.

2) Lee Hawkins has served the people of Hall County as State Senator. No other candidate in this Congressional race knows Hall County like Lee Hawkins. Lee Hawkins is the only candidate who has a vested interest in the future of Hall County.

3) Hall County accounted for nearly 30% of the votes in the special election. With the anticipated light turnout for the July 20 primary, Hall County can still heavily influence, or possibly DETERMINE the outcome of the race.

4) Every vote will count. Your vote for Lee Hawkins will ensure that our beloved Hall County, Georgia has a continued voice in Washington. Only a vote for Lee Hawkins can do it !!! There is simply no other way.

Please check out the links to the left to learn more information about the groups that have shown agreement with my Constitutionally Conservative platforum.

I urge you to get out and vote. Early voting continues until Friday at the Hall County Elections Office in the “old Wal-Mart” shopping center at 2285 Browns Bridge Road. Election day is next Tuesday, July 20.

Please forward this message to every Hall County resident that you know. Hall County has already chosen Lee Hawkins. Let’s take that LAST STEP by making your VOTE COUNT.

Let’s work together to keep Hall County strong in Washington.

Thank you so very much.



  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Mark Rountree sure knows how to run a campaign, doesn’t he? Hawkins has been just awful all the way through.

  2. Brave New World says:

    It may sound a bit like ” I told you so” …
    But a year ago, I forecasted that the 9th would go as the 10th.

    The older and slower political bosses surrounding an older and slower state senator convince him that because 40% of the vote is coming from his own turf (Columbia and Richmond or Forsyth and Hall), that said state senator has now got it in the bag. So he builds a fundraising warchest with all of the developers and country clubbers who have interest in the homeboy getting elected.

    But the good ole boys are just not good enough. They get beat by the other 60% of pick up truck driving, Carhardt wearing, gun toting Freedom Fighters.

    Just goes to show that there is hope at the end of the day. With hard work on retail politics, beating the streets can indeed bring an upset from Ranger to Gainesville or from Athens to Augusta.

    In Dalton, on the day that Nathan Deal announced his intention to run for Governor, I had lunch with Tom Graves and a few others. Hawkins name came up as a possible contender, and I smiled, looked at Tom and said, “That would be very nice.”

    Jim Whitehead, Barry Fleming, Mike Evans, and now Lee Hawkins have come to a very sober realization that just because the demographic/geographic ratio is favorable, “mass communicatin” can not ever replace “one at a timin”.

    The North Georgia Mountains are not for sale.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      Just thought I’d mention… It’s spelled Carhar[t]t, and mine are very comfortable, especially while cruising around in my ’89 Dodge pickup, shooting skeet, hunting, or just squeezing off a few rounds at the range.

  3. Chris says:

    “Hall County will be “moved” to create another Congressional District.” – Lee Hawkins

    “If we add too many people to Guam, it might tip over” – Hank Johnson.

    Seriously, does no one understand Plate Tectonics?

  4. steelfist says:

    Lee continues to make things up. In the May 11th multi-candidate special election, 51% of Hall voted for someone other than Lee.

    If Lee really cared about Hall County and not his own political career, he would have stayed in the State Senate and on the redistricting committee to make sure Hall County wouldn’t be split. In the State Senate Lee would have drawn the maps.

    Since the maps are drawn by the legislature and not the Congressmen, Lee clearly lacks confidence in his own delegation to fend for themselves. Not to mention the influence of Lt. Gov Cagle and Deal as Gov.

    I think this hurts Deal as it he’s throwing towel in on him.

    What even amazes me more is that I received this email as a forward from the Hall County GOP against an incumbent.

  5. macho says:

    “Let’s work together to keep Hall County strong in Washington.” i.e., “Let’s vote me in as a pretend conservative and I’ll be a supreme porker.”

  6. chefdavid says:

    “Yep, even Dade county has the internets now. ”
    Thanks for the shout out. FYI once Electric Power Board of Chattanooga gets the fiber optic lines installed in part of our county we will have one of the fastest systems in the world. To bad I don’t live in their service area.
    I will predict another small turn out here with the county going for Graves and Then Tarvin.

    • Ramblinwreck says:

      “Yep, even Dade county has the internets now. ”

      Dang, David beat me to it. Yes, we do have “internets” now but we’re so backward we don’t get the information till at least a week after the rest of Georgia. I think we’re right behind the Maldives or Seychelles on the information distribution list.

      I agree with David’s estimate of the vote in Dade.

  7. lifehappens says:

    Reason number 4 is my favorite:
    “Your vote for Lee Hawkins will ensure that our beloved Hall County, Georgia has a continued voice in Washington. Only a vote for Lee Hawkins can do it !!! There is simply no other way”

    For some reason, all I can picture is Hawkins as Scarlett O’Hara, pleading for those horrible yankees not to take Tara, as he pleads for his “beloved Hall County” not having to face the horror of being represented by someone from those lesser 14 counties.

  8. Joshua Morris says:

    You folks clearly don’t understand the mindset of those who live in Gainesville and Hall County. We are for the most part a tightly knit community who live here because we love the area–not because of a job, a swim/tennis community, or convenient access to another city. We care about what happens to our neighbors, our local businesses, and our county seat. We are keenly interested in preserving the best qualities of our neighborhood and our district.

    Our area serves as a gateway or a sort of crossroads leading to many of the district’s mountain towns, and changes to our community can have residual effects on much of north Georgia. It is the largest of only two communities in the district to have its own metropolitan planning organization.

    We also care deeply about the well-being of the state’s most important reservoir, which is woven into much of our community. Lee Hawkins is the only candidate in this race to have deeply rooted ties to Lake Lanier and who is profoundly engaged in the issues surrounding its role locally, statewide, and nationally. Our congressman needs to know this lake and all issues impacting it.

    For whatever reason, I’ve sensed an underlying anti-Hall County sentiment from many who comment here regarding this race, including the author of this thread. I understand wanting the guy from the little town to win against the ‘big town’ guy, but supporting someone for this reason alone is not good for the 9th District or the State of Georgia. If our representative does not have a keen understanding of issues surrounding Gainesville and Hall County, this district will suffer.

    Hall County is strongly supporting our hometown candidate for good reason. We know who will represent this district’s best interests, with truly conservative principles, while not having to lie about his opponent or having to scramble around and hide the tracks of his shady business dealings.

    Say what you like about the candidate appealing to his hometown for greater support. I imagine the others would do the same, but those towns clearly won’t have quite the same effect on this race.

    • Icarus says:

      “You folks clearly don’t understand the mindset of those who live in Gainesville and Hall County.”

      I think we understand that just fine. Reading that email, we understand it even better.

      The problem is, Team Hawkins seems to have no understanding of how to get to 50% +1 vote.

      Appealing to 20%+/- of the district to ensure that the other 80% who is beneath them doesn’t gain control isn’t the best way to do that, in my humble opinion.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    I know many people in the Flowery Branch/ Gainesville area. I would not call 51% strongly supporting. That means that 49% in Hawkins home county voted for someone other than Hawkins. I think that Stever Tarvin is going to give you guys a run for your money for 2nd place. Hall County is also very conservative now…

  10. Brave New World says:

    Listen to Morris, “Hall County is strongly supporting our hometown candidate for good reason.”

    Joshua Morris, you left out one word, “NOT”

    Hall County is NOT strongly supporting our hometown candidate for good reason. 4,764 people in Hall County voted for Congressman Tom Graves on June 8 against Lee Hawkins.

    Now if you subtract 4,764 from Graves and add 4,764 to Hawkins total, then Graves loses the entire district 17,930 to Hawkins 22,273.

    Ok, I get it. If Hawkins can convince the nearly 5,000 Graves voters in Hall County to quit supporting their favorite Congressman Graves and turn and vote for Hawkins (the recent loser) then Hawkins wins.

    However, they chose to vote against their hometown guy on purpose the first time, and now Hawkins has chosen to “squeal like a pig” in an email forwarded by Hall County GOP?

    The only real significance is going to be the retribution in Hall County GOP. There is currently a civil war amongst those folks right now, but the writing is on the wall.

    The losers are the die-hard Hawkins fan club, and they are self-marginalizing very quickly…or else jumping ship and swimming to Graves and crying out HELP for Graves to throw them a life preserver.

    Either they quit the sour grapes early, and get to be part of the team, or they do like the folks in Columbia County did after Whitehead lost, and get a full year of a$$kickin… so bad that Barry Fleming lost 2 to 1 in his hometown of Harlem, even after spending a million GOP bucks (thanks to Glenn Richardson leading the fundraising).

    I say Icarus is right on here, and my prediction is that Hawkins gets less than 35% of the July 20 vote districtwide.

    The decision to send this email will cause Hawkins to lose his own county, many of his old friends, and lose 80% to 20% in the rest of the district. It seems that Hawkins’ political consultant has failed miserably. Now, Hawkins has no chance of ever being Congressman even after redistricting! It almost seems like Hawkins’ political consultant has made a singular effort over the last year to destroy Hawkins’ career by not only humiliating Hawkins with a loss, but by going negative with disjointed and disconnected mudslinging as if it were on the playground in second grade. Hawkins’ consultant painted a picture of Hawkins that is so bad now, that Hawkins political career sleeps with the fishes. If he ran for dog catcher in Hall County he would probably lose.

    • Joshua Morris says:


      Hawkins received 61% of the Hall County vote head-to-head against Graves on June 8th. Were it not for lies and distortions from the Graves’ campaign & supporters and the bandwagon politics of ignorant so-called ‘conservative’ groups, he would have received even more.

      And btw, the Hall GOP forwards every email sent to them by a Republican candidate who asks for the email to be distributed. So feel free to beat that drum all you like.

  11. McDawg81 says:

    As a resident of Flowery Branch in Hall County, I can tell you that there are LOTS of folks that are supporting someone other than Lee. I have heard a lot of folks saying they voted for Lee originally but are now voting for Tarvin. It is true that in the past, the local GOP establishment has been very much led by the “not invented here” philosophy, meaning, “if you ain’t from around here, forget any support from us”.

    I challenged the current chairman earlier today about the comments above by Steelfist saying the email was forwarded by the HallGOP. I was assured that the HallGOP was not endorsing anyone in the primary, but that their email lists were made available one time to each candidate.

  12. Brave New World says:

    First, …”You folks clearly don’t understand the mindset of those who live in Gainesville and Hall County.” My family lives in Hall County, I spent July 4th on Lanier with my family. We live just off McEver.

    Second, “We are for the most part a tightly knit community who live here because we love the area.” You are a member of the political bosses, a very small portion of Hall County that is tightly knit. The other portion is us poor people out here who also vote. You may have seen us up and down McEver, Old Atl Hwy, Brown’s Bridge, Hwy 53, Hwy129, Hwy 211, Mundy Mill/Winder Hwy, Spout Springs, and Friendship.

    We own you dude.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      “You are a member of the political bosses, a very small portion of Hall County that is tightly knit.”

      You are wrong, Anonymous. I’m an average guy who lives in a small house in east hall. I just take the time and make the effort to be informed and involved–even during the years when we don’t have big elections. The ‘poor people’ you speak of can do that, too. In fact, many of them do. The Hall GOP meets the 2nd Saturday of every month at 10am.

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      Are you talking about all of the Graves and EJ signs at all of Chip Rogers’ duplexes in Hall County?

  13. Brave New World says:

    No, I wasnt talking about those signs Chip put there. But thanks to Chip because that helped beat Hawkins in his hometown too.

    • Back in Black says:

      Yeah, especially since Chip’s hometown isn’t even in the district.

      you’re pretty sharp there, brave!

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