Kelly Nguyen

If you live in GA-5 and you plan on voting in the Republican primary, please consider casting your ballot for Kelly Nguyen. She is true believer in limited government, free markets and fiscal sanity.

I am running for Congress because I believe freedom is the key to a prosperous and productive society. Society cannot be free while an overbearing federal government intervenes in every aspect of our personal lives, our businesses, and state affairs.

I am a concerned citizen who understands the structure of government, the role it is supposed to play in our lives, and the dangers of big government to our economy and our personal liberties.

I am an ambitious young woman who has navigated through a tough economy and still found success.

I am a resident of the great city of Atlanta. Every day I see the devastation that big government has brought to my city.

I take a common sense approach to politics, and common sense is missing in Washington D.C.

I will not be bought out by special interests. My only special interest is protecting people’s lives and liberty from an all-powerful federal government.

I come from a beautiful family who raised me with principle, honesty, and a hard work ethic. My parents have been married for over 30 years and my brother proudly served nine years in the Navy as a Petty Officer 2nd Class.

It is because I deeply care for my family and my community that I am on a mission to stop the federal government’s tyrannical ways, and bring liberty back to my city, so that we can once again be peaceful and prosperous.

In Liberty,

Kelly Nguyen


  1. Tiberius says:

    Shame she doesnt have a chance in Hades.

    If she lives south of Ed Lindsey, there were plenty of state House and Senate seats she could have qualified for. They would have been equally tough, but it would have taught her some of the rigors of a campaign.

  2. No, thank you. Please consider voting for Fenn Little instead. Mr. Little is pro-life. Keep in mind that this is a heavily African-American district and that many black voters are socially conservative. Ms. Nguyen will not appeal to them.

    Granted, it would be extremely difficult for either Republican to defeat Congressman Lewis, but Little has a better chance of cobbling some type of coalition together of both traditional Republicans, law & order advocates, and black & white social conservatives.

  3. Liberty Lover says:

    I feel sorry for the naysayers who commented above that a real candidate of the people like Kelly Nguyen can’t beat John Lewis, or that they know how other people think — sad. Go Kelly!

    ps Fenn Little is suing the 5th District taxpayers he claims he wants to represent with a frivolous lawsuit on behalf of a criminal — read about

  4. lexwasp says:

    The hysteria from the Nguyen supporters reveals this young lady’s severe lack of experience and understanding. Mr. Little has voluntered extensive hours to fighting for conservative causes (right to life, freedom of religion, etc.), he has served the neediest of those who need a voice in our justice system, and has has been studying, comtemplating, and exhibiting American leadership for longer than Ms. Nguyen has been able to formulate political opinions. That her initial campaign has so quickly embraced negativity and mud-slinging, violating Ronald Regan’s Eleventh commandment, also shows the immaturity of her leadership abilities and core principles.
    Mr. Little is the rare attorney who takes the messy cases, not because they are easy (they aren’t) or because they pay well (they don’t), but because he has a calling that he has remained true to.
    He is not suing the “people of the fifth” he is suing a corrupt city goverment for the damage they have caused his client. As for having a bank as a supporter – SunTrust (one of the most stable banks around during the financial crisis), isn’t exactly one of the many local banks who took money AND have since gone under, making Georgia have one of the highest rates of bank closings. They are, in fact, a pillar of this community. However, as Ms. Nguyen just moved into the district this year, she probably doesn’t know the history of SunTrust/Trust Company Bank in this town.

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